The first sale of the year started off with a roomful of buyers a number of who had recently moved into the area and looking for country style furniture. With Brexit on the horizon it was interesting to have a few continental buyers in attendance earlier in the year than usual due to their concern of being able to take items across the water in March – Interesting times!!

Principal prices paid for some of the better Lots in the sale follow: Bold text items are illustrated.


Lot 105: A 4’ 9” antique stained mixed wood dresser with open plate rack top, double cupboard and earlier stand base – bearing “Parliament House between Galmpton and Brixham” plaque. Sold for £340. Lot 186: A pair of 19th Century smokers bow elbow chairs with solid elm seats (with matching stamps), set on turned legs. Sold for £200. Lot 209: A 34” oriental black lacquered and polished wood two part chest of four long drawers with petal shaped lock plates and iron drop handles. Sold for £260. Lot 227: A 9’ Australian solid Jarrah hardwood refectory dining table with bark faced front and back to thick single piece top, set on massive standard ends and plank stretcher. Sold for £1,300. Lot 235: A Stressless easy chair and matching foot stool with beige leather upholstery. Sold for £220. Lot 258: A set of eight Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs with curved back rails and solid seats, set on turned front legs. Sold for £280. Lot 263: A 3’ 8” late Georgian mahogany chest on chest with two short and three long graduated drawers, over three further long drawers, set on bracket feet. Sold for £300. Lot 309: A 3’ 3” Victorian walnut and marquetry chiffonier with raised shelf back over two blind drawers and decorative panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base. Sold for £380. Lot 314: A late 20th Century brown leather upholstered armchair, set on polished wood square tapered front legs. Sold for £280. Lot 316: A 36” 19th Century French boulle serpentine front fold-over card table with profuse floral scroll decoration and shaped burgundy baise inset top, set on cabriole legs, set on cabriole legs with applied cherubs and cast terminals. Sold for £900. Lot 322: A 4’ commercial butcher’s with heavy iron bound corners, single frieze drawer and planked undertier, set on heavy square. Sold for £280. Lot 357: A late 20th Century brown button back and studded leather easy chair, set on polished wood front bun feet. Sold for £380 and Lot 359: A 5’ 8” 20th Century brass and green leather upholstered club fender with curved central rail and square supports. Sold for £500.


Lot 396: An antique stick barometer by W. Shawl, 29 High Street, Wapping – a/f. Sold for £70. Lot 408: A late 19th Century French ornate black slate and spelter mantel clock of architectural design, with eight day gong striking movement. Sold for £90. Lot 410: An early 20th Century stained wood cased National Time Recorder Co., Ltd., clocking in/out timepiece with glazed sides and peg dial to front – a/f. Sold for £90 and Lot 411: An early 19th Century mahogany longcase clock with 13” diameter dial and eight day bell striking movement – a/f. Sold for £220.


Lot 484: A pair of 1940’s G.E.C. industrial spotlights on adjustable bracket bases. Sold for £240. Lot 491: A 1940’s industrial spotlight on adjustable bracket and plate. Sold for £140. Lot 505: An antique set of wrought iron slave neck collars connected by a bar. Sold for £140.

Lot 309 Sold £380 
Lot 316 Sold £900
Lot 1010 Sold £1,700
Lot 1160 Sold £650
Lot 1260 Sold £800

Rendells Stonepark Sales Report For The Two Day Auction Held on 24th and 25th January 2019


Lot 508: A 19th Century 4/4 violin with internal repair label from 1944 by Bone and Co., Luton, in contemporary case with two associated bows – a/f. Sold for £200. Lot 533: A collection of Second World War uniforms including Canadian battledress RASC Capt., RASC officer’s mess dress 2nd Lieut. and RA No.2 service dress, etc. Sold for £220. Lot 549: A vintage scratch built live steam model stationary crane. Sold for £150. Lot 570: J.A. May, C.E.R.A., 2, M. 2091 H.M.S. Vivid: a First World War medal group with Naval Long Service and Good Conduct medal – sold with other related and associated items. Sold for £170 and Lot 592: A Wilesco model steam roller “Old Smokey”. Sold for £130.


