Two Day Stonepark Antique Sale on
Thursday 24th January 2019 - Lots 1 to 615
Friday 25th January - Lots 1001 to 1520

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1.      A 10' 6" early Victorian pitch pine pew - adapted £20-40
2.      Two similar wall mounted painted wrought iron window railings, one 3' 9 1/4" X 21", the other 35 1/2" X 23" £20-40
3.      A 34" antique cast iron four column radiator £60-100
4.      A 4' 5" antique cast iron four column radiator £100-150
5.      Two antique terracotta chimney pots, one 34 1/2", the other 36" (base a/f) £20-40
6.      Four 12" antique terracotta pipe sections £20-40
7.      A 5' 4" antique cast iron four column radiator £100-150
8.      A set of four 14 1/4" cast concrete garden pedestals £20-40
9.      A 3' 11" antique cast iron four column radiator £80-120
10.     A 4' 1" antique cast iron four column radiator £80-120
11.     Three matching 3' 7" vintage cast iron single column radiators £100-150
12.     A 24" Victorian salt glazed stoneware garden pedestal with pierced top and decorative borders - sold with five part honey glazed stoneware jars £20-40
13.     A pair of 34 1/2" antique terracotta chimney pots £20-40
14.     A 4' 5" antique cast iron four column radiator £100-150
15.     A 29" antique cast iron four column radiator - sold with a 21" four column similar £80-120
16.     A 6' antique cast iron four column radiator £100-200
17.     A 5' 10" antique cast iron four column radiator £100-200
18.     A 31" decorative painted terracotta garden pot with flanking applied dragon decoration £20-30
19.     A 4' 5" antique cast iron four column radiator £100-150
20.     A pale blue painted pine wall mounted dovecote - 4' 1" wide £40-60
21.     Two 4' 2" vintage galvanised wire mesh gym storage cages £50-80
22.     A 4' 1" rustic pine open five shelf wall unit £10-15
23.     A vintage Minimax Model 4a conical extinguisher with original wall bracket - sold as decorative item only £20-30
24.     A pair of 34" cast concrete garden lions holding shields £80-120
25.     A pair of modern painted cast iron bench ends £10-20
26.     Two matching 33" concrete prancing horse garden ornaments £100-120
27.     A pair of wrought iron garden gates - to fit 7' gap £10-20
28.     A 24" concrete bird bath, set on a brick effect pedestal base £10-20
29.     A 28 1/4" turned white marble pedestal £50-60
30.     A 24" antique granite garden roller with wrought iron handle £50-80
31.     Three approx. 20" granite garden rollers - no handles £70-100
32.     A 21" part honey glazed stoneware cider jar £10-20
33.     A 26" vintage painted metal meat safe £20-40
34.     A 34" later painted washstand formed from a Singer treadle sewing machine base, with hammered copper oval inset basin £20-40
35.     A pair of 3' 1" stone inset concrete oblong garden planters £20-40
36.     Three approx. 34" concrete garden troughs £70-100
37.     A figural weather vane in the form of a vintage golfer - club head missing £30-50
38.     A 3' 1 1/2" slatted teak garden table - sold with a set of four lath back standard chairs to match £50-80
39.     A 10' 6" early Victorian pitch pine pew - adapted £20-40
40.     A 10' 6" early Victorian pitch pine pew - adapted £20-40
101.    A 34" early 20th Century stained wood book cabinet with four shelves enclosed by a glazed panel door and open undertier £15-25
102.    A 4' 6" antique polished oak two part cabinet with shelves enclosed by a pair of fielded panelled cupboard doors over a base with adapted fall-front compartment and two short drawers under, set on simple block feet - some adaptation and replacement hinges £100-150
103.    A 3' 8"old oriental black lacquered cabinet with shelf and drawer fitted interior enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, set on raised bracket feet £50-80
104.    A 35" mid 19th Century Irish naive waxed pine dresser with plate rack, surface, two doors and open undertier £200-240
105.    A 4' 9" antique stained mixed wood dresser with moulded dentil cornice, blind fretwork and flanking fluted decoration to three shelf open plate rack, over a two door cupboard base bearing Parliament House, between Galmpton and Brixham plaque, set on an older rough hewn stand £200-250
106.    An Edwardian mahogany framed dressing table mirror, set on slender swept supports £10-15
107.    A 4' 5" antique polished oak potboard dresser with three frieze drawers, two flanking shorter drawers and central dummy drawer front, set on turned front supports and simple block feet - surmounted by an associated three shelf open plate rack £150-200
108.    A 4' 9" Edwardian inlaid mahogany wardrobe with hanging space enclosed by a bevelled mirror panel door with deep drawer under - sold with a 3' 6" dressing chest to match £30-50
109.    A 30" 20th Century stained wood corner cabinet in the antique style with leaded glazed panel doors to top and double cupboard under £10-15
110.    A 36" later painted and parcel gilt wood washstand with associated decorated pottery bowl and bind frieze drawer, set on turned legs £20-40
111.    A 36 1/4" waxed pine dresser base with two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on turned bun feet £30-50
112.    A 5' 8" studded brown leather upholstered two seater settee and armchair to match - the settee with legs and casters a/f £100-150
113.    A 3' 5" early 20th Century mahogany bow front display cabinet with material lined shelves enclosed by a beaded glazed panel door, set on short cabriole legs with claw and ball feet £15-25
114.    A 4' 6 3/4" antique polished oak livery cupboard with blind fretwork scroll decoration, flanking turned terminals, pair of decorative doors and concealed long drawer under, over shelves enclosed by a pair of fielded panelled cupboard doors, set on simple block feet £80-120
115.    A 17 1/2" pine four shelf open bookcase with shaped top, single drawer and moulded base £20-40
116.    An 18 1/2" waxed pine bedside pot cupboard with panelled door and moulded base £20-40
117.    A 5' 11" antique oak bench with five panel back, open armrests and remains of seat webbing, set on cabriole front legs with pad feet £50-80
118.    A late Victorian ebonised wood revolving piano stool with screw action, incised decoration and tripod base - top detached but included £15-25
119.    A 23" late Georgian mahogany gentleman's corner washstand with mitre top, apertures and drawer to lower tier, set on slender square supports £20-40
120.    A pair of later painted rail back standard chairs with calico upholstered drop in seats, set on faceted tapered front legs £15-25
121.    A 3' 11 1/2" Edwardian golden oak knee-hole desk with central frieze drawer, flanking short drawers and panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth bases £40-60
122.    A Victorian mahogany circular footstool with tapestry upholstered top, set on squat bun feet £20-30
123.    A 17 1/2" 20th Century mahogany bedside chest of three long drawers, set on chamfered square legs £20-40
124.    A 3' 4" Victorian stained pine chest with two short and three long graduated drawers, set on plinth base £30-50
125.    A 3' 1" reproduction mahogany three shelf open bookcase, set on bracket feet - sliding glass doors missing £10-15
126.    A set of six polished oak framed panel back dining chairs with studded brown leather upholstery, set on turned front legs - comprising four standard and two carvers £70-100
127.    A 9' 20th Century polished oak dining table with sectional top, set on moulded square legs £50-70
128.    A Lloyd Loom tub chair with pale green finish - sold with a later painted Lloyd Loom linen basket £15-25
129.    An Edwardian walnut framed drawing room armchair with decorative top rail, turned spindles and floral cut upholstery, set on turned front legs - casters missing, back leg repair £10-20
130.    A late Victorian ebonised oak extending dining table with moulded edge, canted corners and single leaf, set on acanthus carved turned legs - 5' 8" overall £30-40
131.    A small carved oak stick stand with applied brass handle - drip-tray missing £10-15
132.    A 16 1/2" reproduction mahogany and cross banded chest of two short and three long drawers over two further short drawers and long drawer under, set on bracket feet - in the style of a Georgian chest on chest £30-50
133.    A 20th Century mahogany jardinière stand, set on turned pillar and tripod base with pad feet £20-30
134.    An ebonised wood framed wheel back elbow rocking chair with solid seat and turned supports £20-40
135.    A Victorian mahogany shield back hall chair with scroll decoration and solid seat, set on turned front legs £20-30
136.    A 36" 20th Century polished oak refectory style side table, set on massive bulbous standard ends and twin plank stretchers £25-35
137.    An Ercol hoop stick back standard chair - sold with a pair of similar, all with solid seats and turned supports £15-25
138.    A 3' 6" modern stained pine two-tier coffee table, set on turned supports £10-15
139.    A 22 1/2" polished mahogany side table with moulded shaped top, pierced apron and cabriole legs - sold with a reproduction pedestal wine table £20-30
140.    A mid 20th Century stained oak framed panel back elbow chair with studded red leatherette upholstery, set on square supports £25-35
141.    A 3' 9" vintage polished wood writing table with inset top and three frieze drawers, set on moulded slender square tapered legs £30-50
142.    A 30" late 19th Century American dome topped travelling trunk with iron bound lath top and paper cladding £15-25
143.    A 36" Victorian figured walnut veneered serpentine fold-over card table, set on quadruple turned supports, central finial and acanthus scroll legs with white porcelain casters £50-70
144.    A 5' early 20th Century walnut side-by-side bureau bookcase with moulded raised top, fully fitted fall-front compartment, three central graduated drawers and flanking glazed cabinets, set on fan carved cabriole legs with claw and ball feet - two glass panes a/f £50-70
145.    A 28 1/2" Edwardian stained walnut two-tier occasional table with serpentine surfaces and carved decoration set on C-scroll cabriole supports £10-20
146.    A 35 1/2" modern polished oak coffee table with single drawer, set on heavy shaped square legs £20-40
147.    A 34 3/4" late Georgian inlaid oak corner cabinet with canted sides, shell motif to door and later painted shelf fitted interior, set on moulded base £20-40
148.    A 3' 5 1/2" stained wood two part book cabinet with glazed panel doors to top and panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base £20-30
149.    A 4' 20th Century Four Shield Furniture figured walnut wardrobe with hanging space, shelf and mirror enclosed by a pair of beaded doors, set on short cabriole legs with pad feet - sold with a kneehole dressing table to match with triple bevelled mirror over £20-40
150.    A 4' 3 1/4" Victorian stained oak two part cabinet with now open shelves to top (glazed doors missing), over a base with two carved frieze drawers, decorative moulded cupboard doors and flanking turned and fluted pillars, set on bun feet £30-50
151.    A 30 1/2" Victorian waxed pine wall hanging cupboard with shelves enclosed by panelled doors and decorative shaped brackets under £30-50
152.    A 3' 1" reproduction yew two part cabinet with illuminated display shelves to top, over a base with two short drawers and pair of cupboard doors under, set on bracket feet £10-20
153.    A rustic hardwood framed full length mirror - 5' 10 1/2" X 30" overall £40-60
154.    A 36" Edwardian mahogany display cabinet with painted floral swag decoration and remains of material lined interior, set on square legs with spade feet - a/f £10-15
155.    A 3' 5" Victorian mahogany serpentine front chiffonier with flanking turned supports to raised back, blind frieze drawer and panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base £30-40
156.    A 3' 2" modern waxed pine six shelf shallow open bookcase, set on shaped apron £30-50
157.    A 3' 1 1/2" Georgian stained oak chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on carved bracket base £70-100
158.    A pair of polished oak framed panel back dining chairs with studded brown leatherette upholstery and turned front supports £10-15
159.    A 21" old waxed pine wall hanging corner cabinet with panelled door and canted sides £15-25
160.    A pair of Victorian stained oak framed rustic style bedroom chairs - sold with a bentwood similar - various condition £10-15
161.    A pair of 18 1/2" reproduction mixed wood oval tray topped pedestal wine tables - sold with an older mahogany pedestal table with wheatsheaf carved cabriole legs and pad feet - top a/f £30-40
162.    A 4' 5" modern polished pine kneehole desk with louvered cupboard door to one side and flight of four drawers to the other £10-20
163.    A nest of three reproduction burr walnut tea tables with moulded edges and slender cabriole legs £10-15
164.    A 20th Century mahogany and mixed wood framed triple dressing table mirror with shaped plates £10-20
165.    A 31" reproduction mahogany serpentine front chest of four long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £30-50
166.    An old stained wood butler's tray, set on folding stand £15-25
167.    A 36" later painted and adapted washstand chest with hammered brass inset bowl to top, dummy drawer front and two long drawers under, set on bracket feet and casters £30-40
168.    A 20th Century stained wood wall mounted three shelf corner display stand £10-15
169.    A 3' 11" Edwardian walnut book cabinet with three adjustable shelves enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors, set on bracket feet £15-25
170.    A pair of 1940's Ercol utility furniture model 4a hoop stick back kitchen chairs with original transfers and stamps £15-25
171.    A 3' 9" Edwardian walnut kneehole desk with later inset top, central drawer, four drawers to one side, drawer and cupboard the other, set on moulded feet £20-30
172.    A Victorian walnut slope fronted coal box with coppered and pressed metal hinges, shovel and liner - a/f £10-15
173.    An early 20th Century stained wood stick stand with decorative moulded supports and metal drip-tray £10-20
174.    A 3' 2" old waxed pine and metal braced lift-top storage trunk with flanking iron drop handles and later latch £40-60
175.    A 4' 7 1/4" reproduction yew drop-leaf dining table with gated action, central standard supports and brass lion paw feet - sold with a set of six dining chairs to match - comprising four standard and two carvers £20-40
176.    A 19 1/4" mahogany and strung platform dressing table mirror with oval plate and three drawers to bow front base £15-25
177.    A 3' 1 1/2" Victorian stained pine chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on turned feet - slight moulding damage £30-50
