Rendells’ first sale of 2014 attracted a large number of people over the two day viewing period. Internet traffic was up and the renewed optimism that always greets a new year was evident by the number a quality of the commission bids left. This coupled with determined bidding on the telephones and in the room led to some excellent prices in all sections. Chinese buyers are continuing to push up the price of Oriental ceramics (even damaged), exemplified by Lot 1064: A pair of antique celadon garden seats which sold in the room against two telephone bidders for a hammer price of £1,900.

Details of these and some of the other better Lots in the Sale follow:


Lot 103: A 4’9” Victorian pine kitchen cupboard, with three drawers and cupboard under. Sold for £300. Lot 133: A 6’11” mahogany double open bookcase with adjustable shelves. Sold for £260. Lot 147: A 3’ Georgian mahogany secretaire/bookcase with satinwood faced fitted interior. Sold for £520. Lot 179: A 3’6” antique camphor wood sea chest, with leather clad exterior and brass stud decoration. Sold for £210. Lot 277: A late Georgian inlaid mahogany bureau with shell motif and finely fitted interior. Sold for £250. Lot 322: A Victorian circular pedestal table with black marble and inset coloured hardstone, marble and Blue John specimens, set on a trefoil base with scroll feet. Sold for £600. Lot 337: An Edwardian mahogany oval specimen table, set on square tapered legs and brass casters. Sold for £300. Lot 375: A 19” early 19th Century mahogany chest of five graduated drawers, set on bracket feet. Sold for £250. Lot 376: A 4’ 5” diameter early 19th Century rosewood breakfast table with turned column and trefoil base with embossed brass clad feet. Sold for £440. Lot 381: A 26” Victorian inlaid walnut pier cabinet with plinth base and bun feet. Sold for £150 and Lot 407: An antique wall hanging corner cabinet, with painted Trompe L’oeil scene depicting “The Farewell Discourse”. Sold for £280.


Lot 456: A Bel Conte brass mounted wall clock with novelty figure striking bell. Sold for £100. Lot 476: A side-by-side brass and champleve enamelled desk carriage style clock/barometer. Sold for £140. Lot 489: A desk timepiece fashioned from a torpedo propeller, set on a hardwood stand. Sold for £110. Lot 494: A 19th Century stained oak longcase clock, with 18th Century Thomas Wroth movement. Sold for £680. Lot 497: An antique longcase clock with eight day bell striking movement, dial marked William Hall, Coventry. Sold for £500 and Lot 498: An oak and mahogany longcase clock with eight day bell striking movement, dial marked Evan Williams, Newport. Sold for ££400.


Lot 536: A brass Corinthian column pattern standard lamp. Sold for £145. Lot 585: A 1970’s Moto-Lita aluminium steering wheel - E-Type Jaguar. Sold for £140. Lot 635: Two photographs of Aboriginal Australians, one with script verso “Gill Brand, Colac” – 4” X 1 ½”. Sold for £320. Lot 651: A 19th Century East Indian Company sword with guard back engraved “Richard Andrews”. Sold for £200. Lot 686: A Victorian photograph album and a sketchbook dated 16th August 1822. Sold for £180. Lot 708: An 18” early 20th Century German papier-mâché, wood and clothed musical Afro-American automaton in the form of a mandolin player. Sold for £220 and Lot 751: A late 20th Century Titan compressed air rifle, with Wiking butt and hunter sight. Sold for £150.


Lot 1048: A quantity of Minton, Hadden Hall pattern dinner ware, comprising twelve place setting, meat plates, tureens, etc. Sold for £230. Lot 1064: A pair of antique Oriental celadon garden seats of faceted bulbous design, with raised decoration on pale jade coloured ground. Sold for £1,900. Lot 1077: A Victorian English majolica jardinière with raised flowering plant decoration on cobalt blue ground (a/f). Sold for £150. Lot 1191: A 13 ½” antique Chinese double gourd vase with white enamelled chrysanthemums and monochrome perching birds, on turquoise ground (old repair). Sold for £200 and Lot 1202: A large quantity of Masons Ironstone, Strathmore pattern china, including breakfast, dinner and teaware. Sold for £360. 


Lot 1225: A pair of 9 ½” 19th Century bronze urns with classical decoration, set on cubic yellow onyx bases. Sold for £150. Lot 1244: A bronzed figure of a dancing lady, on marbled tapered column base. Sold for £125 and Lot 1246: A collection of antique and later door stops, including dogs and horses. Sold for £60.


Lot 1381: A silver three piece tea set by Hatton & Sons Ltd. – Sheffield 1915-16. Sold for £230. Lot 1393: A 16” French white metal oval salver with ribbed edge, bearing Minerva mark. Sold for £160. Lot 1403: Three Elkington silver forks, another, a Georgian ladle by James Barber & William Whitwell and another smaller. Sold for £170. Lot 1414: Five Georgian silver tablespoons, including one with bright-cut decoration. Sold for £120 and Lot 1423: A 3 ¾” silver tea caddy of cylindrical design by John Aldwinckle & Thomas Slater – London 1893. Sold for £130.


Lot 1433: An unmarked gold dress ring set with central half pearl within a diamond chip border. Sold for £160. Lot 1453: A fine quality Trompe L’oeil cameo brooch, depicting three classical male heads and a ram’s head. Sold for £330. Lot 1459: A 9ct. gold Art Deco style diamond encrusted panel ring, with large central stone. Sold for £580. Lot 1462: An 18ct. white gold flowerhead ring, set with central ½ct diamond within a diamond border. Sold for £840. Lot 1468: An 18ct gold ring set with three oval rubies within diamond borders. Sold for £300. Lot 1487: An 18ct white gold ring set with a row of three princess cut and four brilliant diamonds. Sold for £380. Lot 1501: An 18ct white gold ring with six diamonds forming a heart motif to centre, within an open diamond border. Sold for £580. Lot 1510: An unmarked 9ct gold bracelet, set with nine graduated opals. Sold for £140. Lot 1533: A gentleman’s Omega wristwatch in stainless steel case – H.S. 8, 2052. Sold for £190 and Lot 1546: A gentleman’s 18ct gold cased pocket watch with fusee lever movement, by Gowlands, Sunderland (no.1887) – London 1867. Sold for £650.


Lot 1578: Walter Sickert (style of): oil on canvas depicting figures crowded around and feeding pigs – 16” X 21 ½”. Sold for £210. Lot 1594: A Victorian School watercolour depicting a young lady beneath a tree with pet rabbit – 12” X 9 ½”. Sold for £280. Lot 1598: John Trickett: an ornate gilt framed oil on canvas depicting the Brockelsby Hunt on a woodland track – 19” X 29”. Sold for £320. Lot 1616: F.J. Widgery: a framed gouache depicting a moorland view – signed – 7” X 11”. Sold for £190. Lot 1653: William Henry Pike: an ornate gilt gesso framed watercolour depicting a rocky coastal view with climbing figures – 27” X 3’8”. Sold for £300 and Lot 1657: Thomas Kent Pelham: an original gilt framed oil on canvas depicting a Mediterranean couple and donkey in hilly landscape – 23 ½” X 19 ½”. Sold for £460.



Lot 322: Sold £600

Lot 376: Sold £440

Lot 407: Sold £280

 Lot 489: Sold £110

Lot 635: Sold £320

Lot 708: Sold £220

Lot 1064: Sold £1,900

Lot 1459: Sold £580

Lot 1462: Sold £840

Lot 1546: Sold £650