Stonepark Two Day Antique Sale on
Thursday 27th July 2017 - Lots 1-707
Friday 28th July 2017 - Lots 1001-1698

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1.      Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
2.      A wrought iron framed folding garden table and four chairs with inset cast iron panels £100-150
3.      A slatted bench with pierced cast iron ends - a/f £10-20
4.      Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
5.      A slatted teak garden table - 35" X 36" £10-20
6.      A Tramontina garden folding table and two pairs of chairs £40-60
7.      A modern white marble faux fire place with decorative mantel and fluted columns £30-50
8.      Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
9.      A pair of concrete planter bases - sold with another in the form of a tree stump, and another pedestal plinth £20-40
10.     Two wire framed wall mounted basket planters £20-40
11.     A quantity of Victorian terracotta edging tiles - various condition £30-50
12.     Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
13.     A reproduction cast metal garden bench with remains of wooden slats £20-40
14.     A 19th Century plantation chair with remains of blue paintwork - seat a/f £50-80
15.     A set of six folding garden chairs £40-60
16.     Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
17.     Various hand tools including scythe, hay fork, Devon spade, turfing spade, etc. £10-20
18.     A 4' 8" wooden garden bench with bright pink painted finish £30-50
19.     A dome top canvas clad trunk - sold with a metal cabin trunk a/f £10-20
20.     Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
21.     A cast iron garden bench with wooden slatted seats £20-40
22.     Three galvanised buckets £10-20
23.     A pair of modern painted wrought iron stair railings £30-50
24.     Two pairs of large terracotta plant pots and various other plant pots £15-25
25.     A pair of teak slatted folding chairs £20-40
26.     A brass clad fire kerb with decorative mounts £20-40
27.     A 16" diameter late Victorian grinding stone on painted pine stand (a/f), with hand and foot operating mechanisms £40-60
28.     A 1950's Folbate Model J2 push mower £10-20
29.     A reproduction cast aluminium Coalbrookdale style fern pattern bench - a/f £30-40
30.     Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
31.     A box containing bee smoker, chimney crook, stoneware flagon, etc. £5-10
32.     A part set of ten wrought iron show jumping and dressage number plates - numbers 3 and 6 missing £40-60
33.     An 8' 5" long Victorian pine rustic shelf bracket with four cast iron hooks - two a/f
34.     A small hand scythe, long handled loppers, folding deck chair, etc. £5-10
35.     A 2 gallon galvanized watering can - sold with a 1 1/2 similar and a bucket £25-40
36.     Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
37.     A wall mounted wood burner £40-60
38.     A carved marble corner bathroom sink aperture £10-20
39.     A painted aluminium Co-operative Society milk churn £25-40
40.     A 4' 7" modern farmhouse style table with single frieze drawer, set on chamfered square supports - sold with a set of four ladder back chairs with woven rush seats to match £10-20
41.     A 23 1/2" late Victorian wood grained tin dome top travelling trunk with brass latch marked for E. Bates, Wolverhampton £5-10
42.     A folding wrought iron garden chair with later white painted finish - sold with two painted wood deck chairs £10-20
43.     A teak slatted folding garden chair - sold with and a director's chair £5-10
44.     A turned column standard lamp £5-10
45.     Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
46.     A painted aluminium garden table - sold with a pair of associated chairs £20-40
47.     A metal bird cage £20-40
48.     A 3' 10" modern cast iron garden table with rose decoration £20-40
49.     Ten vintage potato chitting trays by W. Groom Box Makers, Spalding £20-40
50.     A wrought iron patio table and pair of chairs with mosaic decoration £40-60
51.     A set of mid 20th Century W. & T. Avery scales, weigh up to 20lb £10-20
52.     A vintage double sided enamelled wall sign of two-tone design, Associated Motorways Booking Office over a bus £50-80
53.     A cast resin reproduction statue of The Crouching Venus £40-60
54.     Three stoneware hot water bottles £5-10
101.    A 3' 3" antique Flemish style carved and stained wood cabinet on stand with broken pediment and decorative high relief panels, depicting biblical, floral and other scene panels to front and canted sides, shelves enclosed by a pair of cupboard doors, set on moulded stand with slender legs and pad feet £350-450
102.    A 4' 3" early 19th Century mahogany linen press with moulded cornice and slides enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, over a base with two short and two long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet - some reworking £60-80
103.    A 4' reproduction mahogany twin pedestal desk with leather inset top, three frieze drawers and further pedestal drawers - for repolishing £30-50
104.    A pair of 19th Century mahogany framed Chippendale style elbow chairs with pierced splats and upholstered drop-in seats, set on moulded square tapered front legs £40-60
105.    An old stripped wood comb back rocking chair with solid elm seat and crinoline stretcher £20-40
106.    William Sheppee: a 4' 5" iron studded Eastern hardwood coffee table with iron brackets and turned legs £50-80
107.    A 6' polished golden oak settle with panelled back, solid seat and shaped sides £120-150
108.    A 28" antique oak wall hanging corner cupboard with moulded cornice and scalloped shelves enclosed by a panel door - some moulding missing, some detached but included £20-30
109.    A 3' 10" 19th Century solid mahogany drop-leaf dining table with single gated action, set on chamfered square legs £30-50
110.    A pair of Italian style boudoir chairs with button back and rope twist piping to small floral repeat print upholstery, set on turned front legs with brass roller casters £120-150
111.    A modern blond wood lath back rocking chair £15-25
112.    A 4' 5" antique polished oak coffer with decorative carved quadruple panel front and later partitioned interior, set on squat bun feet £60-80
113.    A 5' 3" Edwardian walnut gentleman's wardrobe with moulded cornice, hanging space enclosed by a bevelled mirror panel door and two further panelled doors over two short and four long graduated drawers, set on plinth base £40-60
114.    A pair of oak framed throne style carver chairs with carved R.A.O.B. Pinhoe Lodge No.6931 to top rails, studded upholstered backs and seats, set on turned front supports - bearing associated plaques £50-80
115.    A set of four Victorian mahogany framed balloon back dining chairs with spindle set back rails and upholstered drop-in seats, set on turned front legs £40-60
116.    A 5' Ercol light wood dining table set on shaped standard ends - for repolishing £30-50
117.    A 16" diameter pot cupboard with white marble top and later painted finish £20-40
118.    A 5' 8" early 19th Century mahogany and ebony strung flat piano carcass by Muzio Clementi & Co., Cheapside, London - converted to a desk - a/f £20-40
119.    A 26 3/4" diameter mahogany tilt-top table, set on turned pillar (reduced) and tripod base with pad feet £20-30
120.    A vintage Hillcrest action office swivel chair with oak frame and studded green leatherette upholstery £40-60
121.    A painted pine pot cupboard - sold with a painted wood two tier jardinière stand £10-20
122.    A 31 3/4" modern Ikea "Malm" chest of four long drawers - matching Lots 172 & 213 £15-25
123.    A 23 1/2" diameter Spanish brass topped occasional table, set on polished hardwood Gothic style bracketed supports £20-40
124.    A 3' 3" Edwardian mahogany and strung chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £30-50
125.    A 3' 7" mid 20th Century polished oak side-by-side bureau bookcase with fall, drawer and double cupboard under flanked by leaded glazed panel doors £10-20
126.    A 27" early 20th Century mahogany two tier occasional table with shaped surfaces and slender cabriole supports - glued repairs £10-20
127.    A stained beech framed boudoir elbow chair with reeded rails and drop-in seat - sold with an Edwardian ladder back boudoir chair £10-20
128.    A 4' 5" modern polished wood coffee table, set on L-shaped legs £30-40
129.    A 10' early 20th Century draw-leaf dining table with bracketed quarter veneered top, set on moulded apron and faceted supports with crinoline uniting stretcher and pommel feet - sold with a set of six high back dining chairs to match with double skin bergere backs and part adapted seats, comprising a pair of carvers and four standard - all bearing Liberty London labels - various condition £200-400
130.    A 21" Bevan Funnell "Reprodux" three tier corner what-not with pierced brass gallery and slender ring turned supports £15-25
131.    A 33" Edwardian satin walnut washstand with tile set raised back, marble top and cupboard under, set on part turned legs and casters £60-80
132.    A later painted wood two tier jardinière stand with slender square splayed supports £10-20
133.    A reproduction stained wood triple towel rail £10-20
134.    A 29" mahogany slope topped storage box with two drawer fitted interior, set on turned feet £30-50
135.    A 30" polished oak low two door cabinet, set on bracket feet £10-20
136.    A 4' 6" early 20th Century polished oak twin pedestal roll-top architect's desk by Kenrick & Jefferson, West Brom., with panelled sides, single frieze drawer and further leaver locking pedestal drawers, set on plinth bases £100-150
137.    A pair of 15 1/2" varnished pine bedside cabinets with white marble tops, single drawer and panelled cupboard door under, set on simple shaped feet £70-100
138.    A 4' 9" 19th Century oak marriage chest with iron strapwork to dome top and remains of painted floral garland decoration dated 1835 £150-250
139.    William Sheppee: a pair of iron studded Eastern hardwood square low tables with iron brackets and turned legs - both 31" square £70-100
140.    A 3' 9" Victorian inlaid rosewood oval loo table top with central motif and quarter veneers £10-20
141.    A 33" late 19th Century painted wood chest of two short and two long graduated drawers with applied decoration, set on plinth base £20-40
142.    A 29 1/2" Victorian mahogany cabinet by George Davis of Plymouth, with moulded top and slide enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, set on plinth base - bearing brass plaque £50-80
143.    A 4' 4" waxed pine and mixed wood Ducal "Victoria" two part dresser with central open shelves and flanking arched glazed panel doors to top, over a base with three frieze drawers and triple panelled cupboard doors under, set on bun feet £50-80
144.    A 3' 7 1/2" Edwardian polished oak two part dresser with reduced two shelf plate rack over a base with two frieze drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on bracket base £30-50
145.    A 3' 6" antique later painted two shelf open bookcase, set on bracket feet - adapted £30-50
146.    A 4' 5" modern waxed pine ornate display cabinet in the antique style with shaped dome top, painted and lined interior enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors, applied half columns to canted sides and shaped plinth base £80-120
147.    A Yorkshire airer with cast iron pulley supports £20-40
148.    A 3' 6" 19th Century French later painted linen press now converted to a four shelf open bookcase with high moulded cornice and single deep drawer under, set on moulded feet - 6' 11" high £70-100
149.    A 32" reproduction mahogany and cross banded side table of curved design with shaped back rail and single frieze drawer, set on slender square tapered legs £20-40
150.    A 30" Chinese polished rosewood low table with stylised pierced apron and moulded legs £200-300
151.    A 3' 4" 19th Century mahogany cross banded and strung bow front chest of two short and two long drawers, set on shaped apron and raised bracket feet £100-150
152.    A 32 1/2" painted wood bench with panelled back and shaped standard ends £20-40
153.    An antique mahogany framed Chippendale style ribbon back dining chair - sold with another with pierced and reeded back, both with drop-in seats and set on chamfered square supports £10-15
154.    A Victorian mahogany platform dressing table mirror with domed plate and blind drawer under £10-20
155.    A painted wood two tier occasional table, set on fluted turned and tapered supports £15-25
156.    A 4' modern cherry wood two shelf open bookcase £30-50
157.    A 4' Edwardian golden oak dressing table with swing mirror, flanking shelves and two trinket drawers, over a base with two frieze drawers, turned supports with casters and plank undertier £80-120
158.    A nest of three retro style teak tea tables with reeded and shaped standard ends £15-25
159.    A 3' 3" 19th Century French demi-lune console table with later swing mirror, scroll supports and lift-top compartment, set on an ornate front scroll support and open platform base with bun feet £50-80
160.    A pair of Edwardian walnut framed bedroom chairs with later wooden seat panels £10-15
161.    A 3' 3" polished oak gateleg table, set on ring turned legs with porcelain casters £20-40
162.    A set of four 1930's stained wood framed dining chairs with upholstered backs and drop-in seats, set on turned front supports - various condition £10-20
163.    A 4' diameter pine dining table, set on massive turned pillar and tripod base £20-40
164.    A 36" late Georgian mahogany and herring bone strung bureau with fitted interior and four long graduated drawers under, set on bracket feet £30-50
165.    A Vincent Sheppard "Lloyd Loom" lounge chair dated February 2006 £40-60
166.    A 3' 8" modern wood kneehole dressing table with later distressed painted finish and three pedestal drawers, a similarly decorated associated triple mirror and chair £20-40
167.    A Victorian oak slope fronted coal box with brass carrying handle and studded decoration to lid £10-20
168.    A 29 1/2" late Georgian oak pedestal table with adapted drop-flap to top, set on turned pillar and tripod base with turned feet £25-40
169.    A 4' 5 1/2" reproduction figured mahogany twin pedestal desk with green leather inset top, three frieze drawers and further drawers to pedestals, set on plinth bases
170.    An Edwardian stained wood framed rocking chair with studded mushroom coloured dralon to back and seat panel £40-60
171.    A 20" late Victorian ebonised and strung occasional table with moulded square top, set on turned legs - sold with an ebonised oak framed Jacobean style high back dining chair with grapevine and bobbin decoration £10-20
172.    A 31 3/4" modern Ikea "Malm" chest of four long drawers - matching Lots 122 & 213 £15-25
173.    An Edwardian walnut framed revolving piano stool with upholstered seat and spindle apron, set on turned and splayed legs £10-20
174.    A pair of provincial mahogany framed Chippendale style dining chairs and matching carver with pierced splat backs and upholstered drop-in seats, set on chamfered square supports - sold with another similar carver £50-80
175.    A 4' 5" eastern hardwood table in the antique style with three frieze drawers, set on turned legs - a/f £10-20
176.    A 6' 6" glass topped dining table, set on a solid polished oak X-frame base - sold with a set of six Habitat upholstered curved back dining chairs, set on square tapered legs £150-200
177.    An oak framed gout stool by Daniel Allen & Sons, Colwyn Bay £15-25
178.    A 36" white marble topped waxed pine base with two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on simple block feet
179.    A 36" painted wood and wirework ornate bird cage with decorative lift-top and opposing small doors under - 4' 11" high £30-50
180.    A set of six stained elm lath back kitchen chairs, set on ring turned supports - one repair £80-120
181.    A 5' 9" Victorian mahogany extending dining table, set on turned legs with porcelain casters - winding mechanism a/f £50-80
182.    A 20" diameter mahogany table set on slender cabriole supports with undertier £10-20
183.    A 24" square mahogany occasional table with moulded top, set on square tapered legs £10-20
184.    An Edwardian stained beech framed bedroom chair with rattan seat panel - sold with an oak framed narrow oblong wall mirror £10-20
185.    A 5' 6" late 19th Century Art Nouveau walnut framed chaise longue with pierced and carved back rail, sprung and overstuffed upholstery, set on square tapered legs with brown porcelain casters £70-100
186.    A set of six early 20th Century polished oak framed Arts and Crafts style dining chairs with carved back rails, pierced splats and overstuffed upholstered seats, set on square tapered front legs and pierced stretchers £50-80
187.    A stripped pine draw-leaf dining table with single drawer, deep apron and square legs - 7' 4" overall £50-80
188.    A late Georgian oak bureau with fully fitted interior, three short and three long graduated drawers under, set on bracket feet £90-130
189.    A 3' 2" reproduction mahogany and cross banded coffee table with glass inset top, set on cabriole legs with pad feet - sold with a 24" tea table to match £15-25
190.    A 4' mahogany writing table with green leather inset top and two frieze drawers, set on an open stretcher base - formerly a washstand £80-120
191.    A pair of 19th Century French walnut framed dressing stools with remains of upholstery, set on carved cabriole legs £80-120
192.    A 4' 11" modern polished oak extending dining table with stowed folding leaf, set on massive turned pillar and quadruple splayed legs - sold with a set of four ribbon back style dining chairs to match with upholstered drop-in seats and shaped front supports £400-450
193.    A 3' 7" continental waxed pine washstand with shelf to raised back, two frieze drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on turned front feet £80-120
194.    A 4' early 20th Century polished oak display cabinet with slightly canted front and shelves enclosed by flanking glazed panel doors, set on short cabriole legs with pad feet £15-25
195.    A nest of three retro style stained hardwood tea tables with moulded triangular tops and simple square legs £40-60
196.    A 3' 6" Victorian satin birch chest of four long graduated drawers, set on rounded plinth base with squat bun feet £70-100
197.    A 29" early 20th Century stained oak bureau with part fitted interior and two long graduated drawers under, set on bulbous turned front supports £10-20