178.    A 23" antique polished oak wall hanging bow front corner cabinet with three shelves enclosed by a pair of doors £20-30
179.    A 29" Edwardian walnut two-tier occasional table with turned and reeded supports £10-20
180.    A 5' 1940's stained oak office desk with pair of slides, four short drawers and deep file drawer - a/f £10-20
181.    A 21 3/4" modern polished oak two-tier tea table, set on shaped square legs £15-25
182.    A 21" pitch pine wall mounted plate rack by the Penny Pine Company, with shelf top, shaped sides and cup hooks under £20-40
183.    A 33 1/2" 19th Century pine chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, set on turned legs £80-100
184.    A 23 3/4" modern pine and mixed wood side table, set on moulded square legs £10-15
185.    A 3' 4" later painted Edwardian washstand with adapted top, two frieze drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on simple block feet £15-25
186.    A pair of 19th Century smokers bow elbow chairs with solid elm seats bearing matching stamps and set on turned supports £200-240
187.    A 4' 6" Victorian stained oak twin pedestal desk with green rexine inset top, three frieze drawers and six flanking pedestal drawers, set on rounded plinth bases £40-60
188.    A 1930's stained beech framed bergere back nursing chair with upholstered seat panel and shaped front legs £10-15
189.    A 5' 7" modern polished metal and glass shelved revolving bathroom cabinet with wall mounted pole brackets to top and bottom £30-50
190.    A 6' 20th Century waxed pine farmhouse kitchen table with thick sectional top, set on turned legs £40-60
191.    A nest of three reproduction mahogany tea tables, set on slender cabriole legs with pad feet £10-15
192.    A 3' 9" Ercol elm coffee table with glass inset undertier £30-50
193.    A 34" Georgian oak and elm bureau with fully fitted interior and four long graduated drawers under, set on bracket feet £50-70
194.    A Victorian waxed pine double towel rail £20-40
195.    A 15 1/2" Victorian mahogany platform dressing table mirror with drawer to base and one replacement foot £10-20
196.    A 6' 2 1/2" antique waxed pine farmhouse kitchen table with lifting four plank top and applied iron strapwork, set on turned legs £190-210
197.    An antique oak hall chair of pegged construction with arched back rail, solid seat and turned front supports - old repair £20-40
198.    A pair of 15 3/4" Raft solid teak storage cubes of wide dovetail construction and bearing maker's labels £40-60
199.    A 5' 6" modern painted mixed wood and woven wicker fronted dressing unit with three flights of three drawers £10-20
200.    A Chinese nest of three hardwood tea tables with decorative carved borders and moulded curved supports £70-100
201.    A 28 1/2" vintage G-Plan Fresco teak chest of four graduated drawers £20-40
202.    Two similar 19th Century smokers bow elbow chairs with solid elm seats bearing matching stamps and set on turned supports £200-240
203.    A pair of Edwardian walnut framed lyre back standard chairs with remains of upholstery to seats, set on slender turned front legs £10-15
204.    A Second World War period Air Ministry oak writing desk with inset top and two flanking frieze drawers, set on moulded square tapered legs £30-50
205.    A 6' 6" late 20th Century three seater settee upholstered in textured material and brown leatherette, set on polished wood block feet £20-40
206.    Three matching modern stained hardwood director's chairs with pale lime green canvas, bearing FSC labels £30-50
207.    An early Victorian mahogany draw-frame extending dining table with single leaf, set on turned legs with brass caps and white porcelain casters - 5' 9 1/2" overall £50-60
208.    A pair of Edwardian walnut framed bedroom elbow chairs with delicate pierced splat backs and mushroom coloured velour upholstery set on slender cabriole front legs with pad feet £20-30
209.    A 34" oriental black lacquered and polished wood two part chest of four long drawers with petal shaped lock plates and iron drop handles £200-250
210.    An Edwardian stained wood two tier occasional table, set on cut-down turned supports £10-15
211.    A polished oak framed dressing stool with studded brown leather seat panel and turned supports - sold with a Victorian mahogany platform dressing table mirror with serpentine base £10-15
212.    A 14 3/4" modern waxed pine wall mounted cabinet with brackets under £10-20
213.    A modern decorative painted butler's tray on folding stand £20-30
214.    A 10' 6" early Victorian pitch pine pew - adapted £20-40
215.    A modern brass column pattern standard lamp, set on stepped base - sold with a brass fire screen £20-30
216.    A 1930's stained mixed wood three-tier folding cake stand £10-15
217.    An 18 1/4" reproduction yew media cabinet containing a selection of cd's £10-15
218.    A Georgian stained oak framed standard chair with pierced splat back and solid seat panel - old repairs and wear £10-20
219.    A Bevan Funnell Reprodux mahogany effect drop-leaf pedestal table with two drawers - a/f £10-15
220.    A 3' 5" 19th Century pine scrub-top drop-leaf dining table, set on ebonised turned legs £20-40
221.    A 17" antique stained wood rustic stool with pierced top, shaped apron and standard ends £20-40
222.    A 30 1/4" reproduction yew and cross banded cabinet with two drawers and double cupboard under, set on bracket feet £10-15
223.    A far eastern brass inlaid hardwood magazine rack with decorative geometric design to top, slatted sides and standard ends £15-25
224.    A set of eight antique polished mahogany framed Chippendale style pierced ribbon back dining chairs with upholstered drop-in seats, set on acanthus carved cabriole front legs with claw and ball feet - comprising six standard and pair of carvers £80-120
225.    A pair of 1920's mahogany framed Chippendale style ribbon back elbow chairs with upholstered drop-in seats, set on acanthus scroll cabriole front legs with claw and ball feet £40-60
226.    An antique stained oak standard chair with figural top rail, Gothic arch splat, solid seat panel and barley twist supports - sold with a late 19th Century bentwood chair £20-40
227.    A 9' Australian polished solid hardwood refectory dining table with bark faced front and back to thick single piece top, set on massive standard ends and plank stretcher £200-400
228.    An Edwardian walnut slope fronted coal box with Art Nouveau cast metal handle, associated shovel and brush - no liner £15-25
229.    A 3' 2 3/4" late Victorian painted pine carpenter's chest with tray fitted interior and flanking iron drop handles £40-60
230.    A pair of Edwardian inlaid stained beech framed bedroom chairs with rattan seat panels £15-25
231.    A 14 1/4" Edwardian stained and carved walnut coal purdonium with flanking brass drop handles and short turned legs with porcelain casters - split to fall front £10-15
232.    A 20" modern solid teak bedside unit with two open shelves and applied cross braces to sides £20-40
233.    A narrow mahogany wall mounted and glazed three shelf cabinet - 33" high £10-20
234.    A pair of modern wingback reclining armchairs with floral upholstery, set on polished wood front legs with pad feet - faded £20-40
235.    A Stressless easy chair and matching stool with beige leather upholstery, set on bentwood bases £40-60
236.    A reproduction mahogany and cross banded pedestal dining table with two stowed leaves, set on flanking swept legs with lion paw terminals - 8' overall £20-30
237.    A pair of late Victorian polished mahogany framed dining chairs with swept side rails, studded overstuffed seats and cabriole legs with pad feet £20-40
238.    A 3' 4" carved oak wall mounted coat rack with shelf top and various brass hooks £20-30
239.    A 6' Victorian carved walnut part show frame chaise lounge with button back old gold velour upholstery set on turned and reeded legs with heavy brass caps and casters £50-80
240.    Two similar 19th Century smokers bow elbow chairs with solid elm seats, one bearing stamp and set on turned supports £200-240
241.    A 3' 11" 1830's stained oak library table with two pairs of opposing drawers, two bearing the stamp for S & H Jewell's Furniture Warehouses, 29 & 30 Little Queen Street, Holborn, set on turned legs - inset missing, associated brass caps and casters detached but included £50-80
242.    A 29" diameter reproduction stained mixed wood tea table with four nesting tables, all with green leatherette inset tops and slender turned supports £10-15
243.    A 3' 11 1/2" antique oak three panel coffer with decorative carving, iron lock plate and adapted interior £50-80
244.    A 34" later painted washstand with hammered metal oval insert to top, dummy drawer fronts and two long drawers under - converted £20-40
245.    A 4' early 20th Century mahogany and stained wood display cabinet with double dome top and fan motif, paper lined interior enclosed by a pair of beaded glazed panel doors and pair of inlaid cupboard doors under, set on cabriole legs with pad feet £20-30
246.    A late 19th Century stained wood high stick back elbow chair with solid circular elm seat and ring turned supports £30-40
247.    A modern oriental stained wood plant stand with cabriole supports and undertier £10-15
248.    A 5' 1" Victorian ebonised oak sideboard with green man mask and scrolls to raised back, lion mask handles to two frieze drawers, central recess and cupboard flanked by larger decorative panelled cupboard doors, set on acanthus plinth base £30-50
249.    A French style gilt and white suite, comprising two bedside tables, dressing table with triple mirror, chest of five drawers and another with three long graduated drawers - various condition £20-40
250.    A 3' 1 1/2" modern polished pine wardrobe with hanging space enclosed by a pair of panelled doors with two long drawers under £10-20
251.    A pair of Edwardian stained beech framed pierced splat back dining chairs with overstuffed seats, set on slender cabriole front legs £10-15
252.    A 5' Victorian stained carved oak three-tier buffet with low raised back, shaped edges and acanthus ring turned front supports, set on pommel feet £100-150
253.    A 4' Raft solid teak side table with two frieze drawers set on heavy square tapered legs £40-60
254.    An early 20th Century mahogany locker piano stool with upholstered seat and square legs £15-25
255.    A 19 1/4" reproduction mahogany and cross banded chest of six long graduated drawers £30-50
256.    A 36" late Victorian mahogany five shelf open bookcase, set on bracketed standard ends - a/f £20-30
257.    A 3' 3 1/2" late 20th Century Waring & Gillow Limited Edition mahogany display cabinet with moulded dentil cornice and three glass shelves enclosed by a pair of beaded glazed panel doors, with two short drawers under, set on bracket feet £30-50
258.    A set of eight Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs with curved back rails and solid seats, set on turned front legs - comprising six standard and two carvers £100-150
259.    An early 20th Century four-fold dressing screen with printed and studded material panels £30-40
260.    A 20 1/2" modern waxed pine four shelf open bookcase with arcaded panelled cupboard door under £10-20
261.    A 27 1/2" Victorian painted tin dome top travelling trunk £20-30
262.    A 48 1/2" old stained pine and cast iron framed side-by-side school desk with twin lift-top compartments and integral bench seat £30-50
263.    A 3' 8" late Georgian mahogany chest on chest with moulded top, reeded canted sides, two short and three long graduated drawers over three further long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £300-400
264.    A 22 1/2" 19th Century mahogany strung and cross banded platform dressing table mirror with bevelled arched plate and three drawers to base, set on bracket feet £15-25
265.    A 36" 19th Century mahogany side table, set on turned legs with brass caps and casters £20-30
266.    A 26" late Victorian tin lift-top travelling trunk with later painted finish - dents £10-15
267.    A rustic hardwood framed full length mirror - 5' 8" X 28 1/2" overall £40-60
268.    A 3' 5 1/2" Victorian mahogany chiffonier with associated mirror set raised back, blind frieze drawer, flanking acanthus capitals and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base £30-50
269.    A polished mixed wood drop-leaf two tier tea trolley £10-20
270.    A 3' 7" eastern hardwood chest of five long drawers with stepped moulded top and applied diamond motifs £50-70
271.    A 4' 8" 20th Century stained hardwood cabinet of oval form by Modern Furnishers of Calcutta, with central glass sliding doors and double cupboard, the flanking curved doors with applied classical seahorse decoration, set on a raised and shaped plinth base £20-40
272.    A 19th Century figured walnut four-tier what-not with shaped surfaces, turned finials and slender barley twist supports £30-50
273.    A 10' 6" early Victorian pitch pine pew - adapted £20-40
274.    A vintage cane and metal bound travelling trunk with canvas weather coating £10-20
275.    A 33 1/2" waxed pine wall hanging two shelf unit with double arch top and shaped brackets under £20-30
276.    Two 24" high rustic hardwood tree trunk table supports of square form £40-60
277.    A 3' 1 1/2" modern white painted chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet - bearing label for Country Corner £30-50
278.    A 10' 6" early Victorian pitch pine pew - adapted £20-40
279.    A 24 1/4" vintage oval wall mirror, the frame formed from recycled rolls of magazine and book text - matching Lot 383 £20-30
280.    A 6' 2 1/4" antique oak dresser top with moulded cornice, three central plate shelves, flanking smaller shelves and cupboard doors £30-50
281.    A Stag dark stained wood framed cheval mirror with flanking turned supports and platform base, set on bracket feet £20-40
282.    A 3' 7" old stripped pine two part dresser with two shelf plate rack over double cupboard - a/f £20-40
283.    A 3' 11 1/2" Edwardian mahogany inlaid and strung cabinet with central bevelled oval mirror and cupboard, with flanking material lined display shelves enclosed by beaded glazed panel doors, set on slender cabriole legs with pad feet £40-60
284.    A 29" late Georgian oak wall hanging corner cupboard with canted sides and panelled door £20-40
285.    A 3' 6" Edwardian satin walnut chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, set on plinth base - from a dressing chest £20-30
286.    An early 20th Century stained oak two-tier jardinière stand £10-20
287.    A small pine wall mounted corner display shelf unit, a pine wall cabinet and a stained wood four shelf open bookcase £20-30
