The end of another year’s successful selling and we would like to thank all our customers whether selling or buying in the room, leaving commission bids, on the telephone or the internet as without you there would be no business, so may we wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

From the new year we are pleased to announce that Michael Pedrick and Russell Thomas will be joining Clive Morgan and Peter Farnsworth in the partnership of Rendells LLP. 

Principal prices paid for some of the better Lots in the sale follow: Bold text items are illustrated.

FURNITURE (including outside effects):

Lot 32: A white marble high relief profile portrait bust, set on an 18” diameter wall plaque. Sold for £320. Lot 101: A 5’ Victorian stripped pine two part larder cupboard with moulded cornice and shelves enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, set on bracket feet. Sold for £400. Lot 106: A 24” early 20th Century mahogany and cross banded bow front chest on chest with brushing slide, two short and five long drawers. Sold for £160. Lot 113: A 4’ 11” Victorian carved oak sideboard with arched mirror and turned supports, over a base with two drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under. Sold for £180. Lot 172: A 3’ 10” early 19th Century Anglo-Indian hardwood and brass mounted trunk with flanking heavy drop handles and strapwork corners, set on bun feet. Sold for £380. Lot 183: A pair of early 20th Century oak framed lath back office elbow chairs bearing labels for T. Oliver & Sons, Torquay. Sold for £200. Two other matching Lots 307 and 319. Sold for £240 and £260 respectively. Lot 186: A 3’ 1 ½” 19th Century waxed pine dresser base with flight of three drawers and panelled cupboard door, set on bracket feet. Sold for £190. Lot 314: A 1960’s Flex Form scissor chair. Sold for £280 and Lot 323: A Victorian walnut pedestal wine table, set on pillar and tripod base, bearing stamp for Hindley & Sons, Oxford Street, London. Sold for £390.


Lot 364: A clocking in/out timepiece “The Gledhill-Brook Time Recorders Ltd” in polished oak case – No. 84361 – sold with a wall mounted card rack to match. Sold for £95. Lot 369: A brass and bevelled glass cased carriage clock with eight day strike repeat alarm movement, the white dial marked for L’Epee. Sold for £200 and Lot 389: An early 20th Century mahogany longcase clock, the 12” arched brass and silvered dial with chime/silent and chime selector to top and seconds dial to centre, playing four different chimes on eleven tubular bells and with larger striking tube, the eight day movement marked J.J.E over England (James, Jones, Elliott). Sold for £1,800.


Lot 444: Five Maxlume industrial ceiling light fittings, all with original green enamelled shades. Sold for £100. Lot 445: Six 1930’s/40’s industrial warehouse light fittings with long stems and original green enamelled shades. Sold for £150. Lot 541: A 26” high American limited edition blue acrylic dolphin sculpture, 554/750 and signed Donjo. Sold for £170. Lot 550: A vintage foot locker containing a mid/late 20th Century Royal Navy medical officer’s uniform including jackets by Gieves & Hawkes, etc. Sold for £160. Lot 551: An early 20th Century tiger skin rug with fabric backing, bearing label for The Jungle, Rowland Ward Ltd., 167 Piccadilly, London. Sold for £500.

Lot 32 Sold £320 
Lot 314 Sold £280
Lot 389 Sold £1,800
Lot 551 Sold £500
Lot 1095 Sold £300

Rendells Stonepark Sales Report For The Two Day Auction Held on 13th and 14th December 2019


Lot 640: A 9 ¼” diameter oriental spinach nephrite jade dinner bowl with shallow foot. Sold for £180. Lot 645: An 8 ¼” cold painted bronze desk paper clip mount in the form of a cat catching a mouse, with internal hinged spring. Sold for £190. Lot 656: A coco-de-mer basket. Sold for £160 and Lot 660: An unframed black and white photographic film still from Star Wars IV featuring Princess Leia and R2-D2, signed in silver ink by Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker – 7/100 with certificate. Sold for £200.


Lot 1013: A pair of Staffordshire greyhounds (1 a/f) – sold with a pair of Staffordshire labradors. Sold for £130. Lot 1020: A Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern part coffee and dinner service. Sold for £100. Lot 1071: A Royal Albert American Beauty pattern part tea, coffee and dinner service. Sold for £440. Lot 1095: Two similar early 20th Century Royal Worcester vases with fruit decoration – both signed Ricketts (one a/f). Sold for £300. Lot 1101: A Royal Worcester plate with fruit decoration – signed H.H. Price – 1938 date mark. Sold for £240 and Lot 1132: A continental figure of a man holding sheet music. Sold for £120.


Lot 1261: A marked 18ct. white metal ring, set with central emerald flanked by two brilliant cut diamonds. Sold for £740. Lot 1262: A 1 ½” early 20th Century insect pattern brooch formed from an Egyptian blue pottery scarab mounted in yellow and white metal, set with diamonds, four emeralds and ruby eyes. Sold for £620. Lot 1264: A yellow metal ring, set with central oval ruby flanked by two brilliant cut diamonds. Sold for £4,000 and Lot 1279: A marked PT 950 Tiffany & Co. white metal pendant necklace with diamond encrusted “T” initial. Sold for £300.


Lot 1303: Cecil Aldin: a pair of oak framed early 20th Century coloured prints, both with original title labels to frames “The Hunt Breakfast” and “The Hunt Supper”. Sold for £150. Lot 1306: A maple framed oriental watercolour, depicting a tree lined river valley – signed with red seals – 25” x 17”. Sold for £130. Lot 1320: An antique gilt gesso framed oil on board portrait of a lady in Bohemian dress – 5 ¾” x 5” oval. Sold for £130. Lot 1322: Albert Seifert: an ornate giltwood framed oil on panel, portrait of a young woman in a white dress – signed – 9 ¼” x 6 ¾”. Sold for £400. Lot 1323: Joseph Coomans: an ornate gilt gesso framed oil on panel entitled “The Jewel Box” – signed and dated 1870 – 9 ½” x 7 ½”. Sold for £650. Lot 1327: W. Widgery: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting figures with sheep in a moorland setting – 9 ¼” x 21”. Sold for £200. Lot 1328: A gilt framed 19th Century oil on canvas, portrait of a mid 17th Century soldier holding a stein – 23 ¼” x 15”. Sold for £170. Lot 1344: J.W. Cockerham: an ornate gilt framed and slipped oil on canvas under glass, study of a bronze female nude statue – signed and dated 1891. Sold for £170. Lot 1346: Attributed to J.F. Herring Snr.: an ornate gilt framed and slipped oil on mahogany panel, depicting a farmyard scene with horses, chickens and ducks – signed lower left – 7 ¼” x 11 1/4”. Sold for £440. Lot 1349: Sarah Louise Kilpack: a gilt framed and slipped oil on board entitled “At Plemont Point, Jersey” – signed and with inscription verso – 11 ¾” x 18”. Sold for £240 and Lot 1397: A gilt framed and slipped four watercolours in one frame, studies of various birds. Sold for £200.


Lot 1261 Sold £740 

Lot 1262 Sold £620 
Lot 1264 Sold £4,000
Lot 1323 Sold £650
Lot 1346 Sold £440