198.    A Georgian mahogany platform dressing table mirror with oblong plate, flanking slender ring turned supports and two drawers to break front base £30-50
199.    A Victorian mahogany platform dressing table mirror with dome top plate and trinket compartment under £10-15
200.    A 4' modern golden oak effect sideboard with three drawers and shelves enclosed by a pair of cupboard doors, set on short moulded legs £30-50
201.    A 26" 19th Century bamboo framed two tier occasional table with lacquered decoration £20-40
202.    A set of four G-plan retro dining chairs with laminated curved backs, upholstered seats and ebonised frames £50-80
203.    An Edwardian walnut framed bedroom chair with reeded rails and upholstered seat, set on moulded square front legs £10-20
204.    A 3' 2" 19th Century waxed pine lift-top box with flanking iron carrying handles and plinth base £40-60
205.    A 5' 6" modern solid Worcester golden oak dining table, set on heavy square legs - sold with a set of six ladder back dining chairs with solid seats to match £100-200
206.    A 3' 2" early 19th Century mahogany veneered chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on raised bracket feet £80-120
207.    A 25" modern faux marble and brass ornate tea table - suction cups and undertier glass missing £10-20
208.    An Art Deco style polished walnut draw-leaf dining table, set on curved standard ends - 5' overall £20-40
209.    A 3' 9" late Georgian mahogany bureau with fully fitted interior and three long graduated drawers under set on bracket feet £50-80
210.    A pair of Chinese lacquered wood framed bow elbow chairs with character pierced splat backs and solid seat panels, set on shaped supports with foot rails to front £50-80
211.    A 4' modern solid blonde wood dining table with moulded frieze and square legs £20-30
212.    A 26" painted wood side table, set on cabriole legs with pad feet - top moulding a/f £10-20
213.    A pair of 16" modern Ikea "Malm" two drawer bedside chests - matching Lots 122 & 172 £25-40
214.    An antique child's part painted and lacquered framed stick back chair with solid seat and turned supports £20-40
215.    A stained beech framed corner chair with upholstered seat panel and slender turned supports £5-10
216.    A 3' 10" Victorian mahogany bow front chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on shaped apron and reduced feet with casters £40-60
217.    A set of four Edwardian carved walnut framed dining chairs with foliate decorated splats and studded leather seats, set on turned front legs £30-50
218.    An early 20th Century stained mixed wood draw-leaf dining table with panelled top, set on square tapered legs with X-stretcher - 6' overall £30-50
219.    A 30" late 19th Century cast iron and pressed metal Parisian style salon heater with lift-top, pierced sides and burner enclosed by a pair of ornate doors decorated with figural reserve panels and foliate scroll borders, set on lion mask pattern feet £400-500
220.    A 31" early 20th Century polished oak corner cabinet with canted sides and glass shelves over a base enclosed by a decorative panelled door, set on bracket feet £10-20
221.    A vintage industrial painted metal swivel chair with fibreboard back and seat in the Nicolle style £30-50
222.    A pair of polished elm framed ladder back dining chairs with woven rush seat panels £20-30
223.    A 4' early 20th Century polished oak sideboard with low raised back and applied blind fretwork style decoration, the part fitted interior enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, set on an open stretcher base with turned front supports £20-40
224.    A 3' 7" 19th Century wood grained pine wardrobe with hanging space enclosed by a pair of fielded panel doors, flanking carved rope twist columns and single deep drawer under, set on break front plinth base £80-120
225.    A 5' 6" early 20th Century walnut framed chaise longue with repeat pattern russet upholstery, set on square tapered legs and casters £80-120
226.    A vintage Silverdale Haxyes polished wood framed table-tray with baise top and folding legs £5-10
227.    A 19 1/2" reproduction mahogany and green leather inset swivel top drop-leaf table, set on lyre pattern standard ends £10-20
228.    A 32" waxed pitch pine two door low cabinet with flanking reeded decoration, set on bracket feet £50-80
229.    A 3' 6" wicker and metal framed coffee table with integral magazine rack in the style of Eric Pheiffer - sold with an orange plastic and metal school stacking chair, bearing cheeky text and name Frank Lloyd Wright £10-20
230.    A 3' 6" Edwardian walnut and mixed wood marble top washstand with green tile inset splashback and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on simple turned legs - sold with an Italian lift-top work table with inlaid decoration - musical movement missing £30-50
231.    A 4' 8" Edwardian painted walnut wardrobe with hanging space enclosed by a bevelled mirror panel door with further panelled door and recess over two short and three long drawers, set on bracket base £20-40
232.    A 4' Bevan Funnell "Reprodux" reproduction mahogany and cross banded oval coffee table, set on twin pillars and reeded tripod bases with lion paw caps and casters £20-30
233.    A 26 1/4" modern pine topped and painted wood kitchen unit with single drawer, three panelled cupboard doors and wine rack under £20-40
234.    A 32" painted walnut demi-lune fold-over card table, set on shell carved slender cabriole legs with pad feet £20-40
235.    A 36" early 20th Century oak gateleg table, set on turned supports £10-20
236.    A 4' Ercol dark stained elm and mixed wood two part dresser with two shelf open plate rack over a base with two drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on block feet £30-50
237.    A pair of stained hardwood child's elbow chairs with slatted backs, scroll arm rests and X-frame bases £60-80
238.    A 4' 2" 19th Century mahogany Scottish bow front chest with flanking faceted pillars, two short and three long graduated drawers, set on pommel feet £50-80
239.    A 6' 20th Century polished Worcester golden oak two part potboard dresser in the Georgian style with shaped frieze and two shelf open plate rack over a base with three drawers, shaped apron and turned front supports, set on block feet £200-400
240.    A green painted metal gun cabinet (to take four guns) with double locks and keys £40-60
241.    A 24" Edwardian inlaid mahogany display cabinet with shaped bevelled mirror and shelf to raised back over single drawer and material lined shelves enclosed by a glazed panel door, set on square tapered legs with spade feet £30-50
242.    An 18" 1920's bedside cabinet with later painted finish, single drawer and pair of cupboard doors, set on slender cabriole legs with pad feet £20-40
243.    A 3' 4" reproduction mahogany and cross banded sofa table with moulded top and two frieze drawers, set on flanking twin pillars and moulded splayed legs with lion paw caps and casters £50-80
244.    An early 20th Century Air Ministry strong box by Thomas Withers & Sons Ltd., with various impressed numbers to door and key £30-50
245.    A 34" ornate cast iron fire grate with goat, flanking lion mask and floral garland decoration, set on heavy front supports £50-80
246.    A 4' 18th Century oak three panel coffer with some reworking to top, set on bracket feet £50-80
247.    A 6' 3" modern Skovby (Danish) Kirsevaer (Cherry wood) veneered low unit with two fall-front compartments and two long drawers under - SMB 7 K £100-200
248.    A 4' 1" polished oak and mixed wood bench with panelled back and locker seat, set shaped standard ends £20-40
249.    A Victorian polished oak slope fronted coal box with brass handle and decoration to front £20-40
250.    A 28" vintage painted pressed metal industrial chest with three flights of four drawers, set on flared trolley base £100-200
251.    A 20" polished oak four shelf waterfall bookcase, set on standard ends £30-50
252.    A 3' 9" 19th Century mahogany bookcase top with moulded broken swan neck pediment and adjustable shelves enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed panel doors, with two small pull-out slides under - finial missing £30-40
253.    A 4' 3" modern stained wood two part wall unit with moulded cornice and glazed display cabinet to top, over a base with three decorative panelled doors, set on bracket feet £30-50
254.    A high society 1960's swivel arm chair after the design by Peter Cutts, with brown leather upholstery, set on a circular wooden swivel base £350-450
255.    A mahogany jardinière stand with reeded pillar and tripod base with pad feet £30-50
256.    A polish oak occasional table, set on turned pillar and moulded base £10-20
257.    A 5' late Victorian two seater settee upholstered in repeat pattern material, set on polished wood feet and later casters £40-60
258.    A 28" modern carved hardwood female torso £80-120
259.    A 4' 11" solid red marble topped coffee table, set on chrome plated base with angular square supports £180-250
260.    A 7' modern brown leather upholstered three seater settee with scatter cushions £150-250
261.    A reproduction mahogany drum table set on turned pillar and quadruple legs with spade feet £10-20
262.    A 19th Century continental walnut X-frame chair with upholstered back and seat on turned and moulded supports set on later casters - frame separating £120-180
280.    A mahogany framed Georgian style ladder back elbow chair with damask upholstered seat panel, set on moulded front supports - old repair £30-50
281.    A chrome plated framed free standing fourteen bottle wine rack - sold with a modern painted wrought iron six branch candelabrum £20-40
282.    A vintage stained wood folding frame studio easel - sold with another £20-40
283.    A 3' 3" Alvar Aalto retro coffee table with black painted top and bentwood legs - for restoration £100-200
284.    A 3' 6" 19th Century satinwood and strung writing table with tooled green leather inset top, blind frieze drawer and flanking scroll brackets, set on flanking twin turned supports and splayed legs with white porcelain casters £480-550
285.    A 22" ornate Italian style gilt table lamp base with reeded acanthus pillar and quatrefoil base with scale decoration and lion paw feet £30-50
286.    A 24" diameter antique walnut cross banded and strung occasional table with parcel gilt pierced frieze, set on Queen Anne style legs £70-100
287.    A child's settle chair with shaped hood and solid seat £30-50
288.    A 3' 3" Chinese black lacquered two part display stand, the circular top section with an array of stepped open shelves over a base with two frieze drawers and further shelves under, set on typical supports £350-450
289.    A Victorian brass telescopic standard oil lamp with Hinks's Benetfink & Co. No.2 Duplex burner with Messengers Patent, hammered copper reservoir, scroll supports and suspended weighted copper ball to base £50-80
290.    A vintage Everwear wardrobe travelling trunk with fitted and lined interior £30-50
291.    A late 1960's chrome plated framed lounge chair with black leatherette upholstery £100-150
292.    A 35" Chinese rosewood low table with burr wood inset top, set on typical opium table style base £450-550
293.    A decorative stool made from a stack of leather bound books, with studded material seat panel to top £20-40
294.    A 26" Chinese red lacquered lift-top box with gilt bats, flowers and other symbols, and brass fittings - adapted £20-40
295.    A 30 1/2" early 20th Century polished oak framed table top display case, with mirror panel to rear door £30-50
296.    A 4' diameter Regency mahogany breakfast table with wide radial cross banded top, set on ring turned pillar and tripod base with brass caps and casters £30-50
297.    A North African decorative canework framed drum stool with stitched leather seat panel and repeat motif decoration £20-40
298.    A 3' 6" 19th Century mahogany writing desk with central slope and two short drawers over central pigeon-hole fitted cupboard and flanking pedestals with drawers and shelf behind doors, set plinth bases £150-200
299.    A pair of Victorian mahogany framed boudoir chairs with ornate carved backs and upholstered seats, set on cabriole front legs with shaped terminals £30-50
300.    A 21" Srinagar Kashmir hand painted and gilded petal top table with all-over profuse bird and foliate scroll decoration, set on an open twist pillar and tripod base with stylised animal terminals £350-450
301.    A set of four Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs with upholstered drop-in seats, set on turned front legs - sold with another pair similar £100-120
302.    A Victorian figured walnut locker piano stool with upholstered seat and internal cross banded and herring bone strung panel, set on acanthus carved cabriole legs with pad feet and X-stretcher - some music content £40-60
303.    A 20" late Victorian brass bound rosewood writing slope with fitted interior and presentation plaque from The Kelty Ministrel Troope, dated 1907 £40-60
304.    A 10" Victorian walnut dome top workbox with two bands of Tunbridge style decoration and tray fitted interior £20-40
305.    A 3' 11" 19th Century Chinese rosewood altar table with panel top, scroll ends and decorative pierced frieze, set on floral decorated and bracketed standard ends £600-800
306.    A 27" waxed pine lift-top box with flanking drop handles, set on raised bracket feet £10-20
307.    An antique elm occasional chair with half pierced splat back and solid seat, set on turned front supports with pad feet £20-40
308.    A 28" Art Nouveau two tier table with parquetry decoration, depicting prunus and flowering branches set on slender swept cabriole supports
309.    A pair of 22" 19th Century ebonised and gilt metal mounted bedside tables with applied Jasper ware cameo panels to drawer fronts, set on fluted turned and tapered supports with X-stretcher and brass caps and casters - adapted £70-100
310.    A 9 3/4" Spanish style studded and metal bound hardwood lift-top box - sold with a small eastern carved hardwood table with pierced folding base £20-40
311.    A modern Laura Ashley tub chair upholstered in brown leather, set on square tapered front legs
312.    A 4' 5" polished hardwood and cane framed two seater settee with upholstered cushions £40-60
313.    A 10" Victorian rosewood workbox with two bands of Tunbridge style decoration and remains of tray fitted interior £15-25
314.    A 22 1/2" walnut marble topped occasional table with pierced acanthus scroll standard ends £30-50
315.    A Chinese rosewood quartetto set of ornate tea tables with inset panel tops and profuse carved and pierced stylised air dragon decoration, set on shaped supports with similar decoration £550-650
316.    A pair of French style stained and antiqued wood framed boudoir elbow chairs with floral print upholstery, set on cabriole front legs with shaped terminals £70-100
317.    A 3' 10" old waxed and stained pine linen chest with internal candle box £40-60
318.    A 17" painted wood clover leaf shaped two tier occasional table with stencil decoration depicting a lizard and vine leaves set on simulated bamboo supports £10-20
319.    A Victorian carved walnut adjustable piano stool with damaged thread action and ornate triple scroll supports £15-25
320.    A 20" Regency decorative brass bound figured mahogany writing slope with secret fitted drawer - for restoration £50-80
321.    A 4' 2" diameter 19th Century rosewood topped breakfast table, set on a faceted bulbous pillar with petal decoration and circular platform base, set on scroll feet with brass casters £600-800
322.    A 3' 3" 19th Century mahogany framed dressing stool with finely detailed Pug and floral garland printed material upholstery, set on cabriole legs - matching Lot 325 £40-60
323.    A 16" eastern ornate inlaid rosewood lift-top box with all-round elephant group in landscape decoration and material lined interior £150-200
324.    A 4' 3" parquetry hardwood coffee table with single frieze drawer set on heavy cabriole legs £40-60
325.    A 4' 5" Victorian chair back chaise longue with finely detailed Pug and floral garland printed material and two scatter cushions, set on mahogany scroll cabriole front legs with brass casters - matching Lot 322 £60-80
326.    An eastern hardwood birthing style low chair with simple carved decoration and block feet £15-25
327.    A 21" early 20th Century polished oak chest with two flights of nine shallow drawers, all with embossed backplate handles and moulded fronts £70-100
328.    A modern polished wood Rappard (New Zealand) spinning wheel £30-40
329.    Two gilt framed bevelled oval wall mirrors, one with simple painted decoration and the other with major gesso loss £10-20
330.    A 13" reproduction mahogany table top stationery cabinet with shelves enclosed by a tambour and single long drawer under, set on turned feet £30-50
331.    A 31" carved wood model of a female nude £80-120
332.    A pair of antique elm framed comb back smokers bow elbow chairs with pierced splats, turned spindles and solid seats, set on ring turned supports £150-250
333.    A 14" square carved walnut framed pole screen with original needlework under glass, set on an associated tripod base £20-40
334.    A 13 3/4" Victorian mahogany and brass mounted campaign style specimen chest with fourteen drawers enclosed by a pair of panelled cupboard doors and flanking small flush ring handles, set on swivel base £280-350
335.    A 12" antique oak wall hanging spoon rack with shaped top and trough under £20-40
336.    A 3' 5 1/2" Victorian oak twin pedestal desk with red leather inset top, three frieze drawers and further pedestal drawers, set on plinth bases with casters - original Chubb lock and G. Bartholomew, Brighton maker's label £50-80
337.    A Victorian walnut circular footstool with remains of original beadwork decoration, set on turned feet £15-25
338.    A 28" stitched leather clad butler's tray and stand with flanking campaign style brass handles and retaining strop £40-60
339.    A 36 1/2" diameter 19th Century mahogany and ebony inlaid table, set on an associated base with triple turned supports, central finial and reeded splayed scroll feet £40-60
340.    A late Georgian mahogany dumb waiter with three graduated circular surfaces, set on vase turned pillars and tripod base with pad feet and roller casters £350-450
341.    An early 20th Century ornate giltwood and velvet clad standard lamp with peacock feather pattern shade and circular petal base, set on triple splayed feet £30-50
