Two Day Stonepark Antique Sale
Thursday 24th May - Lots 1-694
Friday 25th May 2018 - Lots 1001-1646

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1.      A Victorian cast iron fire insert £20-30
2.      A 24" Victorian painted cast iron fire surround £10-20
3.      A pair of 7' 8" painted wood theatre trestles £40-60
4.      A set of 8' 2" hardwood theatre steps £30-50
5.      A 2' 10" diameter stone grinding wheel £30-50
6.      A 2' 2" rectangular stone garden planter £100-150
7.      Thirty terracotta twin dome top edging tiles £60-90
8.      Thirty terracotta crown top edging tiles £60-90
9.      Thirty terracotta crown top edging tiles £60-90
10.     Thirty terracotta twin dome top edging tiles £60-90
11.     Thirty terracotta twin dome top edging tiles £60-90
12.     Thirty terracotta twin dome top edging tiles £60-90
13.     Thirty terracotta twin dome top edging tiles £60-90
14.     Thirty terracotta crown top edging tiles £60-90
15.     A 4' 11" diameter slatted teak garden table set on standard supports and cross stretcher base £100-200
16.     A wrought iron garden gate - to fit 3' 8" £10-20
17.     A pair of wrought iron gates with posts - to fit 9' £40-60
18.     A 2' 2" figural garden fountain £40-60
19.     An old granite weight with iron handle - sold with an old Admiralty pattern anchor and chain (distressed) £50-80
20.     A 4' precast faceted slender pedestal £150-200
21.     A 23" diameter precast Classical style urn pattern planter, on an associated base £50-80
22.     A precast garden urn on faceted pedestal base - 2' 6" high overall £80-120
23.     A pair of cast metal bench ends £10-20
24.     A pair of cast metal bench ends £10-20
25.     A pair of cast metal bench ends with back rail £10-20
26.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
27.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
28.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
29.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
30.     A 7' 4" high painted Gothic arch window frame - one remaining panel £50-80
31.     A pine framed window light with oblique glass and coloured decoration - sold with a decorative coloured glass window pane £10-20
32.     A 12" cast iron fire place - matching Lot 33 £10-20
33.     A 12" cast iron fire place - missing shelf - to match Lot 32 £10-20
34.     A pair of small cast iron sunburst/fan pattern brackets - 2'6" X 2' £200-300
35.     A pair of large cast iron sunburst/fan pattern brackets - 2' 6" X 5' £200-300
36.     A wrought iron dog grate £10-20
37.     A pair of cast metal bench ends with back rail £10-20
38.     A pair of cast metal bench ends with back rail £10-20
39.     A 26" anvil with white painted finish £100-200
40.     A pair of cast metal child's bench ends £20-40
41.     A pair of wrought iron window baskets £10-20
42.     A pair of wrought iron window baskets £10-20
43.     A pair of wrought iron window baskets £10-20
44.     A pair of wrought iron window baskets £10-20
45.     A 16" concrete garden ornament in the form of a wally bird £20-40
46.     A pair of 2' 11" precast garden statues of the Venus de Milo £50-80
47.     A Victorian cast iron mangle retailed by E. Distin & Son, Totnes with 24" rollers, trays and handle £50-80
48.     An 18" Victorian cast iron fire grate £10-20
49.     A 3' square slatted teak garden table on standard legs £40-60
50.     A painted wrought iron dog grate with scroll terminals - to fit 2' 6" £20-40
51.     A quantity of assorted iron pans and glue pots - sold with two blow torches, enamelled pail, lead chimney cowl, two drain hoppers, etc. £40-60
52.     A pair of metal gate hangers - sold with three shoe lasts £15-25
53.     A 7' 10" cast metal lamp post of Solomonic twist design - with liner £40-60
54.     A large modern terracotta planter - sold with a metal hanging basket £10-20
55.     A pair of 20" high precast and painted eagles with glass eyes £30-50
56.     A 4' slatted garden bench £25-40
57.     A 4' 2" slatted garden bench with cast iron ends £25-40
58.     A pair of 27" large late Georgian cast iron rain hoppers - from the Minton family house, Torquay £150-250
59.     A pair of enamelled cast iron corner horse troughs £70-100
60.     A vintage pink pedestal sink - sold with a green similar £10-20
61.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
62.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
63.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
64.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
65.     Thirty terracotta mitre top edging tiles £60-90
66.     Thirty terracotta crown top edging tiles £60-90
67.     Thirty terracotta twin dome top edging tiles £60-90
68.     Thirty terracotta twin dome top edging tiles £60-90
69.     Thirty terracotta crown top edging tiles £60-90
70.     Thirty terracotta crown top edging tiles £60-90
71.     A quantity of terracotta plant pots - various sizes £20-40
72.     A Victorian cast iron fire kerb £10-20
73.     Two painted tin trunks £30-50
74.     A Record No. 111 heavy duty engineering vice £50-80
75.     A shallow Belfast style trough £20-40
76.     A 23" wide reproduction cast iron fire back entitled Pax £30-50
77.     A pair of 15" high precast garden urns £100-150
78.     Two white marble table tops - one a/f £20-40
79.     A pair of 2' 6" chimney pots £20-40
80.     A pair of cast iron bench ends - one a/f £10-20
81.     A pair of antique cast iron sunburst/fan pattern brackets - 2' 6" X 5' £70-100
82.     A large pine two part corner cupboard £20-40
83.     A cast iron cauldron £15-25
84.     A Georgian style brass and cast iron fire grate £15-25
85.     A pair of cast iron radiators £20-40
86.     A quantity of modern blue and white tiles £5-10
87.     An Alko LT 250 petrol strimmer £10-20
88.     A Tanaka THT-2000 petrol hedge trimmer £10-20
89.     A pink and white granite table with circular top £100-200
90.     A pair of slatted wood chairs with cast iron ends - sold with a small table £30-50
91.     A metal collapsible four shelf unit £20-40
92.     A painted metal wine rack £10-20
93.     A pair of cast iron bench ends £10-20
94.     Three folding slatted teak garden armchairs £40-60
95.     Three Victorian chimney pots - various condition £15-25
96.     A large stone garden trough - 4' 2" long £200-300
97.     A 3' 2" early 20th Century cast iron fireplace with flanking decorative floral tile panels, basket and marble mantel £20-40
98.     A set of four painted metal X-frame garden chairs with lattice panels - two standard and two armchairs £80-120
99.     A 5' 6" slatted wood garden bench with wrought iron scrolling ends £50-80
100.    A painted cast iron garden parasol base £10-20
101.    A set of four cast aluminium garden chairs and a pair of tables to match £50-80
102.    A painted concrete Green Man pattern wall mask £10-20
103.    A 3' 4" painted metal two tier plant stand £40-60
104.    A set of eight director's chairs with canvas seats and backs £50-80
105.    An old scythe £10-20
121.    A reproduction painted torchere pattern lamp standard with nine sconces to top, set on a figural support in the form of a Blackamoor standing on a serpentine pedestal base - 6' 11" high £100-200
122.    A 35" late Victorian wood grained and painted lined hall wardrobe with moulded cornice, hanging space enclosed by a panelled door and deep drawer under, set on plinth base £60-100
123.    A 3' 11 1/2" painted mixed wood double wardrobe with hanging space and linen slide interior enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, set on plinth base £30-50
124.    A 4' 3" Georgian polished oak livery cupboard with moulded top and triple arcaded cupboard doors over a base with three short drawers and flanking panelled cupboard doors, set on simple block feet - some reworking £100-200
125.    A painted metal figural lamp standard in the form of a Persian boy holding a large arched pole light fitting, set on a polished limestone pedestal £60-80
126.    A 4' 2 1/2" modern waxed pine two part dresser with three shelf open plate rack over a base with five central short drawers, two further short drawers with panelled cupboards under and applied half spindle decoration, set on bracket base £100-150
127.    A 36" modern Oriental red lacquered and highly decorated bureau bookcase with glazed panel door and flanking dummy drawer fronts to top, over a base with fitted interior and four long graduated drawers under, set on shaped bracket feet £80-120
128.    An early 20th Century ebonised framed Oriental four fold dressing screen with silvered embroidered hawk decoration - a/f £30-50
129.    A 3' 9 1/2" Edwardian satin walnut wardrobe with carved pediment, flanking decorative fielded panels and hanging space enclosed by a central bevelled mirror panel door, with long drawer under, set on bracket feet £40-60
130.    A reproduction mahogany corner cupboard with moulded dentil cornice, glazed top and panelled door under, set on bracket feet £10-20
131.    A 4' 1" early 20th Century mixed stained wood three shelf open bookcase, set on braced barley twist front supports - adapted £20-30
132.    A 24" early 20th Century mixed wood occasional table with ring turned supports, flanking finials and splayed legs - sold with a small stained wood drop-leaf table £10-20
133.    A 5' 5" Edwardian oak sideboard with low raised back, three frieze drawers, central glazed panel doors and flanking decorative panelled cupboard doors, set on turned feet £20-40
134.    A reproduction Georgian style ornate gilt framed overmantel mirror with shell and acanthus scroll pediment, shaped bevelled plate and beaded border - 4' 10" X 3' 3" overall £70-100
135.    A 4' 6" Victorian waxed pine Lancashire dresser with decorative C-scroll and acanthus decorated shaped raised back, shelf and two short flanking drawers, over a base with two flights of three graduated drawers, set on turned feet £150-200
136.    A pair of 21 1/2" reproduction mahogany cross banded and strung bedside tables, each with single drawer, set on swept standard ends with brass caps and casters £30-50
137.    A set of four 19th Century stained oak framed Chippendale style dining chairs with harebell pierced splats and drop-in seats, set on simple square front supports £50-80
138.    A 5' late Victorian mahogany twin pedestal desk with tooled green leather inset top and three frieze drawers, set on flanking pedestal drawers and cupboard with plinth bases £150-200
139.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany locker piano stool bearing label for C. F. Hocking, Devonport with pierced back and armrests, set on square tapered front legs with spade feet - sold with a Victorian walnut framed standard chair - various condition £15-25
140.    A 3' 9 1/2" continental waxed pine chest with storage space enclosed by a double dummy drawer fall-front and with single long drawer under, set on bun feet £70-100
141.    A pair of Victorian ebonised framed child's chairs, one with seagrass upholstered seat panel, the other rush - both for restoration £20-40
142.    A 4' 1930's polished oak sideboard with rounded edges, two drawers, central panel and flanking cupboard doors under, set on moulded bracket base £20-30
143.    A 23" Georgian style inlaid mahogany wall hanging corner cabinet with decorative harebell and scroll decoration, canted sides and astragal glazed panel door £30-50
144.    A 3' 6" Arts and Crafts style walnut writing table with moulded top, set on bracketed slender turned supports and open stretcher base £60-80
145.    A 32" old upholstered pine ottoman £15-25
146.    A reproduction mahogany aspidistra stand with turned and reeded pillar, set on tripod base £15-25
147.    An old carved wood spinning chair with BSL initials to raised back, hexagonal seat panel and turned supports - bituminised finish - adapted £15-25
148.    A 4' diameter modern coppered topped dining table with hammered effect finish, set on an ornate acid treated and varnished metal base with barley twist supports and chain link stretcher - sold with a set of four dining chairs to match £100-200
149.    A set of eight Brights of Nettlebed high panel back dining chairs with studded repeat pattern foliate tapestry, set on polished golden oak supports with serpentine X-stretchers - sold with a set of fitted covers £80-120
150.    A 5' 1" 19th Century mahogany tilt-top dining table, set on turned pillar and quadruple reeded splayed legs with brass caps and casters - top reworked £40-60
151.    A 3' 4" reproduction mahogany and cross banded low side table by Charles Barr with two frieze drawers, set on flanking swept standard ends with brass caps and casters £20-40
152.    A reproduction mahogany cross banded and strung drum table, set on turned pillar and reeded tripod base - top for re-polishing £10-20
153.    An Edwardian stained wood framed campaign style folding chair with green velour upholstered back, seat panel and armrests £15-25
154.    A 31 1/2" reproduction gilt console table with glass inset canted top and foliate apron, set on a figural support and shaped platform base with lion paw feet £30-50
155.    A 4' 4" Victorian mahogany bombe front chest with blind frieze drawer and three deep drawers under set on stepped plinth base £20-40
156.    An early 20th Century stained wood framed office tub chair (a/f) - sold with a polished oak occasional table with barley twist supports £10-20
157.    A 4' 8" Georgian oak triple arched front mule chest with three drawers under and shaped apron, set on later raised feet - lid detached but included £100-150
158.    An Edwardian stained wood part show framed semi wing back drawing room armchair with original upholstery, set on cabriole front legs £20-40
159.    A modern brass finished uplighter lamp standard with poseable reading light and dimmer controls £10-20
160.    A 26" polished mahogany corner cabinet with dentil cornice and reeded astragal glazed door over two triangular open shelves with shaped apron and reeded supports £20-40
161.    An old stained elm framed comb back Windsor elbow chair with double pierced splat back and moulded solid seat, set on ring turned supports £80-120
162.    A 5' early 20th Century polished oak two part dresser, comprising three open shelves over a base with two short drawers and pair of decorative panelled cupboard doors under, set on bracket feet - marriage £20-40
163.    A 23 1/4" 19th Century polished oak four shelf open bookcase with moulded top and Gothic style knurled decoration £50-80
164.    An inlaid walnut and mixed wood four shelf corner whatnot with fretwork to top, decorative turned spindles and vase motifs to surfaces £20-30
165.    A 3' 3 1/2" early 20th Century mahogany framed and all-round glazed display cabinet with baize lined base and three glass shelves, set on tapered legs with pad feet £50-80
166.    A late Victorian stained walnut framed triple fold dressing screen with scroll tops and replacement shaped glass plates, with remains of original fabric panelling £180-220
167.    A 3' 1 1/4" 20th Century stained oak two part dresser with two shelf open plate rack over a base with two frieze drawers and Gothic style panelled cupboard doors under, set on simple block feet £20-40
168.    A 1930's stained oak hallstand with bevelled oblong mirror, three of four original hooks and metal drip-trays £20-30
169.    A 5' waxed pine three shelf open plate rack - from a two part dresser £30-50
170.    A 5' 1" early 20th Century polished oak fire surround with applied moulded and barley twist decoration - to take 3' 2" X 3' 3 1/2" insert £30-50
171.    A 33 3/4" waxed pine blanket box with iron strap hinges and flanking carrying handles £100-120
172.    A 22" Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table, set on slender ring turned supports £20-40
173.    A 3' 1" 19th Century continental waxed pine cabinet with moulded top and shelves enclosed by a pair of part glazed panel doors, with flanking brackets to front £40-60
174.    A set of four mid 20th Century polished oak framed bent lath back dining chairs with turned front supports - sold with another pair of dining chairs £20-30
175.    A mid 20th Century draw frame refectory style dining table with inlaid frieze, set on flanking massive turned, reeded and acanthus decorated bulbous supports with moulded feet and plank stretcher - 10' overall £120-180
176.    A 17 1/4" Victorian bamboo two tier occasional table with woven rush inset surfaces £15-25
177.    A late Georgian style mahogany framed dressing table mirror with flanking turned supports and splayed feet £30-40
178.    A 4' reproduction mahogany cross banded and strung knee-hole table with central frieze drawer and four flanking short drawers, set on square tapered legs £30-50
179.    An Edwardian stained mixed wood locker piano stool with upholstered seat and flanking turned handles £15-25
180.    A 4' antique Prie Dieu chair backed day bed with later fitted cover and remains of original upholstery, set on rosewood turned legs with brass caps and casters £40-60
181.    A 3' 6" mid 20th Century walnut and glazed serpentine front display cabinet - one glass panel a/f £10-15
182.    An Edwardian mahogany and strung locker piano stool with low stick back, flanking armrests and upholstered seat panel, set on square tapered legs with spade feet £20-40
183.    A 35" Victorian painted pine chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £40-60
184.    A nest of three stained wood tea tables, set on slender turned supports £10-15
185.    A modern Oriental red lacquered and highly decorated jardinière stand, set on moulded square supports and typical feet £15-25
186.    A 3' 6" polished oak gateleg dining table, set on barley twist supports £20-40