288.    A 26" reproduction mahogany corner cabinet with moulded canted sides, set on swept square legs £10-15
289.    A 36 1/2" coffee table converted from a commercial butcher's block with heavy iron bound corners, square supports and undertier £50-80
290.    A 28" stained mahogany side table in the Georgian style with moulded top and shell carved apron, set on moulded legs with claw and ball feet £40-60
301.    A set of four late Regency brass inlaid mahogany framed sabre leg dining chairs with rope twist backs, decorative splats and upholstered drop-in seats £100-150
302.    A 32" Victorian wooden lath and metal bound dome-top travelling trunk with original latch - carrying handles missing £30-50
303.    A 36" Victorian mahogany fold-over tea table with single gated action, set on ring turned legs £30-50
304.    A 15 3/4" modern EKC painted wood Pantry kitchen storage unit with six aluminium pull-out drawers and four plug-in metal top bottles under - matching Lot 341 £40-50
305.    A pair of 15 3/4" Raft solid teak storage cubes of wide dovetail construction and bearing maker's labels £40-60
306.    A 34 3/4" late 19th Century Gillows mahogany and strung side table with two frieze drawers (one bearing stamp), set on bracketed square tapered legs with moulded feet - replacement top £30-50
307.    A Raft solid teak 'China Stool' with curved top, sloping standard ends and pegged stretcher £40-60
308.    An Oriental hardwood table with carved air dragon decoration to top and clouds to undertier, set on cabriole supports £15-25
309.    A 3' 3" Victorian walnut and marquetry chiffonier with raised shelf back and cross banded top, over two blind drawers and decorative panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base £150-200
310.    A 36" Indian hardwood double chair back seat with iron strapwork banding, studded roundels and repeat geometric floral motifs to back, woven string seat panel and bracketed front, set on decorative front legs £80-120
311.    A handmade Celtic style stained beech spinning chair bearing stamp for Ben Setter of Totnes £45-55
312.    A 30" diameter waxed pine occasional table, set on turned legs £30-40
313.    A 23 1/2" diameter old stained beech coaching table, set on folding bamboo effect base £20-40
314.    A late 20th Century brown leather upholstered armchair, set on polished wood square tapered front legs £80-120
315.    A 6' stained pine dining table, set on sloping moulded square legs - sold with a pair of 6' form benches to match £50-80
316.    A 36" 19th Century French boulle serpentine front fold-over card table with profuse floral scroll decoration and shaped burgundy baize inset top, set on shaped apron with applied mask and cast borders, the cabriole legs with applied cherubs and cast terminals £1000-1200
317.    A 19" Anglo-Indian brass bound teak stationery box with tray and compartment fitted interior, set on bracket base £30-50
318.    A 14 1/2" Edwardian "Caley's" department store table top vitrine with two glass shelves and door to rear £50-80
319.    A 32" rustic hardwood plank top table, set on simple turned legs £20-40
320.    A set of eight polished teak framed dining chairs with metal back rails and thick hide backs and seat panels, set on moulded legs - comprising six standard and two carvers £150-200
321.    Three 15 3/4" Raft solid teak storage cubes of wide dovetail construction and bearing maker's labels £60-80
322.    A 4' commercial butcher's block with heavy iron bound corners, single frieze drawer and planked undertier, set on heavy square legs £150-180
323.    A 5' 1" antique oak dresser base in the Jacobean style with two deep drawers and shaped apron, set on square tapered front legs £150-180
324.    A 30" Edwardian carved walnut two-tier table with decorative pomegranate surfaces set on slender acanthus cabriole supports £20-40
325.    A 20" diameter Victorian walnut pedestal table, set on fluted pillar and carved tripod base £20-40
326.    A pair of 1950's Howard Keith Encore chairs with original black and white striped upholstery and ebonised legs £150-250
327.    A late 20th Century studded brown leather upholstered foot stool, set on polished wood turned legs with brassed caps and casters £40-60
328.    A 25 1/2" 19th Century figured mahogany work table with moulded oblong top, two drawers to one side with opposing drawer and dummy drawer front, set on barley twist pillar and quadruple scroll feet - old glued repair £60-80
329.    A 15 1/4" polished hardwood Moorish style side table with octagonal top and pierced undertier £15-25
330.    A 4' 9" antique stained elm and mixed wood lift-top storage chest with partitioned interior, flanking iron carrying handles and plinth base £40-60
331.    A 19 1/2" late 19th Century bamboo and lacquer decorated occasional table with small undertier £10-15
332.    A 31 3/4" Victorian iron bound painted wood transit case with metal lined interior and flanking iron drop handles £40-60
333.    A 10" vintage stained mixed wood wall mounted "First Aid" cabinet with Post Office Engineering Department notice to front £20-30
334.    A 4' 6" vintage G-Plan teak Fresco coffee table with part glass inset top and undertier, set on typical moulded legs £40-60
335.    A 33" Victorian pine lift-top box with black canvas weather coating £30-40
336.    A 16" stained oak canteen bearing 1908 silver presentation plaque to lid £20-30
337.    A late Victorian rosewood extending book bracket with fret-work ends £20-40
338.    A 3' 3 1/2" Raft solid teak two tier preparation table with two frieze drawers set on heavy square supports £50-80
339.    A 34" (at widest) rustic tray/fruit bowl formed from a tree trunk section £20-40
340.    A Victorian mahogany draw-frame extending dining table with two leaves (one a/f) and moulded top, set on heavy turned legs with brass caps and casters - 6' 9 1/2" overall £80-120
341.    A 31" modern EKC painted wood Pantry kitchen storage unit with two banks of six aluminium pull-out drawers and nine plug-in metal top bottles under - matching Lot 304 £70-100
342.    A 31" old ebonised pine storage box with flanking wooden handles £10-20
343.    A set of eight Victorian stained oak framed dining chairs with ornate carved backs and studded upholstered seats in leatherette and leather, set on ring turned supports £80-120
344.    An oriental child's stained hardwood high chair with open armrests, shaped apron and pull-out foot rest, set on moulded supports £30-50
345.    A 34" Victorian mahogany hall table, set on flanking turned X-supports and braces £30-50
346.    A Yorkshire style airer "The Kitchen Maid" £20-30
347.    A 20 1/2" old stained pine lift-top transit case £15-25
348.    A 3' 1" Edwardian inlaid stained beech framed double chair back settee with open armrests and upholstered seat panel, set on slender square tapered front legs £20-40
349.    An 11" antique stained mixed wood footstool, set on ring turned legs £20-40
350.    A 24" antique pine washstand with aperture fitted interior enclosed by a pair of frieze doors, set on heavy bobbin turned legs £30-50
351.    A 10 1/4" Victorian stained wood chest of three drawers with remains of partitioned interiors £20-40
352.    A 38 1/2" antique mahogany walnut escritoire formed from and Edwardian superstructure and adapted table base with opposing drawers, set on reeded tapered legs £30-40
353.    A late 20th Century polished blonde wood Nauticalia Director's chair, bearing name to back canvas £10-15
354.    A 36" 19th Century walnut chiffonier with brass rail to raised shelf back, two frieze drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on turned feet £30-50
355.    A Victorian mahogany butler's tray on folding bamboo effect stand £60-80
356.    A 21" Victorian mahogany pedestal table with shaped moulded top (glued repair), set on turned and acanthus carved pillar and ornate tripod base £20-30
357.    A late 20th Century brown button back and studded leather easy chair, set on polished wood front bun feet £80-120
358.    A 3' 10" Victorian pine kitchen table with single frieze drawer set on turned legs £60-80
359.    A 5' 8" 20th Century brass and green leather upholstered club fender with curved central rail and square supports £120-160
360.    A 32" Victorian stained pine chest of three long graduated drawers, set on plinth base £40-60
361.    A 3' 3 1/2" Raft solid teak side table with two frieze drawers set on heavy square legs £50-80
362.    A 24" Victorian waxed pine slope fronted school desk, set on square supports £30-40
363.    A mirror set internal door panel with distressed painted finish - 5' 4 1/2" X 20 1/2" £20-40
364.    An aesthetic walnut, ebony, boxwood strung and ormolu wall mirror with bevelled shield shaped plate and two curved triangular plates under - 3' 4 1/4" X 32 1/2" - sold with two smaller mirrors to match, both with bevelled arched plates £50-80
365.    A modern gilt framed narrow oblong wall mirror with bevelled plate, mirrored border and applied gilt acanthus to corners £20-30
366.    Three gilt framed wall mirrors of varying design and age £15-25
367.    A small gilt framed wall mirror £10-15
368.    An ornate gilt framed wall mirror with pierced C-scroll border and bevelled oblong plate £20-40
369.    A parcel gilt framed oblong wall mirror with swept border £20-40
370.    A 36 1/2" diameter modern wall mirror with wide decorative mirror mosaic border £30-50
371.    A modern gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £20-30
372.    Three decorative bamboo and woven cane framed small wall mirrors - sold with a gilt framed similar £15-25
373.    A modern stained wood framed bevelled oblong wall mirror - sold with a vintage gilt and beaded framed convex similar £20-30
374.    A mid 20th Century chrome plated framed and bracket mounted bevelled mirror with shaped plate - sold with a frameless similar £20-40
375.    A 20th Century Georgian style gilt, ebonised and beaded framed convex wall mirror with twin crystal drop candle sconces under £20-40
376.    A modern gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £10-20
377.    A waxed reclaimed pine framed wonky wall mirror £15-25
378.    A late Victorian ebonised wood framed wall mirror with shaped bevelled plate - from a dressing chest £10-15
379.    A 19 1/4" early 20th Century hammered brass clad and riveted octagonal framed bevelled wall mirror £15-25
380.    A late Georgian waxed pine framed fret-cut wall mirror with bevelled oblong plate £20-40
381.    A 20th Century ornate gilt framed oval wall mirror £10-15
382.    A modern gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £20-30
383.    A 3' 11 1/4" vintage oval wall mirror, the frame formed from recycled rolls of magazine and book text - matching Lot 279 £40-50
384.    A modern gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror with decorative floral border £15-25
385.    A modern gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror with reeded border £20-30
391.    A 19th Century American mahogany cased wall clock by Seth Thomas, with glazed and mirrored panel door, dial with visible works to centre and twin weight driven gong striking movement £30-50
392.    A 19th Century rosewood cased banjo barometer/thermometer with storm dial to top, central mirror, silvered dial and spirit level under, with mercury works £30-50
393.    A Smiths Astral brass cased bulkhead timepiece on polished wood mount £40-60
394.    A retro polished teak cased Weathermaster wall barometer with visible aneroid works £10-20
395.    A modern polished wood cased pendulum wall clock, with twin weight driven chiming movement £20-40
396.    An antique stick barometer by W. Shawl, 29 High Street, Wapping - a/f £30-40
397.    Jean-Louis Gregoire: a late 19th Century finely cast bronze group depicting Perseus and Andromeda with the severed head of Medusa at their feet and artist's signature, set on an impressive black slate plinth with bronze embellishments and featuring a clock with French eight day bell striking movement, the dial marked for W & M Dodge, Manchester - statue 20" - full height 29 1/2" £1800-2200
398.    A late 19th Century American shelf clock with spring driven gong striking movement - finials detached but included £10-15
399.    A late 19th Century Black Forest garniture, the clock depicting mountain goats and edelweiss on rock ground, with ceramic Roman numerals and eight day bell striking movement, the candlesticks with mountain goats before trees - clock height 24", candlesticks 13 1/2" - minor damage, bezel missing £600-700
400.    An 11 1/2" polished wood cased mantel timepiece bearing brass plaque commemorating the destruction of rigid airship R38 on Aug 24 1921, with eight day movement £50-70
401.    A mid 20th Century polished oak cased mantel clock with GU eight day Westminster chiming movement £10-20
402.    A 13" early 20th Century polished wood cased clocking in clock by The National Time Recorder Co., Ltd. £30-50
403.    A reproduction American style shelf clock with battery movement £10-15
404.    A late Victorian black slate and marble cased mantel timepiece with HAC eight day movement £15-25
405.    A late 19th Century American stained wood cased shelf clock with Ansonia spring driven gong striking movement £45-55
406.    Five modern miniature quartz timepieces in the style of longcase, bracket, teddy bear and radio £10-20
407.    A late Victorian simulated black slate and brass mounted mantel clock with HAC gong striking movement £15-25
408.    A late 19th Century French ornate black slate and spelter mounted mantel clock of architectural design with twin flanking flambeau and reeded columns, the parcel gilt dial marked for Scheirwater & Lloyd, Paris, with eight day gong striking movement £40-60
409.    A 19th Century French green onyx and spelter mounted ornate clock garniture with large figure group entitled 'Retour de Vendanges' to top, decorative painted dial and ornate scroll lion paw feet, with eight day bell striking movement, flanked by a pair of four branch urn pattern candelabra with green panted finish £100-150
410.    An early 20th Century stained wood cased National Time Recorder Co. Ltd, clocking in clock with glazed doors to sides and large pegged dial to front - a/f £40-60
411.    An early 19th Century mahogany longcase clock, the 13" diameter dial with date and seconds subsidiary dials, applied decoration to tapered and canted trunk and eight day bell striking movement - a/f £100-150
451.    A mounted curly ram's horn on wood base £20-30
452.    An Oriental carved wooden box - sold with another carved box and a Canadian carved and polished soapstone figure £20-30
453.    A painted billiard saloon sign with integral clock £20-30
454.    A 1930's oak cutlery canteen with drawer £10-20
455.    A reproduction painted cast iron Shell Oil money box £10-20