342.    An early 19th Century oak and elm framed hoop stick back elbow chair with solid seat and simple turned supports £75-100
343.    An eastern hardwood valet stand with two trinket drawers, trouser rail and flanking rope-twist supports, set on moulded splayed legs £25-40
344.    A retro coppered and horn set standard lamp with hammered circular base £30-50
345.    A 17 1/2" stained wood three drawer canteen chest, set on plinth base £30-50
346.    A 18 1/2" decorative fretwork framed dressing table mirror with easel back and hanging loop - sold with a small barbola style similar with bevelled plate £20-25
347.    A 4' 3" designer coffee table with rounded triangular thick plate glass top, set on an ebonised organic shaped folding base - chip to edge £50-80
348.    A late Georgian wing back armchair in the Queen Anne style, upholstered in studded pale brown leather and set on ornate carved walnut C-scroll legs with shaped terminals £800-900
349.    A modern brass column standard lamp with shade, stepped plinth base and lion paw feet £20-40
350.    A 3' 4 1/2" brass bound campaign style camphor wood linen chest with flanking heavy cast drop handles £380-400
351.    A 3' 7" 20th Century aluminium clad travelling trunk £20-40
352.    A 36" polished stained wood side table with single frieze drawer, set on slender legs with pad feet £30-50
353.    A 3' 4" Georgian style mahogany kneehole writing table with green leather inset top, single long frieze drawer, flanking drawers and cupboard under, set on raised bracket feet £100-150
354.    A 36" Victorian mahogany side table with two frieze drawers set on turned legs £50-80
355.    An 18" diameter painted gesso framed convex wall mirror £15-25
356.    A 1920's metal framed wall mirror with bevelled and canted oblong plate £10-20
357.    A 33 1/2" 1920's black lacquered framed bevelled oval wall mirror £20-25
358.    An antique gilt gesso and slip framed oblong wall mirror with old plate - major gesso loss - 28" X 33" £20-40
359.    A 21" 18th Century continental parcel giltwood wall mirror with pierced acanthus border and shaped bevelled plate, with remains of candle sconce under £120-150
360.    A 3' 5 1/2" 19th Century gilt framed pier mirror with multi beaded plate and central polychrome printed portrait of a young woman wearing an elaborate headdress £100-200
361.    Three frameless wall mirrors of varying design, all with bevelled plates £15-25
362.    A moulded stained wood framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £10-20
363.    An antique gilt gesso dome topped mirror frame - to take 3' 9 1/2" X 36" £10-15
364.    Stained wood framed reproduction Southern Comfort advertising mirror £30-50
365.    A 20th Century gilt framed slender oblong wall mirror £10-20
366.    An Edwardian mahogany and strung framed bevelled oval wall mirror with transfer decoration £20-30
367.    A modern gilt framed bevelled oval wall mirror with bow and floral decoration £10-20
368.    A pair of 21" antique gilt gesso framed wall mirrors with shaped bevelled plates and twin candle sconces under £70-100
369.    An early 20th Century polished oak framed bevelled oval wall mirror with applied boss decoration £10-20
370.    A 31 1/2" decorative painted cabinet door as a wall mirror with applied plates £20-40
371.    An early 20th Century gilt framed bevelled oval wall mirror £20-40
372.    A 30 3/4" Edwardian walnut framed wall mirror with five bevelled plates and flanking vase stands - reduced £10-15
373.    A 3' 2" 20th Century ornate carved wood framed wall mirror with C-scroll and foliate decoration to serpentine border £30-50
401.    A 20th Century stained oak cased wall clock with bevelled part glazed door, visible pendulum and spring driven gong striking movement £15-25
402.    An early 19th Century mahogany cased drop dial wall timepiece, the 12" re-painted dial signed Brooke, London, with visible pendulum and eight day single fusee movement £200-300
403.    A late Victorian alabaster cased mantel timepiece with later flanking handles and visible Brocot escapement to dial centre, with eight day movement £45-65
404.    An early 20th Century mahogany cased table clock with dome top and arched brass dial, chime/silent regulator and silvered chapter ring, with flanking Corinthian columns and Gustav Becker gold medal eight day chiming movement £130-160
405.    An early 20th Century carved walnut cased aneroid wall barometer with visible works £10-20
406.    A 29" Edwardian carved giltwood framed sunburst wall timepiece, the 7" painted convex dial marked for Jump & Co., 93 Mount Street, London, with eight day movement £180-220
407.    An 11" diameter polished oak cased wall timepiece with heavy brass bulkhead bezel and dial marked B.R. 11610, with eight day single fusee movement £250-300
408.    A late Victorian black slate and marble case mantel clock with applied gilt spelter mounts and French eight day gong striking movement £30-50
409.    An early 20th Century oak cased table clock of architectural design, the brass square dial with slow/fast and chime/silent regulator dials, flanking pierced doors to sides and Winterhalder & Hofmeier eight day gong chiming movement £50-80
410.    An 18" carved stained wood cased wall timepiece, the 11 1/2" painted dial marked for Pleasance and Harper, Bristol, with applied acanthus scroll decoration, integral bracket and W & H movement £100-150
411.    An early 20th Century polished oak cased wall clock with part glazed door, visible pendulum and spring driven gong striking movement £20-30
412.    A 21" French Industrial style novelty brass torpedo pattern mantel timepiece with decorative dial and simple spring driven movement, set on a polished black slate plinth base with triple acorn pattern feet £180-220
413.    An ebonised cased bracket clock with applied silvered decoration and carrying handle, the square brass dial missing spandrels, with twin fusee eight day movement striking on a bell and featuring shouldered plates - marriage £350-400
414.    A late Victorian stained oak cased wall mounted barometer/thermometer with ceramic scale and visible aneroid works £15-25
415.    A late 19th Century French Comtoise wall clock with embossed brass surround and enamelled dial marked Morbien, with large visible pendulum and twin weight driven bell striking movement £40-60
416.    An 18" diameter stained wood cased dial wall timepiece with painted Roman numerals and eight day single fusee movement £150-200
417.    A 23" 19th Century rosewood framed musical automaton picture clock depicting a landscape with church, clock tower and windmill in the distance - some reworking and alteration £180-220
418.    A reproduction antiqued brass automaton timepiece in the form of a bird in a nesting box on tree trunk pattern base £30-50
419.    A small brass cased bulkhead style timepiece with French movement - sold with a later similarly cased aneroid barometer £20-40
420.    An early 20th Century brass and bevelled glass cased carriage timepiece with all-round reeded pillars and French eight day movement £40-60
421.    An Edwardian brass inlaid oak cased mantel timepiece with convex dial and eight day movement set on brass bun feet £20-40
422.    An Art Deco style polished oak cased mantel clock with Haller eight day gong striking movement £10-20
423.    A 1980's stained wood cased Rapport table clock with dome top brass arched dial and W. Haid (West German) eight day floating balance gong chiming movement £50-70
424.    A late Victorian black slate and marble cased mantel timepiece of architectural design, with Ansonia spring driven movement £15-25
425.    A skeleton clock with fusee movement and passing strike set on marble base - no dome £180-220
426.    A four glass and marble cased mantel clock with decorative dial, mercury pendulum and eight day gong striking movement £200-250
427.    A 15 1/2" antique brass cased lantern clock with pierced and engraved decoration and two train verge chain driven fusee movement with balance wheel escapement striking on a large bell £250-300
428.    An ornate cast brass and bevelled glass cased carriage timepiece with decorative painted dial and platform escapement to movement £60-80
429.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany dome top mantel timepiece with simple HAC movement £15-25
430.    A novelty automaton timepiece with kitten standing beside a fish bowl £30-50
431.    A polished oak cased mantel clock with eight day chiming movement £10-20
432.    A novelty brass cased automaton bird in cage timepiece £30-50
433.    A brass and bevelled glass cased carriage timepiece, complete with leather clad travelling case and key £50-70
434.    A brass and bevelled glass cased carriage timepiece by Bracher & Sydenham with eight day movement and key - door button missing £50-70
435.    A 12" gilt metal figural timepiece with Putto sitting astride a fountainhead, with decorative dial and platform escapement to simple French movement £70-100
436.    An Edwardian miniature longcase style timepiece with printed decoration and simple movement £40-60
437.    An early 20th Century oak cased table clock with silvered chapter ring to square brass dial and eight day chiming movement £30-50
438.    An early 20th Century stained wood cased table clock, the etched brass arched dial with chime/silent and slow/fast regulators and Junghans eight day chiming movement £50-80
439.    A late 19th Century stained and carved oak longcase clock with 11" diameter decorative painted dial, acanthus decoration to front, glazed door and applied boss under, with later adapted twin weight driven gong striking movement £80-120
440.    An early 19th Century oak longcase clock with blind fretwork decoration to hood, the 11" square brass dial marked for E. Edwards of B Castle (Bishop's Castle), with simple engraved buildings decoration and date aperture, with thirty hour movement striking on bell £150-200
441.    An early 20th Century stained oak longcase clock with Arabic numerals to pressed metal dial, part glazed door and twin weight driven eight day chiming movement £70-80
501.    A vintage Windsor and Newton watercolour box £10-20
502.    A late Victorian folding photograph viewer with single magnifier in carved and ebonized case £20-40
503.    A pair of 18th Century Spanish Colonial carved wooden stirrups with brass inlaid irons £180-220
504.    A marble pedestal bowl - sold with a sea shell £20-40
505.    An oak smoker's compendium - sold with a table lighter and a chromed cigarette box £10-20
506.    Two gold and one silver discs, all the Bee Gees You Win Again IFPI certified 100,00 units sold - all framed - WEA, Austria £150-250
507.    A 1930's oak cased and glazed Wilson Warden & Co. Ltd, London 557/46 barograph £40-60
508.    An early 20th Century brass motoring acetyloid gas lamp by Worsnop & Co. Halifax £40-60
509.    A pair of Chinese soapstone dog-o-fo pattern desk weights - sold with a ceramic scent bottle with figural decoration £10-20
510.    A modern metal model of an early aircraft £10-20
511.    A late 20th Century RAC sign £15-25
512.    A Black Forest desk tidy with carved dog and kennel inkwell and Baden-Baden text £20-40
513.    An adjustable silver plated desk magnifier on ebonized base £25-40
514.    A reproduction cast metal John Deere blacksmith money box £10-20
515.    A Royal Marines drum shaped ice bucket £10-20
516.    An antique Chinese stumpwork panel depicting butterflies and chrysanthemums within a meandering border, set in a glass topped wooden tray £50-80
517.    A Brownie camera and a cased pair of Zeiss binoculars £20-40
518.    A copper cased barograph a/f - sold with a Gambrell Bros. Ltd. No. 5010 galvanometer £20-40
519.    A box containing a quantity of fringing and braid - sold with a collection of buttons £15-25
520.    A box of beads and sequins for beadwork £10-20
521.    A tapestry chair cover - sold with a beadwork cushion and a fabric sample book £15-25
522.    Three vintages lady's bags - sold with a travelling cologne set, in a leather box £15-25
523.    A mid 20th Century framed dried moss, lichen and other plant collage of a coastal landscape, dated inscription verso £10-20
524.    An Oriental inlaid jewellery casket - sold with a papier-mâché glove box, japanned cigarette box and further trinket box £15-25
525.    A Victorian brass table oil lamp with etched and frilled clear and cranberry glass shade - sold with three further glass chimneys £30-50
526.    A Tiffany style lamp with cast metal figural base and dragonfly shade £30-50
527.    A pair of French spelter figural table lamps, Musique and Comedie £30-50
528.    A Victorian table oil lamp with spider web on green glass reservoir, pierced cast iron base and fitted shade - sold with another with moulded bottle green glass reservoir and shade £30-50
529.    A brass three branch ceiling lamp - sold with three vintage green moiré glass shades £30-40
530.    A pair of crazy set stained glass lamp shades with English rose decoration - sold with a set of four stained glass hall lantern panels £30-50
531.    A pair of pink soapstone bedside lamps with shades £10-20
532.    A brass column pattern table lamp set on a stepped base of white and black marbles with brass ormolu mounts and feet £30-50
533.    A pair of cast brass hall lanterns with cylindrical glass shades and star cut decoration £50-80
534.    An ornate gilt brass five branch electrolier £20-40
535.    A silvered brass Dutch style five branch candelabra £60-80
536.    A two tier brass electrolier with cut glass shades on scroll supports
537.    A gilt metal ceiling light with decorative gilt leaves and cut glass shade £50-80
538.    A mid 20th Century ceiling starburst light fitting with multiple lamps and moulded perspex floral decoration £40-60
539.    A 1940's aeronautical observer's compass Type O.2 with azimuth circle - stamped F. Smith & Son, Southampton No. 0511 and bearing a HUSUN (Hughes & Son Ltd.) label £30-50
540.    A painted pine box containing two sets of vintage rosewood bowls complete with jack and numbered faceted ball £20-40
541.    A wooden police truncheon - sold with a pair of bellows £10-20
542.    A mako shark jaw £60-80
543.    A cast iron Antiques sign £15-25
544.    A small collection of linen and lace £10-20
545.    A Roberts R500 radio - sold with a Roberts R200 radio and a Seafix 2000 Seafarer hand held direction finder with headphones £20-40
546.    An early 20th Century boxed brass rolling ruler £10-20
547.    A reproduction painted cast iron sign - Shut the Gate, 40 Shillings Fine £25-40
548.    A boxed and cased range finder camera £10-20
549.    A vintage boxed Eumig P8 Imperial cine projector £10-20
550.    A 10" Oriental carved camphor wood box - sold with an old wicker carpet beater £10-20
551.    Three cameras comprising boxed Olympus Trip 35, Yashica and Canon Super8 Zoom 518 £15-25
552.    Two boxed Pirelli calendars - 1973 and 1974 £10-20
553.    A pair of carved oak and studded leather bellows with turned brass nozzle and Charles I portrait decoration - leather a/f £15-20
554.    A collection of 78 records including Glen Miller, etc. - listed £10-20
555.    A vintage spirit level, large box plane and Wesco oil can £20-40
556.    Elements Beyond the Wicket: a framed periodic table style England Test Cricket statistics print £30-50
557.    An early 20th Century Advance polished oak two drawer index card box £30-50
558.    A dog figure ornament - sold with a box containing a quantity of animal and bird figures, etc. £10-20
559.    A pair of mahogany wall mounted heart-shaped letter racks £20-40
560.    Five various metal warning signs £20-40
561.    A small brown leather suitcase - sold with a brown leather flask case £20-40
562.    An oak cigarette box, a tobacco jar and a small wooden cat £10-20
563.    A Sun Shade solar topee, a fly whisk and a small fisherman's folding stool £20-40
564.    A carved hardwood Swaziland walking cane with stylised head and remains of original red colouring £10-20
565.    A Moore & Wright No. 1140 micrometer - sold with a boxed scale rule, Harling gauge, etc. £20-40
566.    Two framed Player's cigarette card collections comprising aeroplanes and Royal Air Force Squadrons £30-50
567.    A PYE portable radio £10-20
568.    An inlaid writing box carcass - sold with another similar box £10-20
569.    A vintage Black & Decker drill lathe £10-20
570.    A set of brass balance scales by Philip Harris Ltd., Birmingham, set on wooden base with adjustable brass feet £5-10
571.    A vintage Comfy Cosy three piece insulated tea set - sold with a boxed pair of matching egg cups £20-40
572.    An early 20th Century Muldino calculator £20-40
573.    A vintage Brexton brown leatherette picnic case with mostly original contents £30-50
574.    A Combibo boat gimbal drinks stand with four glasses £10-20
575.    A mid 20th Century wicker picnic hamper with associated contents including W. H. Grindley blue and white china £30-50
576.    A modern fully fitted one up-one down doll's house £10-20
577.    Four modern Belgian machine made wall hanging tapestries depicting carousing scenes, including Gobelins £10-20
577A.   A vintage tapestry wall hanging with gilt thread decoration £5-10
578.    An antique beam from a lychgate with hand painted text, Rev. J.T. Jacob O.B.E Vicar 1900-1923 £20-40
579.    A 40" high painted wood stylized model of a cockatoo £20-40
580.    An old enamelled sign for Queen St. Salerooms, Moore & Co. Auctioneers & Valuers, latterly Moore, Allen & Innocent - 51" X 18" a/f £40-60
581.    A pair of lady's black leather riding boots with wooden trees by Maxwell, Dover Street, London £30-50
582.    A tool chest containing various old tools including Garlick Lynx saw, H. Disston, Philada saw, mortise, etc. £30-50
583.    A collection of cased cameras and lenses including Konica Z-Up 80, Minolta XD7 35mm SLR carcass, Sigma zoom lens f=28-84mm, Soligor wide-auto f=28mm, Soliger Zoom 85-205mm. f:3.8, No. 38005039, Minolta 50mm f1.7 MD Rokkor , Vivitar MC Tele Converter 2x-5, etc. - most with instruction books £80-120
584.    A box containing a collection of Victorian clothing including gloves, apron, bloomers. etc. £20-40
585.    A collection of crochet edged table and teacloths and doilies, etc. £20-40
586.    A small fireboard case £5-10
587.    A pair of carved ebony elephants, wooden owl coat hook, gavel, etc. £10-20
588.    A coopered pin with wooden spigot £20-40
589.    A pair of white candlewick bedspreads £5-10
590.    A box containing various collectable items including paper weights, silver plated toast rack, posy vase and table stand, etc. £5-10
