A large consignment of vinyl records and comics from a deceased estate in Chagford was the undoubted highlight of the sale with pre-sale publicity generating tremendous interest with many successful buyers travelling long distance to inspect and buy and although much interest was shown on the internet it generally came down to buyers in the room who were successful. The next sale is on 23rd and 24th May 2019.

Details of some of the better Lots in the Sale follow: Bold text items are illustrated.


Lot 114: A 6’ 19th Century figured mahogany and part ebonised triple wardrobe with hanging space enclosed by an arched mirror panel door and flanking doors – sold with a 4’ 11” kneehole dressing table to match. Sold for £400. Lot 174: A 4’ 2” early 20th Century two seater settee upholstered in studded brown leather, set on turned front legs and shepherd casters. Sold for £174. Lot 177: A set of four 19th Century elm kitchen chairs with moulded solid seats and turned supports. Sold for £220. Lot 194: A 3’ 1 ½” 19th Century mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet. Sold for £300. Lot 247: A 3’ 9” waxed pine chest with three flights of three drawers – back boards missing. Sold for £180. Lot 285: A 3’ 8” diameter 19th Century mahogany breakfast table, set on reeded bulbous pillar and circular platform base. Sold for £200. Lot 293: A set of eight William IV mahogany framed dining chairs with curved back rail and upholstered seats, set on tulip carved front legs – repairs. Sold for £320 and Lot 301: A 28 ¼” vintage Roger Capron steel framed tile inset coffee table with impressed autumnal leaf decoration and bearing Gordon Hunt retailer’s label. Sold for £400.


Lot 415: A cased pair of vintage Carl Zeiss Jena 8X50 binoculars. Sold for £120. Lot 417: A 17” antique Sevres gilt metal mounted orange diaper ground vase as a table lamp. Sold for £280. Lot 432: A pair of 21” red marble and ornate gilt metal mounted urn pattern table lamps. Sold for £460. Lot 504: A green mirror glass witch’s ball with hanging loop. Sold for £160. Lot 521: A 1914 gold Sovereign – VF. Sold for £220. Lot 540: A British Army dress sword with white metal hilt and plated scabbard – pitting and corrosion. Sold for £170. Lot 567: A Montblanc Meisterstuck 4810 fountain pen with 14k nib and a ballpoint similar. Sold for £130 and Lot 574: A 19th Century Italian black marble pen tray with inset oval micro mosaic panel depicting Roman ruins. Sold for £340.


Lot 617: A quantity of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Bruce Springstein and other collectable LP records. Sold for £320. Lot 629: A quantity of World Artist LP records and 12” singles including Gotan Project, Groove Armada, Chicane, The Third Eye Foundation, etc. – various genre. Sold for £260. Lot 634: A quantity of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack albums including Electra Glide in Blue, Dark Star, The Wicker Man, Evil Dead, Eating Raoul, etc. – various genre. Sold for £580. Lot 635: A quantity of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack albums including Mel Brooks, North By North West, FM, The Exorcist, etc. – various genre. Sold for £460. Lot 636: A quantity of Original Motion Picture Soundtrack albums including What’s New Pussycat, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Psycho, Once Upon A Time In The West, etc. – various genre. Sold for £360.

Lot 301 Sold £400 
Lot 432 Sold £460
Lot 634 Sold £580
Lot 1008 Sold £280
Lot 1136 Sold £240

Rendells Stonepark Sales Report For The Two Day Auction Held on 25th and 26th April 2019


Lot 1001: A Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern six place tea set including teapot. Sold for £110. Lot 1008: An 11 ½” Wedgwood Keith Murray tapered shoulder vase in matt green glaze with incised banding and white lining – facsimile signature to base. Sold for £280. Lot 1037: A pair of antique air twist glasses – sold with a small quantity of cut glassware including two jugs, vase, pickle jar, etc. Sold for £200 and Lot 1091: A 6 ½” Aller Vale diving kingfisher pattern spill vase – minor chip. Sold for £130.


Lot 1136: A solid cast iron doorstop in the form of a seated lion with remains of original paintwork. Sold for £240. Lot 1152: Two cold painted bronze models of kingfishers. Sold for £95 and Lot 1157: A 1930’s chromed car mascot in the form of a Supermarine S6B seaplane. Sold for £240.


Lot 1185: An Anderson & Sons 9’ three section fishing rod “The Dunkeld 76” – sold with a Partridge 8’ “Golden Shadow”. Sold for £80. Lot 1196: A vintage Allcock & Co. brass centre pin fishing reel – sold with two others. Sold for £80. Lot 1200: A Hardy’s Alnwick Patent centre pin fly fishing reel. Sold for £180 and Lot 1201: A vintage Hardy’s “Longstone” 4” centre pin fly fishing reel – Pat No. 24245. Sold for £110.


Lot 1211: A quantity of hardback books including a number of J.R.R. Tolkien titles, etc. Sold for £200. Lot 1214: A quantity of hardback and other books including various H.P. Lovecraft, also other Lovecraft related ephemera and publications, etc. Sold for £520. Lot 1219: A collection of hardback and other mainly horror related books and publications. Sold for £440 and Lot 1226: A large collection of 1970’s, 80’s and later monster related magazines including “Famous Monsters”, Monsters of the Movies and 1-10 “Mad Monsters”, etc. Sold for £520.


Lot 1268: A collection of various DC Superman comic books, also Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen comics. Sold for £240. Lot 1269: A collection of various publications relating to Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Berni Wrightson. Sold for £620. Lot 1272: A large collection of Vampirella comic books and a life size poster of same. Sold for £420. Lot 1277: An album containing various EC Comics titles, Foul Play, Squa Tront, related paperbacks, etc. Sold for £420. Lot 1282: A collection of various comic books including Forbidden Worlds, Strange Tales, Journey Into Fear, etc. Sold for £220. Lot 1298: A collection of various Marvel Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and Doctor Strange comic books. Sold for £240. Lot 1300: A collection of various Marvel Warlock comic books and two issues of The Silver Surfer. Sold for £260. Lot 1319: A large collection of Eerie comic books. Sold for £340. Lot 1320: A large collection of Creepy comic books. Sold for £340 and Lot 1320: An extensive collection of underground and adult only comic books and other publications. Sold for £550.

POSTCARDS,STAMPS & EPHEMERA (including Film Stills and Posters):

Lot 1488: A quantity of films stills and promotional photographs All Horror Interest including Hammer House of Horror titles – sold with screen plays and publicity manual for The Curse of the Werewolf. Sold for £320. Lot 1493: Six original film posters including two twin image examples The Oblong Box/The Dulwich Horror and One Million Years BC/She. Sold for £380. Lot 1495: Eight original film posters including Night of the Living Dead and Christine with promotional photographs. Sold for £240 and Lot 1496: Nine original film posters including Vengeance of Fu Manchu, The Twilight Zone and Blue Thunder with promotional photographs. Sold for £340.


Lot 1157 Sold £240 

Lot 1262 Sold £620 
Lot 1214 Sold £520
Lot 1320 Sold £550
Lot 1496 Sold £340