456.    Two small circular barbola mirrors - sold with two framed crystoleum prints £20-30
457.    A Thai puppet of Phra Phrom, avatar of Brahma with intricately painted wood heads, arms and legs - sold with a later Indian puppet with painted wood head playing a double flute £30-50
458.    A reproduction printed tin ESSO sign £15-25
459.    An Oriental lacquered brass gong mounted on a wood bracket £20-30
460.    A Sorento musical worktable as a box (legs missing) and a jewellery box - sold with a khatam cigar box and a Hidden Treasures Barn owl a/f £20-30
461.    A gilt cherub wall bracket £15-25
462.    Ten pianolla rolls £10-20
463.    A large 19th Century tapestry panel depicting a hunting scene, in maple frame £100-150
464.    A pair of Lapland style costume boots £20-30
465.    Nine African woven basket bowls £30-50
466.    A reproduction printed tin Castrol GTX sign £15-25
467.    Eight various ceramic table lamps £20-30
468.    An industrial table lamp made from re-purposed copper pipe £30-50
469.    A Masthead ship's lamp converted to electric £40-60
470.    An antique carriage side lamp £20-30
471.    A vintage BR (W) duel aspect railway wagon lamp £20-40
472.    A set of four powder-painted flower pattern table lamps £20-30
473.    An old railway lamp with red and green gels £30-50
474.    A vintage table lamp with ruby swirl glass base and chrome harp fitting £20-30
475.    Two milk glass pendant lamp shades both with floral decoration £20-30
476.    A rustic outside lantern with coloured glass chunk shade and wall bracket £10-20
477.    A painted ceramic table lamp £10-20
478.    A lustre light fitting - sold with a cylindrical glass bowl £30-50
479.    A lamp made from a bicycle frame with colander shade £20-30
480.    A wooden box containing assorted glass lustre drops £20-30
481.    A moiré glass pendant lamp shade £20-30
482.    A 1940's G.E.C. industrial spotlight on adjustable bracket - no glass £40-60
483.    A quantity of lampshades £10-20
484.    A pair of 1940's G.E.C. industrial spotlights on adjustable brackets £100-200
485.    A pair of table lamps made from marine fuel cans £50-80
486.    A pair of Dutch Moooi Oval Light double ceiling lamps and shades £80-120
487.    A lamp made from a bicycle frame £20-30
488.    A brass six branch chandelier £20-30
489.    A 1930's Anglepoise Type 1208 table lamp with strip metal side arms £80-120
490.    A BR (M) railway wagon lamp £20-30
491.    A 1940's G.E.C. industrial spotlight on adjustable bracket and plate £60-100
492.    Two cases containing a collection of mostly 1980's 45rpm singles including Stiff Little Fingers, The Jam, Pogues, Killing Joke, etc. - many in original sleeves £40-60
493.    A Yoruba carved wood figure of a woman pounding grain - sold with an Oriental carved and stained wood figure of a boy playing a flute and tourist ware mask £15-25
494.    A scratch built motorized scale model U-Boat Type VII - length 3' 9" £40-60
495.    A Patek Philippe ice bucket with horse head finial and stirrup handles £25-40
496.    A vintage Corbeau Curio deer skin handbag £10-20
497.    A vintage Chinese black dial telephone £25-40
498.    A Quicksilver bronze two bladed propeller £15-25
499.    An antique Thai carved wood coconut husker of big cat form £40-60
500.    An Indonesian metal mask with coloured glass decoration - sold with a carved figure and two wooden Chinese figures, etc. £20-30
501.    A carved horn of plenty mounted by a cobra and set on a reeded base £50-80
502.    A glazed box frame containing Asian butterflies £15-25
503.    An early 20th Century painted wood and Toleware shoe shine bucket £25-40
504.    A vintage Raadvad painted metal and wood meat slicer £10-20
505.    An antique set of two wrought iron slave neck collars connected by a bar £180-220
506.    A 19th Century 4/4 violin with later tailpiece and chin rest, the internal label with initials PBHH, 1891 - with modern hybrid case and associated bow (a/f) £100-150
507.    An early 20th Century 4/4 violin by Morton Brothers of Huddersfield with later tailpiece, chin rest and bridge, and associated bow - a/f £70-100
508.    A 19th Century 4/4 violin with original chin rest and internal label for repair in 1944 by Bone and Co, Luton - with contemporary case and two associated bows - a/f £120-180
509.    A glazed box frame containing Asian insects £15-25
510.    A reproduction walking stick with concealed compass to finial £10-20
511.    An early 1950's brass Sestral sextant by Henry Browne & Son with bakelite handle, in original mahogany case £80-120
512.    A vintage wall Diagram of Devonshire showing the administrative county, county and municipal boroughs, urban and rural districts and civil parishes £10-20
513.    A hand painted tin sign for Crescent Fruiterers £15-25
514.    An antique plough plane by G. Davis £20-30
515.    An enamelled basin with GR cipher £40-60
516.    A walking stick with rabbit head pattern finial £10-20
517.    Three carpenter's plough planes including a John Osborn of Chatham, a side fillister and a tenon saw £30-40
518.    A box containing a quantity of lace curtains £10-20
519.    A box containing a quantity of linen including embroidered cut work, crochet table linen, etc. £20-30
520.    A box containing a quantity of linen including embroidered cut work, crochet table linen, etc. £20-30
521.    A glass counter top display cabinet with two shelves £20-30
522.    Two maple framed 19th Century needlework pictures, one depicting a girl feeding birds, the other children and dog by a window £40-60
523.    A tribal bow and four fishing arrows - sold with a tourist ware fly whisk, mask and ebony head £20-30
524.    A set of Salter balance scales and weights £10-20
525.    A boxed Blackfriar Paints automaton electric advertising figure £30-40
526.    A wooden tool box containing various tools including vise, brace bit, screwdrivers, etc. £20-30
527.    A vintage stained pine studio easel £20-30
528.    A heavy horse collar £25-40
529.    A cricket bat and golf ball coat rack - sold with a sweep and rollocks similar £30-50
530.    A walking cane with silver collar - sold with a vintage pair of crutches £20-30
531.    A box containing a quantity of tools, etc. £10-20
532.    A vintage Brexton picnic case with contents £20-30
533.    A collection of Second World War uniforms comprising 1943 Canadian pattern battledress to a RASC captain with arm of service patches and lanyard, RASC officer's mess dress to a 2nd lieutenant, 1945 Canadian pattern battledress to a Royal Artillery 2nd Lieutenant with Anti-Aircraft Command divisional patches, and a Royal Artillery No.2 service dress uniform and cap also to 2nd Lieutenant - sold with a tailcoat suit, a pair of gaiters and a pistol ammunition pouch £150-250
534.    A quantity of planes including fillister, jack plane, moulding planes, etc. £30-50
535.    An aluminium suitcase - sold with a leather similar £15-25
536.    A collection of kitchenalia including bean slicer, mincers, potato ricer, etc. - sold with a painted wooden rabbit and two Second World War period ceramic insulated railway telegraph pots for GWR and LMS £20-30
537.    Various carved wood items including candle box, etc. £10-20
538.    A circular log basket £10-20
539.    An early 20th Century cane child's rickshaw £20-30
540.    A late Regency writing slope - sold with two further boxes a/f £20-30
541.    A quantity of assorted blue prints and plans including British Rail wiring diagrams, Meldon viaduct, etc. £30-50
542.    A golf club wine rack £30-50
543.    Three Shabby Shacks reclaimed timber doll's houses with sea shell decoration by Andy Westlake £20-30
544.    A vintage sheepskin flying jacket £10-20
545.    A modern doll's house £10-20
546.    A resin bust of a male £20-30
547.    A vintage Rose's Lime Juice Cordial advertising bottle with remains of paper label - height 23" £50-80
548.    A 1930's Stanley 113 compass plane £40-60
549.    A vintage scratch built live steam model stationary crane £70-100
550.    Six rustic walking canes £15-25
551.    A set of vintage Avery balance scales £20-30
551A.   A 20th Century three bottle tantalus £10-20
552.    A motorized scale model Russian Akula-class submarine - length 44" £40-60
553.    A parasol - sold with a decorative umbrella £10-20
554.    A carved wood bear £20-30
555.    Two khatam work jewellery boxes - sold with a walnut veneered trinket box £10-20
556.    An old matchstick model of a paddle steamer - length 26" £40-60
557.    A collection of African tourist ware sticks including brush, knobkerrie, totem staff, sceptre, etc. £20-30
558.    A scale model of a motor launch - length 27" £25-40
559.    An antique stained pine fitted tool box with contents including box planes, mortice, chisel, etc. £20-30
560.    Seven vinyl albums comprising 666 by Aphrodite's Child, ELP by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield, Tusk by Fleetwood Mac, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd, Aqualung by Jethro Tull, and Yes by Yes £30-50
561.    A collection of nineteen vinyl albums including Inflammable Material by Stiff Little Fingers, One Step Beyond by Madness, Sound Effects by The Jam, True by Spandau Ballet, etc. £40-60
562.    A collection of twenty seven vinyl records including Off the Wall by Michael Jackson, We are Family by Sister Sledge, Reach Out by The Four Tops, etc. £20-30
563.    A collection of nineteen vinyl albums including Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player, Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, Madman Across the Water and others by Elton John, Close to You by The Carpenters, various by John Denver, The Kick Inside by Kate Bush, etc. £40-60
564.    A collection of twenty one vinyl albums including Bridge Over Troubled Water and others by Simon & Garfunkel, More Bob Dylan Greatest Hits, Colours by Donovan, The White Album, Abbey Road, Revolver, and Sergeant Pepper's Hearts Club Band by The Beatles, Lola by The Kinks, On the Threshold of a Dream by The Moody Blues, Mona Bone Jakon by Cat Stevens, All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, etc. £40-60
565.    A collection of fourteen vinyl albums including That's Life by Sham 69, No More Heroes by The Stranglers, Armed Forces by Elvis Costello, The Clash by The Clash, Too-Rye-Ay by Kevin Rowland & Dexy's Midnight Runners, New Boots and Panties! by Ian Dury, Present Arms by UB40, The Joshua Tree and others by U2, etc £30-50
566.    A collection of twelve vinyl albums including Rum, Sodomy and the Lash by The Pogues, Makem & Clancy, various by The Wolfe Tones, DeDannan, Clancy Brothers, etc. £10-20
567.    A collection of twenty five vinyl 12" singles including Big Apple by Kajagoogoo, All Night Long by La Famille, I Got You Babe by UB40 feat. Chrissie Hynde, Lorraine by Bad Manners, The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Spellbound by Siouxie and The Banshees, Hersham Boys by Sham 69, Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds, Poison Arrow by ABC, etc. £20-30
568.    A collection of thirty one vinyl 12" singles including Doctor, Doctor by The Thompson Twins, Fantastic Day by Haircut 100, The Lodgers by The Style Council, Waiting for a Train by Flash and The Pan, In a Lifetime by Clannad, Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, There Must be an Angel by The Eurythmics, Strange Fruit by UB40, Bad Boys by Wham!, etc. £20-30
569.    A collection of fifteen vinyl albums including Legend by Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Monty Python Instant Record Collection, M.A.S.H. Original Soundtrack, Pete Seeger Greatest Hits, An Innocent Man by Billy Joel, Graceland by Paul Simon, The Winner Takes It All by ABBA, Alas Smith & Jones, etc. £20-30
570.    J.A. May, C.E.R.A. 2, M. 2091 H.M.S. Vivid: a First World War medal group, comprising 1914-15 Star, 1914-18 Medal, Victory Medal, and Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - sold with an enamelled silver sporting fob, a silver gilt Heart of Midlothian Lodge jewel, a silver and cork fob, and a regimental photograph of the officers of 4th Batt. Devonshire Regt. in Gibraltar 1942 £100-200
571.    Muriel May WRNS: a Second World War medal group of 1939-45 Star, 1939-45 Medal, and Defence Medal, two photographs of May in uniform, replacement cap badge, radio operator trade badge, H.M.S. Maidstone compact and post war diary £30-50
572.    Ten lapel and other badges including Tank Regiment cap badge, RAF enamelled wing, US Army sharpshooter proficiency badge, Brussels Atomium, F.A.F.L. pilot wing, Royal Navy Patrol Service badge, etc. £40-60
573.    A bag containing a quantity of Victorian and later British Army officer rank badges, etc. £10-20
574.    A 1950's Danish Meka enamelled white metal penguin pattern salt cellar - marked Sterling £50-80
575.    A white metal ethnic choker necklace with flower and butterfly pendants £40-60
576.    A collection of Victorian and later mostly Great British coinage including two George V Half Crowns, two Florins, one Shilling and one Sixpence, and a 1946 Australian Florin, etc. £30-50
577.    A boxed Elysee cartridge fountain pen - 1990 £30-50
578.    A collection of Great British and foreign coinage, coin covers, etc. including 1990 Alderney £2 cover, £5 cover, and 1977 Finland Independence commemorative 10 Markkaa £15-25
579.    A Boosey & Hawkes "Regent" clarinet in fitted hard case £40-60
580.    Three unframed mid 20th Century Chinese Cultural Revolution posters £30-50
581.    A small collection of Mauchline ware including napkin rings, shot glass and case, etc. £20-30
582.    Two advertising paperweights Harrild & Sons Printers, Rollers & Machines, and Diastol - sold with two further paperweights £10-20
583.    A Scottish white metal violin pattern brooch with polished stone panels and incised decoration £50-80
584.    An antique powder horn £30-50
585.    A Balliere's Anatomical Model of the Female Human Body edited by W. S. Furneaux - sold with a male Popular Manikin similar £50-80
586.    A British Rail Acme Thunderer whistle - sold with a Jerusalem egg-shaped needle case £10-20
587.    Four vintage cigarettes cases, a powder compact and a small lighter £10-20
588.    Three Zippo lighters, comprising cased Union Flag, Nurse in leather pouch, and England Rugby £30-50
589.    Three boxed Charlie Chaplin 8mm movie reels, 'The Champion' over two reels, 'The Rink' and 'Greenwich Village', Laurel and Hardy's 'Sailors, Beware!' over two reels, and another entitled 'Callahan's Debut' £10-20
590.    Two sets of bound copies of The Aeroplane Spotter, 1943 and 1944, and two scrap albums containing various contemporary images of Second World War aircraft £20-30
591.    A quantity of various collectables and other items including mirror, crumb tray and brush, clay pipes, conch napkin rings, etc. £15-25