591.    A vintage brown pigskin suitcase with remains of travel labels £15-25
592.    A box of various vintage tins including tobacco, Robin Hood and Maid Marian, etc. £10-20
593.    A box containing various collectables including a painted plaster plaque of the sovereign reverse St. George and the Dragon design, brass mortar, pot lid, etc. £5-10
594.    A box containing various collectables, including Waterford crystal vase, hand painted window roundel, etc. £5-10
595.    An old canvas weather coated and leather cornered suitcase with transit labels (India) - a/f £10-20
596.    A pair of vintage sash clamps £20-40
597.    An early 20th Century Bradbury Family V.S. sewing machine - sold with a Jones Popular sewing machine £20-40
598.    A quantity of late 20th Century women's clothing including a black dress by Alison Hayes £15-25
599.    A box containing a collection of lace edging and trimmings, etc. £15-25
600.    A box containing a collection of vintage baby clothes including gowns, bonnet, bib, etc. £15-25
601.    A box containing a collection of crochet, woven and pulled thread tablecloths £20-40
602.    An early 20th Century W.R. Prior & Co. microscope and associated lenses, in mahogany case £30-50
603.    A Javanese Gambang kayu with carved dragon end boards and remains of red and gilt paintwork £100-150
604.    A pair of fallow deer antlers interlocked and fixed together £20-40
605.    A red painted cast iron British Rail Southern Region signal post finial £80-120
606.    A coppered companion set £10-20
607.    A continental oak copper bound ale jug £10-20
608.    A 40" high Indigenous Australian carved and painted wood figure of a man £45-65
609.    A vintage tailor's child size dummy, set on turned pillar and tripod base £30-50
610.    An African carved tribal walking stick with painted figure handle and flat sided middle section £160-200
611.    A vintage snakeskin handbag £20-40
612.    A pair of painted cast iron British Rail Western Region signal post finials £300-400
613.    Two vintage desk stamps for Root Two Press and Print Shop £10-20
614.    Two Pacific Northwest tribal wood carvings, a 20" black wolf and a 14 1/2" formline painted bird £25-40
615.    A brown leather suitcase £30-50
616.    G. G. Fixter, Leading Stoker First Class, 153.645: China War Medal 1900, aboard H.M.S. Pigmy, a composite screw gunboat - replacement ribbon £100-200
617.    W.G. Hendry, Private 24605, King's Own Scottish Borderers: British War Medal and Victory Medal, both with ribbons £50-80
618.    A collection of 20th Century Great British and foreign coinage including silver Six and Three Pennies £20-40
619.    Three coin sets - 1975, 1976 and 1980, a 1997 commemorative £5 coin, four Somerset £1 notes and a small collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage including two 1766 Irish Half Pennies and a 1935 New Zealand Six Pence £20-40
620.    A pair of vintage folding opera glasses - sold with a 1950's Vitali yellow oval ashtray and a Bristol Tipped cigarette ashtray £10-20
620A.   H. Grossmith, Private 6099, Liverpool Regiment: British War Medal and Victory Medal, both with ribbons £50-80
621.    A brass commemorative British Empire Exhibition Lipton tea caddy and a dome topped money box containing a collection of mainly Great British coinage, some silver content £10-20
622.    A collection of Great British and foreign coinage including Swiss Rappen, Dutch 10 Cents, German, etc. - some silver content £20-40
623.    A collection of Great British Half Pennies £10-20
624.    A vintage cased geometry set - one piece missing £10-20
625.    A collection of African banknotes including Tanzania 100 Shillings, Zimbabwe Five Dollars, Rhodesia Two Dollars, etc. £10-20
626.    A collection of European banknotes including 1910 Berlin 100 Reichsbanknote, 1917 1000 Roubles, 1979 Cyprus One Pound, etc. £30-50
627.    A collection of North and South American banknotes including US Five Dollars, Brazilian 1000 Cruzeiros, Argentinean 100 Pesos, etc. £20-40
628.    A collection of Commonwealth banknotes including Canadian Two Dollars, Bermudan One Dollar, Trinidad and Tobago One Dollar, etc. £20-40
629.    A collection of Middle Eastern bank notes, mostly Turkish, including 1930 Turkish 2 1/2 Lirasi, Egyptian Five Pounds, Israeli 500 Pruta, etc. £20-40
630.    A collection of Asian and Indian bank notes including Korean 100 Yen, Indonesian 1000 Rupiah, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Five Dollars, etc. £30-50
631.    A collection of early to mid 20th Century Great British One Pennies £10-20
632.    A collection of mid 20th Century Great British coinage including Half Crowns, Two Shillings and Shillings £15-25
633.    A collection of mid 20th Century Great British Threepennies £10-20
634.    A collection of early to mid 20th Century Great British silver Half Crowns and Shillings £40-60
635.    A box of George VI Pennies £10-20
636.    A late 19th/early 20th Century leather bound Day and Night telescope with glare collar by Dollond of London £120-150
637.    A vintage Diana SP50. 177 air pistol in original box - accessories missing
638.    Two similar Saharan Tebu knives in tooled leather sheaths £30-50
639.    A khukuri in black leather scabbard £20-40
640.    An early 20th Century wooden fishing priest with loaded end, purporting to be Royal Irish Constabulary £25-40
641.    A Victorian dress rapier with etched decorative blade featuring horsemen, and brass basket hilt, grip and pommel - sold with an associated scabbard £20-40
642.    An early 20th Century British Army 1897 pattern infantry officer's dress sword with etched and plated Wilkinsons of Pall Mall blade featuring George V cipher, plated hilt with cipher and black shagreen grip, with leather pommel, scabbard and frog £80-120
643.    A vintage Wilkinson Mk II fencing sabre with wooden grip (rust to inside of hilt) - sold with three mid 20th Century Leon Paul fencing swords comprising two foils and a rapier £30-50
644.    A box containing a complete set of Southern Region West Country Class, Battle of Britain Class and Merchant Navy Class locomotive name plate photographs - sold with a small collection of other railway related photographs £20-40
645.    A collection of Edward VII and George V Pennies £10-20
646.    An old leather clad hip flask cup with remains of silver plated finish - sold with two further hip flasks £40-60
647.    An Eskimo art carved black and brown soapstone model of a walrus (damaged jowl) set on a fitted wooden base £5-10
648.    A leather writing pad - sold with other leather clad boxes, hip flask, etc. £20-40
649.    A 2 5/8" late 19th Century German novelty folding corkscrew in the form of a pair of ladies legs with celluloid pink stripy stockings £100-200
650.    A 1940's British military Morse Telegraph WT8 Key No. 2 Mk. III £20-40
651.    A fly whisk with associated horn handle and silver mounts - sold with a silver fob watch with Swiss movement £20-40
652.    A small Victorian photograph album with abalone clad front and ebonized back £15-25
653.    An early 20th Century three draw leather clad brass pocket telescope, the Enbeeco "Cub" 18X by Newbold & Bulford Ltd. London, in original box £20-40
654.    A collection of lighters including Ronson table, Aver Player's, novelties, etc. - various condition £5-10
655.    A small quantity of collectables including three silver coins from a bracelet, a marked silver Celtic cross lapel badge, silver Wesley Guild lapel badge, a miniature enamelled gilt Belgian military Order, ATS and RN sweetheart brooches, etc. £40-60
656.    A collection of Ronson and other cigarette lighters £20-40
657.    A late Georgian mahogany cased brass miner's dial by William & Samuel Jones of Holborn London, consisting of large compass (bezel cracked) with two spirit levels and folding arms, with plumb bob and feet for tripod - missing scope and tripod £350-450
658.    A brass two draw telescope by Paul Bossi, London - sold with a pair of Zeiss 10x40 binoculars in hard leather case £10-20
659.    A tin of various buttons £10-20
660.    A tin of various collectables including pens, tins, etc. £10-20
661.    A cashbox of 20th Century Great British and foreign coinage £20-40
662.    A box containing a quantity of collectable items including Swan and Conway Stuart fountain pens, silver thimble, hat pins, evening bags, etc. £30-50
663.    A box containing collectables including silver framed mirror, clockwork fan, brass letter rack, light meter, miniature samovar, etc £15-25
664.    Two purses, a clutch bag, hair comb etc £10-20
665.    A silver match case, an early 20th Century American vesta case with advertising for The Molassine Co. Ltd., 36 Mark Lane, London, papier-mâché snuff box and a cheroot case with printed Neoclassical scene £50-80
666.    A boxed Rolls razor with instruction booklet £15-20
667.    A small quantity of collectable items including steel patch box, book pattern locket, marked 9ct. gold tie pin, earrings, etc. £30-50
668.    An early 20th Century Cornish Bros. map of Birmingham (a/f) - sold with a boxed bottle of No. 4711 Cologne and an album of Mobiloil Grand Prix racing cards £5-10
669.    A 19th Century English muzzle loading double action percussion revolver named to Bradley & Mason, Newark, contained in a mahogany case with a powder flask, bronze bullet mould, percussion caps, oil etc. £1800-2200
670.    A late 19th Century ebonized walking cane with silver plated dog's head handle named to W. Schmidt and silver collar £150-250
671.    A late Victorian malacca walking cane with carved ivory handle depicting Malaysian dancers and an 1891 dated silver collar £150-250
672.    A late 19th Century walking stick with braided silver wire handle, collar marked for Swaine & Adeney Ltd, London £100-200
673.    An antique malacca walking cane with antler thumbstick-type handle and white metal collar with relief scene depicting a lion and lioness fighting over a dead deer and a blank Rococo escutcheon £100-200
674.    An old briar walking stick with white metal handle, a malacca cane with engraved white metal knop and a bamboo cane with mahogany handle £40-60
675.    Two boxes of Elizabeth II Pennies £10-20
676.    A box containing a quantity of collectable items including two cased pairs of antique yellow metal spectacles, a copper ashtray with koala decoration, brass framed hand mirror, vesta, a sample bottle of Tweed, etc. £40-60
677.    A late 19th/early 20th Century African Luba carved hardwood headrest with male figure supports £70-100
678.    A small collection of corkscrews, bottle stoppers and a rude novelty bottle opener £10-20
679.    A tub containing a collection of Victorian and later Great British coinage including 1938 Threepence £20-40
680.    A tub containing a collection of mid to late 20th Century foreign coinage £10-20
681.    A collection of George V and George VI Two Shillings £30-50
682.    An old cash tin containing a collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage, including 1842 US Seated Liberty Dime with New Orleans mint mark (good), 1889 silver Half Crown (worn), five George V Half Crowns, Florins, Sixpences and Three Pences, etc. - sold with three early 20th Century German banknotes (worn) and a 1947 Belgian Congo 5 Francs £40-60
683.    A vintage leather dog collar with studded silver plated mount and ring £25-40
684.    R.J. Pratt, Stoker Petty Officer, RNVR: a Second World War medal group comprising 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Burma Star, Italy Star, War Medal and Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - sold with birth and death certificates and a post war photograph album including views of Suez £100-200
685.    A coloured map of Greece, Archipelago and Part of Anadoli by L.S. de la Rochette, published by William Faden, January 1st 1791 £40-60
686.    A coloured map of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Dutchy of Lithuania including Samogitia and Curland, Divided according to their Dismemberments with the Kingdom of Prussia, by William Faden, April 2nd 1799, also including an inset map of Warsaw £40-60
687.    A pair of 13 1/2" high Chinese black lacquered baluster vases with raised gilt prunus decoration and integral stands £40-60
688.    A set of six 19th Century Burmese graduated bronze opium weights in the form of hamsa birds - sold with another weight in the form of a chinte £120-150
689.    A turned rosewood tobacco jar in the shape of a barrel £30-50
690.    An ostrich egg with hand painted scene of children ribbon dancing and initialled CMB - in associated silver plated stand £40-60
691.    A late 19th/early 20th Century German 20+1 button accordion by Handel-Fabrik-Werke - a/f £20-40
692.    A mid 19th Century American Colt Model 1855 sidehammer single action revolver, second variant with 3 1/2" barrel marked Colts PT. 1855 Col. Colt, Hartford CT U.S.A. with pointing hand motif, serial number 14620, the round cylinder with integral nipples but no engraving, contained within a velvet lined mahogany box - loading lever not functioning and cylinder arbor a/f £500-800
693.    An early 20th Century medical specimen human half skeleton comprising child's skull, one arm, one leg, one shoulder blade, ribs, half a pelvis, and strung hand, foot and spine, contained in a pine box bearing the name Adam, Rouilly & Co, Fitzroy Square, London with label inside lid £400-600
694.    A carved cinnibar egg £40-60
695.    A 19th Century Chinese cylindrical scent bottle with crackle glaze finish and chicken decoration, four character mark to base - sold with another ovoid bottle with mottled purple glaze, both with stoppers and dippers £150-200
696.    A mid 19th Century composite rifle based on a side by side shotgun, the 24" octagonal barrel with polygonal rifling and a percussion action converted from flintlock £250-300
697.    An antique ten bore wildfowling gun, percussion converted from flintlock, with brass hardware engraved with flowers £425-525
698.    A 24" long 1950's plush Teddy bear with growler - well loved £30-50
699.    A vintage Tri-Ang tin plate Puff Puff train - a/f £20-40
700.    A box containing modern dolls - sold with a plush Coca-Cola polar bear £10-20
701.    A 1966 map print of Portsmouth Harbour - sold with a 1968 map print of Chichester Harbour £5-10
702.    A vintage fifteen piece Robertson's Golly Band - painted ceramic version - various condition £10-20
703.    A 1938 John Waddington Buccaneer board game with scroll board in original tube and most original contents £50-80
704.    A collection of vintage unboxed Dinky Toys and other vehicles including Armored Personnel Carrier, Mighty Antar tank transporter, Centurion tank, Foden 10 ton Army Truck, Guy Van in Ever Ready livery, Pullmore Car Transporter, Louis Marx truck, etc. £40-60
705.    A box of various collectable items including vintage Airfix kit, jigsaw, ration book, etc. £10-20
706.    A small box of vintage Meccano - sold with a wooden jigsaw puzzle £20-30
707.    A Player's Navy Cut Cigarettes packing crate containing various breweryana and pub items including vintage Guinness bottle, Famous Grouse ice tongs, Bell's Whisky water jug, Babycham tray, Player's advertising card, etc. £30-50
1001.   A Victorian Wedgwood dessert set with Oriental landscape and border, comprising two comports with pierced columns and six plates £30-50
1002.   A Copeland Spode Italian pattern part tea set - sold with a Copeland Spode Chintz pattern footed bowl £30-50
1003.   A 21 1/4" long early 19th Century "The Angry Lion" pattern blue and white meat plate with reserve panel border £150-200
1004.   A collection of various ceramic items including blue and white china, tureen stand, Byron and Shakespeare character plates, part tea set, etc. £10-20
1005.   A 9 1/4" diameter 1930's French opalescent moulded glass dish with hazelnut and leaf decoration, by Arrers £50-80
1006.   A box containing a quantity of Minton Ardmore pattern soup bowls, dinner plates, side plates, etc. £20-40
1007.   An 18" ceramic figure of Michelangelo's David £20-40
1008.   A boxed Webb Crystal decanter and boxed set of six glasses to match £20-40
1009.   A 1930's Cantonese celadon plate with famille rose decoration - sold with a Japanese vase (a/f) £20-40
1010.   A pair of cobalt blue and white ewers with gilt decoration £20-40
1011.   A quantity of assorted Midwinter Queensbury design tea and dinner ware - sold with Queen Anne design part tea service, Wedgwood tray, etc. £10-20
1012.   A 1973 Denby Coltsworld series Country Fayre dinner and tea service including tureen, sauce boat, teapot, hot water jug, plates, etc. £80-120
1013.   A modern Delft wall plaque depicting a windmill £10-20
1014.   A Chinese Qing blue and celadon cover bowl with lions and dancers to lid and storks, trees and figures to bowl - six character mark to base £10-20
1015.   A collection of various studio pottery pieces including colanders, bowls, jug, etc. £30-40
1016.   A pair of 24" high 19th Century continental ceramic figures of a dancing couple, in the Meissen style with crossed swords to base - some damage £300-400
1017.   Three Beswick cats - sold with a Beatrix Potter Miss Moppet cat - some restoration £20-30
1018.   A quantity of crested ware items - sold with other miniature ceramics £5-10
1019.   A collection of Bernard Leach pottery including bowls, lidded bowl, jugs, etc. £30-40
1020.   A mid 20th Century Eric Leaper, Newlyn six place coffee set of striped design including pot, jug and sugar bowl £30-50
1021.   A 20 1/2" 19th Century Clews Stone china patent meat plate - damage to border £20-40
1022.   A blue Denby bowl, a stoneware salt keeper, a Dartmouth glug-glug jug, etc. £10-20
1023.   A nineteen piece Aynsley Wild Tudor part tea set including teapot, four saucers, cups and tea plates, cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, etc. £20-40
1024.   A Chinese millefiore jardinière - sold with a similar pattern bottle vase (lamped) £10-20
1025.   A collection of decorative glass including two art glass vases etc. £10-20
1026.   A pair of 15" green glazed terracotta jugs £30-50
1027.   Two continental figures of elderly gentleman - sold with a Melba Ware Henry VIII character jug and a figure Autumn Friends £5-10
1028.   A Rubian Art Pottery part dessert set with floral decoration £10-20
1029.   A 17 3/4" long mid 20th Century Eric Leaper, Newlyn rectangular pottery dish £10-20
1030.   An 18 1/2" long early 19th Century Spode Italian meat plate with impressed pattern number to base £150-250
1031.   A 10" diameter green glass witch ball £50-80
1032.   A 10" diameter blue glass witch ball £50-80
1033.   A Fedora miniature tea set - one cup a/f £10-20