187.    A 5' 6" stained wood refectory style dining table with shaped top, set on flanking shaped standard ends with pegged stretcher - purportedly by Ian Hunt, Dartington £25-35
188.    A 17 1/2" 20th Century decorative carved and pierced oak tea table with glass inset top and barley twist supports, with two stowed drop-leaf tables to match £15-25
189.    A 3' 1 1/4" 19th Century oak chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £70-100
190.    A set of six Victorian mahogany framed balloon back dining chairs with pegged upholstered seats, set on turned and tapered front legs £50-80
191.    A pair of 17 3/4" reproduction yew cross banded and strung three drawer bedside tables - sold with a matching two tier stand £30-50
192.    A 5' part painted pine dresser base with waxed top, three frieze drawers and triple panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base £80-120
193.    A 23 1/2" diameter 1930's walnut quarter veneered occasional table, set on cabriole legs with pad feet £20-30
194.    An Edwardian mahogany and strung bedroom chair with part upholstered back rail and seat panel, set on square tapered front legs with spade feet £20-30
195.    A 4' 19th Century mahogany drop-leaf dining table, set on turned and reeded pillar and quadruple reeded splayed legs with roundels to top and cast brass caps and casters £200-250
196.    A 3' 6" early 20th Century mahogany framed duet piano stool with upholstered drop-in seat panel, set on C-scroll cabriole legs with pad feet £30-50
197.    A 4' 6" mid 20th Century polished mixed wood kneehole office desk with four flanking drawers, set on moulded square legs £15-25
198.    A 30" Victorian painted pine box with iron strap corners and flanking handles £20-30
199.    An ornate carved oak spinning style hall chair, set on heavy ring turned supports - sold with a 1930's locker footstool £40-50
200.    A 36" eastern hardwood coffee table with iron studded top, corner and leg brackets, set on turned supports £10-20
201.    A 33" Edwardian satin walnut chest of three long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £30-50
202.    A 30" waxed pine wall mounted coat rack with bracketed shelf, six iron hooks and cast plaque "Welcome to Our Home" £40-50
203.    A set of four waxed and stained pine kitchen dining chairs with pierced splats and solid sectional seats, set on turned supports £20-40
204.    A French stained pine baguette bin with sloping lift-top and material backed spindle panel to front £20-40
205.    A 19th Century Windsor style stick back elbow chair with solid elm seat panel, set on ring turned supports £50-80
206.    A 3' 5" Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers set on a rounded plinth base £80-120
207.    A set of six Ercol hoop stick back kitchen chairs with stylised pierced fleur-de-lis splats and moulded solid elm seats, comprising four standard and two carvers £50-80
208.    A 5' 4" waxed pine farmhouse kitchen table with drawer to one end, set on turned legs £70-100
209.    An early 20th Century oak clover topped jardinière stand with triple pierced sloping supports and uniting stretcher - sold with a similar £20-40
210.    A 4' reproduction stained wood cross banded and strung oval topped coffee table, set on reeded splayed legs with brassed lion paw terminals - sun bleached £10-15
211.    A 15" Victorian mahogany platform dressing table mirror with scroll supports and serpentine base £10-20
212.    A 3' 10 1/2" Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers £50-70
213.    A 25 1/4" polished oak tea table, set on narrow splayed tapered legs - sold with a similar £15-25
214.    A 3' 6" polished oak gateleg dining table with decorative carved border and barley twist supports £20-40
215.    A 24" early 20th Century polished oak occasional table in the antique style with moulded top, slender carved bulbous supports and cross stretcher, set on turned feet - joints loose £20-30
216.    A set of four elm framed ladder back dining chairs with woven seagrass seat panels, set on turned front supports £50-80
217.    A late Victorian polished oak extending dining table with moulded canted top, two leaves and wind-out mechanism, set on rosette carved turned and reeded legs with porcelain casters - 7' 10" overall £100-150
218.    A 5' 4" vintage three seater settee and matching armchair upholstered in similar semi button back russet material, set on bun front feet £80-120
219.    A 16 1/4" 20th Century walnut veneered multi drawer chest with reeded canted sides to top and bracket base - in the style of a miniature chest-on-chest £30-50
220.    A 1950's Devon County Council school chair - stamped DCC £10-20
221.    A 3' 6 1/2" early 19th Century mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £70-100
222.    A 36" 1920's oak gateleg dining table set on barley twist supports £10-15
223.    A 24" early 20th Century stained oak book cabinet with gallery to top and two adjustable shelves enclosed by a pair of leaded glazed panel doors, set on bracket feet £20-40
224.    A 3' 2" 1930's stained oak four shelf open bookcase £30-50
225.    Five matching late Georgian mahogany framed Chippendale style dining chairs with shell corners to top rails, tassel pierced splats and drop-in seats, set on chamfered and moulded front supports, comprising four standard and a carver - for re-polishing - old repairs £150-250
226.    A 19 1/2" polished oak wall hanging cabinet with two shelves and pair of panelled cupboard doors under £10-20
227.    A 3' 6" Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on raised turned legs £100-120
228.    A late Victorian studded upholstered stool, set on turned walnut legs - sold with an ebonised framed and woven rush similar £15-25
229.    A 6' 4" reproduction mahogany break-front sideboard with moulded top, four drawers and quadruple cupboard doors under, set on bracket base £10-20
230.    A 19 1/4" late far eastern hardwood and metal mounted cabinet/stool with two short drawers and pair of cupboard doors under set on bracket base £20-40
231.    A 19 3/4" modern waxed pine bedside pot cupboard with drawer and chamber pot £20-30
232.    A 24" stained oak umbrella stand with bobbin turned supports and painted metal tray base £10-20
233.    A pair of Victorian stained wood framed balloon back bedroom chairs with moulded solid seats, set on turned and splayed front supports £20-30
234.    A nest of three reproduction mahogany and cross banded tea tables in the antique style, set on twin flanking slender ring turned supports £10-15
235.    Two similar late Victorian ornate walnut framed boudoir chairs with matching pierced shield shaped splat backs and upholstered seats, one set on casters, the other slender turned tapered front legs £20-30
236.    A 35 1/4" Victorian pitch pine writing table with frieze drawers, set on simple moulded square legs £30-50
237.    An early 20th Century stained wood framed chair with studded pressed wood back and seat panels, set on turned front supports £20-40
238.    A set of six shaped lath back chapel chairs, set on simple turned front supports, with later painted finish £70-100
239.    A 5' 20th Century polished oak refectory style dining table, set on shaped standard ends with pegged stretcher £50-80
240.    A Victorian parlour chair with later button back repeat pattern upholstery, set on turned front legs with porcelain casters £20-40
241.    A reproduction far eastern hardwood jardinière stand with slender barley twist supports, circular undertier and quadruple scroll feet £10-15
242.    An early 20th Century Angus stained wood framed lath back office swivel elbow chair with Patent mechanism, set on four shaped legs with later casters £50-80
243.    A 4' Edwardian walnut kneehole desk with moulded top, central frieze drawer and eight flanking pedestal drawers, set on plinth bases £50-80
244.    A 6' 6" modern Knoll settee with polished wood finials, pale frosted green tie-backs and selection of fitted and scatter cushions all with matching repeat pattern upholstery - also a footstool to match £80-120
245.    Three matching 19th Century stained oak framed Hepplewhite style shield back dining chairs with wide upholstered seats, set on slender square tapered front supports £50-80
246.    A 4' 6" reproduction yew twin pedestal desk with tooled green leather inset top, central frieze drawer and flanking pedestal drawers, set on bracket feet £40-60
247.    A 6' waxed pine topped farmhouse kitchen table on painted base with turned legs £100-150
248.    A late Victorian ebonised framed and gilt lined folding chair with remains of upholstery £10-20
249.    A 3' 6" 20th Century polished oak gateleg coffee table, set on turned supports £10-15
250.    A 35 1/2" Victorian oak and metal framed metamorphic four shelf open bookcase converting into a five plank top dining table, set on ornate turned and moulded standard ends £40-80
251.    A stripped pine corner unit with two open scalloped shelves, canted sides and panelled cupboard door under - 6' 2" high £20-30
252.    A 35 1/2" early Victorian mahogany fold-over card table with decorative moulded apron, set on a faceted bulbous pillar with petal decorated circular platform base and bracket feet - a/f £40-60
253.    A reproduction mahogany and strung sofa style side table with frieze drawer, set on pierced lyre pattern standard ends and reeded splayed legs £10-20
254.    A 19" reproduction mahogany tea table with tooled leather inset top and slender ring turned supports, with two stowed folding drop-leaf tables (to match), set on brass casters - one caster a/f £20-40
255.    A late Victorian moulded oak framed chair with cushioned spindle back, overstuffed seat and turned front legs with casters - sold with a similarly upholstered standard chair £20-40
256.    A 4' 5 1/2" Old Charm polished oak two part dresser with open shelves and two small leaded glazed doors to top, over a base with three frieze drawers and triple linen fold panelled cupboard doors under, set on block feet £30-50
257.    A 3' 10" reproduction ornate giltwood serpentine front console table with glass inset top set on decorative cabriole supports and resin moulded stretcher £30-50
258.    A 5' early 20th Century mahogany triple wardrobe with hanging space and shelves enclosed by panelled doors, set on bracket base £30-50
259.    A 28 1/2" reproduction mahogany cross banded and strung serpentine front hall table with two frieze drawers, set on square tapered legs £15-25
260.    A 3' 2 1/2" solid eastern hardwood four shelf open bookcase with break-arch pediment and two drawers under set on pommel feet £80-120
261.    A 26" reproduction mahogany cross banded and strung chest of four long drawers, set on bracket feet £20-40
262.    A late Victorian mahogany framed four fold draught screen with remains of embroidered decoration - for restoration £20-30
263.    Two modern polished oak standard lamps, both with circular platform bases and shades £20-30
264.    A 31" early 20th Century oak and glazed cabinet with part material lined interior, set on pierced apron and square legs £15-25
265.    A 3' 2" Victorian mahogany veneered chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on rounded plinth base - a/f £20-40
266.    A stained beech framed ladder back elbow chair with wide woven rush seat panel and turned front supports £10-20
267.    A 36" vintage polished oak corner drinks cabinet with canted sides, Formica lined fall-front compartment and double cupboard under, set on bracket feet £20-30
268.    An ornate gilt gesso framed wall mirror with shell and acanthus scroll decoration and replacement plate - 6' 2" X 4' 6" overall £200-400
269.    A pair of 1930's polished oak part show framed parlour armchairs upholstered in light coloured repeat pattern material, set on square legs £70-100
270.    A vintage bentwood bound canvas weather coated travelling trunk containing an old leather suitcase - various condition £10-20
271.    An old ebonised cast and wrought iron telescopic lamp standard - converted £20-40
272.    A 4' early 20th Century oak sideboard with low raised back and antique style panelled cupboard doors under, set on bobbin turned supports with pommel feet £20-30
273.    A 34 1/4" late Georgian oak wall hanging corner cabinet with canted sides and shelves enclosed by inlaid panelled cupboard door £10-20
274.    An 18" French style cast iron multi fuel stove with lift-top, three doors to front and all-over raised decoration, set on high bracket feet £80-120
275.    A 21" 20th Century stained oak chest with flight of six drawers and panelled sides, set on moulded plinth base £100-150
276.    A vintage metal bound and studded travelling trunk containing two leather suitcases - various condition £15-25
277.    A 3' 5" Victorian stained pine lift-top blanket box - lock missing £40-50
278.    A mahogany and strung commode chest pattern drinks cabinet with dummy drawer fronts, fitted interior and bracket feet £20-30
279.    A 28 1/2" antique stained oak wall hanging corner cupboard with three scalloped shelves enclosed by a panelled door £20-40
280.    A 21" 1930's polished oak sewing cabinet with partitioned tray fitted lift-top compartment over three slides enclosed by a pair of cupboard doors, set on casters £40-60
281.    A 3' 11 1/2" antique walnut gateleg dining table with single oak lined drawer and opposing dummy drawer front, set on turned supports and moulded stretchers £40-60
282.    A Lloyd Loom style tub chair with upholstered seat - sold with a 35" matching demi-lune ottoman £20-30
283.    A reproduction mahogany occasional table with oval piecrust top, set on slender turned supports £15-25
290.    A 1950's Sherborne footstool upholstered in contrasting white and red printed vinyl, set on slender ebonised tapered legs £20-40
291.    A 20th Century Oriental carved hardwood standard lamp with air dragon decoration and stepped circular platform base £20-40
292.    A 19th Century mixed wood parquetry topped footstool, set on turned feet £20-30
293.    A 7 1/2" late Georgian inlaid fruitwood and satin wood strung twin compartment tea caddy with shell motif to lid and vase motifs to front and canted sides, two internal lids and later baize base £150-200
294.    A 3' 9" Victorian mahogany kneehole writing table with remains of tooled leather inset top, three frieze drawers and flanking deep drawers under, set on acanthus cabriole legs with claw and ball feet £50-80
295.    An Edwardian polished rosewood two tier jardinière stand with fret cut decoration and slender square tapered supports £40-60
296.    A 17 1/2" Victorian ebonised casket with remains of applied metal decoration and blue silk lined interior £20-40
297.    A 4' Victorian polished oak buffet with ornate pierced raised back and two moulded surfaces, set on turned and carved supports with oval undertier and porcelain casters £80-120
298.    An Aesthetic ebonised and parcel gilt framed button back parlour armchair with ivory coloured damask upholstery, set on turned and fluted front legs with porcelain casters £70-100
299.    A 15" Tendimus Skirt Bands branded sewing box with grained finish and transfer decoration to lid, with various contents including a large quantity of mercerised cotton skeins £30-50
300.    A 30" diameter 19th Century mahogany pedestal table, set on turned pillar and tripod base £30-50
301.    An 11" old polished birds-eye maple dome top box with decorative banding £20-30
302.    A 3' 4" vintage side-by-side school desk with twin lift-tops and inkwell apertures, set on moulded square legs £30-50
303.    A 21 1/2" Victorian octagonal topped pedestal table with specimen wood inlays set on turned pillar and quadruple acanthus carved cabriole legs £40-60
304.    A wall mounted coat rack with three bakelite hooks £15-25
305.    An Aesthetic ebonised and parcel gilt framed boudoir chair with button back upholstered back rail and circular seat, set on turned front legs with brass casters £40-60
306.    A 35" Victorian stained pine and metal bound set of six workshop drawers £40-50
307.    A 33" antique ebonised and studded iron bound silver chest with twin flanking heavy iron drop handles - internal tray missing £70-100
308.    A 19" 19th Century rosewood twin compartment tea caddy with carved knop to lid enclosing two pull-out canisters and associated mixing bowl, with flanking C-scroll handles, set on ornate swept scroll feet £100-150
309.    A 4' 1" 19th Century mahogany partner's writing table with brown leather inset top, two frieze drawers and opposing drawers, set on turned legs with brass caps and casters £80-120
310.    A 3' 8" 18th Century stained oak four plank coffer with simple incised decoration to front, original lock plate (lock missing) and simple cut raised standard ends £70-100
311.    A 36" modern Oriental red lacquered and highly decorated coffee table with glass top, set on square supports and typical feet £20-40
312.    Five matching antique wheelback kitchen chairs with solid elm seats, set on ring turned supports - various makers stamps £80-120
313.    A 28" antique iron bound coopered barrel with red stained finish and remains of printed text £30-50
314.    A 17" old brass and cast iron corner stick stand with triple slender supports £20-40
315.    A 20 3/4" antique waxed pine tabletop chest with two flights of partitioned drawers - Brook of Dawlish £90-110
316.    A 28 1/4" Victorian polished pitch pine collector's cabinet with four internal drawers enclosed by a pair of panelled cupboard doors, set on plinth base £80-120
317.    A 4' 9" Victorian ottoman chest of tapered design with original tapestry to lift-top, moulded base and set on squat bun feet £100-150
