Two Day Stonepark Antique Sale
on Thursday 22nd March - Lots 1-672
Friday 23rd March 2018 - Lots 1001-1623

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1.      A Victorian carved sandstone key stone with lion mask to top and acanthus scroll bracketed text panel 'Theology', from an historic building, Gloucester Road, Bristol - 30" X 24" £200-400
2.      A Victorian carved sandstone key stone with lion mask to top and acanthus scroll bracketed text panel 'History', from an historic building, Gloucester Road, Bristol - 30" X 24" £200-400
3.      A 2' wide Victorian cast iron fireplace £10-20
4.      A 3' wide Victorian cast iron fire surround £10-20
5.      A pair of wrought iron fire mullers £10-20
6.      A Victorian cast iron fire place with mantel - mantel 30" £10-20
7.      A 3' 11 1/2" antique painted iron hearth stand £10-20
8.      A wrought and cast iron fire basket with back plate £10-20
9.      A wrought iron standard lamp £10-20
10.     A vintage Sigma Pumpy water pump £10-20
11.     A 3' long antique wrought iron fire kerb £10-20
12.     A wrought and cast iron fire basket and andirons £10-20
13.     A Victorian carved sandstone key stone with lion mask to top and acanthus scroll bracketed text panel 'Biography', from an historic building, Gloucester Road, Bristol - 30" X 24" £200-400
14.     A pair of 19th Century cast iron sunburst/fan pattern brackets - 2' 6" X 2' £100-150
15.     Two Victorian carved sandstone key stones with old English rose boss to top and acanthus scroll bracketed text panel, one 'Fiction', the other 'Travel' from an historic building, Gloucester Road, Bristol - 30" X 24" £400-600
16.     A 36 1/2" diameter pine topped garden table, set on a base from an old riveted boiler £20-30
17.     A 17 1/2" square painted terracotta gate post finial by Fletcher, Bolton £20-30
18.     A set of four Victorian style aluminium garden chairs and 27" diameter matching table £30-50
19.     Three Victorian terracotta roof finials - one with top missing £20-30
20.     Three painted wrought iron plant pot stands £15-25
21.     Approximately sixty late 20th Century branded advertising milk bottles in crates including various newspapers, Macleans toothpaste, etc. £20-40
22.     A 4' 5 1/2" teak slatted garden bench £50-80
23.     A 3' high cast concrete two part garden planter in the form of a putto holding the foliate bowl £40-60
24.     A pair of 21 1/4" diameter two part concrete pedestal planters £40-60
25.     Four terracotta plant pots comprising a pair and two others £10-20
26.     A 40 1/2" high three tier wrought iron plant stand £25-40
27.     A 23" cast concrete garden statue of a putto playing a flute, sat on a 13" pedestal £30-50
28.     Various terracotta items including two chimney cowls, two strawberry pots, plant pots and a clog £15-25
29.     A 6' Victorian Gothic style garden bench with vine leaf and rope pattern cast iron ends £130-150
30.     Approximately one hundred late 20th Century printed advertising milk bottles including Ready Brek, Mars, Cadburys, etc. £20-40
31.     An aluminium hospital radiator - sold with a cast iron radiator £50-80
32.     Thirty old terracotta mitre shaped edging tiles £60-90
33.     Thirty old terracotta mitre shaped edging tiles £60-90
34.     A pair of Regency period cast iron bench ends with ornate griffin mask and scroll arms with classical mask stretcher terminals and scroll legs with paw feet, frames numbered 59692 - one foot missing £100-200
35.     Three galvanised buckets and a trough £20-30
36.     A pair of woven plastic garden swivel tub chairs with fitted cushions - sold with a matching table £40-60
37.     Thirty old terracotta scallop pattern edging tiles £60-90
38.     Thirty old terracotta scallop pattern edging tiles £60-90
39.     A pair of antique cast iron sunburst/fan pattern brackets - 2' 6" X 2' £60-90
40.     A pair of antique cast iron sunburst/fan pattern brackets - 2' 6" X 5' £70-100
41.     Four various concrete planters £10-20
42.     A collection of modern terracotta plant pots and risers £10-20
43.     Four concrete garden animal statues, comprising two pigs, a dog, and a frog £20-30
44.     Two matching painted curved cast iron balcony rails - one approx. 4' long, the other approx. 5' long £40-60
45.     A pair of axle stands legs £10-20
46.     Two garden concrete owl figures £10-20
47.     A galvanized fish kettle £15-25
48.     An 18" Edwardian cast fire surround £10-20
49.     An old wooden handled scythe £5-10
50.     A pair of 37" ornate newel posts with cast brass finials £10-20
51.     A late 19th/early 20th Century safe with two internal drawers - with key £50-80
52.     A pair of 35" cast concrete deep planters with classical relief decoration - sold with another £50-80
53.     A ship's rope ladder with teak treads £20-30
54.     A 4' 4 1/2" painted wood slatted garden bench £20-40