1034.   A seven piece cut glass dressing table set £10-20
1035.   A pair of painted glass vases - sold with two others similar £10-20
1036.   A pair of 12" high cobalt blue baluster shaped vases £10-20
1037.   A box containing a collection of commemorative ware, a Beswick robin, pin trays, etc. £10-20
1038.   A set of 1950's Chinese soup bowls, saucers and spoons £10-20
1039.   A 17" continental ceramic centrepiece with figure and floral decoration £40-60
1040.   A black and gold glass skull £10-20
1041.   A box containing a collection of crested ware items including lighthouse, Yorkshire woman, Glengarry Cap, etc. and a Burslem 1925 British Empire Exhibition pin tray £20-40
1042.   A collection of vintage brown glass bottles including long necked, Bovril bottles, Marmite, etc. £5-10
1043.   A collection of stoneware pottery including pedestal bowl, vase, etc. - sold with a West German Scheurich Keramic vase £10-20
1044.   A box containing a collection of commemorative ware including George V and Queen Mary Ashburton mug, Avonware Churchill character mug, etc. £20-40
1045.   A 24" high mid 20th Century figure of a Native American chief with floor length headdress, dated 1966 Project Art to rear £50-80
1046.   A Tuscan Poinsettia six place coffee set including coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, etc. £10-20
1047.   A Victorian jardinière stand - sold with a ceramic owl £10-20
1048.   A box containing a quantity of coloured glass including a pair of mid 20th Century turquoise vases, large vase with enamelled floral decoration, blue egg cups, etc. £10-20
1049.   A box containing a quantity of collectable ceramics including a large shell shaped vase, Wedgwood Jasperware jug and biscuit barrel (lid missing), etc. £5-10
1050.   A late Satsuma vase - sold with a Chinese bulbous vase, Pekinese dog, bowl of fruit, etc. £5-10
1051.   A box containing a quantity of glassware including hand painted champagne cup, bowls, vase, decanter, etc. £20-40
1052.   A box containing six decorative game bird plates, blue and white and other plates, Poole candlestick and eight Manakin advertising tankards £5-10
1053.   Two boxes containing a quantity of cut and moulded glassware including bowls, vases, candlesticks, etc. £10-20
1054.   A collection of orange carnival glass including footed bowl, jugs, vase, etc. £10-20
1055.   A box containing a Crown Devon salad bowl with servers, dressing table set - sold with a biscuit barrel, vases, etc. £10-20
1056.   A box containing two Oriental collectors plates, boxed Edinburgh crystal tankard, boxed Royal Doulton collectors plate, etc. £10-20
1057.   A collection of vintage branded drinking glasses including Watney's Red Barrel, Dubonnet, Gibbs Mew & Co. Ltd., etc. £10-20
1058.   An Edwardian part tea set including teapot, etc. £10-20
1059.   A Noritake Melissa pattern twelve place part tea and dinner service - some damage £30-50
1060.   An Aynsley blue and white part tea set, Wedgwood tea plates, Willow pattern plates, etc. £10-20
1061.   A box containing a quantity of ceramics including Japanese coffee set, six place tea set with rose decoration, etc. £5-10
1062.   A box containing an early 20th Century Queen's China part tea set including jug and cake plate £5-10
1063.   A large quantity of Colclough Imari palette tea and dinnerware £20-40
1064.   A boxed Dubarry tea set and cake stand - sold with a box containing a large cheese dish, etc. £10-20
1065.   A set of four amber bubble glass globe shades - sold with a Viresa green glass jar £10-20
1066.   A vintage Royal Doulton Romance Collection Juliet pattern eighteen place tea set with six dessert bowls and gravy boat £20-40
1067.   A box containing a quantity of glassware including stemmed wines, tumblers, etc. £10-20
1068.   A box of various ceramic items including a continental salt in the form of two dolphins holding a shell, etc. - various condition £10-20
1069.   A box containing a Poole Pottery part tea set £5-10
1070.   A box containing a Japanese tea and coffee set, both with pot, etc. £5-10
1071.   Approximately twenty-six pieces of Masons Ashworth dinner ware including three graduated meat plates and a tureen - various condition £20-30
1072.   A box containing a quantity of various blue and white ceramics including oval meat plate, tureen, jugs, etc. £10-20
1073.   A box containing a 1930's Paragon Medusa shape Verdi pattern part tea set and other decorative plates, etc. £10-20
1074.   A box containing various decorative plates including Booth's Ironstone, Oriental blue and white, Wedgwood jug and another £20-40
1075.   A Wedgwood Quince pattern six place dinner and tea service, with spares £20-40
1076.   A pair of 9 3/4" high early 20th Century Crescent China footed jardinières with alternating royal blue and white gadrooned bodies and gilt detailing £30-50
1077.   A Victorian jug and basin with floral decoration £10-20
1078.   An Oriental faceted footed jardinière with floral decoration £10-20
1079.   A Chinese Qianlong blue and white Jesuit bowl with applied old man and servant decoration £150-250
1080.   A vintage Arthur Wood cat vase (minor damage), four similar vases and a Poole vase £20-40
1081.   Two Grimwades "Bairnsfather Ware" Souvenir of the Great War pintrays "What time do they feed the seal" and "At present we are staying at the farm" £20-40
1082.   A continental ceramic frog - sold with another £10-20
1083.   A Poole Pottery blue tit - sold with other ceramic animals and a blue glass bird £15-25
1084.   An early 19th Century Primavesi rectangular blue and white dish - sold with an Oriental blue and white plate - both damaged £10-20
1085.   A large modern moulded glass goblet with printed decoration £15-20
1086.   Two pairs of Baccarat style glass vases - all with rubbed decoration £50-80
1087.   An Oriental butterfly shaped dish, with figural decoration £15-25
1088.   A pair of 6 1/4" high pottery pugs £20-40
1089.   An 11" antique celadon glazed terracotta bulbous vase with shaped rim and unglazed foot
1090.   A pair of 10 1/2" high continental figural candlesticks with gilt detailing £10-20
1091.   A Capodimonte figure group of a cobbler and a customer £10-20
1092.   A small Zolnay Pecs style baluster vase - sold with another pair of vases and a Poole Pottery lidded trinket box £20-40
1093.   A set of three graduated flying duck wall ornaments by Jema of Holland - one a/f £10-20
1094.   A pair of Royal Doulton Evacuee figures The Boy HN 3202 and The Girl HN 3203 £80-120
1095.   A vintage Beswick thrush figurine 2308 £20-40
1096.   A vintage Beswick pigeon figurine 1383 £20-40
1097.   A vintage Beswick kestrel figurine 2316 with label £20-40
1098.   A vintage Beswick barn owl figurine 1046 £20-40
1099.   A 13 1/2" diameter 18th Century Delft dish with Chinese transitional style Lion of Juda in alternating Kraak style panels and floral border - damage to the rim £120-180
1100.   A 19th Century cornucopia vase with putti decoration, Johanson Roth mark to base (slight damage to flowers) £70-100
1101.   A 9 1/2" high Murano cylindrical heavy glass vase with flared rim, with remains of label to base £20-40
1102.   A Lladro figure - sold with two Nao figures similar £10-20
1103.   An 18" high Chinese celadon baluster vase with all-over incised decoration including dragons and flaming pearls to broad blue central band and line of text £120-150
1104.   A Royal Worcester cornucopia and drape decorated dish in turquoise, white and gilt line colourway, set on triple scroll pattern feet - feint impressed marks to feet - hairline crack £40-60
1105.   A continental figure group of children with a magpie
1106.   A cylindrical vase by Colin Haxby with Jeffrey Camp Beachy Head design £40-60
1107.   A pair of 3 1/4" early 20th Century Hadleys Worcester Faience ovoid vases with bird decoration £70-100
1108.   An Oriental pottery vase with large painted kanji decoration and potter's mark to foot £10-20
1109.   A marbled glass bowl with frilled rim - sold with an opalescent glass vase and an etched glass jug £30-50
1110.   A vintage cast and painted plaster lion £10-20
1111.   A Nao figure of a girl with a book £10-20
1112.   A vintage Beswick standing stag figurine 981 £10-20
1113.   A Royal Doulton Old English Sheepdog figurine £10-20
1114.   A continental Majolica jug in the form of a frog sitting on a wicker clad bottle £30-50
1115.   A 9 1/2" diameter 19th Century continental porcelain plate with central armorial for the Farquharson clan with Fide et Fortitudine motto - bearing Samson mark £50-80
1116.   An antique Dehua porcelain "blanc de chine" figure of the bodhisattva Manjushri sat on a lion - fingers of right hand removed £80-120
1117.   A 15" diameter antique Satsuma charger with thousand faces decoration within various geometric shapes £80-120
1118.   Two pieces of Belgian terracotta ware with splash glaze comprising a tall long necked jug and a cylindrical similar £30-50
1119.   A blue and white ceramic footbath £25-40
1120.   A ceramic stick stand with umbrella decoration £15-25
1121.   A silver plated three branch epergne with iridescent green glass flutes £50-80
1122.   A collection of various cut and moulded glass wines, brandy balloons, tumblers, vases, decanter, etc. £20-40
1123.   A glass ale jug (a/f) and a green glass carafe £15-25
1124.   A set of six Waterford cut glass sherry glasses - sold with a decanter to match £20-40
1125.   A quantity of various cut glass wine, liqueur and other vessels £10-20
1126.   A Whitefriars glacier range clear bark glass pitcher jug and four tall glasses - Geoffrey Baxter - circa 1970/71 £40-60
1127.   A mid 20th Century cocktail set, rose decorated jug and six conical shaped glasses - sold with three further stemmed glasses £10-20
1128.   A part suite of cut glass wines, sherries, tumblers, etc. £20-40
1129.   A quantity of Bohemian glasses - sold with a cut glass decanter £20-40
1130.   A three ring neck decanter - sold with three moulded glass ship's decanters and a cut glass basket £20-40
1131.   A Baron Barnstaple pottery grotesque frog £65-85
1132.   A 21 1/2" high German porcelain ornate three branch candelabrum with raised central stem, with floral encrusted decoration, gilt detail and female figure - various chips - sold with a pair of 12" continental bisque porcelain figures of a man and lady fencers, with gilt detailing - swords missing £30-50
1133.   A Spode Italian eight place coffee set - with spares £30-50
1134.   A Spode Italian eight place tea set including teapot (spout chipped), and two jugs (stained) and spare saucers £40-60
1135.   A collection of Capodimonte bird figures and artist plaque, all by E. Farina, all a/f - sold with a Capodimonte figure of a man feeling worse for wear and a young lady in her night gown, and a resin owl £5-10
1151.   A pair of 9 1/2" high Georgian turned brass candlesticks £50-80
1152.   A reproduction bronzed dog's head pattern inkwell £30-50
1153.   A 9 3/4" late 19th Century Japanese bronze bowl with flared rim, dragon and bird relief decoration and character marks to base - feet missing £60-80
1154.   A pair of late 19th Century cast metal two handled vases with relief decoration - lids missing £20-40
1155.   A copper and iron chestnut roaster £10-20
1156.   A hammered copper skillet with iron handle - lid missing £10-20
1157.   A copper external wall mounted lamplight - sold with a 19 1/2" circular Spanish copper dish/bowl with two arms and later chain £30-50
1158.   A pair of 15" high 20th Century Japanese cast and lacquered bronze two handled bottle vases with bird decoration £50-80
1159.   A 6" diameter 19th Century Kashmiri copper footed bowl with incised decoration £10-20
1160.   A box containing a collection of mid 20th Century martingales, horse brasses and brass buckles £10-20
1161.   A box of various brass items including wall mounted vesta, horse brasses, bell, etc. £20-40
1162.   An antique embossed and incised copper panel, depicting figures in Persian style dress, rider on horseback and angels, etc. - 6 3/4" X 9 1/4" £10-20
1163.   An antique brass pan with T.P.B Water V. to handle and fixed tripod base - sold with another brass pan £20-40
1164.   A 16" diameter circular hammered copper plaque depicting a two-masted sailing vessel £40-60
1165.   A pair of brass ejector candlesticks - sold with a brass chamber oil lamp and a quantity of silver plated flatware £10-20
1166.   A box containing various brass items including novelty toilet ashtray, horse brasses, Israeli souvenir menorah, etc. £10-20
1167.   A pair of brass horse pattern door stops with stepped base - sold with another larger pair similar £30-50
1168.   A pair of 11 1/2" gilt metal pricket stands £5-10
1169.   A brass two handled pan with swing handle - sold with two iron chimney jacks, pan hanger, a large cast iron kettle and a vintage Pyrene fire extinguisher, etc. £5-10
1170.   A box of assorted metalware, including set of scales, drain covers, gate hinge, weight, etc. £5-10
1171.   A box of brassware including candlesticks, bellows, horse brasses etc. £10-20
1172.   A leather martingale with display of twelve Royal Commemorative horse brasses from Victoria to Prince Charles £10-20
1173.   A quantity of brassware including a pair of Victorian ecclesiastical candlesticks by T. Pratt & Son, London, fire irons, etc. £20-40
1174.   A quantity of vintage kitchenalia including scales, Spong mincer, door knocker and a flat iron £5-10
1175.   A brass clad copper coal bucket with a small brass hearth shovel £30-50
1176.   A collection of brass ornaments and other items including a pair of ejector candlesticks, dolphin, balance scales, horses, etc. £15-25
1177.   A box containing a quantity of copper and brass including car horn, blow lamp, shell cases etc. £20-40
1178.   A pair of brass andirons £10-20
1179.   A modern wrought iron fire kerb £10-20
1180.   A copper urn with flanking handles and brass tap £20-40
1181.   A copper ship's lantern with starboard gel, by Player & Mitchell, Birmingham 1935 £40-60
1182.   A 17" modern bronze figure of an Oriental fisherman £30-50
1183.   A 15" antique Japanese bronze koro with lion knop to pierced lid, flanking dragon handles and applied air dragon and houou bird decoration, set on mask feet, with seal mark to base £300-500
1184.   Two similar 13" bronzed Classical warrior figures on marble stands, Achilles and Leonidas £50-80
1185.   A 1925 British Army 4in brass shell case £20-40
1186.   An antique Tipoli brass and enamelled heated footstool with all-over foliate decoration - sealed £30-50
1187.   A pair of cast metal model cannon on wood carriages £30-50
1188.   A 13 1/2" late 19th Century French Renaissance Revival ornate gilt metal jewellery casket with two putti as a finial on the ribbon, acanthus, reed and ribbon and rose clad and silk lined lid, the body with relief panels depicting musical putti, opposing elaborate swagged escutcheons and large acanthus scroll feet - fitted silk lined interior missing £400-600
1189.   A painted pine box containing twelve graduated Victorian handbells, some consecutive - the bass being a 23 B flat and marked Mears (of Whitechapel) to leather £650-750
1190.   A 4" antique cast and bronzed metal inkwell in the form of the Georgian Britain's fattest man Daniel Lambert sat eating a capon £50-80
1191.   A pair of 5" modern cloisonné vases £10-20
1192.   A gilt metal oval trinket box with petit point decoration to lid £30-50
1193.   An Art Nouveau white metal pin tray £20-40
1194.   A 6" high late 19th Century Japanese cast antimony footed pot with profuse dragon among chrysanthemum within a meandering border - lid missing £30-50
1195.   A vintage Chinese plated metal stadium shaped opium style box with opposing qilin finials and applied houou to lid with applied dragons and houou to body, two characters to base £20-40
1196.   A 9 1/2" high French Art Deco cold cast bronze figure of Pierrot playing a stylized lute, set on a polished soapstone socle £120-150
1197.   A 7" long American Art Nouveau pewter trinket box of asymmetric design with cherub and floral decoration, remains of silver plate, marked to base for N.B. Rogers Silver Plate Co., Brooklyn £50-80
1198.   A 1940's aluminium ashtray with cast model of a Bristol Blenheim aeroplane £10-20
1199.   A pair of 15" early 20th Century wireless-cloisonné baluster vases depicting irises on a pale yellow ground, unsigned in the Gonda style £500-800
1200.   A 15 1/2" high Indian hollow cast bronze Boon of Fearlessness Buddha in the abhaya mudra with halo, alms bowl and a vajra before him, sat on a double lotus base £350-450
1201.   A copper log bin with flanking carrying handles £30-50
1211.   A wool runner with repeat medallion within a geometric border, in cream and orange on puce ground - 15' 1" X 27 1/2" (460cm X 70cm) £20-40
1212.   A fringe end wool runner with two central medallions within arabesque spandrels and a floral border, pinks on green ground - 7' 3" X 34" (221cm X 86cm) £30-50
1213.   A mid 20th Century Iranian Kerman fringe end rug with central medallions and multi geometric border, orange, black and white on puce ground - 3' 11" X 33" (119cm X 84cm) £40-60
1214.   A mid 20th Century Iranian hand knotted fringe end wool with repeat guls and medallions within a multi border, dark blue, green and gold on cream ground - 5' 3" X 3' 11" (160cm X 119cm) £60-80
1215.   A modern Belgian machine made Vogue rug on red ground - 5' 6" X 3' 11" (168cm X 119cm) £10-20
1221.   A cased pair of silver plated and mother-of-pearl knife rests - sold with three other cased sets including teaspoons and tongs, fish servers, etc. £20-40
1222.   A silver plated coal box pattern sugar bowl - sold with a silver plated basket with blue glass liner £10-20
1223.   A James Dixon & Son three piece silver plated tea set with engraved decoration, associated tongs and stand - sold with a Georgian style sugar caster and modern bud vase £20-40
1224.   A walnut canteen containing a six place setting of silver plated Kings pattern cutlery by Smith Seymour, Sheffield £25-45
1225.   A five piece silver plated BM tea and coffee set of waisted faceted design with applied cast C-scroll rims including spirit kettle - stand a/f £35-45
1226.   A 17 1/2" silver plated tea tray with applied cast rim, flanking carrying handles and engraved Bombay dedication dated 1979 £15-25
1227.   A cased three piece silver plated condiment set - sold with three other cased sets including coffee spoons and butter knives, etc. £15-25
1228.   A polished walnut canteen containing a six place setting Bennett & Heron silver plated cutlery and two other knives £25-35
1229.   A box of silver plated items including salver, candlesticks, entree dishes, etc. £25-35
