50 varied questions to test your antiques and collectables knowledge.



Beginning with “N”, what is the name given to the crystalline substance secreted by a mollusc during the formation of pearls.



Often in the form of a galleon or other masted sailing vessel and set on wheels or a pedestal foot. What is the name given to this decorative table stand centrepiece?



Name the “forbidden colour” that was reserved for The Emperor and family during the Qing Dynasty. Clothing with this colour was sometimes awarded to very high ranking officials and bodyguards.



In traditional rug and carpet making, a series of vertical cords are tied to each end of the loom, with transverse cords being woven in as the knots are tied to these, but what are they called?



In Gemology: Star sapphires are so called because when given a cabochon cut they exhibit a six point star effect near to the top of the stone. This is caused by crystalline inclusions in the stone, but what is the effect know as?



S. Mordan & Co. propelling pencils and other items sometimes feature an engraved arrow pointing at the maker’s name. This is believed to indicate that the item is made from what?



In Art: Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Fernand Léger, Juan Gris and Jean Metzinger were all exponents of which artistic movement?



Made between the early and mid 19th Century, what generic name is given to china/earthenware items with popular designs called Oyster, Grape and Tulip?



A large pedestal desk or table with opposing drawers and or cupboards is known as a WHAT desk or table?



Dating from around 1800 what is the name of the tall cylindrical military cap often with a visor and large badge or plaque decoration to front and hackle or pompom to top?



In Silver: Originally identified with a mark consisting of a half fleur-de-lys and half leopard’s head, the marked was changed to five lions passant within a St. George cross when the offices re-opened in 1778, but where was an item bearing this mark assayed?



Originating in Leipzig, what is the name of the mechanical music device that could play punctured metal discs featuring a series of “plectra”, these would engage with and rotate a series of wheels which in turn would play the tune on a typical musical box comb.



Gerardus Mercator, Nicolas de Fer, Henry Pelman, John Ogilby and Richard Blome, were all famous WHAT?



In Ceramics: An item bearing a printed mark featuring an Irish Wolfhound, Harp and Tall Rounded Tower with flanking Shamrock Sprigs, was made by which company?



In Gemology: What is the name of the diamond like stones that were first produced in laboratories in the 1990’s?



Bearing the name of the gowns they were allegedly designed to accommodate. What is the name of the curved stretcher found on a traditional Windsor chair?



Bolivar, Forint, Mohar, Rin and Taka are all examples of which widely collected items?


Hannah Barlow, Ethel Beard, Ada London and Eliza Simmance, were all artists for which company?


Often reproduced in bronze and spelter. What is the common name for the sculptures featuring a rearing horse being restrained by a groom? These bear the name of the Chateau where the original pair were commissioned in marble as garden statuary in 1739.



What is the name of the type of decoration where the back of a material (eg. Silver) is hammered out to form a high relief scene or pattern?



In Horology: What name is given to the French ornate gilt metal cased wall clock, often featuring Rococo style scrolls and foliate swags?



First presented to Charles Boyle in 1704. What is the name of the finely engineered mechanical model representation of our solar system, where the sun is at the centre and the planets revolve around on metal arms, these are often clockwork powered?


Invented by Gillows and bearing the name of the client who was supplied with the first prototype. What is the name of the writing chest with a lifting slope top, drawers to one side and opposing dummy drawers to the other. Sometimes with a central cupboard?



What would you do with a Gambang?


Ottoman Empire ceramic tile production is most associated with which city in Anatolia?


The Pianist, The Draughtsman and The Writer are all examples of the incredible skill of the watch maker’s art and mark the zenith of production of these animated mechanical marvels that come under the collective name of WHAT?



First produced in Nuremburg in the 15th Century. What is the name of the portable instrument, often in an intricate ivory clad folding case and based on vertical and horizontal sundials with a string to point to celestial North and a compass in the base? These would allow you to tell the local solar time in any location.



Which metal is added in either suspension or as salts during the production of Cranberry Glassware?


What is the name of the Victorian invalid carriage, usually with a folding hood, wicker or rexine clad light weight frame and tiller bar steering a single front wheel?



Dating from early to mid 19th Century in Central Europe. What name is given to the social and artistic mood at that time which gave us stylish utilitarian furniture made from fruitwoods and other locally sourced timbers, as a result of the punitive taxes levied on the import of mahogany and rosewood?



Found on the tops of Mirrors, Longcase Clocks, Furniture and Window decoration. What type of pediment features flanking S-shaped curves that are left open at the centre to create a break in the cornice design?



Popularised in this country by the likes of Bernard Leach what name is given to the type of pottery where an item is removed from the kiln at bright red-heat and then placed in containers with combustible materials like horse hair and feathers for post-firing smoking. This has the effect of blackening the clay and causes patterned crackle to the glaze.



F.H. Ayers, Collinson, Norton & Barker, G. & J. Lines and Paul Leach, were all makers of WHAT?


An antique manuscript featuring some or all of the following: Decorative borders (marginalia), ornate capital initial letters and small illustrations to complement the text is said to be WHAT?



In Horology: Dating from early lantern clock construction. What name is given to a longcase clock movement where the pillars are vertical and the plates are horizontal to top and bottom?



Which Carat of Gold is represented by the Fineness Number 916 ?


Sometimes confused with Meissen crossed swords. Name the German porcelain manufacturer who’s trademark consists of two diagonal lines crossed through with another line?



The Works in Architecture was published in the latter part of the 18th Century by Robert and James, two of the three Scottish brothers who gave us the elegant neoclassical late Georgian interior style that bears their name, but what was their surname?



Name the fine-grained marble like Gypsum with a soft white translucent colour, which was used for making jars, vases, sculptures and clock cases, etc.



In Art: Sizing and Ground are two processes employed by an artist in the preparation of WHAT?


Dating from Ancient Greek architecture. Name the type of column which features a slender fluted pillar with a wide acanthus decorated capital to top, often set on a stepped base? Many silver candlesticks are of this design.



Renowned for their clockwork tinplate toy cars featuring realistic steering and detail. They also produced novelty perfume bottles in the form of monkeys and clockwork moving monkeys and figures, monorail sets and motorbikes, etc. Name this German company beginning with the letter “S”.



Popular in the Victorian age and depicting famous political, royal, military and notorious people of the day. What name is given to these simple mould made figures which feature coloured decoration to the front only?



Often produced in silver and white metal, name the small box with a hinged lid, opening to reveal a pierced grill under which would have been placed a sponge soaked in sweet smelling oils.



Since 1894 which company based in Arita, Japan has used a trademark consisting of a stylised Mount Fuji with stream running beneath (sometimes with character writing under). They produced porcelain in the Imari and blue and white palettes.



Dating from the 13th Century Benin bronzes were made by the Edo people for the Benin Kingdom in which modern day country.



Which “company” was represented by a flag bearing the Cross of St. George (and later Union flag) top left, on a red and white striped background?



What name is given to the metamorphic furniture item which folds over from a chair into a short flight of steps?



Dog Nose, Trefid and Rat Tail are all examples of collectable WHAT?


Usually contained within an octagonal box frame under glass. Name the 19th Century type of mariner’s shellcraft where the exotic shells are set out in geometric or pictorial patterns.


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30-40 Correct Answers: Antiques Professional

40-50 Correct Answers: Cataloguer Quality

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