592.    A Wilesco model steam engine £50-80
593.    A Gibson's Games Mah-jong set £20-30
594.    A scratch built motorised model tram £70-100
595.    A mid 20th Century American crocodile effect leather clad vanity case with mirror set fold-out lift-top and compartment under with original contents and Corbin Sesamee locks - one a/f £120-180
596.    An Oriental sculpture of a polished stone and wire cherry tree on agate base £30-50
597.    A black glass and enamelled metal trinket box £20-30
598.    A palm wood oval bowl being supported by a man £30-50
599.    A 19th Century Native American hide pouch with bead work decoration £80-120
600.    An antique Indonesian pottery figure of a mythical hybrid bull with human head £120-180
601.    An unmarked white metal salt and pepper in the shape of a gavel by Meka of Denmark in original box £20-30
602.    A Canadian carved pearlite box £40-60
603.    Three pieces of African carved wood ethnographica comprising two fertility figures and a monkey £40-60
604.    Three Indonesian ethnographic items comprising a horn comb with human form handle and cow form head, carved wood magic lion and a carved wood figural bowl £60-80
605.    A pair of Native American child's felt moccasins £10-20
606.    An antique Native American woven lidded pot - sold with a beadwork bracelet and a carved coromandel bird on a perch (a/f) £30-50
607.    Four pieces of ethnographica comprising a South American Pueblo style pottery bowl with rabbit decoration and bull's head feet, a Northwest Pacific style pottery pot in the form of a bear, a carved wood flute with mask decoration and a Canadian hide-clad horn pot with woven handle £60-80
608.    Six Corgi Classics Heavy Haulage 1:50 scale model sets comprising 31007 Annis & Co. Ltd. Diamond T ballast with girder trailer and locomotive load, two 17601 Hills of Botley Scammell Constructor and 24 wheel low loader, CC11101 Scammell Constructor Siddle C. Cook Ltd., and two Pickfords sets, 17701 2 Scammell Constructors and 24 wheel low loader and 55201 Diamond T ballast (x2) with 24 wheel girder trailer and steel casting load - sold with a transformer load for 31007 - all boxed as new £40-60
609.    A Solid State Radio Rolls Royce classic car pattern radio - boxed £20-30
610.    A collection of vintage Corgi and Dinky die-cast vehicles - various condition £25-40
611.    A quantity of vintage jig-saw puzzles and Nine Men's Morris £10-20
612.    Three Corgi Collectables 1:50 scale model trucks comprising CC12508 Atkinson Borderer flatbed trailer & pipes load - Killingbeck Transport Ltd. Blackburn, CC12213 Scania 4 Series curtainside - Westfield Transport Ltd., Truro, and a 75802 MAN curtainside Continental Reifen, two Modern Trucks 75404 Leyland-DAF curtainside - Heineken and 75101 ERF Tanker - Gulf oil - sold with a Corgi Heavy Haulage 1:50 scale model CC12413 Volvo FH 2 axle low loader and boat load, Van de Wetering International Transport - all boxed as new £70-100
613.    An antique doll with painted porcelain head and lower limbs and stuffed body - hairline crack to chest £20-40
614.    Five Corgi Classics 1:50 scale model Eddie Stobart trucks comprising CC12607 Scammell Crusader tautliner, 13601 Foden S21 'Mickey Mouse' with trailer, 23101 Ford Transcontinental tilt trailer, 30202 Thames Trader dropside lorry and CC12502 Atkinson Borderer flatbed trailer - sold with a Corgi Collectables 1:50 scale model Norfolk Line set CC99129 - all boxed as new £30-50
615.    A Corgi Classics Heavy Haulage 1:50 scale model set 18003 Wynns (GEC) Scammell Contractor x2, Nicolas girder trailer, bogies and stator core - sold with a 18005 Pickfords Industrial Ltd. Scammell Contractor x2, Nicolas trailer, bogies and generator - Limited Edition - both boxed as new with original packing case £40-60
1001.   A pair of Royal Doulton baluster vases with banded blue and white decoration and gilt detail £20-30
1002.   A Victorian part tea service with gilt and floral decoration including cups, saucers, sugar bowl, slop bowl, and two cake plates £20-30
1003.   Various ceramics including Swedish Gustavsberg Argenta vase, Oriental vase and a chamber pot, majolica bust, plates, lamp, etc. - various condition £20-30
1004.   A part of set of seven champagne coupes - sold with a part set of seven custard cups £5-10
1005.   A Royal Doulton Rondelay pattern six place part coffee set £10-20
1006.   Two pieces of Carltonware and a SylvaC celery shaped jug £10-20
1007.   A quantity of cut and moulded glassware including epergne vases, etc. £10-20
1008.   A small quantity of Wedgwood Peter Rabbit mugs and plates, etc. £10-20
1009.   Two Danbury Mint figures, Iris and Rose Princess and a pagoda pattern clock £30-40
1010.   An antique Chinese porcelain plaque depicting five elders and a child looking at a landscape painting, in pierced hardwood frame with bat decoration - plaque 17 1/2" X 10 1/2" £100-200
1011.   A Japanese part tea service, etc. £10-20
1012.   A Cantonese tea set comprising tray, teapot and four cups £10-20
1013.   A German Zell am Hamersbach pottery coffee service with cockerel decoration £20-30
1014.   A pair of Dutch epergnes with tin plate figural bases £20-30
1015.   Desley White: a 1980's art pottery flattened pottery vase £10-20
1016.   Two ship's decanters - sold with three other decanters and a soda syphon, one stopper missing and associated stopper £20-30
1017.   A Victorian gilt and floral part tea service £10-20
1018.   A pair of moriage Satsuma vases, set on five legged bases £10-20
1019.   A Lladro Obstetrician figure - sold with two further Lladro doctors £70-100
1020.   Four pieces of Torquay pottery including a pair of vases £35-45
1021.   A set of six Royal Doulton Steelite Willow pattern bowls £10-20
1022.   An Edwardian Wileman & Co. part tea service with red transfer decoration including cups, saucers, plates, cake plates, jug and bowl £20-30
1023.   A studio pottery bowl with turquoise glaze, Jeremy Leach vase and three other items of pottery £10-20
1024.   Five biscuit barrels including Arthur Wood Silver Shield pattern £10-20
1025.   Marianne de Trey: five pieces of Studio Pottery comprising three small circular celadon glazed pin trays, a rounded oblong tray and a cream jug - all bearing shell mark £20-30
1026.   A Brambly Hedge figure group Happy Birthday Wilfred and two lidded pots £30-40
1027.   A Colclough Royale pattern six place tea service £20-30
1028.   A cut and overlay glass vase - sold with another and three further coloured glass items £20-30
1029.   A box containing a collection of miniature ceramics including floral encrusted swan shaped salts, Delph style jug - sold with a cloisonné pin tray £10-20
1030.   A Royal Doulton blue glazed vase with gilt band £10-20
1031.   Two Cornish ware jugs and mixing bowl - sold with other ceramics £20-30
1032.   A Royal Winton Sweet Pea pattern part tea service £10-20
1033.   A collection of Oriental figures including Occupied Japan man with scroll, etc. £10-20
1034.   A Denby six place breakfast set in green and white £20-30
1035.   A collection of Murano style glass fish ornaments £30-50
1036.   A retro set of three glass spirit decanters with leopard print decoration and pourer tops, comprising gin, scotch and vodka £30-50
1037.   A pair of Japanese bulbous vases with figural decoration and cobalt blue ground with Made in Japan in Irish to base £10-20
1038.   Two boxes of various drinking glasses £10-20
1039.   A quantity of decorative china £10-20
1040.   A box containing various ceramics £10-20
1041.   A box containing a quantity of Potters Oven kitchen storage jars £5-10
1042.   A Wedgwood Beaconsfield pattern six place dinner and tea service including two tureens and gravy boat £30-50
1043.   A box containing a quantity of assorted glassware including candlesticks, etc. £10-20
1044.   A quantity of Poole Pottery teal dinner and coffee ware - sold with mushroom similar £10-20
1045.   A box containing a quantity of glassware including bowls, tazza, etc. £5-10
1046.   A box containing a quantity of teaware including Copeland Spode scalloped edge plate, Royal Albert South Pacific, etc. £10-20
1047.   A Wedgwood Susie Cooper Green Glen Mist pattern eight place tea set including teapot, sucrier, milk jug, etc. £25-40
1048.   Two boxes containing a quantity of Denby olive tea and dinner ware £15-25
1049.   A quantity of Wedgwood Pennine pattern tea and dinner ware £10-20
1050.   Two boxes containing various tea and dinner ware £15-25
1051.   A quantity of various drinking glasses including schooners and clippers, etc. £10-20
1052.   Assorted limited edition Wedgwood plates and mugs, etc. £10-20
1053.   A box containing ceramics including 19th Century plates with sailing ship decoration, cheese dish, Stone China plates, etc. £10-20
1054.   A box containing a quantity of cut and moulded glassware including jugs, bowls, etc. £10-20
1055.   A quantity of blue and white table ware including vegetable dish, meat plates, etc. £10-20
1056.   A box containing various ceramics £10-20
1057.   A set of pottery goblets and flagon, etc. £10-20
1058.   A quantity of cut glass bowls and vase, carnival ware, etc. £10-20
1059.   A box containing a quantity of ceramics including Royal Doulton plate, Royal Worcester silver jubilee commemorative plate, Beswick vase, etc. £10-20
1060.   A box containing a quantity of ceramics including mugs, cheese dome, etc. £10-20
1061.   A Wedgwood Blue Siam pattern tea, coffee and dinner service including vegetable dishes, sauce boat, coffee pot, etc. £100-200
1062.   A quantity of large serving plates including two fish plates, etc. £10-20
1063.   A box containing a quantity of ceramics including Mason's jug, etc. £10-20
1064.   Two boxes containing a large quantity of Burleigh Scilla pattern tea and dinner ware including vegetable dishes, cups, saucers, jugs, etc. £40-60
1065.   A blue and white china footbath £25-40
1066.   A quantity of Crown Ming dinner plates and bowls £10-20
1067.   A Victorian four piece jug and basin set - various condition £5-10
1068.   A toilet jug and basin - a/f £10-20
1069.   A Swarovski prism and pair of candle pricks £10-20
1070.   A Torquay Pottery match-striker in brown and blue £10-20
1071.   Three SylvaC pottery animals and a vase £20-30
1072.   Three hollow glass animals £10-20
1073.   A pair of Torquay terracotta candlesticks £20-30
1074.   A small collection of ceramic and glass bells £10-20
1075.   A quantity of Art Deco Grafton tea ware, comprising ten cups, saucers, plates and a milk jug £30-50
1076.   Two small Watcombe Appleblossom pattern vases £10-20
1077.   A small collection of ceramics including three Royal Copenhagen angels, a Goebel angel and other decorative items £10-20
1078.   A boxed limited edition Caithness glass scent bottle - limited edition 30/150 designed by Colin Terris £80-120
1079.   A Bunnykins mug and plate £10-20
1080.   A Royal Doulton figure The Boy Evacuee HN 3202 limited edition 9478/9500 £50-80
1081.   A Lladro model of two figures in a rowing boat Fishing with Gramps, sat on a shaped base - one oar a/f £40-60
1082.   A Royal Torquay Kingfisher pattern jug £10-20
1083.   An antique small glass plate with swirl lace style decoration £20-30
1084.   A pair of Watcombe terracotta candlesticks £20-30
1085.   Four Royal Doulton Disney figures comprising Thumper, Bambi, Dumbo and Pluto £35-45
1086.   Five Shirokiya blue and white Japanese lidded porcelain rice bowls £20-30
1087.   A Mdina glass scent bottle £20-30
1088.   An 1860's Derby (Stevenson & Hancock) figure, depicting a girl with wreaths £30-50
1089.   A mid 20th Century Royal Worcester candle snuffer - cracked £20-30
1090.   A Walton Staffordshire bocage back figure (restored) - sold with a Samson Derby style figure (a/f) and a Royal Worcester figure "Rosie Picking Apples" £20-30
1091.   A large green bubble glass paperweight £20-30
1092.   A cylindrical Torquay parrot vase £20-30
1093.   An Art Deco pottery deer group £20-30
1094.   A large Longpark two handled bottle vase with applied floral decoration on mottled green and brown ground - height 15" £45-65
1095.   A Richard Wilson studio pottery jug with fish decoration £30-50
1096.   A Lauder Barum pottery vase £25-40
1097.   Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern dog, cat and teddy bear figures - all boxed £20-30
1098.   An Aller Vale mottoware candlestick £10-20
1099.   A Watcombe terracotta jug with mask spout £20-30
1100.   A ceramic blotter and miniature glass stein £15-25
1101.   A Brannam pottery butterfly wall pocket £45-65
1102.   Six pieces of Torquay mottoware pottery including 1996 pasty £20-30
1103.   A collection of trinket and other boxes including Limoges, Victorian enamelled glass, etc. £30-50
1104.   A pair of Torquay Parrot tyg vases £20-30
1105.   A small collection of cranberry and ruby glass including vinaigrette, etc. £20-30
1106.   A Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern cache pot - boxed £10-20
1107.   A Merlin Glass of Liskeard vase, Murano Lunetta paperweight, etc. £20-30
1108.   A set of three glass wine decanters with small hobnail banding £20-30
1109.   A harlequin part suite of cut crystal glassware drinking vessels £40-60
1110.   A harlequin suite of stemmed drinking glasses £40-60
1111.   An Edinburgh crystal decanter - sold with another decanter and two cut glass jugs (one a/f) £20-30
1112.   Three mallet decanters £20-30
1113.   Three various decanters £15-25
1114.   A quantity of cranberry and other coloured glassware - various condition £20-30
1115.   A thistle shaped decanter - sold with four other decanters of varying design, some with associated stoppers £20-30
1131.   Two painted cast iron door stops £10-20
1132.   An antique pewter plate, canister, etc. £20-30
1133.   A brass spirit kettle and stand £15-25
1134.   A reproduction car horn £10-20
1135.   Two cast metal wall brackets with grapevine decoration £20-30
1136.   A small bronze figure of a violinist set on red marbled socle £30-40
1137.   A pair of brass German Shepherd dogs £20-30
1138.   A circular copper plaque depicting Queen Victoria, in ebonised frame £50-80
1139.   A 1942 12pdr brass shell case - sold with a poker £15-25
1140.   A pair of brass candlesticks - sold with a brass pestle and mortar £10-20
1141.   A Middle Eastern tray with text and arabesque decoration £10-20
1142.   An antique iron charger with embossed and coloured leather appliqué decoration featuring two birds within a blossom tree - restored £30-50
1143.   A set of twelve cast iron herb garden labels £20-30
1144.   A brass mounted wood magazine rack £20-30
1145.   A quantity of brass items £10-20
1146.   A pair of brass andirons - sold with a companion set £20-30
1147.   Three flat irons, etc. £10-20
1148.   A hammered copper fire screen with mirroring bird and grape decoration £30-50