Lot 1010: An antique Chinese porcelain plaque depicting five elders and a child looking at a landscape painting, in pierced hardwood frame with bat decoration – plaque 17” x 10”. Sold for £1,700. Lot 1019: A Lladro Obstetrician figure – sold with two other Lladro doctor figures. Sold for £120. Lot 1022: An Edwardian Wileman & Co. part tea service with iron red transfer decoration. Sold for £150. Lot 1053: A quantity of ceramics including an 18th Century plate with sailing sip decoration. Sold for £110. Lot 1061: A Wedgwood Blue Siam pattern tea, coffee and dinner service including vegetable dishes and coffee pot, etc. Sold for £170 and Lot 1064: A large quantity of Burleigh Scilla pattern tea and dinner ware including vegetable dishes, etc. Sold for £100.


Lot 1141: A 17 Ό” diameter Middle Eastern brass tray with inset silvered text and arabesque decoration. Sold for £380. Lot 1148: A hammered copper fire screen with mirroring bird and grape decoration. Sold for £75. Lot 1157: A 19” bronzed Art Deco style dancer with hoop, set on a socle base. Sold for £160 and Lot 1160: A 4 Ύ” diameter Qing Dynasty Chinese bronze censer of bombe form with apocryphal Xuande mark to base, set on a later hardwood stand. Sold for £650.


Lot 1233: A pair of  Georgian silver salts by Thomas Shepheard, London 1773 – sold with associated spoons – 1796. Sold for £120. Lot 1243: A collection of silver topped dressing case jars, scent bottles, etc. – various age and design. Sold for £150. Lot 1245: An oak cased set of twelve each silver fruit knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles – Sheffield 1918. Sold for £130. Lot 1260: A set of twelve solid silver owl pattern place/menu holders, each set with yellow stone eyes, by Peter Charles Maxwell Alwyn – London 1990. Sold for £800. Lot 1264: A quantity of antique and later silver forks – sold with a boxed modern silver handled pickle fork. Sold for £160. Lot 1271: A scrap silver teapot, single candlestick, small trophy, toast rack, hand mirror and brush – various condition. Sold for £180 and Lot 1275: A 10” diameter silver pedestal bowl with cast shaped rim – Chester 1918. Sold for £160.


Lot 1299: An unmarked white metal ring, set with central 2.25ct. oval pale blue tourmaline with diamond encrusted shoulders. Sold for £360. Lot 1318: A pair of  imported marked 585 white metal double drop ear-rings with triple diamond encrusted settings. Sold for £300. Lot 1324: An Art Deco style marked “Plat” ring, set with central 6ct. emerald cut aquamarine and flanking diamonds to stepped shoulders. Sold for £1,300. Lot 1328: A marked 18ct. yellow metal flowerhead pattern ring, set with central diamond within a ten stone diamond border. Sold for £1,900. Lot 1332: A marked 750 yellow metal Nefertiti pendant on Balastra marked 750 box-link neck chain. Sold for £380 and Lot 1364: A 2 Ό” marked 18K yellow metal duck pattern brooch, set with numerous brilliant cut diamonds, paved and claw set rubies, emeralds and three small sapphires. Sold for £1,100.


Lot 1411: Tom Rowden: a gilt framed and white painted slipped watercolour, depicting cattle and sheep beside water in a landscape – signed – 9” x 21”. Sold for £300. Lot 1447: Alfred Leyman: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a scene at Dartmouth Castle with figures on a wooded path and sailing vessel beyond – signed – 14” x 21”. Sold for £920. Lot 1450: Pelham Jones: a gilt framed mixed media painting, depicting the four masted sailing vessel Loch Carron under full sail on choppy seas – signed and titled – 14” x 20 ½”. Sold for £180. Lot 1459: Thomas Bush Hardy: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting figures on a pier and shipping on choppy seas – signed – 9 ½” x 18 Ύ”. Sold for £280 and Lot 1496: John Tricket: a gilt framed oil on canvas, study of a black labrador in a landscape setting – 23 ½” X 35 ½”. Sold for £520.


Lot 1324 Sold £1,300 

Lot 1328 Sold £1,900 
Lot 1364 Sold £1,100
Lot 1447 Sold £920
Lot 1496 Sold £520