1230.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated cutlery - various styles and age £10-20
1231.   A quantity of silver plated items including two swing handle dishes, three piece tea set, trays and condiments £20-40
1232.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated and pewter goblets and tankards £15-25
1233.   A box containing a harlequin five piece silver plated BM tea set, an Art Nouveau style egg stand, Adams Jasperware style biscuit barrel with silver plated lid and handle and two tankards £15-25
1234.   Three cased sets of Indian silver plated goblets - sold with a box containing six further similar £15-25
1235.   A box containing a large quantity of silver plated cutlery, boxed silver handled cake knife and Sterling silver coffee spoon - sold with a box containing various cased and boxed sets of silver plated cutlery and a Mappin & Webb basting spoon £20-40
1236.   A silver plated ornate tazza base with three cast applied gryphons - sold with a leaf patter dish with cast cherub to handle £15-20
1237.   Two boxed silver plated wine coasters, both with pierced rims and polished oak bases - sold with another £30-40
1238.   A cased set of twelve each silver plated fruit knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles £40-60
1239.   A cased set of six each silver plated fish knives and forks with servers - sold with a silver teaspoon in the form of a tennis racquet £10-20
1240.   A silver plated four place egg cruet - sold with a toast rack and a moulded glass preserve pot £25-40
1241.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated Kings pattern cutlery, small condiments and rose bowl £15-25
1242.   Two silver plated wine coasters and a pair of semi reeded pots - sold with a pair of silver napkin rings - Birmingham 1904 and another with nielo work decoration £25-35
1243.   A four piece silver plated tea set with composite handles and cast paw feet £15-25
1244.   An 18" Walker & Hall silver plated gallery tray with engraved decoration, canted sides and bun feet £60-80
1245.   A pair of 9 1/2" silver plated candlesticks - sold with a Martinoid trumpet vase £15-25
1246.   A pine box containing a small quantity of assorted silver plated cutlery - sold with a cased set of six each ornate silver plated dessert knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles and a silver fiddle pattern dessert spoon - London 1871 £30-50
1247.   A 9" silver plated tazza with decorative scalloped and cut glass top, supported by a cherub on a Rococo style pierced base £20-40
1248.   Six assorted silver plated entree dish handles £10-20
1249.   A silver plated four piece tea set of semi fluted design - sold with a spirit kettle on heavy cast stand £25-40
1250.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including four place egg cruet, part cruet set, cutlery and decorative ceramic sugar caster £15-25
1251.   A quantity of silver plated cutlery including numerous Kings pattern examples £20-40
1252.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including three piece tea set, trays, trumpet vase and rose bowls, etc. £20-40
1253.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including tankards, cutlery and collectors spoons £15-25
1254.   An oak cased set of twelve fish forks and eleven knives - sold with another canteen with part contents £30-50
1255.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including boxed knife rests, large ladle, large coffee pot, trays and Indian brass goblet set and stand £15-25
1256.   A pair of 16" silver plated three branch candlesticks with detachable nozzles and top sections - one a/f £10-20
1257.   A small quantity of silver plated items including a Daniel & Arter sauce boat £15-20
1258.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including Tudric Sol de Mayo tankard, goblets, cased horn handled carving set and toast rack, etc. £15-25
1259.   A box containing a silver plated meat skewer, small quantity of mother-of-pearl handled silver plated forks and a pewter teapot - sold with a cased set of silver plated cutlery £10-20
1260.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including a harlequin three piece tea set, pair of sauce boats, entree dish, toast racks and salvers, etc. £20-40
1261.   A box containing a small quantity of silver plated and other items including concertina stirrup cup and golf bag pattern measures and a cranberry glass preserve dish on associated stand - sold with a Pulsar gentleman's wristwatch £15-25
1262.   Two silver plated entree dishes and a 10 1/2" meat dome £25-40
1263.   A mid 20th Century canteen of cutlery - sold with a set of six butter knives £10-20
1264.   An early 20th Century brass bound oak tray fitted canteen containing a complete set of John Nowill silver plated cutlery including large ladle and carving set - bearing engraved cartouche dated 1906 £120-150
1265.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated item including wine bottle coaster, pair of shell shaped dishes, breakfast dish, etc. £20-30
1266.   A mahogany cased set of twelve each ornate silver plated dessert knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles £15-25
1267.   A polished wood canteen containing an eight place setting of Arthur Price silver plated Kings pattern cutlery (two teaspoons missing) £50-80
1268.   A polished oak canteen containing T. E. Osborne silver plated cutlery - unused £25-35
1269.   A polished wood canteen containing a six place setting of Bennett & Heron silver plated cutlery £20-40
1270.   Two boxes containing a large quantity of assorted silver plated items including teaware, candlesticks, bombe tea caddy (a/f), ladle and side pour chocolate pot, etc. £30-50
1271.   A cased set of six each silver plated fish knives and forks - sold with a cased grapefruit knife and spoon set, preserve spoon and caddy spoon £10-20
1272.   A pair of silver plated owl pattern pepperettes £100-150
1281.   A pair of 6" silver candlesticks with loaded circular bases, a boxed silver teaspoon, small tankard, two napkin rings, bon bon dish and two silver topped cut glass jars - various age and makers £70-100
1282.   A cased set of six silver fiddle pattern teaspoons - Sheffield 1901 - sold with three cases containing four souvenir spoons £25-40
1283.   A silver topped glass scent bottle - sold with a cased pair of silver plated berry spoons and a campagna pot £10-20
1284.   A box containing a Dutch silver tea strainer and white metal pot, damaged silver squat candlesticks and bud vase, cased set of six silver handled butter knives, etc. £30-40
1285.   A silver backed three piece brush and hand mirror set - Birmingham 1988 - sold with a silver mounted comb, plated scent flask and napkin ring £30-50
1286.   A harlequin eight place setting of English silver fiddle pattern cutlery, comprising eight each William Eaton table and dessert spoons, later pistol grip dinner and dessert knives, various other makers, parcel gilt ladle, three mustard spoons and pair of butter knives £1200-1500
1287.   A silver cigarette box with name to lid and wood lining - sold with a set of six silver handled butter knives £20-40
1288.   An Anglo-Indian white metal bowl with profuse foliate scroll and bird decoration - sold with an antique silver plated copper sauce boat £40-50
1289.   A pair of Georgian silver sauce ladles - London, marks worn £60-80
1290.   A 5 1/4" Egyptian white metal cigarette box with all-over Islamic decoration and wood lining - 1943 £40-60
1291.   A 6 1/4" silver elliptical bon bon dish with pierced sides - Sheffield 1895 £35-40
1292.   A silver topped glass dressing case jar - London 1895 £30-50
1293.   A silver topped glass dressing case jar with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1894 £30-50
1294.   A cased set of six silver coffee spoons - Sheffield 1929-31 £20-30
1295.   A pair of silver salad servers with hobnail glass handles and shell pattern bowls - William Hutton & Sons Ltd., London 1898 £60-80
1296.   Eleven matching solid sterling silver dessert knives with beaded handles and initials - J * P £130-150
1297.   A Georgian silver tablespoon - sold with another - London 1874 £50-80
1298.   A cased five piece silver condiment set with original spoons - Birmingham 1920 and a pair of ornate sugar tongs - 1901 £40-60
1299.   A set of six English silver fiddle pattern dessert forks - London 1841 £70-100
1300.   Three silver topped glass jars - sold with a pair of silver sugar nips £15-25
1301.   A five piece silver condiment set - Birmingham 1942 £50-60
1302.   A pair of silver napkin rings - sold with four other silver napkin rings - various age and makers £50-60
1303.   A silver topper cut glass decanter (stopper missing) - sold with a silver rimmed pot £20-40
1304.   A 9" white metal rose bowl with shaped cast rim, triple stylised dolphin scroll supports and scallop shell style base, set on an ebonised wood socle bearing presentation plaques - foreign marks indistinct £200-300
1305.   A George III sterling silver vinaigrette by Thomas Simpson & Son -Birmingham 1819, with flowers and leaf decoration, blank cartouche, silver gilt pierced floral grill and gilt interior £120-150
1306.   An early 20th Century pair of New Zealand sterling silver and pounamu (nephrite jade) knife rests by Frank Grady, with engraved "N" and "Z" pattern ends bearing various marks - Rd97 - circa 1905 £150-200
1307.   A 4" Russian '84' silver gilt and champleve enamel kovsh, kokoshnik mark for Moscow 1908-1926 £270-300
1308.   A 3" diameter silver framed desk weight containing a butterfly under glass panel to centre - Birmingham £20-40
1309.   A large silver mustard pot with hinged lid, thumbpiece and blue glass liner - William Hutton & Sons Ltd - Sheffield 1906 - sold with an associated silver fiddle pattern mustard spoon - London 1851 £100-150
1310.   A set of four Victorian silver salts with embossed repeat boss decoration and pedestal foot - W.W. Harrison & Co. - Sheffield 1884 £100-150
1311.   A 4 1/4" diameter silver coaster with wooden inset base - London 1985 £60-80
1312.   A 5 1/2" silver sauce boat of faceted design, with cast handle and triple feet - Birmingham 1939 £30-50
1313.   A pair of silver pepperettes, one with green glass liner and dented finial, the other blue glass lined - Birmingham 1911 - sold with a silver mustard pot with blue glass liner - Chester 1902 £60-80
1314.   An Indian white metal belt buckle - sold with a white metal bar brooch 'Mother', a gilt white metal hinge clasp set with cabochon red stones and an oriental hardstone disc £20-40
1315.   Two silver tobacco boxes, one by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co., with gilt interior - London 1908, the other - Birmingham 1903 £100-150
1316.   A collection of Egyptian 600 white metal items, comprising three plates, three pin trays, napkin ring, and 7 1/4" bowl - Cairo 1943 £140-160
1317.   A pair of unmarked white metal hedgehog pattern hatpin stands, set on scroll bracket bases £40-60
1318.   A silver cigarette case with engraved foliate decoration and initials H. G. - Birmingham 1908 £25-35
1319.   A marked 800 white metal snuff box with enamelled decoration to lid and gilt interior bearing Ford motor cars oval plaque - sold with an Art Deco style decorative compact case £40-60
1320.   A silver milk jug with parcel gilt interior and cast scroll handle - base marked London 1839 £70-100
1321.   Various antique silver and white metal fiddle pattern spoons £100-150
1322.   Two Tiffany & Co. marked Sterling ornate spoons, one with clamshell pattern bowl, the other feathered and pierced £250-450
1323.   A 5 1/2" silver cigarette box with engine turned decoration and wood lining - London 1940 £80-120
1324.   A 6" Walker & Hall silver cream jug of faceted design - Sheffield 1919 £50-60
1325.   A set of silver fruit eaters comprising twelve each knives and forks with beaded handles - Harrison Brothers & Howson - Sheffield 1873 - in cloth wrap £260-300
1326.   Two silver cigarette cases, both with engine turned decoration £100-150
1327.   A 6 1/2" George III silver sugar caster - Robert Peaston, London 1763 £60-80
1328.   Various silver and white metal small spoons, sugar tongs, pickle fork and a napkin ring - various age and makers £100-150
1329.   A small silver mustard pot, napkin ring and two butter knives, etc. £40-60
1330.   A quantity of silver and white metal handled cutlery, shoe horns, manicure items and button hook - sold with a silver mustard pot (liner missing) £40-60
1331.   A cased set of six silver rat tail teaspoons - Sheffield 1906 - sugar tongs missing £20-40
1332.   A set of six silver coffee spoons - Sheffield 1924 - case a/f £15-25
1333.   A silver fiddle pattern strainer ladle - London 1851 - sold with a small quantity of silver plated and other cutlery £20-40
1334.   A pair of marked "Sterling silver" salts with scalloped rims and triple pad feet - sold with two Ronson silver plated table lighters of semi-reeded design £30-50
1335.   A silver backed hair brush - sold with a cut glass mustard pot with silver lid - London 1921 and associated spoon £20-40
1336.   A cased silver backed dressing table set, comprising hand mirror, four brushes and a comb - Birmingham 1923/24 £45-65
1337.   A pair of 10 1/4" cast silver triple branch candelabra with detachable drip trays and open shaped plinth bases - J.B. Chatterley & Sons - Birmingham 1986 £750-1000
1338.   A silver cased bedside timepiece with scroll handle, white dial and paw feet, the bezel and movement door plated - Birmingham 1903 £110-150
1339.   A 6 1/4" Russian silver and parcel gilt bonbon dishes of oval design with swing handle and beaded rim - T32 - 3*875 - sold with a plated similar with Lenningrad motif to handle £120-180
1340.   A 5 1/4" silver Jersey milk can with push-fit lid and loop handle - Birmingham 2002 £75-100
1341.   A set of four silver salts with raised finial handles and ball feet - Birmingham - sold with a silver bottle/decanter drip catcher and a "Bourbon" decanter label £60-80
1342.   A 5 1/2" silver cream jug in the Georgian style - Birmingham 1897 £40-60
1343.   A Swedish ornate white metal tea strainer and stand with cast pierced rims - three crowns in paw mark "S" £35-55
1344.   A 6" Georgian silver elliptical teapot stand with engraved decoration and initials, set on four cast feet - London 1801 £100-150
1345.   A Victorian silver mug with engraved foliate scroll decoration and initials to cartouche - London 1883 £45-65
1346.   A marked 800 white metal ornate double aperture photograph frame with upholstered easel back £40-60
1347.   A 6" diameter Georgian silver salver with shaped rim and triple scroll pad feet - London, marks worn £120-180
1348.   A set of twelve marked "Sterling" ornate teaspoons with centurion terminals £50-80
1349.   A pair of 6 3/4" silver candlesticks with detachable nozzles, reeded stems and loaded stepped plinth bases - London 1908 £220-280
1350.   A pair of silver pepperettes - Birmingham 1926 - a/f £30-50
1351.   A silver inkwell with flip-top, glass liner and 7 1/2" diameter base bearing presentation text - Birmingham 1932 £70-100
1352.   A silver trophy cup of faceted design - various inscriptions - London 1907 £60-80
1353.   A Georgian silver cream jug with embossed floral scroll decoration - base marked London 1758 £80-120
1354.   An English silver sugar bowl with embossed C-scroll and floral decoration -George Nathan and Ridley Hayes, Chester 1896 £80-120
1355.   Various silver condiments, comprising tapered cylindrical salt and pepper shakers, two mustard pots, salt and pepperette £80-120
1356.   A pair of Wai Kee Hong Kong marked "Sterling Silver" pin trays and another, all set with Maria Theresia Thaler restrike coins - sold with an English silver pin tray - London 1960 £60-80
1357.   A late Victorian silver clam shell pattern nut dish - Birmingham 1897 - sold with a silver fruit knife with textured mother-of-pearl handle - Sheffield 1908 £40-50
1358.   A modern Asprey silver mounted desk weight with convex perspex lens - London 2004 £50-60
1359.   A silver pepper pot - sold with two cut glass dressing pots with silver lid and one other lid £20-30
1360.   A silver sauce boat with shaped rim, cast scroll handle and three hoof pattern feet - sold with a matching smaller gravy boat with replacement handle - both Chester 1899 £65-85
1361.   A 6 3/4" silver cigarette box bearing Devonshire & Dorset Regiment insignia and presentation text, with wood lined partitioned interior - Birmingham 1959 £40-60
1362.   Eleven English silver napkin rings of varying design and age - sold with a marked "Sterling Silver" similar £100-150
1363.   Various antique and later English silver forks and spoons including Nelson commemorative teaspoon - sold with a cased set of six 1935 English silver teaspoons representing the assay offices of the land £100-150
1364.   Five antique London silver spoons, comprising three table and two dessert - various dates and makers £80-120
1365.   A Victorian silver pot with embossed decoration - Birmingham 1898 £30-50
1366.   A Victorian silver strainer with heraldic symbol to handle - George Angel, London 1866 £30-40
1367.   A set of six bright cut style silver coffee spoons - Sheffield 1902/3 - sold with a silver muffin fork - Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1901 £30-40
1368.   A boxed ornate marked "Sterling Silver" William Kendrick spoon with parcel gilt bowl and C-scroll border - sold with a W&H parcel gilt similar £80-120
1369.   A pair of 9 1/2" silver three branch candlesticks in the Georgian style with detachable top section, reeded tapered pillar and loaded oval foot - Birmingham 1959 £300-400
1370.   A pair of 5" silver shaped oval sweetmeat dishes with cast loop handle and semi pierced border, set on triple lion paw feet - Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1916 £70-100
1371.   A small late Victorian silver cream jug with embossed decoration, a silver vesta case - Birmingham 1911 and a cased silver fruit knife with engraved mother-of-pearl clad handle - Sheffield 1893 £70-100
1372.   A set of four silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons - William Chawner, London 1824 - sold with two others similar £75-100
1373.   A late Georgian silver topped glass travelling inkwell with screw down hinged lid bearing initials - London 1825 £70-100
1374.   A set of twelve ornate white metal dessert forks - Mahler USA, various marks £120-150
1375.   A heavy cast solid late Georgian silver entree dish handle - London - 8 1/4oz. £70-100
1376.   A silver pepperette in the Georgian style - Sheffield 1903 - sold with four white metal napkin rings and an ornate patch box marked "Domex Portugal" £50-80