55.     A modern brass and steel fire fender £10-20
56.     A Victorian cast iron fire grate front with daffodil decoration, by Dale Co. £20-30
101.    An early 20th Century oak lift-top school desk with original inkwell and integral seat, set on standard ends and moulded rails £60-80
102.    A 4' Edwardian walnut two part book cabinet with adjustable shelves enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors and pair of smaller doors under, over a base with two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base - 7' 10" high £80-120
103.    A 5' 4" eastern hardwood two part wall cabinet with an array of glazed panel doors, canted sides and open recesses, set on pommel feet £30-50
104.    A 3' 11" continental painted pine dresser with pair of arched panel doors and two short drawers, over two further short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors, set on moulded plinth base £150-200
105.    A 20th Century wrought iron standard lamp in the style of a torchere with stylised horse heads and tripod base £20-25
106.    A 3' 5 1/2" ebonised carved wood cabinet in the antique style with high relief figural panels to doors and open stretcher base with undertier and decorative panelled back £40-60
107.    A 4' 20th Century polished pine two part dresser with two shelf open plate rack, over a base with two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on bracket feet £50-80
108.    A mid 20th Century figured walnut veneered and cross banded part bedroom suite, comprising a 4' dressing table with triple mirror, flanking concealed drawers and three frieze drawers, set on slender cabriole legs with lion paw feet, a 36 1/2" gentleman's fitted wardrobe, pair of bedroom chairs and 4' 6" double bedstead frame - sunlight damage £30-50
109.    A 4' polished oak Old Charm style wall cabinet with leaded glazed display shelves to top, over a base with two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under £20-40
110.    A pair of Ercol hoop stick back elbow chairs with solid polished elm seats, set on slender turned supports £30-50
111.    A 5' Arts and Crafts style polished hardwood sideboard with serpentine top, two frieze drawers, central recess and flanking embossed copper panelled cupboard doors, set on moulded block feet £50-80
112.    A late 20th Century wing back armchair with studded button back leather upholstery, set on short cabriole legs with pad feet - a/f £20-40
113.    A pair of Victorian style polished hardwood framed balloon back elbow chairs with studded light brown leather upholstery, set on turned tapered and fluted front legs £40-60
114.    A 4' 1" solid eastern hardwood single pedestal desk with fall-front writing drawer, short drawer, open shelf and cupboard enclosed by an arched panel door £30-50
115.    A 23" diameter decorative tile top conservatory table, set on a wrought iron base £15-25
116.    A 4' waxed pine wall mounted open shelf unit with moulded top and seven shelves £20-40
117.    A rustic stool with rough hewn top and triple legs £10-20
118.    A 5' 10 1/4" mid 20th Century oak mixed wood and all-round glazed shop counter with sliding doors to back and reeded and ebonised plinth base, bearing "Brownhill's Shop Fitters of Manchester" label £20-40
119.    A 34" Edwardian mahogany and strung two door pot cupboard set on square tapered legs £15-25
120.    A 3' 6" Edwardian satin walnut dressing chest with bevelled swing mirror and flanking trinket drawers, over two short and two long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £20-40
121.    A 31" Victorian stained mixed wood centre table with inlaid chess board to top, set on bobbin turned supports and stretcher base £30-50
122.    A pair of 19 1/2" diameter eastern hardwood pedestal tables, set on turned pillar and tripod base £20-40
123.    An ebonised framed Ercol style high stick back rocking chair with polished sectional seat panel £20-40
124.    A 5' diameter mixed hardwood and cross banded dining table, set on a quatrefoil base with turned supports and reeded splayed legs with brassed lion paw caps and casters £30-50
125.    Four bleached wood chapel chairs with book troughs to backs and solid seats £30-50
126.    A pair of eastern hardwood lath back chairs with circular seat panels and bentwood supports £10-20
127.    A late Victorian polished quarter sawn oak extending dining table with two leaves and wind out mechanism (winder missing), set on heavy turned and fluted legs - casters missing - 8' 6" overall £80-120
128.    A 3' 10" Victorian mahogany side table with rounded corners set on turned legs - for re-polishing £10-20
129.    A painted timber fire surround with integral 3' 4" mantelpiece £15-25
130.    A 4' 3" Japanese style low polished wood framed coffee table with smoked glass top £20-40
131.    A 4' 10" mid 20th Century painted wood five drawer plan chest top section £30-50