318.    A 12" 19th Century figured mahogany veneered tea caddy - internal fitments missing £30-40
319.    A late Victorian oak framed drawing room armchair with repeat pattern upholstery and flanking spindles, set on turned front legs with porcelain casters £20-30
320.    A 15 3/4" 19th Century brass bound figured mahogany writing slope with part fitted interior and pin locking side drawer - lid escutcheon and base missing £60-80
321.    A 25" Victorian mahogany Pembroke style work table with deep drawer and opposing double dummy drawer fronts set on square legs with brass caps and casters £40-50
322.    An 11 1/2" Victorian rosewood and strung footstool with tapestry panel to lid enclosing a tin hot water bottle £40-60
323.    A Victorian quarter veneered walnut games/work table with fold over swivel top, fitted drawer, and material slide under, set on flanking standard ends with acanthus carved cabriole legs and porcelain casters £300-400
324.    A pair of painted wood part show framed fauteuil armchairs with studded button back upholstery, set on acanthus carved cabriole front legs - by Mariano Garcia of Valencia £120-200
325.    A wall mounted polished wood coat rack with five cast iron hooks £20-30
326.    A 24 1/2" 19th Century drop-leaf table with moulded edge, set on acanthus cabriole legs with claw and ball feet - split to top £30-40
327.    An Edwardian stained wood framed spindle back tub chair with buttoned and studded brown leather upholstery, set on turned front legs £80-120
328.    A pair of vintage Pia chrome plated framed and perspex folding chairs £40-80
329.    A Victorian upholstered drum shaped footstool, set on square moulded legs with porcelain casters £30-50
330.    A 29 1/2" 19th Century Sheraton mahogany cross banded and strung Pembrooke table with profuse Art D'vertue all-over painted decoration, comprising central oval framed bouquet of flowers within a rope and trailing foliate border, the drawer with similar decoration and square tapered legs with suspended foliage, set on brass caps and roller casters £3000-3500
331.    A 20 1/4" antique stained pine bible box with original iron latch and lock plate £30-50
332.    An 18 1/4" antiqued wood wall mounted coat rack with three cast iron hooks £15-25
333.    A 4' 7" early 19th Century mahogany twin pedestal estate desk with part lift-top and fall-front enclosing central surface and flanking slides, over a base with arched kneehole, flanking pedestal drawers and pot cupboard door to one side (with pot), set on plinth bases £120-180
334.    A 10 3/4" Victorian rosewood, mother-of-pearl and abalone inlaid work box carcass £30-40
335.    A pair of 18" oak joint stool style low tables, set on bulbous turned supports and moulded stretchers £30-50
336.    A vintage painted iron six tier graduated pot stand £30-50
337.    A 19 1/2" early 20th Century mahogany envelope card table with swivel pop-up action and single drawer, set on square tapered supports and X-stretcher £30-50
338.    A pair of 19th Century walnut framed Queen Anne style dining chairs with shaped scroll splat backs and wide upholstered drop-in seats, set on fan carved cabriole front legs £60-80
339.    A Victorian mahogany part show frame spoon back drawing room armchair with moulded and scroll decoration, later floral cut velour upholstery and two scatter cushions, set on turned front legs with brass caps and casters £60-80
340.    A mid-late 18th Century captains or travellers decanter set in iron bound stained oak case, the tray fitted interior containing a set of six large and six small Stiegel style decanters with star cut and knurled decoration, pair of tumblers, pair of stemmed glasses, and a funnel - original lock and key £1200-1500
341.    A rustic waxed pine trug with heart pierced handle £10-20
342.    A 4' 2" diameter 19th Century mahogany breakfast table, set on faceted tapered pillar and trefoil base with scroll terminals and casters £100-120
343.    A 3' 3" antique elm lift-top box with later iron bound corners, internal candle box (a/f) and flanking iron drop handles £50-70
344.    A 16 3/4" late 19th Century continental stained mixed wood bedside pot cupboard with canted marble top, drawer and panelled door, set on turned supports with undertier £30-50
345.    A 19th Century walnut framed and gilt slipped pole screen with C-scroll border and beadwork decoration under glass depicting a spray of flowers, set on typical stand with damaged tripod base £80-120
346.    A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany framed elbow chairs with large inlaid fan motifs to pierced splat backs and upholstered shaped oval seat panels, set on slender ring turned front supports with cross stretcher £100-140
347.    A Victorian walnut part show frame spoon back nursing chair with button back green velour upholstery, set on ornate cabriole front legs and porcelain casters £50-70
348.    A 14 1/2" 19th Century waxed mixed wood specimen chest of four long graduated drawers and later brass handles £50-70
349.    A 3' 6" 19th Century mahogany draw-frame dining table with single leaf, set on ring turned legs £30-50
350.    A 35" old waxed pine and iron bound lift-top transit case with flanking heavy iron drop handles £40-60
351.    A 3' 7 1/2" toughened clear glass topped coffee table, set on a limed driftwood style base £20-40
352.    A vintage bentwood bound blue canvas weather coated travelling trunk containing two leather suitcases - various condition £10-20
353.    A 1950's American Tower brand red and brown vanity case and vanity case, both with Cunard White Star to Europe labels, Queen Mary, New York - Cherbourg (one label a/f) £120-180
354.    A 4' 8" reproduction ornate gilt console table with serpentine brown marble top, set on pierced scroll apron and cabriole supports with X-stretcher £70-100
355.    A 32" reproduction mahogany cross banded and strung hall table with an array of six drawers and undertier, set on square tapered supports £20-40
356.    A 1920's bevelled oval mirror - sold with a stained wood three tier folding cake stand £10-20
357.    A Victorian walnut framed oblong wall mirror with original plate - 3' 9" X 23 1/4" overall £40-60
358.    An Art Nouveau parcel gilt and ebonised framed bevelled oblong wall mirror with decorative lily pad border - 3' 11" X 30 3/4" overall £40-60
359.    A mid 20th Century ornate gilt metal framed wall mirror with pierced pediment and shaped bevelled plate £20-30
360.    A 1950's frameless bevelled wall mirror - sold with an oval similar and one other £15-25
361.    A frameless bevelled oval wall mirror with faceted cut decoration £10-15
362.    A decorative gilt and printed floral framed octagonal wall mirror with bevelled plate £15-25
363.    A reproduction stained wood framed advertising mirror for Renton Finest Old Scotch Whisky £20-30
364.    A 19" diameter mid 20th Century embossed brass framed convex wall mirror £15-25
365.    A stained hardwood framed Gothic arch pattern wall mirror - 3' 3 1/4" X 19" overall £20-40
366.    A modern gilt framed bevelled oval wall mirror in the antique style £10-20
367.    A decorative gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £10-20
368.    An antiqued gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror - 3' 4" X 28" overall £20-40
369.    An old gilt framed bevelled oval wall mirror with later finish - 25 1/2" X 3' 2" overall £20-40
370.    A 1920's walnut framed Queen Anne style wall mirror with shaped plate £15-25
371.    An antiqued moulded gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £15-25
372.    Two reproduction gilt framed convex wall mirrors with similar decorative pierced borders £20-30
373.    A modern gilt framed oval wall mirror £10-20
374.    An embossed metal clad framed bevelled oval wall mirror £15-25
375.    A decorative cast brass framed oval wall mirror with mask to top £15-25
376.    A 1930's frameless wall mirror with peach coloured floral etched top and bottom panels with shaped central plate £40-60
377.    A decorative gilt framed oval wall mirror £10-20
378.    An old ornate giltwood bracket wall mirror with ribbon pediment, shell and acanthus scroll decoration and applied floral garlands under - 3' 5" high £50-80
379.    A 3' 2" early 20th Century polished oak wall mounted coat rack with central bevelled mirror plate, six cast metal hooks and flanking stylised lion mask ring capitals £10-20
380.    A late Victorian moulded and reeded framed oblong wall mirror - sold with another similar from a dressing table £15-25
381.    A gilt swept framed oblong wall mirror £20-30
382.    Two mid 20th Century small decorative brassed framed wall mirrors, one with shaped plate, the other oval £15-25
390.    A Dutch Zandam wall clock with twin weight driven movement - a/f £15-25
391.    An antique style decorative advertising panel wall timepiece "Chantclerc", with fret cut cockerel decoration and battery movement £10-20
392.    A mid 20th Century French walnut cased wall clock with carved floral decoration, visible pendulum and eight day gong striking movement £20-30
393.    A late 19th Century German stained walnut and mixed wood cased mantel clock with Junghans gong striking movement £10-20
394.    A 19th Century inlaid mahogany banjo barometer/thermometer with shell and rosette decoration, spirit scale and mercury works, the silvered dial marked for L. Martinelli, Brighton - minor binding loss to base £70-100
395.    A 4' high late 19th Century walnut and mixed wood cased Vienna style regulator wall clock with cast composite eagle pediment, flanking half columns, decorative dial and twin weight driven gong striking movement £50-80
396.    A 19th Century inlaid mahogany cased banjo barometer/thermometer with shell and rosette decoration, spirit scale and mercury works, the silvered dial marked for Ortelli & Co., 20 Cross Street, Hatton Garden, London £50-80
397.    A modern Comitti of London inlaid mahogany effect cased wall clock with white dial and eight day chiming movement £20-40
398.    A 19th Century French fire gilt and porcelain decorative clock garniture, comprising mantel clock with shaped pediment, reeded columns to corners and inset cobalt blue ground porcelain dial and side panels with hand painted continental scene decoration and eight day bell striking movement, with a pair of 13" slender bulbous pedestal vases to match £200-400
399.    A reproduction chinoiserie bracket timepiece with dial marked for Knight & Gibbins, London with Franz Hermle eight day floating balance bell striking movement £50-80
400.    A reproduction burr walnut and mahogany cased dome top mantel clock with dial marked for Comitti London and with Franz Hermle floating balance eight day bell striking movement £40-60
401.    A circa 1900 French candle timepiece with painted Roman numerals to tapered glass cylinder, set on a brass movement with alabaster base £100-150
402.    A 20" high French ormolu and decorative painted porcelain inset salon mantel clock with portrait miniature pediment, two flanking smaller portraits and central scene with two children and bird, the convex dial with blue Roman numerals and with W. Oppenheim, London/Paris eight day bell striking movement £200-400
403.    A late 19th Century ornate continental porcelain clock garniture, comprising mantel clock with profuse floral encrusted decoration, three cherubs to top, two further figures under in a landscape setting and eight day bell striking movement, with a pair of 20" figural five branch candelabra to match, featuring a figure of a man and woman playing Blind Man's Buff £80-120
404.    A 20" late Victorian black slate mantel clock of architectural design with embossed metal frieze to top, flanking cast Corinthian columns and gilt Roman numerals to black dial and eight day gong striking movement £50-80
405.    A vintage Koma anniversary clock with painted floral decoration under glass dome £10-20
406.    A box of assorted clock parts and Tower scales £15-25
407.    A 19th Century stained wood cased postman's style wall clock with floral garland to dial and wooden framed bell striking movement - for restoration £10-20
408.    A late Victorian black slate and marble cased mantel clock of architectural design with gilt dial marked for B. W. Nix, Exeter, twin flanking half columns and eight day gong striking movement £40-60
409.    A late 19th Century stained oak cased table clock of architectural design with decorative frieze and flanking half columns, the brass and silvered dial marked for S. A. Yorke, 13 New Street, Birmingham with chime/silent and regulator dials, with eight day gong striking movement £150-180
410.    A reproduction chinoiserie longcase clock with profuse gilt decoration on black ground, the brassed arched dial marked for Clockart Oporto, 1995 and retailed by Robert Grant of London with bevelled glass panel to door and triple weight driven eight day chiming movement £150-250
411.    A 19th Century mahogany and oak longcase clock with broken swan neck pediment and flanking simple pillars to hood, the 13" diameter white painted dial with perching bird and date aperture marked for Deacon. Leicester with thirty hour bell striking movement - restored £200-400
412.    A reproduction large dial wall timepiece with battery movement £10-20
413.    A late Victorian polished oak cased aneroid banjo barometer/thermometer with printed ceramic scale and dial £15-25
441.    A brass table oil lamp with chimney £10-20
442.    A painted wood column pattern table lamp and Tiffany style shade £20-40
443.    A large copper hall lantern with oblique glass panes £40-60
444.    A hall lantern with coloured glass panes, a brass similar with opaque panes, and a cabin lamp £30-50
445.    A vintage British Rail painted metal triple aspect hand lantern £20-40
446.    A brass Corinthian column pattern table lamp and a decorative ceramic table lamp - both with shades £20-40
447.    A vintage Tilley lamp £15-25
448.    A Victorian brass table oil lamp with Corinthian column base, moulded white and yellow glass reservoir and matching shade £30-50
449.    An Oriental blue and white table lamp - sold with a Satsuma table lamp base £10-20
450.    A Maling Ware table lamp and a brass table, both with shades - sold with a 1960's resin table lamp £20-40
451.    A pair of brass candlestick pattern table lamps with shades £30-50
452.    Three mid 20th Century moiré glass centre light shades with chains £15-25
453.    A Victorian table oil lamp with decorative pink glass reservoir, etched shade and chimney £30-50
454.    An Iranian brass table oil lamp with embossed crown and lion and sun decoration, with chimney £25-30
455.    A pair of brass Corinthian column pattern table lamps on stepped bases £10-20
456.    A pair of ornate bedside lamps with enamelled blue flowers, with shades £20-40
457.    A Duplex brass table oil lamp with original chimney and globe - sold with a miniature ceramic oil lamp £15-25
458.    A pair of modern Oriental temple jars style table lamps with shades £20-40
459.    A Gothic style iron three branch light fitting £10-20
460.    A gilt brass six branch electrolier £70-100
461.    A large milk glass ceiling globe £20-40
462.    A large quantity of assorted table oil lamps and glass shades £20-40
463.    A pair of gilt metal foliate pattern two branch wall sconces £30-50
464.    A pair of modern wrought iron four branch wall sconces £20-40
465.    A late 20th Century Danish wrought iron six branch ball or floating candle candelabra with glass vessels and large central well £50-80
466.    A pair of modern giltwood six branch electroliers £30-50
467.    A Prussian brass six branch electrolier with bulbous finial £80-120
468.    A modern five branch electrolier with faceted glass decoration - sold with a three branch electrolier with painted finish £40-60
469.    A modern continental painted metal pendant light fitting £40-60
470.    A modern painted metal six branch electrolier with glass drop decoration £40-60
471.    A gilt metal and moulded glass twelve branch electrolier with faceted drops £80-120
472.    A modern Italian Franklite chrome plated five branch centre light fitting with dimpled cube shades £50-80
473.    An Italian Artemide Miconos pendant light fitting £50-80
474.    An Italian Artemide Miconos pendant light fitting £50-80
475.    An Italian Artemide Miconos pendant light fitting £50-80
476.    A large reproduction metal street lamp with perspex panes £40-60
477.    A Venetian Murano Gold Apollo six branch electrolier with flower and leaf embellishments £200-300
478.    A Venetian Murano Gold six branch electrolier with leaf embellishments £150-250
479.    A Venetian Murano Gold six branch electrolier with flower and leaf embellishments - one shade and one leaf a/f - to match Lot 480 £200-300
480.    A Venetian Murano Gold six branch electrolier with flower and leaf embellishments - to match Lot 479 £200-300
481.    A Venetian Murano Gold chandelier with two tiers of five and six branches, with flower, leaf, and grape embellishments £300-500
482.    A Venetian Murano eight branch electrolier in pink and blue with profuse coloured glass flower embellishment £300-500
501.    A late Victorian Tunbridge ware glove box with geometric pattern to lid, bearing label to base for T. Barton late Nye Manufacturer, Mount Ephraim and Parade, Tunbridge Wells - minor damage to lid £40-60
502.    A Victorian mahogany box with later velvet lined interior - sold with a Georgian rosewood box £30-50
503.    A framed antique Chinese silk panel with bats flying amongst chrysanthemums £40-60
504.    A 3' 4" antique display case containing a taxidermy study of a stuffed and mounted fox with duck in its mouth, in naturalistic setting £80-120