1377.   A 4" modern Scottish silver A-frame pattern pen stand with hammered decoration and riveted supports - Edinburgh 1966 £250-350
1378.   A silver jug in the classical style - Birmingham 1913 - sold with a matching sugar bowl - 1912, both with cast acanthus decoration £60-70
1379.   A silver mounted polished oak double folding photograph frame - to take 8 1/4" X 6 1/4" - Birmingham 1915 £220-280
1380.   A silver topped spherical hobnail glass scent bottle £30-50
1381.   A 3 3/4" diameter ornate embossed silver bonbon dish - Chester 1901 £30-50
1382.   Two similar silver quaichs, one London 1911, the other Birmingham 1910 £80-120
1383.   A pair of 5 3/4" silver candlesticks with detachable white metal nozzles and loaded circular bases - Birmingham 1961 £70-100
1384.   A cased late Georgian silver three piece christening set - Sheffield 1807 £30-50
1385.   A silver christening mug of waisted design - Birmingham 1925, three silver napkin rings, five silver coffee spoons with Jersey can pattern terminals and another with thistle and a silver 1977 commemorative pin tray with nickel medallion centre £60-80
1386.   A silver sugar bowl with shaped rim, flanking handles and three stylised paw feet - R. P., London 1929 £45-65
1387.   A 5 1/4" silver sugar sifter in the Georgian style with bayonet fit top and semi fluted decoration - SWS & Co., London 1929 £40-50
1388.   Nine silver napkin rings, all VGA London - various dates £50-80
1389.   A silver topped glass oil bottle - sold with a silver topped cut glass barrel pattern preserve pot with associated silver spoon £50-80
1390.   An early Victorian Irish silver fiddle pattern rat tail spoon with engraved decoration and initials - Christopher Cummins, Dublin 1840 and bearing retailers mark for Neill £30-40
1391.   A small collection of antique and later silver spoons including caddy and strainer, three other small silver items and a damaged silver bud vase £50-80
1392.   Two pairs of silver handled glove stretchers, five silver napkin rings and a small silver mounted frame £30-50
1393.   A silver toast rack with high hoop dividers - Birmingham 1911 - sold with another 1925 £40-60
1394.   A cased silver teaspoon - sold with four silver apostle coffee spoons, two silver ornate salt spoons, a pair of sugar tongs, thimble and a silver caddy spoon - London 1866 £30-40
1395.   A cased silver three piece condiment set and associated plated spoon (a/f) - sold with a small circular silver fronted photograph frame and a glass scent bottle with silver collar £30-50
1396.   Five silver spoons of varying design and a silver pusher - sold with various silver plated decorative cutlery items £35-55
1397.   A 9 3/4" Aesthetic Movement silver jug with finial to hinged lid, sparrow beak spout and scroll handle, decorated with perching bird reserve panels and ornate repeat pattern, the engraved base with base marks for James Reid & Co., Glasgow 1893 £280-320
1398.   A silver fronted photograph frame with embossed sailing vessel design - 7 1/2" X 5 1/2" with 5" X 3" oval aperture - Birmingham maker RH £75-100
1399.   A marked "Sterling" elliptical trinket box with embossed Art Nouveau decoration - sold with a silver clad miniature prayer book (a/f) and a silver plated pencil £40-60
1400.   A 5" silver bonbon dish of scalloped design with pierced sides and three scroll feet - Birmingham 1917 - sold with a Preisner marked "Sterling" sugar bowl £60-80
1401.   A silver fiddle pattern strainer ladle - Exeter 1854 - sold with a silver anointing spoon by Elkington & Co., with twist stem and ball terminal - Birmingham 1913 £40-60
1402.   A silver pepperette in the Georgian style - Chester early 20th Century - sold with a another - Birmingham 1921 and a silver top £30-50
1403.   A pair of 6" Edwardian silver corinthian column pattern candlesticks, set on loaded plinth bases - William Hutton & Sons,Ltd., London 1901 - one nozzle missing £80-120
1404.   A pair of 4 3/4" diameter silver dishes - LGS, London 1978 £55-65
1405.   Two silver fronted photograph frames, one oval the other oblong £40-60
1406.   A 3 3/4" antique silver cream jug with cast scroll handle and three C-scroll pad feet - base marks worn £80-120
1407.   A pair of small Scottish silver quaichs with flanking cast handles - Edinburgh 1983 £80-120
1408.   A 4 3/4" Georg Jenson bonbon dish with hammered shallow bowl, set on a stylised acanthus stem and cast beaded faceted foot - internal base marks for maker "Sterling Denmark", 42B and "925 S" mark in pricket roundel £370-400
1409.   A Georgian III silver wine funnel by Peter & William Bateman - London 1806, set on a later silver stand - G-H & Co., London 1987 £300-400
1410.   A 2 3/4" silver lozenge shape scent bottle by Sampson & Morden with screw fit lid and reeded decoration, with band of birds and C-scrolls on floral ground - London 1888 £150-200
1411.   Two silver vesta cases - sold with a Morden & Co propelling pencil £30-50
1412.   A cased set of twelve silver cake forks - London 1925 £80-120
1413.   An 8" diameter silver salver with decorative cast rim, central presentation text and three scroll feet - London 1892 - 14 1/2oz. £150-200
1414.   A silver cigarette case with engine turned decoration - Birmingham 1947 £55-75
1415.   Two Maltese .917 silver models of boats, both set on ebonised wood bases - sold with a smaller white metal model of a fishing vessel and a filigree sailing vessel with enamelled Maltese crosses to sails £70-100
1416.   A cased 1950's Art Deco style four piece silver backed hand mirror, brush and comb set - Birmingham 1951/2 £50-60
1417.   A five piece silver backed hand mirror and brush set with embossed foliate scroll and mask decoration - Birmingham 1976 £25-40
1418.   A marked "Sterling" ornate parcel gilt salad fork - sold with a marked "Sterling Silver" handled brush £40-60
1419.   A marked "Sterling 925/1000" silver strainer spoon by S. Kirk & Son Co. - sold with two ornate white metal handled knives and various decorative silver and white metal collectors spoons, tongs and pick £80-120
1420.   A silver salt - sold with small collectable silver plated items including pair of large pepperettes and two marrow scoops, etc. £30-50
1431.   A Saudi gold guinea coin, claw set in a yellow metal pendant mount on chain £250-280
1432.   A 1902 gold sovereign £180-220
1433.   A 9ct. gold wedding band and eternity ring, a 9ct. blue stone dress ring and two others £80-120
1434.   A 9ct. gold Edwardian style seed pearl and amethyst open drop pendant with bow pattern suspender and 9ct. chain £150-200
1435.   A pair of marked 750 stud ear-rings, set with central oval emerald within scalloped diamond encrusted border £400-500
1436.   Two old yellow metal gem set rings - sold with a small 9ct. two colour gold diamond set cross £50-80
1437.   An unmarked yellow metal cross-over ring set with central cabochon cats-eye stone flanked by six small diamonds £100-150
1438.   A marked 750 white metal marquise panel ring with open set central diamond and flanking rubies within a diamond encrusted border £350-450
1439.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with central diamond and stepped diamond encrusted square panel border with further diamonds to shoulders - 0.80ct. TDW £350-450
1440.   Two 9ct. rose gold signet rings, damaged ring, damaged locket and yellow metal band £120-150
1441.   A 1 1/2" carved jade oval pendant on diamond set pierced white metal suspender with chain £300-400
1442.   A designer heavy platinum point cut diamond solitaire ring with satin finish to band £1200-1800
1443.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with central cultured pearl within a ten stone diamond border £450-550
1444.   An unmarked yellow metal ring, set with five small old cut diamonds £80-120
1445.   An 18ct. white gold small diamond solitaire necklace and pair of stud ear-rings to match £300-320
1446.   An unmarked yellow metal knot pattern bar brooch with engraved centre £40-50
1447.   A marked "Plat" yellow and white metal ring, set with three diamonds £400-500
1448.   An 18ct. gold diamond solitaire ring with diamond set shoulders £280-320
1449.   A pair of yellow metal flowerhead pattern stud ear-rings, set with central spinel within white paste border £35-45
1450.   A marked 14k .585 yellow metal ring, set with approx 4ct. oval cabochon jade panel £160-200
1451.   An 18ct. and platinum ring, set with three opals interspersed with four rose diamonds £80-120
1452.   A pair of 9ct. gold engraved cuff-links, a 9ct. beaded brooch, two 9ct. rose gold rings and an unmarked yellow metal brooch £90-130
1453.   A silver gilt Masonic jewel for Lodge No.4518, with roll of honour to suspender £30-50
1454.   A silver curb bracelet with heart shaped padlock and safety chain £20-40
1455.   A boxed antique 18ct. gold ring, set with three small diamonds, three cornflower blue sapphires and two of three small rubies (one missing) £240-280
1456.   A Victorian yellow metal and turquoise beaded mourning brooch with remains of hair panel, set on oval chalcedony ground - sold with a locket and a stick pin - various condition £40-60
1457.   Three 9ct. gold rings of varying design £80-120
1458.   An Art Deco style KTF Trifari chrome plated dress clip, set with white and blue glass decoration and paste set bands £65-75
1459.   A marked 18k/750 yellow metal ring, set with cabochon jade panel £120-180
1460.   A 9ct. gold ring set with large red paste stone - sold with a white metal garnet and diamond chip ring £50-80
1461.   A white metal charm bracelet - sold with three white metal rings £40-50
1462.   An 18ct. white gold ring, set with four small sapphires within a diamond encrusted border £240-260
1463.   A 9ct. gold ring set with three garnets and small white stones - sold with a 9ct. cross-over ring £80-120
1464.   A boxed pair of gold drop ear-rings suspending large simulated pearls £40-50
1465.   An 18ct. gold cross-over ring with diamond encrusted bands £200-240
1466.   A pair of white metal mounted carved jade panel stud ear-rings £100-150
1467.   A 1970's handmade Spanish (Pedraza) pewter necklace, set with polished agate stones and stamped "Horna" £75-100
1468.   An unmarked yellow metal rope link necklace - 25.8grms. £280-300
1469.   A 9ct. gold St. Christopher pendant - 6grms. £50-60
1470.   A white metal ornate multi strand necklace, set with coral, turquoise and other beads £45-65
1471.   A fancy link gilt metal necklace, set with nephrite barrel links £30-50
1472.   A single string cultured pearl necklace with 9ct. gold clasp - sold with a single string of coloured pearls £50-80
1473.   A pair of 9ct. gold cuff-links and 9ct. wedding band - sold with white metal jewellery and sporting fobs, etc. £80-120
1474.   A single string cultured pearl necklace with 9ct. gold clasp - sold with another £50-80
1475.   A late Victorian ornate 9ct. rose gold brooch - Birmingham £30-40
1476.   A late Victorian 9ct. gold bar brooch, set with four seed pearls within a blue enamelled and lobed panel £65-75
1477.   An Italian 9ct. gold fancy link necklace - 17.2grms. £150-160
1478.   An Art Deco jet beaded necklace terminating in beaded tassel - approximately 64" in length the tassel 7" in length - some small beads loose £60-70
1479.   A small oval cameo brooch with Florence Nightingale related letter of provenance - sold with a silver and tortoiseshell pique work topped cut glass dressing table pot £50-80
1480.   A jewellery box containing a quantity of costume jewellery brooches, ear-rings, etc. £15-25
1481.   A red upholstered jewellery box containing a quantity of costume jewellery and decorative belt buckles, etc. £20-40
1482.   A bag of costume jewellery, mainly necklaces £10-20
1483.   A pair of marked 750 white metal and white stone encrusted open ellipse hoop ear-rings £160-200
1484.   A marked 18ct. white metal Art Deco brooch, set with central carved jade panel and flanking open borders £220-280
1485.   An 18ct. gold bespoke dress ring, set with central oval Ceylon sapphire and five smaller sapphires to border £500-600
1486.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with seven graduated diamonds £3800-4200
1487.   An 18ct. gold and platinum diamond cluster ring, set with large central stone within an eight stone diamond border £2000-3000
1488.   An ornate yellow metal pendant with diamond set central jade panel, two blister pearls on chains with further pearl to suspender £240-280
1489.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with approx. 3.95ct. oval emerald to centre within a diamond encrusted border - 1ct. TDW £1850-2500
1490.   An unmarked white metal Art Deco ring, set with circular carved jade panel £220-280
1491.   An unmarked white metal Art Deco panel ring, set with central oval emerald within a diamond encrusted and pierced border with further diamonds and beading to shoulders £900-1200
1492.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with central pale blue sapphire flanked by two diamonds £1100-1500
1493.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal Art Deco style panel ring, set with three square sapphires and six small diamonds £600-800
1494.   An unmarked white metal ring, set with central sapphire within a diamond encrusted border £450-550
1495.   An unmarked white metal ring, set with central oval ruby within two concentric bands of diamonds £1800-2500
1496.   A marked 18ct. white metal ring, set with central brilliant cut diamond and flanking baguettes, with diamond encrusted border and shoulders £900-1200
1497.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring with raised claw set central diamond and smaller stones to border £85-100
1498.   An 18ct. gold designer ring, set with large central mauve stone within diamond encrusted border, with profuse green garnet and further diamond set shoulders and sides £450-550
1499.   An unmarked high carat yellow metal ring with three sapphires interspersed with two diamonds £500-800
1500.   An unmarked white metal ring, set with approx. 15mm X 12mm emerald within a diamond encrusted border £4800-5200
1501.   A pair of unmarked white metal ear-rings, set with central oblong emeralds within diamond encrusted borders £1700-2000
1502.   An 18ct. gold seven stone diamond ring - approx. 0.5ct. TDW £100-150
1503.   A pair of yellow metal pendant ear-rings with open set drop shaped sapphire and four tiny white stones £80-120
1504.   A 9ct gold ornate radial pendant, set with central cabochon amethyst on chain £70-100
1505.   An 18ct. gold and platinum ring, set with central oval sapphire flanked by two diamonds £200-240
1506.   An 18ct. gold three stone diamond ring £180-220
1507.   A 22ct. gold wedding band with engraved decoration - 7.5grms. £140-170
1508.   A pair of marked 750 stud ear-rings, each set with a single pearl within a tiny diamond border £180-220
1509.   A 9ct. gold designer pendant, set with shaped crystal and amethyst to suspender top with flanking citrines £120-150
1510.   A 9ct. gold brick-link bracelet - 49.1grms. £450-480
1511.   A marked 9ct. yellow metal ring, set with three amethyst interspersed with two cabochon opals £65-85
1512.   A 9ct. gold ring set with an oval garnet - sold with a pair of marked 375 amethyst clip-on ear-rings and a yellow metal mounted nephrite bar brooch £50-80
1513.   A pair of antique yellow and white paste set stud ear-rings, in tooled leather box £130-140
1514.   A 18ct. white gold diamond solitaire ring - S.G., London 2015 £120-150
1515.   A pair of marked 750 white metal diamond solitaire stud ear-rings with raised claw settings £300-500
1516.   A pair of white metal fly pattern pendant ear-rings, set with garnets and opals - wires with English silver hallmarks £70-100
1517.   A boxed pair of silver plated fish pattern cuff-links £15-25
1518.   A pair of 18ct. white gold long drop ear-rings, each set with large pearl on multiple marquise and brilliant cut diamond set articulated suspenders £2600-3000
1519.   A single string graduated jade bead necklace with marked 375 yellow metal bauble clasp £150-200
1520.   A boxed Lalique belt with central ribbed glass half sphere on ornate gilt metal buckle £130-150
1521.   An eastern decorative inlaid hardwood box containing a small quantity of silver, white metal and costume jewellery, also silver thimble, etc. £25-40
1522.   A Morden Patent Everpoint gold filled propelling pencil - 307227 £30-50
1523.   A engraved yellow metal propelling pencil/dip pen with sliding nib and bloodstone seal to top £50-80
1524.   An antique five strand polished coral bead bracelet with decorative engraved yellow metal clasp £180-200
1525.   A Tiffany & Co. silver bracelet and matching choker necklace, both with heart shape fobs - London 2003, both with original packaging and suede pouches £170-200
1526.   Four pairs of 1920/30's glass ear-rings £35-45
1527.   Six brooches including Victorian and vintage - a/f £20-30
1528.   A polished burr wood tray fitted jewellery box containing a quantity of good quality costume jewellery including Italian foiled glass beads, etc. £20-40
1529.   A bag of costume jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, etc. £15-25
1530.   A leather clad tray fitted jewellery box containing a small quantity of good quality costume jewellery £60-80
1531.   A pair of 18ct. gold heavy cast panel ear-ring, each set with amethyst, citrine and aquamarines with rows of tiny diamonds to edges £380-500
1532.   A platinum three stone diamond ring £600-800
1533.   An 18ct. white gold ring, set with alternating diagonal rows of small diamonds and sapphires £300-400
1534.   A marked 18ct. white metal dress ring, set with large central oval sapphire within a dual concentric diamond encrusted border £1200-1500
1535.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with five graduated old cut diamonds £500-600
1536.   Three 9ct. gold bracelets (28.4grms.) - sold with a silver mother-of-pearl clad handled miniature button hook and fruit knife, silver "Red Port" decanter label and a pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs - Exeter 1872 £320-360
1537.   A marked 14k white metal diamond solitaire ring - 0.51ct. £650-850
1538.   A 9ct. gold ring, set with three small sapphires interspersed with tiny diamonds £60-80
1539.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with seven small diamonds and band of pink stones £200-300
1540.   An antique yellow metal ring set with five old cut diamonds - marks and shank worn £210-230
1541.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with large oval sapphire within a diamond encrusted border £280-320