132.    A 5' 6" Victorian flame mahogany veneered break front side cabinet with decorative pierced back rail, flanking curved open shelves and part barley twist spindles, with three central shelves enclosed by a pair of arched glazed panel doors, set on moulded plinth base - bearing stamp for C. Hindley & Sons, 134 Oxford St. London and numbered 23969 £100-150
133.    A 34" early 20th Century polished oak Globe Wernike style four section bookcase - matching Lots 235 and 278 £100-150
134.    A 3' 8" early 20th Century mahogany wardrobe with moulded cornice, hanging space enclosed by a bevelled mirror panel door and long drawer under, set on bracket feet £20-40
135.    An early 20th Century polished oak hallstand with central bevelled mirror, bracket shelf and glove box, set on simple square supports - two replacement hooks, no drip-trays £15-25
136.    A moulded waxed pine framed oblong wall mirror - 4' 5" X 22 1/2" £15-25
137.    A 30 1/4" early 20th Century American stained walnut Amberg's Patent Cabinet Letter File, with two flights of nine drawers (two replacements) - tambour detached, for restoration - originally from Castle Offices, Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham £100-150
138.    A 3' 9" 19th Century French stripped pine two part dresser with three shelves enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors and now open recess, over a base with four short drawers and two shelves enclosed by a pair of panelled cupboard doors, set on turned feet £400-450
139.    A 20th Century polished oak standard lamp with octagonal moulded base £10-20
140.    A 5' 2" Edwardian walnut break front wardrobe with central tie cabinet and flanking hanging space enclosed by triple mirror panel doors (one replaced), central decorative carved shield motif and two pairs of short drawers under, set on plinth base £30-50
141.    A 5' 4" heavy hardwood beam purported to be from Tuckenhay Mill £30-40
142.    A 3' 10" early 20th Century stained oak two part bureau bookcase with leaded glazed panel doors over a pigeonhole and drawer fitted interior, with two further short drawers and a pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on bracket feet £20-40
143.    A pair of decorative doors with inset ornate wrought iron and embossed metal open scroll panels and solid panelled lower sections - each 6' 5" X 18" £40-60
144.    A 32" vintage green painted metal parts bin by BTL £80-100
145.    A 28" late Georgian mahogany and strung dressing table mirror with flanking ring turned supports, set on a bow front base with three drawers and bracket feet - replacement plate £20-40
146.    A 3' 5" French waxed and stained pine dresser base with panelled top, two short drawers and pair of cupboard doors under, set on simple plinth base £80-100
147.    Four matching 19th Century mahogany framed dining chairs, comprising three standard and a carver, with upholstered drop-in seats and ring turned front legs £50-80
147A.   A 24" diameter 1920's mahogany occasional table, set on slender cabriole legs with pad feet £15-25
148.    A 19 1/2" eastern hardwood chest with flight of five locking drawers, set on plinth base £50-80
149.    A French polished oak framed low elbow chair with patchwork upholstered back and seat, set on turned front supports with squat bun feet £30-40
150.    A 4' 4 1/2" Georgian style mahogany strung and cross banded console hall table with single frieze drawer and moulded decoration, set on fluted square tapered legs with spade feet £40-50
151.    A vintage powder blue painted wood framed dressing stool with upholstered and sprung seat - sold with a stained beech framed footstool £15-25
152.    A 4' 2" solid eastern hardwood chest of three long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £40-60
153.    A pair of Lloyd Loom tub chairs with original teal/grey finish and paper labels £40-60
154.    A 4' 7 1/4" 20th Century ebonised mixed wood double pedestal desk with flanking tambours enclosing file drawers - central drawer missing £10-20
155.    A 23 1/2" polished and stained hardwood hexagonal topped tea table with bevelled glass inset top, moulded supports and rattan undertier £15-25
156.    A 35" diameter Edwardian mahogany two tier centre table, set on acanthus cabriole supports and scroll brackets £20-40
157.    A set of six Victorian mahogany framed balloon back dining chairs with studded leather upholstered seats, set on turned and tapered front legs - some glued and screwed repairs £30-50
158.    A 6' 7" eastern hardwood dining table set on moulded cabriole legs £30-50
159.    A 33" console table of serpentine design with single frieze drawer, turned legs and light blue marbled painted finish £40-50
160.    A pair of Edwardian walnut framed stools with similar studded upholstered tops, set on square tapered and fluted legs with spade feet £30-40
161.    A small polished oak gateleg table, set on bobbin turned supports £15-25