505.    A boxed Le Creuset terrine dish £20-40
506.    Four glass domed models, comprising two sailing ships, a biplane and a hot air balloon £10-20
507.    A large set of W. & T. Avery brass balance scales and weights - pin missing £35-45
508.    A vintage French wall mounted coffee mill £20-40
509.    A model of a dog £10-20
510.    A cased Quarz M 8mm clockwork cine camera and accessories £10-20
511.    A vintage scratch built pond yacht - hull length 25" £30-50
512.    A boxed Moore & Wright micrometer £10-20
513.    An early 20th Century Richard Johnson, Clapham & Morris miner's lamp £20-40
514.    A vintage optic and a miniature soda syphon £15-25
515.    An early 20th Century French box containing a quantity of embroidery threads, by Cartier-Bresson £20-40
516.    A mid 20th Century Pentacon Praktica LLC 35mm camera - sold with a Kodak 35 camera, a cable release, and two tripods £15-25
517.    An advertising model yacht from the BT Global Challenge 1996-97 £10-20
518.    A wooden cased set of early composite snooker balls £10-20
519.    A leather cased pair of Wray 'Nine' 9X60 binoculars - sold with a pair of cased Greens by Swift 8X40 similar £15-25
520.    A modern chess board - sold with various playing pieces £10-20
521.    An old portable call bell with long extension wire £20-40
522.    A 1939 ARP rattle by W. Clements & Sons - sold with four old moulding planes and a small box £10-20
523.    A large quantity of EP records - various artists £5-10
524.    Three old wood drive wheel formers - various sizes £80-120
525.    An Alpex 1:6:3 f=400mm telephoto camera lens in leather case - sold with assorted camera accessories £10-15
526.    A vintage brass coin operated 'Penny in the Slot' toilet door lock - a/f £10-40
527.    A Seben illuminated stereo microscope with instructions £40-60
528.    A 24" Oriental carved hardwood figure of a man carrying a sack, with a much smaller man at his feet £40-60
529.    A framed Isle of Man T.T. Special front page from June 10th 1955 £5-10
530.    A small barometer, a stuffed and mounted deer's hoof and a turned wood footed bowl with musical movement £10-20
531.    A collection of decorative eggs £10-20
532.    Two 1950's Alpenstock souvenir walking sticks with badges - sold with a walking stick/flute £10-20
533.    A British Rail cast iron carriage plate - BR (W) 1964 £20-40
534.    A Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway cast iron fire buckets sign - later painted finish £80-120
535.    An early-mid 20th Century double sided blue enamel Public Telephone sign with original bracket £200-300
536.    A vintage bean slicer on cast iron bracket £15-25
537.    A pair of vintage Lieberman & Gortz 20X binoculars, in original leather case - sold with a pair of Denhill 8X30 binoculars, in original leather case - both a/f £25-30
538.    A box containing a quantity of assorted ordnance including a 1940 dated No. 199 Mk. IV time fuze for 3.7in anti-aircraft round, 40mm shell case, 1902 Rules and Regulations of the Ordnance Factories, etc. £20-40
539.    Two embroidered silk panels depicting the Royal Horse Artillery badge over 'Palestine', and two wartime tea cloths marked GR with crown - sold with a silver embroidered communion cloth £20-40
540.    A spice house - 'Willow Cottage' £50-80
541.    A framed set of four copper moulds of Classical style figures in the manner of John Flaxman, labelled Flaxman Models to reverse £30-50
542.    An onyx chess set and board £5-10
543.    A set of Salter kitchen scales with a set of brass weights £10-20
544.    A small quantity of decorative furniture knobs £20-30
545.    A vintage wooden teapot box with motto decoration and lined interior £10-20
546.    An African tourist ware mask £10-20
547.    A box containing a quantity of vintage bags, gloves, etc. £10-20
548.    A vintage Braimes double slide oil can and a Record No.1 bench vice £10-40
549.    A twelve bore cleaning kit, snap caps, etc. £10-40
550.    A vintage Gunmark leather clad shotgun cartridge case - to hold six boxes £40-60
551.    Two framed modern woolwork pictures £10-20
552.    Various England test match ties and sporting calendars £10-20
553.    A quantity of assorted plumbing and other items including old bell pull and pewter pepperette £10-20
554.    A Georgian framed oval sampler depicting a map of Europe by Ann Saunders and dated 1810, in decorative mount - 22" X 20 1/2" - sold with a miniature copy of Fathers Legacy dedicated to Ann, dated 1808 £200-400
555.    A quantity of vintage bar optics including Gaskell & Chambers £20-40
556.    A vintage Keeler ophthalmoscope and wall Lift-a-Light power unit - sold with a later Clement Clarke ophthalmoscope and power unit, a Keeler combination ophthalmoscope and otoscope with grey case, and a Zeiss Winkel focimeter (needs drive cord) £20-40
557.    A mounted display of Royal Navy hat tallies including Brocklesby, Sultan, and Vernon, and other insignia £30-50
558.    A cased vintage Italia Cooperativa l'Armonica Stradelia Super Deluxe piano accordion £30-50
559.    A tin suitcase with pigskin effect finish £10-20
560.    A collection of vintage washboards of various size and design £30-50
561.    An early 20th Century John Buchanan & Bros., Glasgow casket form biscuit tin with jewelled decoration and Pre-Raphaelite style panels - sold with other tins, a vintage money box, etc. £30-50
562.    A vintage meat safe converted into a bird cage £10-20
563.    An enamel bread bin (lid missing) - sold with a lamp shade £5-10
564.    A box containing various planes including Stanley SB 3, etc. £10-20
565.    Two vintage tow chains £20-40
566.    A small quantity of LP records including Parallel Lines by Blondie, Arrival by ABBA, Ken Dodd and the Diddy Men, etc. £20-30
567.    A reel-to-reel tape deck, a Polaroid camera, a Bell and Howell 624 film camera and two other cameras £15-25
568.    A vintage Jones Planetron VX 10 8 track player - sold with a collection of 8 track tapes including Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, etc. £30-50
569.    A cased Fontanella piano accordion £20-40
570.    A reproduction casket £10-20
571.    A box containing three vintage cameras and other photographic equipment - various condition £10-20
572.    A suitcase containing a quantity of mid 20th Century bus related ephemera including union cards, certificates, diary, receipt book, etc. £20-40
573.    A set of Avery Ltd. scales - sold with a quantity of assorted weights £10-20
574.    A vintage two gallon can with spout £10-20
575.    A box containing tools including brace, pestle, grease gun, coat hooks, etc. £15-25
576.    A collection of vintage washboards of various size and style, clothes tongs, pan £20-40
577.    A collection of animal models including horse, dogs, etc. £10-20
578.    A japanned deed box - sold with a small leather briefcase £15-25
579.    A box containing cast iron skillets and pots £20-30
580.    A cased Calvi Parma piano accordion £20-40
581.    A pair of 12' New Zealand white water oars by Gull £60-80
582.    C.A. Barrett: a 13" square 19th Century framed chessboard illustrated with sixty-four individual miniature watercolours depicting various scenes and landscapes from around the world including weather beaten hot air balloon, American paddle steamer, Dutch windmill, Big Ben, Rialto Bridge, volcano, polar ice cap, a man tied to a rock being thrown off a cliff, etc. - signed and partly dated £120-180
583.    A Balinese carved and painted wood figure of Garuda £20-40
584.    Two black bowler hats and a black Homburg £20-40
585.    A set of wooden nine pin skittles and three rubber balls £25-40
586.    A J.R. Lafleur Zenith Mk. III trumpet in hard case £30-40
587.    A horn handled malacca riding crop with carved dog's head decoration - sold with two canes and a rent collector's stick with clenched fist £40-60
588.    A small oak rocking crib - sold with a later Teddy bear £30-50
589.    An early 20th Century grey size 7 top hat in Lincoln Bennett of Burlington Gardens, Old Bond St. box - both a/f £30-50
590.    A 21" white painted plaster statue of a nude woman £20-40
591.    A late 19th Greek horse head Kepkypa walking stick - sold with three other walking sticks £80-120
592.    A Stagg Jia five piece drum kit consisting of snare, bass and three toms, and Sabian Solar highhat, 16" crash and 20" ride cymbals and stands - with music books, sticks and Sabian cymbal bag £70-100
593.    A vintage Silver Cross dolls pram £20-40
594.    A 4' 11" 1930's painted plaster figure of a black man on plinth base £200-300
595.    A 4' 1930's painted plaster figure of a seated black man £200-300
596.    A quantity of craft items comprising tapestry frame with ring, flower press, hammer and basket - sold with a picnic hamper and contents £15-25
597.    An articulated wood artist's hand £10-20
598.    A wide-brimmed bowler hat and standard bowler - sold with a 1980's Russian Navy peaked cap £10-40
599.    A quantity of wicker items including picnic basket, log basket, etc. £20-30
600.    A vintage Spong knife sharpener £15-25
601.    A mid 20th Century folding stretcher - re-canvassed £10-40
602.    Two leaded light coloured glass window panes - sold with another similar £15-25
603.    A mid 19th Century four draw brass telescope with mahogany sleeve by J.P. Cutts, bearing the remains of the anchor trade mark 'Try Me' logo with faulty 'E' - sold with a contemporary brass and mahogany tripod, locking pin missing £50-80
604.    A boxed Jaques croquet set in nearly new condition £50-80
605.    A 1920's Ewbank carpet cleaner £10-20
606.    A vintage pony hair and leather coat £50-60
607.    A mid 19th Century Indian white metal snuff in the form of a sabretache of the 24th Hussars with crown and VR cipher, marked inside Barton (of Bangalore) Silver £100-200
608.    A small collection of enamel badges including Mother's Union, Service Rest Centre, Empire Exhibition Scotland 1938, silver 3ds, yellow metal brooch (a/f), etc. £20-40
609.    An album containing pre-decimal coinage including Georgian Pennies and two silver coins - sold with a collection of various coins sets, etc. £20-40
610.    A collection of late 20th Century and later coinage £5-10
611.    A tub containing a quantity of Great British and foreign coinage including fourteen commemorative Crowns, etc. - sold with a small quantity of banknotes including O'Brien £1, etc. £20-30
612.    A collection of Georgian and later coinage including 1806 Half Penny, 1887 Crown, 1889 and other 3ds, 1922 and 1935 Half Crowns, etc. - sold with a miniature 1900 South Africa medal with Victoria, Roberts and Kitchener to reverse £30-60
613.    Two old Union flag handkerchiefs and a length of tricolour bunting £10-15
614.    A Westminster Collection 2006 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday commemorative coin cover with Five Pound coin numbered 260 in original wallet, a 2011 UK Royal Wedding Commemorative silver £5 limited edition coin cover, 224/500, also in wallet - sold with a 2011 40th Anniversary of Decimalisation silver coin cover set, limited edition 1/450, a 2006 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday commemorative coin cover with two Five Pound coins, limited edition 524/1,926 and a 2005 VE Day 9-coin commemorative cover, limited edition 260/1,945 - all three in original Westminster boxes £60-80
615.    A collection of mostly George VI Sixpences and six Victoria Threepences £30-50
616.    A. C. Roper, Private, 27248 Gloucester Regt. and E. C. Roper, Private 6740 20th Battalion London Regiment: Great War and Victory Medals for both, one Victory ribbon £40-60
617.    An enamelled silver Long Service medal for The National Operatic and Dramatic Association, hallmarked Birmingham 1961 £10-20
618.    A First World War Munition Volunteer badge, numbered 31290 £10-20
619.    Four RAF lapel badges, comprising a marked Sterling wing, enamelled RAFA, Air Training Corps, and RAF Comforts Committee Voluntary Worker £10-20
620.    Four Home Front lapel badges, comprising Imperial Service, For Loyal Service, WVS Civil Defence and WV For the Forces £15-25
621.    Four National Savings enamelled badges including 40 Years Service, etc. £10-15
622.    An early 20th Century enamelled silver medal for the Brincliffe and Ecclesall Rifle Club, hallmarked Thomas Fattorini, Birmingham 1916 £10-15
623.    Two enamelled Burma Star Association badges and a Friend of the Burma Star Association badge £10-15
624.    Two First World War stick pins and medallion, comprising Birmingham War Relief Fund, Comrades of the Great War and Recruiting League 'For King and Empire' £15-25
625.    A mid 20th Century enamelled silver Royal Life Saving Society Deputy President's badge £10-20
626.    A cased bronze Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1837-1897 medallion £20-30
627.    A run of twenty one consecutive pairs of £1 banknotes including O'Brien, Fforde, Page, Somerset, and Hollom, three pairs of Fforde 10/- and one pair of Bailey £5 £100-150
628.    A M1917 US Army bayonet in dug up condition - sold two other objects £10-20
629.    A vintage Indian made carving set in carved wood double ended sheath with brass furniture £10-20
630.    A mid-late 20th Century Dutch FN FAL bayonet and scabbard - sold with a 1985 dated artillery shell case £15-25
631.    A collar box containing a large collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage including France Louis XVI 2 Sols, 1806 Farthing, 1917 US Mercury Dime, etc. £10-20
632.    A collection of approximately fifty encapsulated and approximately twenty loose crowns - sold with six First Decimal coin sets £30-50
633.    A small collection of 1920's - 1940's Chinese banknotes including Kwangtung 5 Dollars, etc., a Japan 1946-58 1 Yen in GEF condition and a 1945 Japanese 100 Yen/Yuan £10-20
634.    A coin bag containing a collection of 20th Century Great British and foreign coinage £10-20
635.    An early 20th Century novelty boot pattern pipe and two continental pipes - sold with a boxed Ronson lighter £15-25
636.    A small quantity of collectable items including two monocles, a RASC officer's collar dog, a malachite intaglio pendant, etc. £10-20
637.    A pair of hammer action side lock plates named to E Fletcher £20-40
638.    An antique silver plated bear's head pattern riding crop knop £30-50
639.    An antique Indian white metal double ended spirit measure £30-50
640.    A small collection of 1990's - 2000's race club member's badges £10-15
641.    An early 20th Century set of three brass and wood darts in brass tube £20-30
642.    Four silver and silver gilt sporting fob medals, all named to A.H. Blackmore from the B.P.L.C. Gym Championship from 1927 to 1933 £20-40
643.    A 1930's pocket watch with Admiral twenty-one jewel movement, in Dennison yellow metal case £30-50
644.    A First World War Princess Mary Christmas 1914 Gift Fund tin containing 1914 and 1915 Christmas cards and marked Sterling topped bullet pencil £30-50
645.    A tin containing various collectable items including agate samples, penknives, lapel badges, etc. - sold with a Gothic style wall mounted letter rack £20-40
646.    An enamelled South African War Veterans Association 1899-1902 lapel badge, a First World War Service Rendered badge, Loyal Service badge, etc. £20-40
647.    A First World War British Army pocket compass Mk VI by Terrasse W. Co and dated 1918 £20-40
648.    A boxed Waterman fountain pen £40-60
649.    A Bing & Grondahl ceramic plaque of Athena, a commemorative crown and two papier-mâché pill boxes £20-30
650.    A group of eight old sepia photographs, two with the caption 'Wimbledon 1869', six being views of a holiday party boating on the Lake and playing croquet with one inscribed 'Glenridding House, Ullswater, September 1871' £100-140
651.    A box containing a quantity of collectables including hat pins, watches, spoons, compass, medallions, etc. £20-25
652.    A collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage including Georgian Ireland Half Penny, 1877 Victoria Jubilee medallion, George V and later silver coinage, 1930 Netherlands 10 Cents, twenty commemorative Crowns, two Somerset £1 notes, etc. £30-50
653.    A tin containing a collection of Victorian and later Great British coinage £10-20
654.    A tin containing a collection of 20th Century Great British coinage £10-20
655.    A collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage including 1722 Farthing, 1790's France 2Sols, 1827 Netherlands 1 Cent, 1850 Spain 4 Maravedis, etc. £20-40
656.    Two Second World War period wireless headsets - sold with some Union Jack bunting and a framed photograph of Pilot Jones - inscription verso £50-60
657.    An extensive collection of 1920's to 1950's stereoscopic glass slides depicting views of Europe including Vesuvius, Llandudno, Capri, etc. - sold with an E. Busch of Rathenow viewer and two others £200-400
658.    A white shagreen clad cigarette case £30-50
659.    A boxed Colibri cigarette lighter - sold with two Ronson table lighters £10-20
660.    A vintage London Markets Porter's enamel armband £20-40
661.    Six antique fans - various condition £50-60
662.    Two late 19th Century Japanese silk scrolls. one depicting a geisha, the other a waterside scene (a/f) £10-20
663.    Three vintage minaudière including a Park Lane example with polished shagreen effect finish £30-50
664.    A braided giltwork bridge tablecloth with pockets and corner tassels, leather clad playing card box, later cards and score cards £30-50
665.    Over three hundred and seventy luggage labels from GER, LSWR, SP, etc. £20-40
666.    Over three hundred and seventy luggage labels from GER, LNER, British Rail, etc. £20-40