1542.   A marked "Plat" white metal metamorphic ring with half band of rubies and opposing half band of sapphires, with two hinged diamond encrusted half bands offering six variations £350-450
1543.   A 9ct. gold sapphire and diamond cluster dress ring £60-80
1544.   A marked 9ct. yellow metal ring with decorative carved jade oval panel £75-100
1545.   An 18ct. white gold diamond solitaire ring - 1.03ct. £2600-3000
1546.   A marked 935 white metal ring with, set with bloodstone panel and faux marcasite border £50-60
1547.   A pair of marked 750 white metal diamond solitaire stud ear-rings - 1.05ct. TDW £1100-1500
1548.   An unmarked yellow metal ring, set with central large cushion cut sapphire within flanking rows of small diamonds £800-1000
1549.   A leather clad cased pair of high carat yellow metal cuff-links, each with character set circular jade panels and beaded T-bars - J. Edmonds, 67 Baker Street, London £350-450
1550.   A 9ct. gold cased lady's wristwatch - sold with an early 20th Century bracelet and bead necklace £30-40
1551.   Two 9ct. gold fancy link bracelets - 15.9 grms. £140-160
1552.   A 1 3/4" silver gilt mounted oval cameo brooch £30-40
1553.   A 9ct. three colour triple rope twist band ring - sold with a 9ct. and blue stone small brooch £50-60
1554.   An unmarked yellow metal ring, set with five graduated opals £60-80
1555.   A 9ct. gold ornate fob chain set with engraved two colour seal £120-150
1556.   A 9ct. gold circular open lattice pendant, set with seed pearls and garnets on 9ct. chain £90-120
1557.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with three sapphires interspersed with two old cut diamonds - Birmingham 1908 £250-350
1558.   A 9ct. white gold diamond cluster ring with diamond set shoulders £40-60
1559.   A high carat yellow metal diamond encrusted elephant pattern pendant £80-120
1560.   A pair of silver mounted pink pearl drop ear-rings £20-40
1561.   A 9ct. gold small pendant, set with ruby and diamonds - sold with an opal and diamond cross pattern stud £95-110
1562.   A 9ct. gold ring, set with blue stone in a white paste border £35-45
1563.   A Polish silver owl pattern pendant on chain bearing makers mark OR (over) NO £30-50
1564.   A 19th Century Italian enamelled button panel as a brooch - cracks £30-50
1565.   An Art Deco long necklace with carved bone, handmade glass and horn beads on silk, with large chinoiserie decorated tortoiseshell celluloid panel and large tassel £180-200
1566.   A 9ct. white gold illusion set diamond chip ring - sold with a white metal St. Christopher pendant and pair of silver plated nutcrackers £20-30
1567.   A silver mesh-link bracelet - Birmingham 1975 £20-30
1568.   A small collection of stickpins - varying age and design £20-30
1569.   A 1 1/2" 9ct. gold framed oval cameo brooch with safety chain £65-85
1570.   A bag containing a double string cultured pearl necklace, a four string baroque pearl similar, a quantity of bangles, etc. £20-40
1571.   Two decorative boxes containing a quantity of costume jewellery £20-40
1572.   A cash tin containing costume jewellery including brooches, ear-rings, etc. £20-30
1573.   A 1950's vanity case containing a large quantity of assorted costume jewellery, wristwatches, etc. £30-50
1574.   A steel and gold cased Rolex "Date" gentleman's wristwatch Ref: 15053 with polychrome printed United Arab Emirates logo to gilt dial on later leather strap - sold with original bi-metal bracelet (one end piece missing) and box - no papers £1500-2500
1575.   An 18ct. gold Longines gentleman's quartz dress watch with rounded square dial and original bracelet - with recent service paperwork only - no box - 25-415-550 £400-600
1576.   An 18ct. gold cased Chopard gentleman's automatic wristwatch with cushion case, date aperture and original black leather strap - 560103 738 16/3556 - no box, no papers £3800-4200
1577.   A vintage 9ct. gold cased Timor gentleman's wristwatch with fifteen jewel movement and 9ct. mesh-link bracelet £180-220
1578.   A Pasha de Cartier steel cased unisex automatic wristwatch with white dial, date aperture and original brushed steel brick-link bracelet - 503800MX - no box, no papers £1000-1500
1579.   A steel cased Breitling Chronomat automatic chronograph gentleman's wristwatch with date aperture and original bar-link bracelet - A13050.1 14315 - no box, no papers £1200-1800
1580.   A steel cased Longines "Flagship" automatic chronograph gentleman's wristwatch with black dial, date aperture and original black leather strap - L4.718.4 - no box, no papers £800-1200
1581.   A vintage 10 micron French gold plated Tissot lady's bracelet dress watch, with gilt dial and quartz movement £45-55
1582.   A steel cased Frank Muller automatic "Chrono Banker" wristwatch with original black leather strap - No.66 7000 CC MB - no box, no papers £2700-3000
1583.   A bi-metal cased Omega Seamaster DeVille automatic gentleman's wristwatch - sold with a gold tone cased Longines MW Ultra-Chron automatic gentleman's wristwatch (no bracelet) and a Mira wristwatch £80-120
1584.   An 18ct. gold lady's fob watch with decorative engraving and blue enamelled chapter ring £120-180
1585.   An early 20th Century silver plated cased Goliath pocket watch with lever movement - movement a/f £30-50
1586.   A Krug Baümen gentleman's chronograph - sold with a Gucci lady's wristwatch (both with quartz movement) and a silver plated fob watch £30-50
1587.   A H. Williamson Ltd., London silver plated cased military pocket watch with black dial, broad arrow and No.73604F to back of case - a/f - sold with a Revida nielo work cased similar and another with decorative dial - various condition £30-50
1588.   An antique shagreen clad pair cased gentleman's pocket watch with bullseye domed glass lens and verge movement by Rivers & Son, Cornhill, London, No.196 - a/f £180-220
1589.   Two silver cased pocket watches, both with English lever movements £30-50
1590.   A vintage 9ct. gold cased Omega gentleman's wristwatch with fifteen jewel movement, 8504473 - sold with other wristwatches, etc. £40-60
1591.   Seven silver, white metal and other cased gentleman's pocket watches - all a/f £30-50
1592.   A vintage 9ct. gold cased Tudor Royal lady's wristwatch with seventeen jewel movement - Chester 1954 - new non matching gilt metal strap £50-60
1593.   A Swiss made Lucerne fob watch on bow pattern suspender, an Elgin pocket watch, cameo brooch, etc. £15-25
1594.   Twenty-six pocket watch movements - various age, makers and condition £20-40
1595.   A boxed Corvette by Avia slide rule watch - sold with a vintage Zodiac and Everite, also Casio and Pulsar gold tone cased dress watches with part digital displays £25-35
1611.   Frederick John Widgery: gouache depicting a view of Belstone Tor, Dartmoor - signed and label verso - 9 1/2" X 13 1/2" £300-350
1612.   David Cox Jnr.: a gilt framed watercolour depicting a figure on a country track in an extensive landscape - signed - 10 1/4" x 14 1/4" £60-80
1613.   A pair of oriental scene oils on canvas, both depicting waterways, one with boat and house, the other a figure in a boat - signed Choob - 31" X 31 1/2" and 19 3/4" X 29 1/2" £200-240
1614.   †Fred Yates: a framed oil on board, depicting four eastern seated praying figures, in predominately blue palette - 17 1/2" X 31" £300-400
1615.   George Henry Jenkins: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a westcountry coastal view with figures and boats on the shore - 11 3/4" X 19 1/2" £200-220
1616.   Graham Clarke: a limited edition monochrome etching entitled Spring Ploughboys - 81/100 - 13 1/2" X 21 1/4", in antique frame - signed in pencil on mount £30-50
1617.   Claude Hayes: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a shepherd and a sheep crossing a stream - 13 1/2" X 20 3/4" £150-170
1618.   A gilt framed oil on board, depicting a view of Cockington - DW £20-40
1619.   Alfred Leyman: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a street view in Dartmouth with figures, carts, workmen and a church in background - signed - 20 1/2" X 13 1/2" £350-370
1620.   †Terence Cuneo: a limited edition coloured print of the locomotive Mallard 507/850 - signed, also signed by Norman Newton technical assistant to Sir Nigel Gresley, published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mallard's world speed record of steam traction - image 19" X 28 1/2" £40-60
1621.   Don Austen: a gilt framed limited edition coloured print entitled Sunrise at St. Michael's Mount - sold with two other signed coloured prints £20-40
1622.   An antique ebonised framed and gilt slipped monochrome engraving print, depicting The Death of Nelson - 11 1/2" X 3' 9" £120-140
1623.   David Dent: a framed montage watercolour, depicting annotated scenes from the Vodafone Derby, Epson 2000 - signed - 21 1/4" X 30 1/2" £200-240
1624.   A set of four framed oriental prints on silk, depicting landscapes and horses - all with text and seal marks £30-50
1625.   An ebonized framed monochrome reprint Fry's Cocoa advertising poster with central portrait of Queen Victoria £20-40
1626.   A small gilt framed oil on canvas depicting a lakeland landscape - a/f - sold with a pair of gilt framed coloured prints after Rubens Southey £10-20
1627.   Frederick John Widgery: a gilt framed limited edition coloured print depicting a view near Belstone, Dartmoor - signed and inscribed, numbered 87/495 with a certificate attached to the reverse £20-40
1628.   W. Tatton Winter: an unframed watercolour of figures sat beneath a tree entitled "The Berkshire Downs" - signed £40-60
1629.   Four framed coloured engraving book plates, depicting ducks and a seabird £20-30
1630.   Paul Braddon: a pair of gilt framed watercolours "Haunts of Charles Dickens" - signed and annotated verso £20-40
1631.   A.H Vickers: a pair of ornate gilt framed oils on board, depicting river and coastal scenes with figures on the shore - 8" X 15 1/4" £500-550
1632.   Edwin Viner Hoylake: a framed watercolour, depicting a view at Fullbrook, Oxfordshire - 10 " X 14 3/4" £60-80
1633.   Nicol Laidlaw: An unframed oil on panel, depicting figures beside a canal - 14 3/4" X 18" £200-240
1634.   Reginald Daniel Sherrin: a gilt framed gouache, depicting an extensive panoramic view of Dartmoor tors with flowering gorse and heather and a path and stream in the foreground - 15 1/4" X 3' 3 3/4" £220-250
1635.   Edwin Viner Hoylake: a framed watercolour, depicting a view of Stanton village - 11" X 16 1/4" £80-100
1636.   Malcolm Crosse: an ornate gilt framed watercolour, depicting a view of Bredrothen Steps - 5 1/4" X 8" £50-60
1637.   Maude Parker: a watercolour of a figure walking in a river valley in County Cork - signed and inscribed verso £20-40
1638.   Tristram Cuthbert: an ornate gilt framed watercolour in the style of T. Sydney-Cooper depicting highland cattle £30-50
1639.   R. D. Sherrin: a gilt framed gouache painting, depicting a Devon coastal view £30-50
1640.   An unframed oil on canvas depicting a Cornish view of figures on a path and cottage in a country landscape with the coast in the background - inscribe "Above St. Ives", 1922 with signature C. Walsh and inscription to reverse mentioning John Anthony Park £40-60
1641.   Philip Mitchell: an ornate gilt framed watercolour, depicting cattle watering in a river pool with figures in an extensive woodland - 21" X 29 1/2" £180-200
1642.   A modern mixed media painting depicting an abstract seascape with sailing boat £20-30
1643.   Jean Belcher: an oil painting on board (depicting books and bears or entitled Books and Bears) - signed £25-35
1644.   G. Trevor: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a lakeland view - signed £30-40
1645.   S. R. Baldwin: a view of Salcombe estuary - signed with label and newspaper cutting to the reverse £30-50
1646.   R. D. Sherrin: a gilt framed gouache painting depicting a moorland view with pool in foreground £30-50
1647.   Charles Edward Britton: a watercolour depicting a Dartmoor scene with tors in the background and rain approaching - signed - 9" X 13" £120-150
1648.   Two newly re-framed 19th Century coloured Le Blonde prints, one depicting a landscape, the other a family group in an interior £20-30
1649.   Heather Jansch: a white painted box framed watercolour, depicting an abstract group of figures - 29" X 22" £300-350
1650.   Walter Henry Sweet: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a view of Clovelly Harbour £30-40
1651.   A pair of gilt framed Victorian watercolours depicting seascapes with fishing vessels and figures on shore £70-100
1652.   S. Wells: a gilt framed acrylic on paper, depicting children picking flowers in a woodland £40-60
1653.   Thomas Taylor Ireland: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a woodland stream - 20" X 13 1/4" £80-100
1654.   William Widgery: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting an extensive Dartmoor view with cattle in distance and Windy Post in foreground - 9 3/4" X 3' 8 1/2" £160-200
1655.   Frost (a pupil of William Etty): a small framed mixed media painting depicting a classical maiden and two satyrs - pencil text verso £30-50
1656.   Robert Malcolm Lloyd: a framed watercolour, depicting boats at low tide - 4 1/2" X 6 3/4" £60-80
1657.   A pair of 19th Century watercolours one depicting a fishing village with figures in foreground, buildings and mountains in distance, the other depicting beached and other sailing vessels £40-60
1658.   Rose Hannaford: a stained oak framed acrylic still life with vase of flowers on black ground - signed and dated 1948 £20-30
1659.   P Davis: a framed modern oil on canvas, depicting a moonlight seascape with sailing ship and lighthouse in distance £20-30
1660.   A framed mixed media drawing study of a perching owl - signed with monogram £15-25
1661.   Two gilt framed crystoleums, one depicting figures in a punt with castle keep in background, the other a figure on a track with bridge and church £25-35
1662.   E. Baker Boulton, 1893: a watercolour depicting an extensive view of headland and coast - signed and dated - sold with A. Fisher: a moorland landscape £30-40
1663.   †A modern framed Picasso print after The Girl Before a Mirror, with large gilt facsimile signature under £10-15
1664.   E. Bertran: a modern gilt framed and slipped pastel portrait of a flamenco girl holding a rose - signed - 29 X 22 3/4" £50-80
1665.   A Georgian stipple engraving of children playing in a woodland glade - 11" X 13" £10-20
1666.   †Feliks Topolski: a framed mixed media abstract portrait of Helen Greville Bell - 3' 11" X 19 1/4" £480-520
1667.   William Widgery: a pair of gilt framed watercolours both depicting woodland river scenes - 17 3/4" X 11 1/4" £110-150
1668.   A pair of antique aquatints of east and west views of Torquay circa 1820 - sold with three other similar, all in Hogarth frames £50-70
1669.   A pair of small gilt framed watercolours, named views near Starcross "The Warren" and "Pathfields" £20-40
1670.   A gilt framed late Victorian tapestry woolwork panel "Laban Blessing Rebekah" £10-20
1671.   Josephine Wall: a gilt framed fantasy marine scene giclee print entitled "Voyage to Murrlis Sea" - signed and numbered on the canvas and certificate of authenticity is attached to the reverse, number 10/295 £20-50
1672.   A framed oil on board, depicting a canal side scene - DW £20-30
1673.   J. C. Houghton: a framed oil on canvas depicting a coastal view - sold with another smaller similar £20-30
1674.   A pair of Hogarth framed maritime prints depicting naval engagements £20-40
1675.   An ornate gilt framed and slipped watercolour portrait of a young gentleman £25-35
1676.   A gilt framed Indian glass picture with tube lined polychrome detail, depicting two figures - signed with initial £10-20
1677.   A framed mixed study of a parrot media parrot - signed and dated 1993 £30-40
1678.   A 19th Century papier-mâché framed portrait miniature, depicting a lady in 17th Century attire £60-80
1679.   An early 20th Century oil portrait miniature, depicting a lady holding a bunch of flowers - in an easel frame £10-15
1680.   Doris E. Luxton: a pair of Hogarth framed miniature silhouette paintings, one depicting a seated lady with flowers, the other a seated gentleman with wine glass - signed £15-20
1681.   A polished oak framed and gilt slipped 19th Century silhouette, depicting a young girl £30-40
1682.   Nigel Cameron: five framed watercolours, all depicting various Dartmoor scenes £50-80
1683.   An oak framed portrait miniature depicting Shakespeare - bearing 1673 MacBeth Frontispiece verso £50-70
1684.   Laurie Rudling: a framed and slip mounted artist's proof colour tinted etching entitled Roche De Crepin - sold with a signed Simon Drew print "A Parrot on a Perch" in simple slip frame £15-25
1685.   D. Hawkes: an oil on board depicting a continental coastal scene with beached vessels and figures on a shoreline £20-30
1686.   James Wilson Carmichael: a gilt framed print of the Brayford Pool and Lincoln Cathedral £20-40
1687.   Becky Mair: a framed direct from tube acrylic painting study of a cockerel - signed in pencil and bearing White Sails gallery label verso - 15" X 20 1/2" £100-150
1688.   Frederick T.W. Cook: a framed mixed media picture of two dippers beside a river £50-60
1689.   Frank Catano: a framed watercolour, depicting camel riders at Giza - sold with a pair of framed watercolours by Otto Tilche similar £180-200
1690.   William Edward Croxford: a framed watercolour, depicting a coastal scene £40-60
1691.   Rowden: an oak framed watercolour, depicting a Dartmoor landscape with five ponies grazing - some foxing £60-70
1692.   A modern gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting a woodland river scene - indistinctly signed £15-25
1693.   After Graham Hedges: a gilt framed canvas print depicting a three masted sailing vessel on stormy seas - sold with a framed oil on board maritime painting - label verso £50-60
1694.   Robert Gavin: an ornate gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting three camels and a figure outside a North African fort entrance - signed - 21 1/2" X 3' 3" - relined £1500-1800
1695.   Sybil Mullen Glover: a framed watercolour entitled "Small Craft off Plymouth" - signed with details verso £20-40
1696.   Two matching antique gilt framed coloured engravings, entitled "Defeat of the French Fleet by Lord Howe" and "Dutch Fleet Defeated by Lord Duncan" - the latter printed and engraved by R. Dodd £200-250
1697.   David J. Lawrence: a framed oil on canvas, depicting an extensive woodland landscape at Haldon, South Devon - 29" X 3' 11" £200-250
1698.   A simple pine framed oil on canvas, depicting a silhouette figure and two camels, entitled verso "Sunset on 31st Dec 1997 Dubai" - 22 1/2" X 30 1/4" £120-150