162.    A 19th Century mahogany dressing stool with tapestry upholstered top, set on cabriole legs with pad feet £30-50
163.    A late Regency sabre leg dining chair and a lattice back standard chair £10-20
164.    A 34 1/2" 1920's walnut bow front display cabinet with glass shelves and claw and ball feet - sold with a drop-leaf bedside chest with three drawers and cupboard under - both a/f £10-20
165.    A 29" 1930's polished oak bureau with part fitted interior and two long graduated drawers under, set on an open stretcher base £15-25
166.    A 3' 8 1/2" polished and stained pine wall mounted cabinet with two shelves enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors £30-40
167.    A 5' 2" painted wood and decorative woven cane panel sideboard with glass inset top, three central graduated drawers and flanking cupboard doors, set on reeded plinth base £10-20
168.    A 3' 5" Victorian mahogany chest with blind drawer to top and three further long graduated drawers under, flanking carved brackets and raised turned feet £50-80
169.    A nest of three dark Ercol elm topped retro tea tables, set on slender turned supports £30-40
170.    A waxed pine and glazed wall hanging bathroom cabinet £10-15
171.    A 5' 10 1/2" French waxed pine farmhouse kitchen table with two frieze drawers, set on turned legs £100-150
172.    A 32" upholstered pine Ottoman chest, set on later casters £20-40
173.    A 3' 3" antique mahogany bureau with fully fitted interior and four long graduated drawers under set on bracket feet £50-80
174.    A 15 3/4" stained oak desktop pigeonhole and drawer unit £20-30
175.    A 21 1/2" early 20th Century polished oak pot cupboard with moulded and dentil decoration, set on an open barley twist stretcher base £10-20
176.    A 35 1/2" early 20th Century polished oak gentleman's dressing chest with lift-top and four long drawers, set on raised tapered legs £40-60
177.    A 15" diameter painted metal and wrought iron jardinière stand (Jim Lawrence) £15-25
178.    A pair of 35" black painted tin travelling trunks with British High Commission Nairobi, Kenya interest £30-50
179.    A 19 1/2" diameter ebonised wood gypsy table set on two sets of three turned spindle supports - no upholstery £20-30
180.    A 24" eastern hardwood cabinet with two shelves enclosed by a metal lattice inset panel door and single long drawer under, set on bracket feet £30-50
181.    A modern Peter Guild upholstered armchair £30-50
182.    An antique elm framed country chair with triple spindle back and solid seat panel £20-40
183.    A 5' Edwardian walnut serpentine front sideboard with moulded raised back, three central drawers and flanking cupboard doors enclosing napery and cellarette, set on heavy shell carved cabriole legs with claw and ball feet - a/f £20-30
184.    An 18 1/2" 20th Century golden oak bedside unit with two drawers and cupboard under £10-20
185.    A 35 1/2" stained wood Gothic style three shelf open bookcase, set on flanking pierced and shaped standard ends £30-50
186.    A 3' 7" 19th Century Dutch mahogany and strung bombe bureau, the fully fitted interior with an array of drawers, pigeonholes, book spine secret compartments and well, with three long graduated drawers under, set on stylised lion paw and ball pattern front feet £100-150
187.    A nest of three polished hardwood sectional top tea tables of rounded triangular design £15-25
188.    A 3' 4" eastern hardwood dining table, set on quadruple spindles, massive turned pillar and splayed legs £20-40
189.    A 7' 4" two seater settee upholstered in calico and with gold damask upholstered cushions and throws £50-80
190.    A 32" 1930's polished oak gentleman's dressing cabinet with reeded moulded sides, decorative panels and handles to doors enclosing shelves and five long drawers £30-50
191.    A 26 1/2" Edwardian walnut two tier occasional table with serpentine surfaces and slender cabriole supports £10-20
192.    A 3' 3" Victorian flame mahogany veneered chiffonier with panelled raised back, blind frieze drawer, flanking turned pillars and pair of arched panel cupboard doors under, set on plinth base £30-50
193.    A 26" stripped pine and glazed narrow wall mounted cabinet £20-30
193A.   A 35" Victorian mahogany demi-lune console table, set on a carved acanthus scroll front support and shaped platform base £20-40
194.    A 3' 6" early 20th Century mahogany and strung linen chest with two slides and shelf enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, set on short square tapered legs with iron casters £30-50
195.    A 30" mid 20th Century polished oak chest of two long drawers, set on reeded square legs - sold with an older oak bedside cupboard £10-20
196.    A 24" diameter reproduction mahogany piecrust tea table with glass top set on acanthus scroll cabriole legs with claw and ball feet £15-25