667.    A black parasol with carved handle (a/f) £10-15
668.    Two boxes of vintage watchmaker's tools, equipment, movements, parts, etc. £30-60
669.    Various collectable items including Zippo lighter, boxed gyroscope top, trial lens frame (a/f), etc. £20-40
670.    A set of early 20th Century GPO Class B scales and weights £20-40
671.    A collection of Indian painted terracotta figures £10-20
672.    An antique German watchmaker's lathe by F. Lorch with original case £200-400
673.    A cased Minolta XE-1 camera body, Vivitar 75-205mm telephoto lens, Minolta 28mm and 50mm lenses, filters and flashgun £30-50
674.    A small wooden casket containing a matched pair of glass scent bottles £100-150
675.    A 19th Century two colour serpentine table font with octagonal top and four pillars, set on stepped circular base - old glued repair £150-200
676.    A pair of Chinese small lotus slippers £10-20
677.    A 19th Century rosewood jewellery box with fitted interior - with 1887 dated jewellery listing for Lady Florence Gordon Lennox £40-60
678.    A 19th Century mother-of-pearl inlaid burr walnut toilet box dated 4th Oct 1866 to escutcheon, with fitted interior and contents, some silver tops by William Neal, London 1862, some replacement bottles - a/f £100-200
679.    An old leather clad fan box £40-60
680.    A 1930's boxed GWR jig-saw double image puzzle 'The Railway Station' £10-20
681.    A 1930's boxed GWR jig-saw puzzle 'The Vikings landing at St. Ives' £10-20
682.    Two boxes containing assorted late 20th Century Meccano pieces £25-40
683.    A small collection of die-cast toy cars - all un-boxed various condition £10-20
684.    A quantity of assorted card games, jigsaw puzzles, etc. £10-20
685.    A vintage Scottish terrier soft toy £10-20
686.    A Power Rangers White Tigerzord £10-20
687.    A box containing a clockwork donkey playing the cymbals - sold with other animal and birds figures, a quantity of miniature costume dolls, etc. £15-25
688.    A clown marionette £10-20
689.    A jar containing a collection of marbles £10-20
690.    A Scalextric Rally Set 45 and Sports Set 35 (one car missing) - a/f £10-20
691.    A quantity of assorted Tri-ang OO gauge trains, carriages, and trucks, R342 car transporter and four cars, track, etc. £15-25
692.    A collection of soft toys, including pandas, lamb, etc. £20-30
693.    A 30" carved wooden sculpture of a man on plinth base £20-40
694.    A modern French Halluin point tapestry wall hanging after the original Scenes Galantes from la vie Seigneuriale in the Cluny Museum - 4' 3" X 6' (130cm x 185cm) £80-120
1001.   A set of six modern Mason's Angling Series dinner plates £10-20
1002.   One green and two blue Wedgwood Jasperware vases £10-20
1003.   A set of six Royal Worcester Woodland pattern coffee cans and saucers £10-20
1004.   A collection of Mason's Mandalay pattern items including cachepot, jug, ginger jar, clock, etc. £15-25
1005.   A Royal Albert Old Country Roses part six place tea set - teapot missing £50-80
1006.   A Queens China Buttercup pattern part six place tea set - one cup a/f £10-20
1007.   A Wedgwood blue Jasperware teapot - sold with two Dartmouth Pottery tankards, blue and white dish, etc. £10-20
1008.   Two 19th Century Staffordshire figures comprising Cobbler Jobson and a man with bird and dog - both a/f £50-60
1009.   A Tony Wood Mr Punch pattern teapot £10-20
1010.   A Coalport coffee set with rose decoration - sold with a pair of pottery bowls (a/f) £10-20
1011.   A Denby blue part coffee set and a T.G. Green Cornishware jug £10-20
1012.   A box containing various ceramic items including Wedgwood Fallow Deer teapot (slight chip), Mason's jug, etc. - sold with a glass lamp shade £20-30
1013.   Four pieces of Mason's Brown Velvet, comprising cachepot, plate, trinket box, and thimble £10-20
1014.   A Paragon Rosalind pattern part tea service including teapot and coffee pot, cups, plates, etc. £15-25
1015.   A Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern part tea set - one saucer and teapot missing £40-60
1016.   A 19" continental model of a troubadour £20-30
1017.   A Jack in the Pulpit glass vase - sold with a carnival glass dish £15-25
1018.   Five Shelley sandwich plates - various designs £50-60
1019.   A Royal Doulton Reflection pattern eight place dinner, tea and coffee service - tureen knops chipped £40-60
1020.   A Royal Doulton 'Long John Silver' charger D6376 - sold with 'Old English Coaching Scenes' dish D6393 £20-30
1021.   A collection of Mason's ceramics including a Mandalay pattern cache pot, a pair of fruit baskets, candlesticks, ginger jar, etc. - sold with a Mason's table lamp £20-30
1022.   A quantity of mid 20th Century Royal Albert teaware including five trios £10-20
1023.   A pair of Portmeirion Botanic Garden baluster vases, Chrysanthemum and Honeysuckle £30-40
1024.   Four 1950's to 1970's Beswick Beatrix Potter mice figures - one second £20-40
1025.   Three decorative plates including Clarice Cliff Cotswold, Ashworth Bros., etc. £10-20
1026.   A Melba Ware bone china part tea set £10-20
1027.   A boxed vintage Cristal d'Arques vase, various bud vases, Murano fish vase, etc. £10-20
1028.   A Beswick green woodpecker 1218B £30-50
1029.   A ceramic horse and cart - sold with a small barrel and a decorative plaque £10-20
1030.   A Mason's Nabob pattern temple jar - sold with a pair of Nabob pattern candlesticks £20-40
1031.   Two Whitefriars style bubble pattern bowls and a bark pattern bowl similar £20-40
1032.   A set of six Dartington Daisy pattern glass fruit dishes £10-20
1033.   Five various 19th Century spaniel figures - various condition £15-25
1034.   Five pieces of Honiton and three pieces of Poole pottery £20-30
1035.   Two Caithness paperweights - sold with another £15-25
1036.   Two Capodimonte figures of a hunter and a coin collector £10-20
1037.   Three teapots comprising 101 Dalmatians, cottage pattern and another - sold with a cottage pattern trinket box £20-30
1038.   A quantity of Mason's Golden Angelica including ginger jar, jug and tea caddy, etc. £15-25
1039.   A Park Rose pig - sold with a Westland Poultry in Motion cockerel £10-20
1040.   A continental rose decorated part coffee set £25-30
1041.   Four 1940's to 1960's Beswick Beatrix Potter figures - Tommy Tippytoes second with gold mark £20-40
1042.   A Portmeirion Botanic vase - sold with a pair of temple style jars £20-30
1043.   A set of three Edwardian graduated jugs £20-40
1044.   Two decanters £10-20
1045.   A Colclough Ivy Leaf pattern tea set - one saucer and teapot missing £10-20
1046.   A Mason's Teddy Bear pattern money box, lidded jar and photograph frame £10-20
1047.   A Beswick Beneagles eagle pattern decanter 1018 £20-40
1048.   A quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern tea and dinner ware £40-60
1049.   A box containing a quantity of cruets and condiments including dog and fire hydrant, mouse and cheese, toaster and toast, etc. £20-30
1050.   A pair of cut glass vases - sold with a Wedgwood Evesham pattern night light holder £20-40
1051.   A floral decorated blue and white meat plate £20-40
1052.   A collection of various ceramics including a boxed Russian coffee set, four Portmeirion National Trust commemorative plates, etc. £10-20
1053.   A continental ceramic basket in the form of Cybele's chariot drawn by winged big cats £10-20
1054.   Seven porcelain figures including Chelsea style in Regency dress, etc. - various condition £20-40
1055.   Two items of Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern ware, a 'Passion Flower' baluster vase - sold with a 'Mexican Lily' cylindrical vase £20-30
1056.   Two Wade Natwest piggy banks, Annabel and Maxwell £10-20
1057.   Four 1940's to 1950's Beswick Beatrix Potter figures £20-40
1058.   A box containing a quantity of Minton's Haddon Hall including teaware, salad plates, etc. £30-50
1058A.  A Mason's Mandalay pattern cheese dish and cover - sold with another in the Crown Devon style £10-20
1059.   A box containing a quantity of decorative ceramics including a pair of continental candlesticks, clock, two Hotei figures, etc. £50-70
1060.   A collection of ceramics including Bunnykins, Minton candlesticks, etc. £20-30
1061.   A Spode Provence pattern part tea service £10-20
1062.   A box containing a 1950's Midwinter Monaco by Jessie Tait part coffee and dinner service £20-40
1063.   A 30" late 19th-early 20th Century Burmantofts Pottery turquoise sunflower pattern jardinière stand 1947 D - sold with a similar jardinière (a/f) £80-120
1064.   Four boxes containing a quantity of glassware including carnival, coloured, wines, vases, bowls, etc. £20-40
1065.   Two boxes containing a quantity of continental figurines, a Poole Pottery dolphin and other ceramics, etc. £10-20
1066.   A collection of blue and white dinnerware including meat plates, etc. £10-20
1067.   Two boxes containing a collection of butter dishes - various age and makers £10-20
1068.   A box containing a quantity of ceramics £10-20
1069.   A quantity of cut glass including bowls, vases, cake stands, etc. £20-40
1070.   A box containing a quantity of J.A.J. moulded glass dinnerware £10-20
1071.   A box containing a quantity of glass and ceramics including a Lladro goose, mugs, bowls, etc. £10-20
1072.   A box containing a quantity of cheese dishes £10-20
1073.   A box containing a quantity of glassware including carnival glass, vases, etc. £10-20
1074.   A 20" 20th Century glazed stoneware flagon for Bartlett, Warfleet Brewery of Dartmouth £10-40
1075.   A small quantity of Royal Albert Memory Lane pattern coffee ware including coffee pot £10-20
1076.   A box containing a quantity of assorted glassware including Wedgwood, Caithness, etc. £10-20
1077.   Five large Kilner style jars £10-20
1078.   A collection of stoneware bottles, etc. £10-20
1079.   A small quantity of Denby Greenwheat pattern china £5-10
1080.   A box containing a quantity of French Bazar Francais Vallauris part glazed terracotta cooking pots £20-30
1081.   A New Chelsea gilt and white six place tea service - teapot missing £10-20
1082.   A Ridgeway White Mist pattern part dinner service, etc. £5-10
1083.   A box containing a quantity of Wedgwood Glen Mist pattern by Susie Cooper tea and dinner ware including teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug £20-40
1084.   A box containing a collection of decorative trios including Anchor china, Indian Tree, etc. £10-20
1085.   Two Wedgwood cheese plates, a Wedgwood Grand Tour trio and other decorative ceramics £10-20
1086.   A box containing a quantity of cut glass including wines. brandy balloons, sherries, etc. £10-20
1087.   A quantity of cut glass including sundae dishes, fruit bowl, etc. £10-20
1088.   A box containing a quantity of glassware including Mdina glass bowl, Royal Brierley vase, dessert sets, etc. £10-20
1089.   A box containing a quantity of Midwinter and Beswick tea and coffee ware £10-20
1090.   A box containing a quantity of cut and moulded glassware including punch bowl, lidded jar, etc. £5-10
1091.   A box containing a collection of modern Oriental ceramics including plates, ginger jars, etc. £10-20
1092.   A quantity of modern commemorative ware £10-20
1093.   A Coalport Glastonbury pattern twelve place part dinner and tea service - some spares £80-120
1094.   A Wedgwood Santa Clara pattern part six place dinner service £30-50
1095.   An Italian part liqueur set with silvered decoration on brown glass - sold with five faceted glass shots £10-20
1096.   A box containing a Royal Staffordshire China tea set and other decorative ceramics £20-30
1097.   A box containing a quantity of decorative tea cups and saucers - sold with Royal Doulton Countess pattern coffee cups, etc. £10-20
1098.   A box containing a Royal Doulton teapot (a/f), jug, vases, heated dish, etc. £10-20
1099.   A quantity of Johnson Bros. blue and white Indies pattern including vegetable dish, etc. £10-20
1100.   A Wedgwood Angela pattern twelve place dinner and tea service £50-80
1101.   A box containing a quantity of ceramics including part dessert set, tea ware, etc. £10-20
1102.   A Royal Doulton Carlyle pattern part twelve place dinner service, comprising dinner plates, tea plates, side plates, soup bowls, soup saucers, dessert bowls, tureen, gravy boat, coffee cups and saucers £60-90
1103.   A floral pattern part tea service - teapot a/f £10-20
1104.   An Enoch Wedgwood/Adams part dinner service £20-30
1105.   A Mason's Madrigal pattern dinner and tea service £30-50
1106.   A Wedgwood Ice Rose pattern six place breakfast, dinner and dessert service including teapot, tureens, etc. £40-60
1107.   A modern blue and white punch bowl with scalloped design and a handkerchief bowl similar - sold with a blue and white bulbous vase £20-40
1108.   A Dartington pottery Poppy cachepot £20-40
1109.   A Beswick pigeon 1383 - sold with a Miquel Requena fantail dove £20-40
1110.   Five bonbon dishes in the form of a putto pushing a leaf wheelbarrow £30-50
1111.   A pair of continental figures of musicians £20-40
1112.   A Lladro group of a polar bear and cubs - sold with a Lladro figure of a duck and ducklings 4895 £15-25
1113.   Two Royal Doulton figures, Buttercup HN 2309 and Hannah HN 3369 £15-25
1114.   A 12" Babbacombe Pottery black and white cat £10-20
1115.   Four 1950's to 1980's Beswick Beatrix Potter rabbit figures - some seconds £20-40
1116.   A Wedgwood glass duck - sold with a glass piebald horse and two glass frog ashtrays £15-25
1117.   A 7 1/2" Beswick pheasant 1226 £20-40
1118.   A Clarice Cliff Honeydew soup cup and saucer £10-20
1119.   A glass cactus pattern ring tree - sold with another similar and a dimple vase £10-20
1120.   A Beswick lesser spotted woodpecker 2420 £40-60
1121.   A pair of Staffordshire spaniels £20-30
1122.   A Royal Copenhagen figure Milk Maid and Calf 779 £30-50
1123.   A reproduction continental porcelain figure group of a gentleman greeting a lady alighting from a sedan chair £20-40
1124.   A pair of modern continental figural candlesticks comprising a lady with a canary and a gentleman with a cage £30-50
1125.   A Victorian Japonsime Aesthetic majolica lidded box with exotic animals to sides and parrot feet, by Joseph Holdcroft - old damage and repair £80-120
1126.   A 13" Art Nouveau continental table centrepiece in the Royal Dux style, with a woman and child on a flowering scroll branch - unmarked £300-350
1127.   A Royal Doulton figure Ninette HN 2379 - sold with another figure, Little Nell £15-25
1128.   A 7 3/4" mid 20th Century Royal Doulton 'The Old Wife' D 5966 Australian fish pattern footed bowl £35-45
1129.   A pair of 19th Century dalmatians - sold with a sleeping dalmatian a/f £15-25
1130.   A Royal Doulton figure Cissie HN 1809 and a character ashtray £20-30
1131.   A late 1930's Walt Disney licensed painted pottery toothbrush holder in the form of Dopey £10-20
1132.   An art glass flask shape vase £10-20
1133.   A SylvaC bay horse and two Royal Copenhagen figures £30-50
1134.   A ceramic inkstand £10-20
1135.   Two Royal Doulton figures, Home at Last HN 3697 and Faithful Friends HN 3696 £10-20
1136.   A Beswick kingfisher with label 2371 £20-40
1137.   A studio iridescent glass vase - sold with a Caithness scent bottle and studio purple glass vase £20-40
1138.   Three Lladro geese figures £10-20
1139.   Two Limoge trinket boxes £30-40
1140.   A Beswick pair of courting penguins 1015 £100-150
1141.   A quantity of assorted Murano glass animals - one a/f £20-40
1142.   An 11" Chinese blue and white yuhuchun bottle vase with peacocks and lotus flowers over scrolling and lappet banding £50-80
1143.   A Beswick Beneagles Whisky golden eagle decanter - sold with a Black & White Whisky ashtray £20-30
1144.   A late 18th Century first period Worcester six place tea service of spiral fluted form decorated with gilded cobalt blue banding and gilt thistle, comprising teapot, sucrier, creamer, slop bowl, six cups and saucers and seven tea bowls, all with crescent mark - some minor wear to gilding, one cup cracked £400-600
1145.   Two Wedgwood Classical Collection figure groups, Peace and Friendship, and Adoration £20-40
1146.   Three Italian portrait pin trays, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Laura £10-20
1147.   A reproduction continental figural candle holder of a lady with a sparrow £20-40
1148.   A Plichta red clover pattern giraffe £100-150
1149.   A late Victorian Doulton Lambeth proverb jug with applied text and cameos, "He that buys land buys stones, He that buys flesh buys bones, He that buys eggs buys many shells, He that buys good ale buys nothing else", E. Pheby decorator's mark £30-50
1150.   A Beswick foxhound - sold with a Tremar pottery figure £15-25
1151.   A Lladro figure of a girl and a cat 5712 - sold with a Royal Doulton figure Sit HN 3123 £10-20
1152.   A pair of green glass vases with frilled rims - sold with a glass Viking boat paperweight £10-20
1153.   A Beswick barn owl 2026 £10-20
1154.   Four Royal Doulton lady figures, Monica HN 1467, Sweeting HN 1985, Goody Two Shoes HN 2047 and Sweet and Twenty HN 1389 £40-50
1155.   A Beswick thrush 2308 £25-40
1156.   A Cantonese two handled famille rose bowl with bird, dragon and butterfly decoration - heavily restored handle £50-60
1157.   A set of four Wedgwood V&A figures, comprising The Rococo, The Romantic, The Bustle and The Crinoline £20-30
1158.   A Torquay terracotta bust of Longfellow, a Watcombe Pottery bust of a girl (restored), a spill vase and a lidded mustard pot £60-70
1159.   A pair of Royal Tara plates, comprising Irish Spinning Wheel and Galway Bay £10-20
1160.   A decorative ceramic squat pagoda shaped scent bottle £20-30