1149.   Two large mid 20th Century brass shell cases £30-50
1150.   A brass fire kerb £10-20
1151.   A small two-tier cast metal table - sold with a door stop £20-30
1152.   A brass companion stand - sold with three brass ladles £5-10
1153.   A Kashmir brass and niello work samovar with serpent head spout and pierced base £50-80
1154.   A bronzed seated nude woman sat on a pedestal with socle base - height 15" £120-180
1155.   A cast aluminium eight branch candelabrum in the form of a stag £50-80
1156.   A Nigerian lost wax bronze Ife head with striated face and wearing a crown with rosette and plume - height 20 1/2" £100-200
1157.   A bronzed Art Deco style dancer with a hoop set on a socle base - height 19" £150-250
1158.   A cloisonné lidded jar with air dragon in cloud shaped cloisons on yellow ground - sold with a pair of baluster vases with floral decoration on yellow ground (one with small dent) and a small pot with all-over floral decoration £50-80
1159.   A small modern bronze of two dolphins on green marble socle - height 6 1/4" £40-60
1160.   A Qing Dynasty Chinese bronze censer of bombe form with apocryphal Xuande mark to base, set on a later hardwood stand - diameter 4 3/4" £300-500
1161.   A 1920's desk weight in the form of a copper clad Egyptian spear fisherman on a reed boat, set on a soapstone base £30-50
1162.   An antique ethnographic copper on wood panel with repoussé and engraved decoration depicting two tribesmen with three arms and tridents, one stood atop a big cat, the other sat on a woven seat, within a turquoise coloured beaded border - most beads missing £30-50
1163.   A cast iron door knocker £20-30
1164.   A pair of antique brass and iron heavy horse hames - sold with a copper trough £15-25
1171.   A Middle Eastern rug with all-over repeat floral decoration on beige ground within cream border - 9' 9" X 6' 5" (297cm X 196cm) £30-50
1172.   A Middle Eastern wool runner with eight central guls within boteh borders, polychrome on cream, red and pink ground - 8' 10" X 2' 6" (269cm X 76cm) £30-50
1173.   Two North African kelim cushion covers £30-50
1174.   A Casa Fina Spanish six by four rug, grey and white on blue ground - 4' X 6' (122cm X 183cm) £20-30
1175.   A Casa Fina Spanish small standard rug, all white ground - 4' X 3' (123cm X 95cm) £20-30
1176.   A Casa Fina Spanish small standard rug, brown on white ground - 4' X 3' (123cm X 95cm) £20-30
1177.   A Casa Fina Spanish six by four rug, pink on white ground - 4' X 6' (122cm X 183cm) £20-30
1178.   A Casa Fina Spanish six by four rug all white ground - 4' X 6' (122cm X 183cm) £20-30
1179.   A Casa Fina standard rug, white and dark green on light green ground - 7' 2" X 9' 10" (220cm X 300cm) £50-80
1180.   A large Kelim rug with all-over geometric design and deep kelim borders - 12' X 6' (366cm X 183cm) £100-200
1181.   A machine made Ziegler red ground rug, as new - 6' 2 1/2" X 4' 6" (190cm X 140cm) £20-40
1182.   A machine made red ground Keshan rug, as new - 6' 2 1/2" X 4' 8" (190cm X 140cm) £30-50
1183.   A machine made beige ground Keshan carpet, as new - 7' 6 1/2" X 5' 3" (230cm X 160cm) £50-80
1184.   A machine made blue ground Bokhara carpet, as new - 7' 6 1/2" X 5' 3" (230cm X 160cm) £50-80
1191.   A Mappin & Webb three piece silver plated tea set of reeded oval design - sold with another £20-30
1192.   A silver plated spirit kettle - sold with an egg cruet, roll-top dish and toast rack £20-30
1193.   A silver plated teapot, pair of trumpet vases, footed bowl, etc. £15-25
1194.   A silver plated square tray with cast rim - sold with a cake basket and small bowl £10-15
1195.   A silver plated and part leather clad hip flask - sold with a preserve pot and pickle fork £15-25
1196.   A pair of 9 1/2" silver plated copper telescopic candlesticks with decorative cast bands - 11 1/2" extended - sold with three silver coffee spoons £25-35
1197.   A set of six silver plated wine bottle coasters with polished wood centres £15-25
1198.   A quantity of boxed and loose assorted silver plated and other cutlery £10-15
1199.   A polished wood canteen containing silver plated Kings pattern and other cutlery £50-60
1200.   A 12 1/4" diameter silver plated copper punch bowl with flanking lion mask ring handles - sold with a pierced dish and small metal mounted turned wood bowl £15-25
1201.   A silver plated gallery tray - sold with six silver plated goblets, etc. £20-30
1202.   A quantity of silver plated cutlery, also WMF white metal handled knives - various War Department and broad arrow marks £15-25
1203.   Two polished wood canteens, each containing six place setting of Cooper Ludlam silver plated Kings pattern cutlery £50-70
1204.   A quantity of mainly silver plated fiddle pattern cutlery - sold with a plated breadboard base £10-15
1205.   A box containing silver plated items including epergne, tazza, gallery tray, etc. £20-30
1206.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including various gallery trays, small hip flask, candelabrum, etc. £20-30
1207.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including pair of entree dishes, three piece tea set, gravy boat, etc. £20-30
1208.   A Walker & Hall three piece silver plated tea set of tapered reeded design with decorative bands - sold with a similar hot water jug £15-25
1209.   Five silver plated items comprising table centre with lotus bowl and three candle sconces, boxed crystal drop candlestick, small tankard, coaster and butter dish £15-25
1210.   A Cavalier silver plated ornate four piece tea and coffee set £30-40
1211.   A silver plated punch bowl with flanking lion mask ring handles, gallery tray and various parts of three entree dishes £15-25
1212.   A silver plated four piece tea and coffee set £10-15
1213.   A pair of 19 1/2" antique silver plated copper three branch candelabra with detachable nozzles and top sections - sold with a pair of 13" candlesticks to match £50-80
1214.   A box containing a quantity of assorted silver plated and other cutlery, etc. £10-15
1215.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated and pewter items including glass lined oval dish, tea caddy and crystal glass mounted candlestick, etc. £15-25
1216.   Two horn handled carving sets (one boxed) - sold with boxed silver plated teaspoons £10-15
1217.   A tray containing a quantity of silver plated cutlery and two silver golfing coffee spoons £15-25
1218.   A box containing costume jewellery, plated items and wristwatches, etc. £15-25
1219.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including cruets set, condiments set, two sugar casters and a cranberry glass similar, etc. £20-30
1220.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including gravy boat, napkin rings, cutlery, dressing table pot, etc. £15-25
1221.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including pair of candlesticks, wine bottle cradle, gallery tray and large ladle, etc. £20-30
1222.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including bottle carrier, pair of candlesticks and other items - various condition £15-25
1223.   A modern leather inset polished wood canteen table containing a large quantity of mainly Sheffield silver plated Kings pattern cutlery £50-80
1231.   A polished oak canteen containing six each silver plated fish knives and forks with silver collars and ivorine handles - sold with two silver napkin rings £15-25
1232.   A leather cased pipe and cased pair of cheroot holders - sold with two silver fob cased cheroot holders, one with rose metal collar - various age and makers £30-40
1233.   A pair of Georgian silver salts by Thos. Shepheard, London, 1773 - sold with a pair of associated spoons by Thomas Wallis, 1796 £80-120
1234.   A silver vesta case - Birmingham 1911 - sold with a white metal similar £30-40
1235.   A 5 1/4" silver sugar caster - London 1896 £40-50
1236.   A pair of Georg Jensen ' Blossom' design marked 925 sugar nips - GJ mark used 1915 - 1930 £40-60
1237.   A silver nurse's buckle with ornate pierced putti and swag decoration - Birmingham 1975, on belt £50-60
1238.   A small silver candlestick - sold with a glass vesta with silver rim and a silver topped powder bowl £30-40
1239.   A silver three piece condiment set with blue glass liners and associated silver mustard soon - set London 1980 £35-45
1240.   A pair of silver mustard spoons, two silver napkin rings and a One Yen coin set pin tray £20-30
1241.   A silver hair tidy, brush, wallet, fob notepad and two clips £30-40
1242.   A silver cigarette case with blank cartouche £25-35
1243.   A collection of silver topped dressing case jars, scent bottles, etc. - various age and design £80-120
1244.   A 16 1/2" silver plated trophy shield plaque "Otto Monsted Ltd" with decorative border and central building view - sold with a selection of damaged hallmarked silver name shields £35-45
1245.   An oak cased set of twelve each silver fruit knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles - Sheffield 1918 £120-150
1246.   A quantity of antique and later silver mainly dessert and tea spoons - various age and makers £60-70
1247.   An Edinburgh silver pusher with ornate cast terminal - sold with a silver pusher and spoon set (a/f) and two silver preserve spoons - various age and makers £25-35
1248.   A damaged silver compact case and cigarette case - sold with a silver napkin ring - various age and makers £40-50
1249.   A silver fruit knife and button hook - sold with a silver Albert watch chain with T-Bar, fob and lobster clasp £40-50
1250.   A German 800 white metal oval trinket box - sold with a pair of silver squat candlesticks £40-50
1251.   Four assorted small silver, white metal and enamelled trinket boxes - various condition £40-60
1252.   A cased set of six enamelled silver gilt coffee spoons of differing colour by Barker Bros. Ltd, Birmingham 1936 £50-80
1253.   Three white metal Mate spoons, two with floral enamelled bosses, the other a dark cabochon - sold with a cased set of twelve marked 800 white metal coffee spoons £40-50
1254.   A 7 3/4" marked 925 gilt metal fronted oval photograph frame - sold with two 3 1/4" similar £40-60
1255.   A 925 'Sterling' Mexican hat pattern pin tray £15-25
1256.   An ornate embossed white metal fronted dressing table mirror with stylised South American decoration and easel back - various stamps £60-80
1257.   Five assorted silver handled button hooks and a silver handled shoe horn £30-40
1258.   Various silver and white metal dressing table items including cased brush and comb, Art Deco hand mirror, button hook and shoe horn, etc. £40-60
1259.   Two boxed modern silver collectables - melon baller and lemon zester £30-50
1260.   A set of twelve solid silver owl pattern place/menu holders, each set with yellow stone eyes, by Peter Charles Maxwell Alwyn - London 1990 £500-600
1261.   A pair of silver handled glove stretchers £25-35
1262.   A pair of cut glass decanters with stoppers and silver collared triple pour spouts - Sheffield 1930 £80-120
1263.   A silver snuff box with ornate embossed decoration to hinged lid, crimped borders and parcel gilt interior - Birmingham 1900 £60-70
1264.   A quantity of antique and later silver forks - sold with a modern boxed silver handled pickle fork £160-180
1265.   Two silver and mother-of-pearl fruit knives - sold with four collectable penknives £35-45
1266.   A pair of 9 1/2" silver candlesticks - both inscribed, one repaired £50-70
1267.   A 3 3/4" diameter cased Garrard silver pin tray - London 1983 £40-50
1268.   A WMF white metal bear pattern baby's rattle and comforter - sold with a modern silver measure with inscription £20-30
1269.   A five piece silver condiment set with associated spoons and liners - sold with an earlier silver salt £50-60
1270.   An English silver tea strainer with bowl stand - Birmingham 1936 - sold with two other silver tea strainers £50-60
1271.   Scrap silver teapot, single candlestick, small trophy, toast rack, hand mirror and brush - various condition £80-120
1272.   A case containing seven matching silver coffee spoons with terminals depicting the badge of the Artists Rifles Regiment - Sheffield 1928 - sold with a set of Romney Plate grapefruit spoons £40-50
1273.   A marked 875 white metal fiddle pattern ladle with parcel gilt bowl - sold with an English silver tea strainer £20-30
1274.   A silver fronted photograph frame - to take 5 1/4" X 3 1/4" - easel back missing £10-15
1275.   A 10" diameter silver pedestal bowl with cast shaped rim - Chester 1918 £80-100
1276.   A 9 1/4" Asprey silver desk inkstand, the hinged lid enclosing flanking inkwells, central pen depression and lidded compartment with lightly engraved initials and date, with rope twist borders and flanking stylised lion mask ring handles - Birmingham 1934 £650-700
1277.   A small Art Nouveau Chester silver fronted photograph frame - sold with a circular similar and a silver ring box £30-50
1278.   A 12 1/2" Gorham Sterling three branch candelabrum with detachable top section and loaded circular foot £100-150
1279.   Three tall faceted glass dressing case bottles with silver tops - sold with dressing table pots with embossed silver and marked "Sterling" tops £40-60
1280.   A case containing five silver coffee spoons - Sheffield - marked 925 STG Koala topped souvenir spoons, three silver forks and another spoon £35-45
1281.   Five each silver dessert knives and forks with ivory handles - London 1890 £50-60
1282.   A silver clad glass teapot coaster and pill box £25-35
1283.   A Georgian silver pair of sugar tongs, sifter spoon and three preserve spoons £40-50
1284.   A pair of silver backed hairbrushes - sold with a silver topped bottle and two button hooks £25-35
1291.   A small quantity of hallmarked and other 9ct. and 375 gold and yellow metal jewellery - various condition £150-180
1292.   A high carat yellow metal ring, set with large oval star ruby cabochon - visible fractures £380-420
1293.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with central oval green topaz within a diamond encrusted border and flanking diamond set heart motifs to shoulders £250-280
1294.   An Italian 375 gold kerb-link necklace £200-240
1295.   A yellow metal open scroll pendant, set with oblong emerald - sold with a pearl set pendant on chain and a marked 9k Italian rope-link bracelet £120-150
1296.   A marked 14K yellow metal ring, set with central oval ruby within a diamond border and with further baguette and brilliant cut diamonds to shoulders £300-350
1297.   A marked Platinum diamond solitaire ring with further tiny diamonds to shoulder - main stone 1.02ct. £1000-1200
1298.   A jade five panel bracelet, jade pendant on chain and pair of jade panel ear-rings £300-350
1299.   An unmarked white metal ring, set with central 2.25ct. oval pale blue tourmaline with diamond encrusted shoulders £350-380