1161.   Two pin cushion half dolls and a pair of legs £10-20
1162.   A Longpark 1935 commemorative beaker £20-30
1163.   A pair of Staffordshire greyhounds £10-20
1164.   Two Watcombe cottage and motto dishes £20-30
1165.   A Dartington Mucho Macho glass vase by Frank Thrower £10-20
1166.   A Beswick bald eagle 1018 £10-20
1167.   A Beswick grey pigeon 1383 £30-50
1168.   A late 1980's Wade Monster Munch blue monster pattern moneybox £20-40
1169.   A 7" early 20th Century Royal Doulton Egyptian Revival pattern jug with pharaoh mask to spout, winged scarab to base of handle and hieroglyphs and figures to body, registered mark to base 121031 - firing crack to top of handle £30-50
1170.   A Shelley part tea service - various condition £20-40
1171.   An 8" 19th Century moulded jug with pewter lid, mask to handle and chrysanthemum decoration £30-40
1172.   Four pieces of art glass £20-40
1173.   A 9" diameter Quanxi famille rose bowl with scalloped edge and floral decoration - with old stapled repair £80-120
1174.   A boxed set of Royal Brierley crystal liqueur glasses and a similar boxed set of six sherries - sold with eleven glasses with grapevine decoration £20-30
1175.   A set of twelve cut glasses wines and two others £20-40
1176.   Eight green and cranberry glasses £15-25
1177.   Nine cut glass tumblers and four others - one of the four a/f £20-30
1178.   A set of eight cut glass port glasses £20-40
1179.   A suite of Royal Brierley cut glass drinking vessels and decanter (one large tumbler missing) - sold with a cut glass decanter with silver collar £80-120
1180.   Eleven cut glass champagne coups £20-30
1181.   A cut glass decanter and bowl - sold with a moulded glass claret jug £20-30
1182.   A 16 1/2" diameter modern Chinese famille rose fish bowl on stand £30-50
1201.   A box containing a quantity of metalware including an Egyptian revival brass oil lamp with scissor snuffing action, cigarette box, etc. £20-40
1202.   A box containing a quantity of brassware including Sankey tea caddy, folding letter rack-cum-inkwell, etc. £15-25
1203.   Three early 20th Century Helvetia two handled copper sauté pans £40-60
1204.   A replica steel helmet after the film 'Gladiator' £20-40
1205.   A reproduction steel Kulah-Khud helmet fixed to display stand £20-40
1206.   A large copper pan and lid - sold with a copper kettle with acorn knop £20-40
1207.   An Oriental Buddhist copper bowl with repoussé and applied brass bosses - sold with a Sankey copper jug, etc. £30-50
1208.   A 22" diameter Anglo Indian heavy copper tray with scalloped rim, large floral medallion and paisley decoration £20-40
1209.   A hammered pewter pedestal bowl - sold with three pewter mugs £20-30
1210.   A collection of eleven Edwardian copper chocolate, dariole and other moulds £40-60
1211.   A brass eagle with wings spread - 22" span £30-50
1212.   An Edwardian William Soutter & Sons Soutterware copper spittoon pattern jardinière £20-30
1213.   A copper and brass drapery arm £10-20
1214.   A quantity of copper and brass items including pan, pair of candlesticks, trays, etc. £20-40
1215.   A 10" brass bell £50-80
1216.   A pair of 18" cast metal column pattern candlesticks £35-45
1217.   A pair of brass ejector candlesticks £20-40
1218.   A Kenrick door stop No. 455 depicting a pair of swans £20-40
1219.   A Joseph Sankey & Sons brass jug, a French mug, a Turkish Saglam Bursa jug and two Eastern vases £15-25
1220.   A quantity of collectable brass and copper ware including a pair of donkey vesta stands, etc. £20-30
1221.   A set of graduated copper skillets £10-20
1222.   A pair of Punch and Judy door stops - sold with two flat irons and a 4lb. weight £20-40
1223.   An early 20th Century Braimes Lever Lid Lamp - sold with a collection of brassware including horse brasses, etc. £20-40
1224.   Two copper kettles, chocolate pot, candlesticks, etc. £20-40
1225.   A box containing various items of metalwork including Bladon horse hair singeing tool, brass andirons, gong, Art Nouveau coat hook, etc. £30-50
1226.   A Victorian pewter side pouring pint measure - sold with a collection of pewter mugs including early 20th Century Gaskell & Chambers half pint, glass bottomed, etc. £20-40
1227.   A knight pattern companion set £10-20
1228.   A copper coal scuttle £15-25
1229.   A quantity of horse brasses on martingales and others - various ages £20-40
1230.   A 27" copper fish kettle with lid £30-50
1231.   A pair of bellows and a companion set £10-20
1232.   A box containing a quantity of brassware including easel frame, chamberstick, strainer, etc. £20-30
1233.   A brass preserve pan, copper kettle - sold with a quantity of horse brasses £15-25
1234.   A pierced brass fire fender £20-30
1235.   A Nestor brass lidded coal bucket £30-50
1236.   A Kashmiri folding table and brass topped similar £20-40
1237.   A 1970's expandable brass fender £10-20
1238.   A Victorian brass fender £10-20
1239.   An Art Nouveau brass framed fire screen with mirrored panel £10-20
1240.   A 1905 German brass artillery shell case converted to a dinner gong, stamped Patronenfabrik Karlsruhe, with wall mounted bracket and beater £50-80
1241.   A brass preserve pan with fixed iron handle £10-40
1242.   A pair of brass cat bookends £15-25
1243.   A Victorian Coalbrookdale cast iron door knocker with various marks to reverse £80-120
1244.   A collection of cloisonné, comprising foil set lidded pot, vases, pin tray, and bowl - various condition £100-120
1245.   A boxed pair of modern cloisonné vases £10-20
1246.   A 15 1/2" diameter Moroccan heavy brass tray with engraved arabesque and text decoration, central hexagonal band of text, and star £20-40
1251.   A Middle Eastern kelim runner with repeat medallion and interspersed gul decoration, in a scorpion border, red, gold and pink on a blue ground and white border - 16' 3" X 30" (495cm X 76cm) £80-120
1252.   An Afghan Yomud Bokhara runner on red ground - 9' 4" X 30" (283cm X 76cm) £60-80
1253.   A wool rug with mirrored floral decoration in a floral border, burgundy ground in a blue border (a/f) - 6' 2" X 4' (188cm X 122cm) £15-25
1254.   A modern Bokhara mat 36" X 23" (92cm X 58cm) £10-20
1255.   A continental sisal runner with floral tapestry border - 10' 5" X 27" (313cm X 69cm) £20-40
1256.   A 1920's Turkoman wool rug with large medallions in repeat floral border on red ground - 8' 10" X 8' 6" (300cm X` 259cm) £80-120
1257.   A Middle Eastern rug with repeat foliate pattern main within a geometric border, green and blue on cream ground - 41" X 26 1/2" (104cm X 67cm) £20-30
1258.   A Middle Eastern rug with floral spandrels, camels and minaret borders, brown on orange ground - 4' 3 1/2" X 38" (130cm X 96cm) £40-60
1259.   A large modern Chinese washed wool carpet - 12' 3" X 9' (373cm X 274cm) £200-300
1271.   A silver plated wine bottle coaster, wine coaster and cased pair of ornate butter knives £20-30
1272.   A small quantity of silver plate, comprising pair of fish servers, grape scissors, jug and coal helmet pattern sugar bowl £10-20
1273.   An 11 1/2" WMF silver plated vine leaf pattern dish - small dent £40-60
1274.   A small silver plated roll-top breakfast dish with ornate cast and embossed decoration - sold with a small quantity of silver plated cutlery and a scrap silver butter knife £20-30
1275.   Five silver plated trophy cups including Point to Point and Young Farmers interest £15-25
1276.   A silver plated six bottle cruet set with moulded glass bottles £20-30
1277.   A silver plated moulded glass claret jug with mask spout and cast scroll handle - sold with a plated and moulded glass ice bucket with tongs £15-25
1278.   A polished wood canteen containing a six place setting of Butler silver plated cutlery with beaded decoration £30-50
1279.   Two old silver plated salvers, one with ornate cast rim, the other with central initials £15-25
1280.   A Joseph Rogers silver plated bread board with embossed rim and wooden insert £10-15
1281.   Three boxed pairs of silver plated wine goblets - sold with a matching box set of six sherries £15-25
1282.   A box containing a collection of modern silver plated trophy cups including Dartmouth FSS and local Point to Point interest £20-30
1283.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including entree dish, trophy cups, jugs, etc. £15-25
1284.   A quantity of assorted silver plated and pewter items including tankards, goblets, matching dinner ware and tea tray, etc. £20-30
1285.   A silver plated tea service, chamberstick, wine bottle coaster, etc. £15-25
1286.   A Victorian silver plated BM four piece tea and coffee set with ornate engraved foliate swag decoration £20-30
1287.   A pair of vintage cut glass trumpet vases, set on loaded silver plated circular bases £15-25
1288.   A pair of silver plated copper wine coasters with cast grapevine borders and turned wood bases, one with later silver insert £30-40
1289.   A silver plated mounted moulded glass claret jug - sold with a silver plated three branch candelabrum, 1/2 pint tankard and measure £20-30
1290.   A late Victorian Benetfink & Co. cut glass trumpet vase, set on an ornate on silver plated base marked Rd.91491 £20-40
1291.   A silver plated hot water jug - sold with a cased pair of fish servers and small quantity of silver plated cutlery £15-25
1292.   An Art Deco style silver plated four piece tea set, set on an associated gallery tray - sold with a silver plated copper three branch candelabrum £20-30
1293.   A stained wood canteen containing a part suite of Butler silver plated cutlery with beaded borders, also other small spoons £20-30
1294.   A 20th Century walnut effect canteen containing a set of twelve each silver plated fish knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles - sold with a cased pair of fish servers to match and other silver plated cutlery £40-60
1295.   A box containing a small quantity of silver plated items including large fiddle pattern ladle, blue glass lined items and a jewellery box containing costume jewellery and watches - various condition £10-15
1296.   A quantity of silver plated items including tea set, helmet pattern sugar bowls, etc. £25-35
1297.   A quantity of boxed and loose silver plated and other cutlery including cased fish knives and forks and six red coffee bean handled spoons, etc. £15-25
1298.   A silver plated hors d'oeuvres dish, two pairs of knife rests, a Britannia Metal tea set, etc. £20-30
1299.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including part tea sets, two muffin dishes, toast rack, etc. £20-30
1300.   A box containing a quantity of assorted silver plated and other cutlery - cased and loose £10-20
1301.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including two gallery trays, wine coaster, roll-top dish, etc. £20-30
1302.   A late 20th Century polished wood canteen containing an eight place setting of Slack & Barlow (Sheffield) silver plated cutlery with shaped terminals £40-60
1303.   A small quantity of silver plated and other cutlery £5-10
1304.   A pair of ornate silver plated grape scissors, a pair of mother-of-pearl set knife rests and various condiment spoons £10-20
1305.   A boxed 1950's vintage pearlised handled carving set - sold with a cased pair of fish servers, other cutlery and four Indian white metal goblets £15-25
1306.   A large polished oak canteen a quantity of silver plated mainly kings pattern cutlery - various makers £60-70
1307.   A boxed Hardy Amies hip flask (as new) - sold with two plated decanter labels, gallery tray, etc. £10-20
1308.   A 1937 silver plated coronation commemorative set of six small and one large serving spoon with embossed crown, initials and date to terminals by James Dixon £10-15
1309.   Four cased sets of silver plated cutlery and a cased smoker's set £15-25
1310.   A vintage leather cased set of four silver plated tapered beakers bearing initials and dated 1923 - sold with a pair of plated sugar tongs £15-25
1316.   A 12 1/4" diameter silver salver with cast gadrooned shaped rim, set on four hoof pattern feet - 1958 inscription for The Totnes Hunters Steeple Chase - London 1936 £250-300
1317.   A 10 1/4" silver salver with cast shaped rim set on triple scroll feet - Sparkford Vale Harriers Point to Point inscription - Birmingham 1957 £150-180
1318.   A 12" diameter silver salver with cast gadrooned rim set on four hoof pattern feet - Buckfastleigh Whitsun Meeting inscription - London 1925 £250-300
1319.   A silver christening mug of reeded baluster form with scroll handle and gilt interior, base marked London 1838 - very lightly inscribed £50-70
1320.   A Chinese white metal salt in the form of a boat with glass liner, roof pattern lid and cockerel figure head - character marks to base - sold with an associated coin spoon £50-80
1321.   A silver ashtray with engine turned decoration - Sheffield £10-15
1322.   A Samson Mordan & Co. silver vesta case with gilt interior and hammered finish and monogram - Chester 1906 £40-60
1323.   A silver three section muffin dish - Birmingham 1930 £180-220
1324.   A Victorian ceramic faux bird's egg pattern scent bottle, bearing registration number 20772, with silver screw cap - Birmingham 1891 £30-50
1325.   A Victorian brown/garnet glass decanter of globular form with silver collar and associated silver stopper £40-60
1326.   A silver campaign lidded cup holder containing a Wedgewood tea bowl -1914 - lid inscribed £140-160
1327.   A pair of 7 1/4" silver candlesticks with slender tapered faceted stems, set on loaded faceted bases - Birmingham 1963 £50-80
1328.   A silver pierced rim bonbon dish - sold with a small silver pedestal bowl £60-80
1329.   A silver watch chain with T-bar and heart shape locket, a Georgian silver spoon, two silver napkin rings, an 800 bangle and a small oval silver fronted photograph frame £30-50
1330.   A silver christening mug with engine turned decoration and engraved initials - sold with a pair of small silver goblets with engraved decoration £20-40
1331.   A French white metal coquillor-glace ice cooled butter dish with pierced top and screw cap to base - collar detached but included £60-80
1332.   An 8" diameter silver salver with RASC presentation inscription - by Edward Viner, Sheffield 1939 £140-160
1333.   A damaged leather cased silver egg cup and spoon - sold with a pair of silver mustard spoons, sugar tongs and preserve spoon £30-40
1334.   A silver christening mug with engraved decoration and cast scroll handle - London early Victorian £100-120
1335.   A silver mustard pot with oval blue glass liner - Birmingham 1900 - sold with a pair of silver salts, a three piece condiment set and a silver plated wine coaster, also three associated salt spoons £50-70
1336.   A cased set of six silver golfing spoons - Sheffield 1933 - sold with a part harlequin set similar, comprising four Chester and another £30-40
1337.   A marked Sterling small sugar bowl and cream jug of semi reeded oval design £40-50
1338.   A cased set of six silver Apostle spoons - Birmingham 1930 - sold with a pair of plated fish servers £25-35
1339.   A silver cigarette box with engine turned hinged lid and wood lining, set on bracket feet - Birmingham 1963 £50-60
1340.   An Art Nouveau silver backed three piece hand mirror and brush set with ornate decoration - Birmingham 1907 £40-50
1341.   A 6 3/4" diameter modern silver coaster - London 1982 - sold with another smaller similar - 1973 £70-90
1342.   A Victorian silver double ended scent bottle with oriental style decoration, flip cap to top and screw cap to base - London 1880 - sold with a silver twist pattern flip-top scent bottle - 1885, and a miniature glass scent bottle £100-150
1343.   A pair of silver salts with blue glass liners (one a/f) with two plated spoons £15-25
1344.   A silver fob vesta case with incised decoration - Birmingham 1909 £35-45
1345.   A silver christening mug with banded decoration and incised name - London 1819 £80-100
1346.   A cased set of six silver menu holders in the form of pigs, set on loaded circular bases - London 1922 £120-180
1347.   A late Victorian silver pedestal basket of faceted design with reeded swing handle, blue glass liner and pierced scroll decoration - London 1898 £70-100
1348.   A pair of silver salts - London 1895 - sold with a Mappin & Webb silver wine coaster with turned wood base - 1987 £50-70
1349.   A silver leaf pattern berry pattern tea caddy spoon - sold with a silver pickle fork and pair of sugar nips with repaired handle £40-50
1350.   A 5 1/4" marked 830S Norwegian white metal spill vase engraved 'Tronheims Turnering 1950' £25-35
1351.   A cased silver three piece condiment set of faceted bulbous design with two blue glass liners and two associated spoons - Birmingham 1923 £50-70
1352.   A cased set of six silver kings pattern teaspoons - Sheffield 1962 £25-35
1353.   A case containing seven matching silver coffee spoons with terminals depicting the badge of the Artists Rifles Regiment - Sheffield 1928, and a set of Romney Plate grapefruit spoons £30-40
1354.   A cased set of six silver teaspoons and a pair of sugar tongs to match - Sheffield 1910 £30-40
1355.   A late Victorian silver heart shaped dish holder with embossed decoration and thumb piece to handle - Birmingham 1895 - sold with a silver pepperette - 1906 £15-25
1356.   A cased pair of silver baluster pattern pepperettes - London 1910 £20-30
1357.   Two silver ashtrays and a pair of sugar nips £35-45
1358.   A set of four Exeter silver fiddle pattern teaspoons - T.S. 1864, three others - 1824 and a set of six silver coffee spoons with decorative terminals - Birmingham 1937 £50-70
1359.   A late Georgian silver fiddle pattern table spoon, two pairs of silver napkin rings and a silver bud vase with loaded circular base - sold with five pieces of silver handled kings pattern cutlery £40-60