1300.   A marked 14K yellow metal bracelet, set with eleven emeralds interspersed with diamond encrusted fancy S-pattern links £550-600
1301.   A suite of wire set pink cultured pearl jewellery, comprising necklace, bracelet and two pairs of ear-rings £60-80
1302.   A marked 9ct. early 20th Century open circular brooch, set with opals and seed pearl (a/f) - sold with an Edwardian style pendant on chain £50-60
1303.   Six hallmarked 375 gold rings, set with various stones £100-140
1304.   A marked "silver" white metal souvenir charm bracelet, set with numerous enamelled 800, "Sterling" and other white metal shield charms, barrel, Cupid, etc. £35-45
1305.   A mid 19th Century yellow metal folding mourning locket with chased decoration and ambrotype image of H.M. Pimley, 1860 £120-140
1306.   A small collection of silver seahorse pattern jewellery, comprising pendant on chain and two pairs of ear-rings £30-40
1307.   A Charles Horner enamelled silver Art Nouveau pendant - Chester early 20th Century, on chain £160-180
1308.   A marked 750 white and yellow metal necklace with beaded decoration to mesh links - approx. 6.6g £230-250
1309.   A marked 750 white and yellow metal bracelet with beaded decoration to mesh links - approx. 3.17g £125-150
1310.   Two 9ct. gold and garnet rings £60-80
1311.   A hallmarked 375 three colour gold square band - sold with a marked 375 bi-colour bracelet £75-100
1312.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal two stone diamond cross-over ring - approx. 0.5ct. TDW £350-400
1313.   A boxed Ashes hallmarked 375 gold ring and similar pendant on chain, both marked 'A Loving Mother', complete with presentation card boxes, certificates and bag £100-150
1314.   A graduated amber bead necklace and a polyester similar £40-60
1315.   A box containing a small quantity of costume jewellery, Sea Gems boxed Heart pen, etc. £25-35
1316.   A bamboo box containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery £10-20
1317.   An early 1970's design marked 14k yellow metal ring, set with central 0.8ct. diamond with further small diamonds to stepped shoulders - complete with 1991 valuation certificate £1200-1500
1318.   A pair of imported marked 585 white metal double drop ear-rings with triple diamond encrusted settings £300-350
1319.   A marked "Plat" white metal collar set brilliant cut five stone diamond ring - 1.60ct TDW £1600-1800
1320.   A pair of 750 white metal stud ear-rings, each set with oval tanzanite within a diamond encrusted border - 3.30ct. total Tanzanite weight £1250-1450
1321.   A 950 white metal ring, set with emerald cut diamond solitaire £1200-1500
1322.   An unmarked white metal and diamond set eternity ring £500-550
1323.   An unmarked white metal diamond solitaire ring with further tiny diamonds to decorative pierced shoulders - approx 1.4ct. TDW £1700-2000
1324.   An Art Deco style marked "Plat" ring, set with central 6ct. emerald cut aquamarine and flanking diamonds to stepped shoulders £1100-1500
1325.   A white and yellow metal pendant necklace with diamond encrusted double drops and bow pattern suspender £850-950
1326.   A marked 18ct. white metal ring, set with central oblong emerald within a diamond encrusted border £300-350
1327.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with large oval topaz within a diamond encrusted border £400-450
1328.   A marked 18ct yellow metal flowerhead pattern cluster ring, set with central diamond within a ten stone diamond border - 1.80ct. TDW £1700-1900
1329.   A pair of marked 750 white metal diamond solitaire stud ear-rings - 1.0ct. TDW £1800-2000
1330.   A marked 18K white metal line bracelet, each of the square links set with a brilliant cut diamond - 2.8ct. TDW £1200-1500
1331.   A nephrite jade clasp bangle with marked "Sterling" white metal mounts and safety chain £35-45
1332.   A marked 750 yellow metal Nefertiti pendant on Balastra marked 750 box-link neck chain £250-280
1333.   A hallmarked yellow metal ring, set with two rows of five old cut diamonds - Birmingham 1898 £600-650
1334.   A silver ring, set with peridot and aquamarine panels £30-50
1335.   A hallmarked 9/375 ornate gold ring, set with oval opal flanked by two garnets £90-120
1336.   A marked 750 yellow metal Nefertiti pendant on marked 750 box-link neck chain £120-150
1337.   A marked 14K Siffari ornate yellow metal ring with diamond encrusted stylised bow setting to double cross-over shank £130-150
1338.   A silver gilt garnet cluster ring - marks worn £70-90
1339.   A marked 18c yellow metal bar brooch - sold with a marked 15ct. similar £70-90
1340.   A hallmarked 750 white gold ring, the petal shaped setting with central diamond within a diamond border £220-250
1341.   An 18ct. gold five stone diamond ring £280-320
1342.   A marked 14k yellow metal mounted carved jade Buddha pattern pendant £50-70
1343.   A hallmarked 750 and marked 18K Iliana yellow metal ring, set with three oval emeralds interspersed with four brilliant cut diamonds £250-300
1344.   A hallmarked 375 white metal Celtic pattern band - sold with a 375 white metal tiny diamond solitaire ring £60-80
1345.   An imported marked 750 white gold ring, set with three small pink sapphires and central row of tiny diamonds £150-180
1346.   A 375 gold ring set with large clear stone £20-30
1347.   Three decorative boxes with costume jewellery contents £20-40
1348.   A decorative wooden box containing a small collection of branded costume jewellery including Monet, Swarovski, Miracle and others - sold with a bag containing a quantity of costume jewellery including large bead necklaces and bangles, etc. £20-40
1349.   A marked 750 yellow metal bracelet, set with three cornflower blue sapphires and two rubies interspersed with diamond set fancy links £600-700
1350.   A hallmarked 750 gold ring with brilliant and baguette diamond encrusted heart shaped panel £700-800
1351.   An Art Deco style marked "Plat" white metal ring, set with central emerald cut yellow sapphire and flanking baguette diamonds to stepped shoulders £700-900
1352.   A boxed antique yellow metal old cut five stone diamond ring £250-300
1353.   An import marked 950 ring, set with central brilliant cut diamond and twelve flanking diamonds to shoulders - approx 2.8ct. TDW £2200-2800
1354.   A yellow metal ring, set with central oblong sapphire within a tiny diamond border - size I £100-150
1355.   A marked 14k white metal multi diamond designer ring £1100-1200
1356.   An Art Deco style marked 18ct. white metal ring, set with two central diamonds and further brilliant cut diamonds to stepped shoulders £900-1100
1357.   A hallmarked 750 white gold collar set diamond solitaire ring with three graduated channel set diamonds to each shoulder - 2.8ct. TDW £8500-9000
1358.   A hallmarked 750 yellow and white gold band, set with central diamond flanked by ten smaller diamonds - 0.5ct TDW £350-400
1359.   A marked 950 white metal tiny baguette diamond solitaire ring £60-80
1360.   A marked 18K white metal ring, set with central diamond surrounded by baguettes and diamond encrusted square panel, the four band shoulders also diamond encrusted - 1ct. TDW £550-650
1361.   An unmarked yellow metal cross-over ring, set with two brilliant cut diamonds and tiny diamonds to shoulders - 1.25ct. TDW £1800-2200
1362.   A marked 585 ornate yellow metal ring, set with central diamond, flanking pale green emeralds and four smaller diamonds to shaped top panel £280-320
1363.   A marked 750 yellow metal stepped oblong cross-over ring, set with three diamonds and six smaller stones £280-320
1364.   A 2 1/4" marked 18K yellow metal duck pattern brooch, set with numerous brilliant cut diamonds, paved and claw set rubies, emeralds and three small sapphires £1100-1400
1365.   Four hallmarked 375 gold gem set rings of varying design £160-200
1366.   A Tiffany & Co. 925 white metal bracelet with fob - boxed £60-80
1367.   A marked 14K yellow metal ring, set with large oval pink coral cabochon within concentric bands of tiny diamonds £650-700
1368.   An imported 375 white metal CZ wishbone pattern ring - sold with a marked 585 yellow metal flowerhead ring £30-40
1369.   A marked 18ct./PLAT white metal ring, set with large central cushion shaped purple tourmaline within a diamond encrusted border £750-800
1370.   A marked 18 yellow metal cross-over ring, set with central diamond flanked by two cornflower blue sapphires £375-400
1371.   A hallmarked 375 gold bar brooch, set with jade cabochon £30-40
1372.   A marked 750/18K white metal open oval pendant with three free set multi diamond drops within a diamond encrusted border and with further diamonds to suspender, on hallmarked 375 white gold chain £450-550
1373.   An antique marked 15ct. yellow metal mounted polished hardstone pendant - sold with a rolled gold bracelet and paste set necklace £50-80
1374.   A hallmarked 750 gold ornate panel ring, set with a cluster of four amethysts, diamonds and opal beads £250-300
1375.   A marked 375 yellow metal Edwardian style open pendant, set with two garnets £60-70
1376.   A 20th Century micro-mosaic brooch - sold with a butterfly wing panel similar £20-30
1377.   A marked 750 shield shaped pendant, set with central pear cut ruby and small brilliant cut diamonds within paved ruby border £200-240
1378.   A Sterling silver gilt and enamel double leaf brooch, by Aksel Holmsen (Norway) - sold with a Sterling silver bar brooch with coloured stones, by Volmer Bahner (Denmark) £30-50
1379.   A small quantity of silver and white metal jewellery - sold with a simulated pearl necklace with silver clasp £30-40
1380.   A box containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery including glass and other bead necklaces, bangles, etc. £20-30
1381.   A box containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery including necklaces, brooches, etc. £10-20
1382.   A display case containing eight assorted modern wristwatches and a pocket watch on chain £10-20
1383.   A Harris Stone (Leeds) silver cased fusee pocket watch - Chester - No 74958 - with key £80-100
1384.   A Thomas Russell silver cased hunter lever pocket watch - No. 99247 - Chester 1899 - sold with another in marked 935 white metal case, both with keys £50-80
1385.   A Kay marked 935 white metal cased lever pocket watch on silver chain - sold with an H. Samuel "Acme Lever" marked 935 similar £50-80
1386.   Two silver cased New Improved patent fusee pocket watches - Chester 1872 and London 1890, both with keys £50-70
1387.   A T. P. Birts (Woolwich) silver cased hunter fusee pocket watch - No. 5121 - London 1864 sold with a T. D. Cowper silver cased lever pocket watch - No. 114461 - Chester 1897, with key £50-80
1388.   A T. R. Russell silver cased pocket watch - No. 90988 - London 1885 - sold with another with fusee movement - London 1863, both with keys £50-70
1389.   A mid 19th Century silver cased fusee pocket watch a/f, by William Browning, London - sold with a silver cased lever pocket watch and another - various condition £50-60
1390.   A vintage Smiths black faced timepiece with base crown winder and magnetic disc to back - a/f £20-30
1391.   A Vertex gold plated hunter pocket watch - sold with four gold plated pocket watches including Waltham and Revue examples - all lever, crown wind £50-70
1392.   Two Waltham gold plated cased hunter pocket watches - sold with an Elgin similar and Waltham, Elgin and Cudos pocket watches - all lever, crown wind £50-70
1393.   A Graves marked 935 white metal cased lever pocket watch - with key - sold with an Elgin marked "Sterling" white metal cased crown wind similar £40-60
1394.   Four gold plated cased crown wind lever pocket watches - sold with two fob similar £50-70
1395.   Two gold plated cased hunter pocket watches, a half hunter and three pocket watches - all crown wind £50-70
1396.   A W. E. Watts (Nottingham) silver cased hunter pocket watch - Birmingham 1911 - with key - sold with a 925 import silver cased back wind with key and Waltham crown wind - Birmingham 1902 £50-70
1397.   Eight assorted silver plated cased lever pocket watches £30-50
1398.   Six silver cased and white metal lever pocket watches, comprising three with English hallmarks including Langdon Davies & Co., two marked 935 and another marked "Fine Silver" - one key £60-80
1399.   A boxed Raymond Weil ladies cocktail dress wristwatch, with instructions booklet and card - 119 - dated 1990 £100-120
1400.   An Import 925 silver cased lever pocket watch - sold with a silver cased fob watch, marked 935 similar and various keys £35-45
1401.   A collection of plated cased lever pocket and other watches £30-40
1402.   A bag containing assorted pocket watches - various condition £20-30
1403.   A collection of loose Swatch watches and batteries £20-30
1404.   Various good quality upholstered jewellery display stands, cases, etc. - sold with a collection of necklace display stands and ring display boards £10-20
1411.   Tom Rowden: a gilt framed and white painted slipped watercolour, depicting cattle and sheep beside water in a landscape - signed - 9" X 21" £300-350
1412.   J. E. Drumond: a gilt framed oil on canvas, panoramic view of a harbour scene - signed - 12 1/4" X 35 1/4" £180-220
1413.   †E. Hamilton: a pair of gilt framed watercolours, both depicting rural cottage scenes with figures on a track - signed - 9 3/4" X 13 3/4" £80-120
1414.   F. J. Widgery: a framed and slipped gouache, depicting cattle on Dartmoor - signed - 10 1/2" X 17 1/2" £400-450
1415.   Charles Breaker: a gilt framed pen and ink drawing, depicting two camels £30-50
1416.   Philip Mitchell: a gilt framed watercolour, entitled on mount 'On the Tamar' -signed - 11 1/2" X 19 1/4" £130-180
1417.   A set of eight framed modern Shakespearian character digital reprints £15-25
1418.   A gilt framed and slipped watercolour lake scene with figures in a punt before a windmill, entitled 'In the Gloaming' - indistinctly signed with monogram JS and dated 1871 £30-50
1419.   A. P. Santamarina: a framed oil on canvas, depicting moored fishing boats with further sailing vessel in distance - signed and dated 1937 £60-80
1420.   Douglas Pinder: a framed watercolour, depicting a view of Postbridge on Dartmoor - signed and inscribed - 11" x 18" £130-160
1421.   A framed hand coloured map print, depicting Exmouth and surrounding Hundreds - being Plate 7 £15-25
1422.   Robert Morden: a Hogarth framed hand coloured antique map print of Northumberland, bearing label verso Bayton Williams, Kingsbridge, map dealers - 16 1/2" X 14" (to plate marks) £50-70
1423.   †George Shaw: a gilt framed and slipped oil on canvas depicting a view of Devon cottages before a stream - signed and dated '93 - 9 1/4" X 17 1/4" £80-120
1424.   James Priddey: a pair of framed pencil signed and inscribe artist's colour proof etchings of Porlock Weir, Somerset and Windmill, Reigate Heath with embossed artist's proof stamp in the margin £60-80
1425.   A framed four image print, depicting a tap dancer in top hat and tails (Fred Astaire) - printed titles and signature £15-25
1426.   Prue Berthon: a framed limited edition coloured print, depicting stylised snowdrops - signed and dated 2003 - No. 2/50 - 29" X 21 1/2" £50-70
1427.   Susan Deacon: a framed dry point print, depicting a group of pines, numbered 1 of a limited edition of 10, signed and numbered in pencil, labels verso £10-20
1428.   H. Hall: a burr maple framed antique coloured engraving entitled 'The Merry Beaglers' - 16 1/4" x 27 1/2" £50-70
1429.   Carmen Garcia: a blue framed embossed limited edition coloured print entitled Femmelle - signed and inscribed in pencil, dated '68 and numbered 5/20 £10-20
1430.   Lionel Edwards: a framed hunting print - signed in pencil and bearing blind stamp - glass missing £30-40
1431.   Des Isles Britanniques: a Hogarth framed hand coloured map of the British Isles with columns of French script either side of the image - J.B.L. Clouet - Pub. 1787 - 12 1/2" X 21 1/2" £50-70
1432.   William Simson: a Hogarth framed antique coloured print entitled 'Salmon Spearing by Torch light' - engraved by William Forrest £40-60
1433.   William Lionel Wylie: a framed monochrome etching, depicting Dumbarton Rock from the tail of the bank, also various shipping - signed in pencil and with labels to the reverse - 7 3/4" X 19 1/2" £200-250
1434.   Two small Hogarth framed antique hand coloured route map prints, comprising Plate 125 "London to Shrewsbury" and Plate 185 "Gloucester to Montgomery" £30-50
1435.   A pair of Hogarth framed railway interest colour prints, one of 'Queen Victoria's Railway Coach Interior', the other of the construction of 'The Mersthan Cutting and Tunnel on the Brighton Line, 1838' £10-20
1436.   A 19th Century gilt gesso oval framed embossed and embellished mezzotint print, depicting the Jochebed releasing Moses into the flow of the River Nile £25-35
1437.   R.D. Sherrin: a pair of gilt framed and slipped gouache Dartmoor views, "Haytor looking West" and "Rain clearing Yes Tor" - both signed with titles inscribed verso £70-100
1438.   A set of six silhouette old profile portraits, in one frame £10-20
1439.   A framed stitched fabric and mesh collage of repeat circular forms £30-40
1440.   Noel H. Leaver: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a British medieval street scene - signed - 15" X 10 3/4" £70-100
1441.   An unframed Raj period oil on canvas portrait of a military gentleman - label with details verso giving the address of The Grand Hotel, Shimla £20-40
1442.   A pair of oak framed early 19th Century hand coloured political cartoons, one entitled "The New State Carriage" (William IV), the other "The Faithful Shepherd" £80-120
1443.   Kate Greenaway: a pair of circular gilt framed hand painted mats with lace borders - unsigned, details on Halcyon Days label verso £50-70
1444.   By or after Doris Zinkheisen: an unframed Art Deco style watercolour depicting a lady with 1920's style coiffure, peacock and flowers - 11" X 6" £50-70
1445.   An unframed English School oil on stretchered canvas, depicting a boy with his father - 12 1/2" X 10 1/2" - hole £70-110
1446.   A framed Frank Patten print, entitled "Every Dog has His Day" - signed in pencil £15-25
1447.   Alfred Leyman: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a scene at Dartmouth Castle with figures on a wooded path and sailing vessel beyond - signed - 14" X 21" £500-600
1448.   F. Ford-Smith, 1881: a gilt gesso framed oil on canvas, depicting a milkmaid milking a cow with thatched cottage and farm buildings in the background - 19 1/2" X 15 1/2" £100-140
1449.   Roberto A. K. Marshall: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a rural view with sheep and farmstead beyond - signed - hand written label verso - 10" X 7 1/2" £240-280
1450.   Pelham Jones: a gilt framed mixed media painting, depicting the four masted sailing vessel Loch Carron under full sail on choppy seas - signed and titled - 14" X 20 1/2" £200-250
1451.   John Shapland: a framed watercolour, depicting an estuary scene with figures, beached vessels and town beyond - signed - 14" X 20 1/4" £150-180
1452.   W. Callow: a gilt gesso framed watercolour, depicting a coastal town in stormy weather with large waves - signed and indistinctly dated - 17" X 24" £250-300
1453.   R.D. Sherrin: a framed gouache depicting an extensive beach scene - signed - 10" X 13 1/4" £60-80
1454.   W. H. Sweet: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a scene at "Stratton near Bude" with shepherd and flock on a track with buildings and church in background - signed - 11" X 7" £200-250
1455.   John Shapland: a framed watercolour, depicting an estuary view with houses on a headland and sailing vessel - signed - 13 3/4" X 20 1/2" £150-180
1456.   Julia Kelland: a framed mixed media painting, study of avocets - signed and bearing artist's label verso - 10 1/2" X 15" £80-120
1457.   Attributed to Gerhard Batha: a large gilt framed watercolour, depicting a stylised coastal scene - Provenance: from the Mobil Collection, entitled Plettenberg Bay and presented to the vendor when he left the company £80-120
1458.   An ornate gilt framed oil on panel, depicting children playing on a swing in a glade - indistinctly signed - 11 1/4" X 15 1/4" £120-150
1459.   Thomas Bush Hardy: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting figures on a pier and shipping on choppy seas - signed - 9 1/2" X 18 3/4" £280-380
1460.   After Mercator/Hondius: a Hogarth framed antique hand coloured map print, depicting of the counties of South West England and South Wales - no ships or cherubs in this version - 7 1/2" X 10" £70-100
1461.   Dr. William Crotch: a pencil and black chalk landscape - sold with Aaron Edwin Penley: a monochrome watercolour depicting a coastal view - both bearing notes to the reverse - both approx 2 3/4" X 5 1/2" £45-65
1462.   Harry Edmunds Crute: a framed oil on board, depicting a coastal scene entitled Babbacombe from Petitor - signed and inscribed verso - 8 3/4" X 11" £70-100
1463.   K. Harris: a gilt framed pastel entitled 'Broken Water' - The Walkham on Barbican label verso - signed and dated £20-40
1464.   Two framed watercolours, one a seascape - signed JS, the other a rural track in rocky landscape £10-20
1465.   A Hogarth framed antique hand coloured map print of Surrey published 1610 by John Norden/Kip bearing label to reverse Bayton Williams, Kingsbridge, map dealers - 11 1/4" X 15" £200-300
1466.   E. W. H.: an ornate gilt framed oil on board, depicting figures with a beached boat - 4 3/4" X 8 1/2" £120-150
1467.   E. Jenkins: a pair of gilt framed gouache paintings, depicting Dartmoor landscapes, one with pool in foreground, the other flowering heather - both signed - 18 3/4" X 28 1/2" £60-80
1468.   A framed watercolour, depicting a Medieval bridge with later buildings and tree line beyond - indistinctly signed £20-30
1469.   A Hogarth framed late 18th Century hand coloured map print A New Map of Surrey, Drawn From The Latest Authorities by Walpoole bearing label to reverse Bayton Williams, Kingsbridge, map dealers - 4" X 6 3/4" £100-140
1470.   Claude Hayes: a framed mixed media painting, depicting a view at "Lyndhurst" - signed and bearing Sanders of Oxford label verso - 6 1/2" X 10 1/4" £80-120
1471.   Fred Cook: two gilt framed oil paintings on panel, depicting river views - both signed - 14 1/2" X 19 1/2" £150-200
1472.   R. D. Sherrin: a framed gouache, depicting a track on Dartmoor - signed - 14 3/4" X 20 1/2" £80-100
1473.   Douglas Pinder: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a view of the Lyd in higher Dartmoor with Arms Tor in the distance - signed and inscribed - 8" X 14 3/4" £80-120
1474.   Paul Copson: a gilt framed a watercolour, depicting figures on a bridge beside a canal in a town - signed £20-40
1475.   A maple framed Pears print 'Tempted but Shy' £15-25
1476.   R. W. Nott: an unframed 19th Century oil on stretchered canvas still life with apples on a silver stand with book and plants - signed - 15" X 22" - patched hole £50-80
1477.   James Orrock: a gilt framed watercolour, inscribed verso 'Newtown Linford, Leicestershire' - 11 1/2" X 17 1/2" £90-120
1478.   Mary Borum (native American): a part painted and hessian framed oil on board still life with vase of flowers - signed, artists details verso £20-40
1479.   G. Hulme: a framed reproduction oil painting under glass, depicting a Dutch winter scene with various figures on a frozen waterway - in the style of H. Avercamp - 13 1/4" X 21" £40-60
1480.   Philip Marchington: a gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting an angler within a river landscape - signed £20-30
1481.   Cyril Tempest: two gilt framed and slipped watercolour coastal views, both titled verso 'Saint Ives' and 'Near Newquay' - both signed £15-25
1482.   †John Miller: a gilt framed oil on board, depicting a panoramic landscape in muted palette - bearing artist's and Sancreed Studios labels verso - 6 3/4" X 17 1/2" £130-180
1483.   W. Cartwright: a 19th Century gilt framed oil on canvas, inscribed verso "Upper Pond, Ugbrooke Park, Chudleigh" - signed - 17 1/2" X 23 1/2" £360-460
1484.   Henry Sykes: a gilt framed watercolour rural river scene with boy fishing - signed - 14" X 20 1/2" £110-150
1485.   Five decorative framed pictures including Snipe Shooting, Callieri and Mont St. Michel prints, etc. £20-40
1486.   Stuart Armfield: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting the Royal Yacht Britannia, tall ships and other vessels - signed - 21" X 29 1/4" £50-80
1487.   Albert Stevens: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a view of Cowdray Park, Midhurst, Sussex - signed and inscribed on label verso - 11" X 19 3/4" £70-100
1488.   E. R. Smythe: an ornate gilt gesso framed and slipped oil on canvas, depicting horses by a barn - signed - 15 1/2" X 23 1/4" £450-550
1489.   A framed modern abstract oil painting on board in muted palette £10-20
1490.   Two Arabian scenes, one of a woman fetching water from a well, the other of an Arab riding a camel - both signed one by G. E. Perry £15-25
1491.   H. Knuppel: an ornate gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting an old town street view with archway and spire in background - signed, dated 18 II 1937, Koln - 21 1/2" X 27 1/4" £30-50
1492.   A pair of framed oriental silk work panels, depicting birds within decorative woven borders - sold with a later pair £20-40
1493.   Jan Toorop: an oak framed coloured print, depicting figures - entitled Fatalism, 1893 £10-20
1494.   A box containing two Hogarth framed monochrome photographs of Brixham, framed book plates and an original work, etc. £15-25
1495.   A Hogarth framed Chinese watercolour laid on silk, depicting fancy goldfish, with text and red seal stamps - sold with a modern oriental print of frogs £30-50
1496.   †John Trickett: a gilt framed oil on canvas, study a black labrador in a landscape - 23 1/2" X 35 1/2" £550-650
1497.   Frederika Goulden: a gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting a seascape at sunset - signed and dated '91 £10-20
1498.   G. Hulme: two gilt framed paintings both still life, one with flowers in a glass vase, the other flowers in a pottery jug - both signed and dated '75 £30-50
1499.   Frances E. Young RMS: a pair of watercolour miniatures each of a vase of roses in decorative gilt metal circular frames - signed and with written labels verso £70-100
1500.   William H. Dyer: an unframed watercolour laid on board, entitled Black Point, Bishops Walk - signed - 7 1/4" X 10 1/2" £20-40
1501.   An Islamic book fragment with fine watercolour paintings of various figures and animals in four separate panels, with hand written Islamic script above and below the image - 9 1/2" X 5 3/4" £100-150
1502.   Walter Francis Moore: a folio of anatomical studies and other original works - including his BM medical certificate £100-140
1503.   JWC (American artist): four late 19th Century gilt slip mounted double image original oils on card, depicting various figures in landscapes and interiors - individual images - 5 1/4" X 5" £120-150
1504.   An antique hand coloured map print of Devonshire published by Fullerton dated c1843 - slight foxing £20-30
1505.   Two framed small Persian paintings, one depicting a man baking, the other a female musician - sold with an unframed similar, depicting a figure in veil £100-150
1506.   An oak framed 19th Century Japanese woodblock print, depicting a vessel with numerous samurai, with text and banner to top right and lozenge shaped stamp to left - staining £30-50
1507.   Frederick Foot of Ashburton: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a mother and child at stepping stones across a river with dog on the other side - inscription to the reverse £35-55
1508.   E. Fieldman: a gilt framed circa 1930 watercolour drawing entitled 'A Game of Skittles', depicting two young girls playing in an interior - signed and inscribed £35-55
1509.   Two ebonised framed antique hand coloured bookplate map prints, comprising Hebrides - Timotheo Pont and Scotia Antiqua, R. Gordonius - both with text to reverse £50-80
1510.   A framed German advertising print for Vaillant's Patent Gasbadeofen £20-30
1511.   A gilt framed embroidery panel, depicting a peacock on a balustrade with trellis over and urns of flowers £15-25
1512.   G.Hulme: an ornate gilt framed oil on board, still life with flowers in Cantonese vases - signed and dated '70 - sold with a smaller work Albi, S. France 1965 and an oil on canvas, depicting a country garden 1971 £50-80
1513.   Rando: an unframed abstract acrylic on stretchered canvas - signed £10-15
1514.   Michael Hope: a framed watercolour, depicting beached fishing and other vessels with buildings beyond - signed £20-30
1515.   A gilt framed limited edition sepia etching depicting a beached vessel hull "Lantuses Gravelines" - indistinctly signed and numbered 62/200 £20-30
1516.   Arthur Stanley Ginn: two framed mixed media paintings, one depicting birds in flight, the other figures in an interior - signed and dated '97 and '99 £30-50
1517.   C. Moret: a gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting a lighthouse and coastal buildings - sold with Y. Simon: a framed oil on canvas wooden shacks in a winter landscape and a framed Edward Hopper print £15-25
1518.   John Shapland: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a Dartmoor landscape - signed - 10 1/2" X 14 1/4" £80-120
1519.   H. Hughes Richardson: a framed mixed media painting, depicting a river rapids waterfall - signed £20-40
1520.   H. D. Ching: a gilt framed gouache, depicting an extensive moorland view - signed and dated 1916 £20-40