1360.   A silver sauce boat with cast scroll handle - a/f £20-30
1361.   A 4 1/2" silver dome top bedside timepiece with oak inset back and incised name to front - works a/f - Birmingham 1912 £50-70
1362.   A 7 1/4" silver sugar caster of faceted bulbous design and pedestal foot - Birmingham 1933 - sold with an Ercuis silver plated double toast rack £40-60
1363.   A 12" modern silver salver with embossed shaped edge and engraved presentation text - Sheffield 1998 £220-280
1364.   A silver flip-top mustard pot of oval design with blue glass liner - Chester 1909 - sold with a silver pepperette, silver plated salt and two silver plated spoons £25-35
1365.   A pair of modern silver fronted photograph frames with resin easel backs - to take 5" square - bearing import marks £50-60
1366.   Two early 20th Century silver fob vesta cases, both with incised decoration, one with initial 'H' - Birmingham 1901 and 1918 £40-60
1367.   A silver ornate butter knife with mother-of-pearl handle, two antique English silver spoons and two marked 830S small forks £15-25
1368.   A cased silver three piece condiment set - Birmingham 1964, with one original spoon and one silver plated £50-60
1369.   A set of six silver coffee spoons - Sheffield 1947 £25-35
1370.   A silver fronted photograph frame with polished wood easel back - Birmingham 1928 - to take 5" X 3 1/2" £15-25
1371.   A silver oval flip-top pill box with engraved decoration to lid - bearing import marks £30-40
1372.   A silver three piece tea set in the Georgian style with shell and gadrooned cast rims to semi reeded oval design - Chester 1911 £300-350
1373.   A set of six silver William Hatton & Sons dessert spoons - Sheffield 1947 £150-170
1374.   A cased Art Deco silver backed three piece brush set - comb missing £15-25
1375.   A cased George III pair of silver berry spoons and sifter spoon to match with parcel gilt bowls and engraved handles - George Smith III and William Fearn, London 1789 £200-250
1376.   A silver topped cut glass caster - London 1962 £20-30
1377.   A silver pedestal sugar bowl of faceted design - sold with a small lidded trophy cup, sherry decanter label and two silver plated spoons £50-60
1378.   A silver pedestal rose bowl with flanking scroll handles - London 1904, on socle base £160-180
1379.   A 14 1/2" silver salver with cast shell and C-scroll border, bearing 1957 Newton Abbot races inscription, set on three claw and ball feet - Sheffield 1898 £300-350
1380.   A boxed Carrs small silver fronted photograph frame with upholstered easel back - Sheffield 1991 £20-30
1381.   A 6 1/2" marked 800 continental white metal boat shaped dish with stylised cast handles and profuse embossed decoration featuring Viking ship, foliate scrolls and rosettes, set on four paw pattern feet £40-60
1382.   A cased fully fitted tortoiseshell and silver mounted hand mirror and brush set including associated glass nail buff stand - Chester 1944 - all other items Mappin & Webb, London 1924 £120-150
1383.   Two small silver christening mugs - sold with a silver plated pusher and spoon with guard pattern terminals £30-50
1384.   A 5 3/4" silver trophy cup with 1952 South Devon Herd Book Society inscription - Birmingham 1934 £50-60
1385.   A 4" diameter silver trophy rose bowl with flanking scroll handles and 1958 East Devon Hunt inscription, on socle base - Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1909 £50-60
1386.   A 12" silver lidded trophy cup with flanking ornate acanthus scroll and dolphin pattern handles, bearing 1958 Totnes & Bridgetown Races Co. Ltd. inscription, on socle base - Birmingham 1930 £190-220
1387.   A cased seven piece silver condiment set of semi reeded design, comprising two pairs of salts, pair of pepperettes and mustard pot, complete with four original spoons - glass liners missing - Birmingham 1904 £100-150
1388.   A silver compact case with guilloche enamel to lid featuring a Merchant Navy coronet on cobalt blue ground £30-50
1401.   A 22ct. gold wedding band - 11.9grms. £240-260
1402.   An Italian marked 750 yellow metal ring set with large oval amethyst £120-140
1403.   An Italian 18ct. white gold wire choker necklace with diamond solitaire disc £250-300
1404.   A 9ct. gold four bar gate-link bracelet with heart shape padlock and safety chain - sold with a pair of 9ct. engraved oval panel cufflinks and 9ct. box link bracelet £170-200
1405.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal three stone diamond ring £100-150
1406.   A 15ct. gold gem set bar brooch - sold with a damaged unmarked ring £30-50
1407.   Three 22ct. gold wedding bands of various design £220-240
1408.   An unmarked diamond cluster ring, set with five square cut and eight brilliant cut diamonds £650-700
1409.   An old marked 18ct. yellow metal diamond cluster ring with boat shaped setting £600-700
1410.   A 9ct. gold gentleman's keeper ring - sold with a marked 18ct. cased signet ring £45-55
1411.   A yellow metal framed jade Buddha pattern pendant £200-250
1412.   An 18ct. gold seven stone diamond cluster ring with circular setting £800-900
1413.   A yellow metal circular pendant, set with a central diamond, on marked 14K yellow metal chain £200-250
1414.   An unmarked white metal diamond encrusted eternity ring £60-80
1415.   An original boxed late Victorian unmarked yellow metal brooch with fire gilt and engraved decoration, central oval cabochon nephrite jade panel within an open acanthus scroll border and with two pendant drops £300-350
1416.   A marked 14k/585 yellow metal diamond and sapphire gypsy set ring, bearing initials to shank interior £300-400
1417.   A quantity of silver and white metal white paste set and other costume jewellery £30-40
1418.   A marked 800 white metal framed and marcasite style framed polychrome printed portrait miniature £40-50
1419.   An early 20th Century Chinese white metal buckle pattern clasp bracelet with profuse pierced and incised decoration, depicting figures in garden settings and stylised character marks £80-120
1420.   A 3" early 20th Century Chinese white metal lock pattern soul amulet with scalloped outline, embossed figural and scroll decoration, character text and three pendant bells, on a chain with white metal suspender £150-200
1421.   A fine link marked 9ct. and yellow metal charm bracelet £60-80
1422.   Two marked Sterling decorative bangles - sold with other white metal jewellery items £10-20
1423.   A 9ct. gold framed aquamarine oblong panel pendant, on yellow metal kerb-link chain £200-250
1424.   An Italian Grand Tour bar brooch with central micro mosaic dove and flanking floral decoration £80-120
1425.   An antique yellow metal re-set cabochon garnet and foil backed paste ring £60-80
1426.   A small quantity of silver, white metal and other jewellery including half ounce ingot pendant, etc. £15-25
1427.   A small collection of costume and other jewellery including a micro mosaic brooch with polychrome fly decoration, tiger's-eye panel brooch, ear-rings, etc. £30-50
1428.   A 9ct. gold framed oval cabochon agate pendant/brooch - sold with a white metal framed open disc brooch similar £40-60
1429.   A boxed pair of modern Lalique ornate drop earrings £20-40
1430.   Two silver chains and a rolled gold bangle £10-15
1431.   A collection of silver and white metal modern jewellery including a large agate and rope twist bangle, marked 925 mask pendant on chain, brooches and ear-rings £30-40
1432.   A case containing costume jewellery, mainly necklaces £10-20
1433.   A leather clad tray fitted jewellery box with costume jewellery contents - sold with a modern oriental lacquered three drawer jewellery cabinet £20-30
1434.   A bamboo box containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery £20-30
1435.   A tub containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery including porcelain portrait panel, bracelets, necklaces, etc. £25-35
1436.   A modern polished wood three drawer display top chest containing a quantity of boxed and loose costume jewellery including Swarovski cherries pendant, 925 ring, etc. £20-40
1437.   An marked 18c three stone gypsy set diamond ring £400-450
1438.   A pair of marked 750 white metal Chanel motif ear-rings - sold with a pair of marked 750 diamond set hoop ear-rings £250-300
1439.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal five stone diamond ring £200-250
1440.   A yellow metal ring, set with central 3.4ct. pale blue oval sapphire within a twelve stone diamond border - 1.25ct. £2300-2500
1441.   A marked 14k/585 yellow metal gold diamond solitaire wishbone pattern ring £250-300
1442.   An 18ct. gold wedding band with engraved decoration - Birmingham 1912 £100-120
1443.   A 9ct. gold heart shape pendant, set with rubies and tiny diamonds on 9k fine link chain £50-70
1444.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with central collar set oval ruby within a diamond encrusted border £180-200
1445.   A platinum diamond solitaire ring - approx 1.25ct. £2000-2500
1446.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring with open set central diamond, four baguettes to compass points and diamond encrusted ground £450-500
1447.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal wedding band £70-90
1448.   An Art Deco unmarked white metal ring, the stepped setting with raised central diamond two flanking smaller stones and decorative diamond set shoulders - approx. 2.2ct. TDW £3000-3500
1449.   An Italian 18ct. white gold mixed link necklace £70-90
1450.   An 18ct. white gold Victorian style marquise panel ring, set with three rubies and one replacement garnet on diamond encrusted ground £180-220
1451.   An 18ct. gold five stone diamond ring £350-400
1452.   A 2" yellow metal framed oval shell cameo brooch on heavy marked 9k chain £120-150
1453.   A marked 18ct. white metal ring, set with central oblong emerald within a diamond encrusted border with flanking baguettes and diamond set shoulders £980-1200
1454.   Two 9ct. gold wedding bands - sold with a 9ct. amethyst dress ring and an unmarked yellow metal ring with central peridot (a/f) within an old cut diamond border £70-100
1455.   A 9ct. gold three stone garnet ring - sold with a 9ct. eternity ring £40-60
1456.   A 9ct. gold Masonic pendant - Chester 1903, on marked 9ct. rope twist chain, also a pair of unmarked yellow metal ear-rings to match £80-120
1457.   A boxed early 20th Century bar brooch of open scroll design, set with four rubies, three seed pearls and five tiny diamonds £150-180
1458.   An Italian 18ct. white gold pendant necklace, set with cinnamon and green diamonds - with box and pouch £350-400
1459.   A marked 14K yellow metal ornate dress ring, set with five drop shaped opals and meandering row of small diamonds £250-300
1460.   An 18ct. white gold ring, set with four rubies interspersed with three diamonds £100-150
1461.   An 18ct. gold ring, two 9ct. rings and other jewellery £60-100
1462.   An unmarked yellow metal five stone diamond ring £300-350
1463.   A 19th Century gilt metal swivel brooch with faded portrait miniature within a sixteen red stone border £100-150
1464.   A yellow metal five stone diamond ring £200-240
1465.   A pair of unmarked yellow metal three ring drop ear-rings with stud terminals £30-40
1466.   A marked 15ct. yellow metal open disc brooch, set with alternating amethyst and seed pearls £40-60
1467.   Two 9ct. gold cameo panel rings £40-60
1468.   A pair of yellow metal and pearl drop ear-rings £30-40
1469.   Two old crystal faceted bead necklaces - sold with five collectable Guinness waistcoat buttons £25-35
1470.   A pair of stud ear-rings, set with heart shaped light blue stones and tiny diamonds £30-40
1471.   A pair of stud ear-rings, set with oval aquamarines and tiny diamonds £30-40
1472.   A silver ingot on chain - sold with a quantity of costume jewellery, gilt metal notebook, etc. £20-40
1473.   A concertina jewellery box containing a quantity of boxed and loose costume jewellery including ornate Swarovski brooch, etc. £20-40
1474.   An 8" walnut jewellery casket containing a quantity of costume jewellery £20-40
1475.   A Victorian rose metal ruby and six turquoise bead ring £450-500
1476.   An 18ct. gold and platinum panel ring with diamond solitaire within an opal disc and diamond chip border £500-550
1477.   A bespoke white metal ring, set with seven diamonds and four sapphires £700-800
1478.   A Victorian 18ct. gold old cut diamond cluster ring with hand chased shoulders - Birmingham 1876 £600-700
1479.   A 2 1/4" antique yellow metal framed open double locket containing two portrait miniatures, one a young lady wearing a red cross, the other an older woman with ornate lace bonnet and ruff, on antique yellow metal chain £150-250
1480.   A marked 750 white metal Art Deco style ring, set with pale blue and white sapphires - one stone a/f £250-300
1481.   An unmarked white metal oblong panel ring, set with central collar set diamond with four diamonds to corners interspersed with eight baguettes and with further tiny diamonds to edges - approx. 1.60ct. TDW £1650-1850
1482.   An 18ct. gold diamond solitaire ring - approx 1.25ct. £500-600
1483.   A marked 18ct. white metal Art Deco style ring, set with central princess cut aquamarine within a diamond encrusted stepped border £800-1000
1484.   A marked 18ct. white metal three stone diamond ring - approx. 1.70ct £2000-2500
1485.   A marked 18ct. white metal ring with three central open set diamonds within a diamond encrusted oval panel border and with diamond set shoulders £950-1150
1486.   A platinum 2.23ct. diamond solitaire ring with diamond set shoulders - complete with GIA certificate and copy of valuation - Colour G, Clarity VS2 £28000-30000
1487.   A pair of platinum diamond stud earrings, approx 2.01ct. - with copy of valuation certificate - Colour F, Clarity SI £6000-7000
1488.   A Vera "Love" collection marked 18kt white metal 0.50ct. diamond solitaire ring with diamond encrusted shoulders and opposing small square sapphires to claw setting - 0.94ct. TDW - in Goldsmiths presentation and ring boxes £1000-1400
1489.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with three sapphires interspersed with two diamonds - Birmingham 1908 £300-350
1490.   An 18ct. gold and platinum illusion set five stone diamond ring £120-150
1491.   An early 20th Century marked PLAT white metal ring with five illusion set diamonds £300-350
1492.   A boxed 9ct. gold sapphire and seed pearl bar brooch with safety chain, a 9ct. two colour Mizpah brooch and another £50-80
1493.   A marked 585/14K yellow metal ring, set with central ruby flanked by six small diamonds £150-200
1494.   An unmarked yellow metal five stone diamond ring £180-220
1495.   An 18ct. gold cross-over ring, set with five rows of small diamonds - approx. 0.75 TDW £150-200
1496.   A marked S925 enamelled butterfly pattern brooch £30-40
1497.   A yellow metal scarf ring, set with five open rows of small brilliant cut diamonds £200-250
1498.   A 1980 gold sovereign loose mounted as a pendant on 9ct. gold chain £200-240
1499.   Two gem and paste set triple flowerhead dress rings - one 9ct. and one silver £30-50
1500.   A marked 9c yellow and rose metal fancy gatelink bracelet with heart shaped padlock and safety chain £210-240
1501.   A small 9ct. gold framed oval cameo brooch with safety chain - Sheffield 1968 £60-80
1502.   A 1 3/4" marked 9ct. yellow metal framed oval cameo brooch with safety chain £60-80
1503.   An unmarked yellow metal bar brooch, set with seven seed pearls to flowerhead centre £25-35
1504.   A 9ct. gold heart shape locket on 9ct. gold chain £50-70
1505.   A marked 9ct. yellow metal pink stone dress ring - sold with a paste set dress ring £35-45
1506.   A small quantity of good quality costume jewellery including silver anchor pattern sweetheart brooch, pressed metal book pattern vesta case, etc. £20-40
1507.   A marked 14k yellow metal cross on chain - sold with a marked 375 Maltese cross on chain, ring, locket on chain and 9ct. gold tie stud with pearl - all boxed £60-80
1508.   A collection of silver, marked 925 and sterling white metal jewellery including rings, Celtic cross on chain, bracelets, etc. £30-40
1509.   A vintage rose diamond set white metal cocktail watch on expanding diamond set bracelet (a/f) - sold with a Victorian and other coin set bangle, two marked silver engraved link bracelets, stick pin, etc. £40-60
1510.   An antique yellow metal framed oval unmarked black basalt profile portrait cameo brooch - sold with a marked 18ct. yellow metal part set ring contained within an antique burr walnut and strung box £50-80
1511.   A miniature serpentine chest, musical coffer and two decorative boxes containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery £20-40
1512.   A vintage concertina jewellery box containing a silver compact case with personalised inscription, two vintage marquise panel micro mosaic brooches and other costume jewellery £20-40
1513.   A polished wood jewellery box and tin containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery £20-30
1514.   A 9ct. gold cased Longines ladies wristwatch with square dial and quartz movement £40-60
1515.   An Omega Constellation gentleman's bimetal cased quartz dress watch with textured cream dial and matching bracelet - 57011364 - no box, no papers £100-200
1516.   A gold cased lady's Omega wristwatch with oblong dial - sold with a 9ct. gold cased Enicar with circular dial £70-100
1517.   A Vintage marked 375 yellow metal cased Renown cocktail watch on expanding bracelet £80-100
1518.   A Longines gentleman's gold tone slimline wristwatch, from La Grande Classique range with original bracelet and quart movement £30-50
1519.   An Omega Seamaster gentleman's gold plated cased wristwatch with original bracelet and quartz movement - finish worn £50-70
1520.   A West End Watch Co. white metal cased gentleman's trench watch style "Queene Anne" wristwatch with sub seconds dial and replacement leather strap £30-50
1521.   A vintage Rone silver cased gentleman's wristwatch - sold with two other plated cased vintage wristwatches - all no straps, various condition £50-80
1522.   A burr wood effect wristwatch display case containing six branded gentleman's wristwatches including Swarovski, Calvin Klein, and Pierre Cardin examples £30-50
1523.   An early 20th Century 9ct. gold cased lady's wristwatch, another in two colour yellow metal case, late Victorian silver cased fob watch, old engraved white metal wristwatch and a selection of later lady's wristwatches £40-60
1524.   A silver cased gentleman's pocket watch by W. L. Lawson, Liverpool No.16419 with fusee movement and white dial - case London 1872 - with suspender and keys - glass replaced with perspex £25-35
1525.   A boxed Nina Ricci silvertone lady's wristwatch - sold with an Avia goldtone similar - both with quartz movements £40-50
1526.   An 18ct. gold Audemars Piguet gentleman's dress wristwatch with polished gilt dial, slimline case and original mesh-link bracelet - No.B11646 - complete with brown leather travelling wallet - no box, no papers £1000-1500
1527.   A 2004 Rolex lady's steel Datejust wristwatch with pale copper dial original bracelet - complete with box and paperwork, tag and spare links - No.79174 £1200-1400
1528.   A tub containing a collection of assorted pocket watch movement - various age and condition £20-40
1541.   John Shapland: a gilt framed watercolour panoramic view of Topsham from the River Exe. - signed - 7 1/4" X 19 1/2" £100-140
1542.   Alfred Leyman: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting the Butterwalk, Dartmouth with market traders, horse and cart and other figures - signed - 20 3/4" x 13 3/4" £280-320
1543.   A pair of late Georgian matching gilt framed large mezzotints, one depicting field workers and other figures at harvest time, the other figures seated around a fire at night £60-80
1544.   Two matching gilt framed watercolours, one depicting figures in a rowing boat with other vessels behind, the other a moonlit beach scene with various vessels and figures - both indistinctly signed - the later dated 1863 £40-60
1545.   G. Hawkins: a pair of gilt framed and slipped gouache paintings, one depicting Vixen Tor, the other Sheeps Tor - both signed £30-50
1546.   A pair of Hogarth framed Georgian stipple engravings in colour after George Morland, "Shepherds Reposing" and "The Weary Sportsman", both published 1803 £30-40
1547.   †L. S. Lowry: a framed coloured print, entitled 'A Procession' £35-45
1548.   Fred Morgan: a gilt framed Victorian coloured stipple engraving entitled "Daddy's Darling" £10-40
1549.   Adrian Short: a framed artist proof monochrome etching entitled "Hungerford Bridge" - signed in pencil £10-40
1550.   †Elizabeth Keith: two framed early 1920's wood block prints, depicting Korean scenes, one entitled "East Gate Seoul Sunrise", bearing initials and dated 1921, the other signed in pencil £30-50
1551.   †John Chancellor: a modern polished wood framed limited edition coloured print, entitled "Coasting, Shamrock in Start Bay" - 603/850 with TP blind stamp £25-35
1552.   A decorative oak framed quadruple image hunting scene with named tinted prints, "The Draw" to "A Kill in the Open" - sold with an †Alfred Munnings print and an oil on canvas, depicting a brace of cock pheasants £20-40
1553.   E. A. Hornel: a decorative parcel gilt framed colour print, depicting three girls on the coast with blue flax flowers £10-20
1554.   Piran Bishop: an unframed oil on canvas study of a standing nude female figure - signed - 23 1/2" X 9 3/4" £200-250
1555.   Hester Frood: a framed etching, depicting the Governors House, Vendome - signed in pencil - with added details verso £20-30
1556.   Cecil Aldin: three oak framed coloured fishing engravings circa 1900 £280-320
1557.   Robert Morden: a framed hand coloured map print, entitled "The County Palatine of Chester" £45-55
1558.   Charles Hayter (1761- 1835): a gilt framed pencil portrait of Mr. G. Dawkins seated, three quarter length and holding a book - indistinctly signed lower left, with extensive notes about the artist and the sitter verso - 8 1/2" X 7" £90-140
1559.   Louis Wain: a gilt framed small hand coloured cat print, entitled "The Picnic" £10-40
1560.   †Walter Henry Sweet: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a Westcountry coastal scene - signed - 7" X 11" £90-140
1561.   T. Bowles: an antique ebonised framed hand coloured engraving after M. Marieschi, "Venetian view of the Palace and Church of St John and St Paul and the School of St Mark" £40-50
1562.   Robert Morden: an ebonised framed hand coloured map print "Somerset Shire" £45-55
1563.   Pair of gilt framed portrait etchings, one of Richard Wagner, the other of Haydn, both indistinctly signed in pencil to the lower margin £10-15
1564.   Leon Richeton: a framed etching of Viscount Althorp as a boy, after the painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds - signed and dated '77, also two 18th Century portrait etchings of Rembrandt and another indistinctly initialled A.D. £20-40
1565.   A Georgian coloured aquatint of Shaw Bridge, Devon together with an antique hand coloured map of the county of Essex £15-25
1566.   Two ornate gilt framed and slipped portrait miniatures, both depicting Lucy Saunders (nee Pagett) wife of Thomas Saunders at various ages - added details verso £70-100
1567.   James H Campbell: a small gilt framed watercolour, depicting a view of Scafell buttress - signed £10-20
1568.   G. H. Warr: a gilt framed oil on canvas under glass, depicting a ploughing team in landscape setting - 15 1/4" X 23 1/2" £350-450
1569.   J Ferry: a pair of gilt framed oils on board, depicting views of Southampton one of "The Avenue" with horse and cart and figures, inscribed verso, the other, "The Old Reservoir", Southampton Common - signed and dated £80-120
1570.   After Philippe Mercier: a Georgian gilt framed reverse glass print, the caption telling a cautionary tale for parents of young ladies - published 1739 - 11 1/4" X 13" £120-160
1571.   A set of eight framed pencil signed and inscribed etchings of Marlborough College by Christopher Hughes £40-60
1572.   Reg Davies: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour scene at the "North Gate, Totnes" - signed and dated 1912 - typed label verso £35-45
1573.   Mack: a modern gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting horses and jockeys preparing for the start of a race - signed - 25 1/2" X 29" £40-60
1574.   John Shapland: a pair of maple framed watercolours, depicting Dartmoor river views - signed £50-70
1575.   W. H. Durham: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting cattle in a river landscape, with figure in a punt - 11 1/2" X 19 1/2" £80-120
1576.   M. E. Hall: an antique ornate gilt framed oil portrait of a bearded man - signed and dated 1894 - 5 1/2" X 4 1/2" £100-150
1577.   Lesley Fotherby: a modern gilt framed oil on board, entitled "Dancer in the Stalls - Ballet Central" - signed with initials and with full details verso £10-40
1578.   Six framed small watercolour studies of birds £80-120
1579.   R. Müller: a gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting Christ before Pilate, with crowd, guard and other seated figures - signed and dated 1885 - 32 3/4" X 4' 1 1/2" £450-550
1580.   Seven framed pictures including limited edition coloured prints, original works, etc. - sold with three unframed printed canvases of various subjects £10-30
1581.   Shirley Hitch: a framed oil on board depicting ladies in traditional dress in India with buildings beyond - signed and dated 2001 £10-40
1582.   Reginald Daniel Sherrin: an ebonised framed gouache, depicting a garden view with flower borders in full bloom - signed - 13 3/4" X 19 1/2" £60-80
1583.   F. L. Aldridge: a gilt framed watercolour view of a church interior - signed £15-25
1584.   F. M. Duke: a gilt framed watercolour, entitled Yarmouth - signed and titled £30-40
1585.   John R. Morris: a framed mixed media study of a kingfisher perching on flowering iris - signed and dated '87 - details verso - 17 3/4" X 14 1/4" £50-70
1586.   Joseph Barnes: a painted framed and gilt slipped watercolour, depicting a scene in Cumberland £40-60
1587.   Bakufu Ohno: a coloured woodblock print of a bamboo vase of flowers on plinth - signed in Japanese and in English with red seals - 15 1/4" Xx 10 1/4" £100-150
1588.   A gilt framed oil on canvas marine painting with various sailing vessels off the coast on choppy seas - indistinctly signed lower left - 9 1/2" X 13 1/2" £140-180
1589.   †John King: an oak framed oil on board coastal view with lighthouse - signed and dated '67 £20-40
1590.   Reginald Daniel Sherrin: a pair of ornate gilt framed gouache Dartmoor views, one with footpath and pool with tors beyond and another similar - both signed - 14 1/2" X 20 1/2" £150-180
1591.   A late 19th Century gilt framed oil on canvas portrait of a continental boy wearing a red hat and fur jerkin £20-40
1592.   A gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting the Guildhall, Exeter High Street - signed with monogram £35-45
1593.   A gilt framed watercolour, depicting a river landscape, possibly Dartmeet - indistinctly signed and dated 1902 £10-20
1594.   Two large gilt framed reproduction oils on canvas, both depicting Venice canal scenes £10-40
1595.   A large gilt framed reproduction oil on canvas, depicting a young lady in a yellow dress £10-40
1596.   A polished wood framed reproduction oil on canvas, depicting male and female figures beneath a tree with dog £10-40
1597.   An ornate framed reproduction oil on canvas, depicting a 19th Century beach scene with figures £10-40
1598.   GDR: a gilt framed oil on board, depicting a mare and foal with other horses in background - 9 1/4" X 11 1/4" £80-120
1599.   Robert T. May: a gilt framed limited edition coloured print, depicting Deerhounds, entitled "Highland Sentinels" - signed and numbered 130/500 £10-20
1600.   Elle J. Wilson: a metal framed watercolour from the Cornish Rex cat series, entitled 'A Careless Afternoon' - signed and with certificate of authenticity verso £10-40
1601.   A gilt framed reproduction oil on canvas, depicting a 19th Century huntsman with gun and three dogs £10-30
1602.   †L.S Lowry: a framed coloured print "A Village Square" in muted palette - 17 3/4" X 23 1/2" £45-55
1603.   P.Guillaume: an ornate swept gilt framed oil painting on wooden panel, depicting figures conversing by a farmhouse and pond with village beyond - signed £25-35
1604.   N.R. Harper: a framed oil on board, depicting a view of Lound church, Suffolk £15-25
1605.   Colour Vanity Fair print by Hay, from the Men of the Day series, the Revd John Heriz Smith MA £10-15
1606.   A burr maple framed oil on panel, depicting sailing vessels and small rowing boat with figures on choppy seas - indistinctly signed - 4 3/4" X 6 3/4" £70-100
1607.   A 20th Century tapestry panel, depicting a court scene - sold with an early 20th Century embroidery in the oriental style, depicting a woman and birds in a garden and a framed Chinese pith paper painting, depicting flowering branches with character text and red seal stamp £10-40
1608.   R. D. Sherrin: a pair of gilt framed and slipped colour prints, one depicting "Oak Tor and Steperton Tor", the other "On Bellstone Moors, Dartmoor" £10-30
1609.   An antique maple framed coloured engraving, depicting a group of children in country landscape from the original by J Hoppner 1786 and engraved by James Ward £10-20
1610.   Don Heywood: a stretchered canvas study of a cat - inscribed and dated '76 verso £10-40
1611.   After Ann Dillard: a pair of ornate embossed ebonised framed colour prints, depicting a Lion and a Tiger £10-20
1612.   John R. Morris: a framed mixed media study of a swallow chasing a butterfly - signed and dated '87 - details verso - 16 1/2" X 11 3/4" £50-70
1613.   Mychael Barrett: an ebonised framed limited edition colour print "Beside the Seaside" - 15/150, signed inscribed and numbered in pencil on the margin £15-25
1614.   Six unframed paintings on board and paper including portraiture, birds and winter landscape - various artists £10-30
1615.   A set of four monochrome photographic prints of Barnstaple from the R.L. Knight collection - sold with a later coloured photograph of same £10-40
1616.   A framed coloured print, depicting GWR 1400 Class 0-4-2T, No.1427 at Heathfield Station, Devon, a hardback copy of 'The Teign Valley Line' by Peter Kay and 'The Tarka and Dartmoor Lines' publication £10-20
1617.   A collection of antique and later framed hunting prints and similar tea tray - various condition £10-20
1618.   An oval silver framed portrait miniature, depicting a woman with black bow and lace dress - signed Cabelli and dated 1904 - 5' X 3 3/4" £80-100
1619.   A 20th Century gilt gesso picture frame - to take 20" X 24" £10-20
1620.   Walter W. Goddard: an early 20th Century gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting a view of Caerphilly Castle - dated 1900 £10-20
1621.   S. E. Valentine-Davies: an ornate marbled gilt framed limited edition coloured print, depicting a Henley Regatta scene - signed in pencil and numbered 335/850 with blind stamp - sold with †Roy Perry: a framed coloured print cricketing scene, entitled "The Opening Match" £10-40
1622.   Arthur Muir: a framed 20th Century oil board, entitled "Highland Stream" - signed and inscribed verso £10-40
1623.   †Frank Egginton: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting Tony Island from Tramore, County Donegal - signed - titled verso - 14 1/2" X 19 1/2" £350-450
1624.   A continental woodblock print of Nuremburg indistinctly signed, together with another woodblock print in colour of fishermen landing the catch - signed, inscribed, dated and numbered. £15-25
1625.   G. Closson: an ornate gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting a Dutch harbour scene with various vessels, windmills and waterside buildings and a mother and child waiting by a jetty for a returning boatman - 23 1/2" X 35 1/2" £100-150
1626.   A stretchered oil on canvas study of a reclining nude female figure - 30" X 3' 10" £10-40
1627.   A stretchered oil on canvas self portrait of a female artist reflected in a wardrobe door mirror - signed AH and dated '86 - sold with a framed oil on canvas study of a seated nude female figure £20-30
1628.   A framed 20th Century oil on canvas, depicting a harbour scene with buildings and moored Dutch style barges £10-40
1629.   Frank Wooton: a gilt framed coloured print, depicting a two masted sailing ship, entitled "T. S. Royalist" - 101/350 - certificate verso £20-30
1630.   A 20th Century framed oil on canvas abstract in grey and blue palette £10-40
1631.   Florence Thorpe: a framed watercolour view of the Amalfi coast with figures in the foreground - signed £25-35
1632.   A pair of gilt framed oriental style oils on canvas, depicting perching and flying swallows - sold with three stretchered oils on canvas studies of fruits and flowers - all signed AML and dated circa early 20th Century - various condition £10-40
1633.   Two modern gilt framed limited edition colour prints, one entitled "San Lorenzo", the other "Cenac", 48 & 47/225 - indistinctly signed in pencil Ilana Richm... £10-30
1634.   A gilt framed 20th Century oil on board, depicting figures fishing from a rowing boat with further vessel in background - indistinctly signed - 9 1/2" X 13 1/4" £50-80
1635.   A late 19th Century gilt framed oil on board, depicting a figure in a rural landscape with cottage and pond in foreground £35-45
1636.   George Shalders: a gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting an extensive Highland Lake Landscape with cattle watering and fishermen in the foreground - unsigned - Historical information verso - attribution 23rd May 1980, Lot 31 according to Christie's archive - 33 1/2" X 4' 10" £270-300
1637.   Randolph Caldecott: an ebonised framed and gilt mounted "The Wychdale Steeplechase", consisting of six separate coloured prints £20-40
1638.   A framed late Georgian stipple engraving depicting children playing in a woodland glade - 11" X 13" £10-20
1639.   Allan Clarke: a large stained wood framed watercolour, entitled "The River Exe, St. Michaels & All Angels Church" £20-50
1640.   Henry Alken: a pair of gilt framed antique coaching prints, one entitled "Summer", the other "Winter", engraved by C. R. Stock £20-30
1641.   A pair of gilt framed reproduction oil paintings, one depicting Napoleon on Marengo, the other a seated 19th Century military officer £20-40
1642.   Allan Clarke: a large stained wood framed watercolour, entitled "Topsham, Near Exeter, Devon" £20-50
1643.   Shean Bolan: a gilt framed pen, ink and watercolour drawing of an electric tram, en route to Bathford - signed and dated '74 £30-40
1644.   A set of four Hogarth framed antique colour prints after Francesco Bartolozzi RA, the times of the day: "The Morning", "Noon", "The Evening" and "Night" £35-45
1645.   Henry Alken: a pair of framed antique coloured prints entitled "A Prize Fight" and "Bull Baiting" £10-40
1646.   Margaret Aulton: five framed hand coloured artist's proof etchings depicting various French scenes, signed in pencil with blind stamp, details verso - one reframed - sold with a framed antique bookplate depicting the Reverend Matthew Hole D.D., rector of Exeter College, Oxford £10-40