197.    A 3' 2" modern waxed pine two drawer dressing table with turned supports - sold with a similar small swing mirror £20-30
198.    A 4' 7" industrial pine plank topped coffee table with metal bracketed ends, set on flanking painted X-pattern standard ends and uniting stretcher £200-250
199.    An early 20th Century iron mounted and coopered R.A. Lister & Co. Size 2 butter churn Type SR on original stand £50-80
200.    A pair of polished elm framed ladder back dining chairs with woven rush seats, set on turned front supports £30-50
201.    A 3' 3" oak chest of three long drawers, set on raised moulded legs with casters £15-25
202.    A 33" mid 20th Century polished oak dressing chest with swing mirror, moulded decoration and two long drawers £10-15
203.    A stained wood framed early 20th Century bow back swivel office chair - a/f £15-25
204.    A 3' 6" Edwardian stained satin walnut chest of two short and two long graduated drawers set on bracket feet £40-60
205.    A 24" carved hardwood two tier occasional table with floral decoration to top, set on cabriole supports £20-30
206.    A 3' 6" 19th Century mahogany and strung bow front table with low raised back and sides, reeded edges and two frieze drawers, set on slender square tapered legs with brass caps and casters £30-50
207.    An Aesthetic ebonised framed nursing chair with studded upholstered back panel and seat, set on turned front legs and porcelain casters £30-50
208.    A 36" mid 20th Century polished oak Simplex sectional bookcase with three pairs of glass sliding doors £50-80
209.    A 5' 6" retro teak effect kneehole dressing table with offset twin mirror to top and six flanking drawers, set on slender square tapered legs £20-30
210.    A 19th Century elm framed Chippendale style dining chair with pierced splat back and drop-in seat - a/f £10-15
210A.   A 34" Edwardian mahogany and strung demi-lune side table, set on square tapered legs with spade feet £15-25
211.    A set of eight eastern hardwood slat back dining chairs with triple plank panel seats £70-100
212.    A 6' 10" continental ash refectory dining table with rustic moulded top, set on flanking Rococo style standard ends with pegged stretcher - stamped L'Alleud £400-600
213.    A 28" vintage industrial drawer unit with three flights of four drawers, set on casters £50-70
214.    A 33" modern waxed pine eight shelf open narrow bookcase with moulded cornice and plinth base £30-50
215.    A 26" painted wood corner cabinet with moulded cornice, glazed top and cupboard under, set on bracket feet £15-25
216.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany single wardrobe with bevelled oval mirror panel door and drawer under - no cornice £5-10
217.    A 28 1/2" reproduction mahogany demi-lune side table set on slender acanthus carved cabriole supports with pad feet £10-15
218.    A pair of eastern hardwood bar stools with curved spindle backs and solid circular seats, set on turned supports £40-60
219.    A nest of three retro G-plan teak tea tables with hammered coppered inset tops £20-40
220.    A 26 1/4" 20th Century polished oak pot cupboard with panelled door, set on turned legs with later casters £15-25
221.    An Edwardian walnut two tier occasional table with shaped top and slender cabriole supports - a/f £10-15
222.    A 37" eastern hardwood chest with two flights of five locking drawers, set on plinth base £40-60
223.    A 19th Century small elm standard chair with solid seat and ring turned supports - sold with an ebonised framed chair with woven sea grass seat panel and a platform dressing table mirror - a/f £20-40
224.    A 5' early 20th Century mahogany and quarter veneered sideboard with low raised back, two bow front drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on cabriole legs with pad feet £10-15
225.    A 1960's retro shop cheval mirror with rounded tapered oblong plate, set on painted metal base with casters £40-60
226.    A pair of button back and studded brown leather upholstered pitch pine doors - 6' 8 1/2" X 33 1/2" £50-80
227.    A 36" 1920's mahogany wardrobe with shelf and hanging space enclosed by a pair of panelled doors, set on plinth base £10-15
228.    A 21 1/2" Victorian inlaid walnut oval top pedestal table, set on turned pillar and carved tripod base (a/f) - sold with a mid 20th Century oak drop-leaf tea trolley £20-30
229.    A 5' bespoke painted and upholstered sleigh bed with side rails and bases £200-250
230.    A retro Nathan golden oak and cross banded drop-leaf coffee table, set on swept standard ends £20-30
231.    A 3' 2" antique mahogany gateleg dining table, set on tapered legs with claw and ball feet £30-50
232.    A 29 1/2" early 20th Century polished oak bureau with part fitted interior and two long drawers, set on an open stretcher base with barley twist supports £10-20
233.    An Edwardian stained beech framed locker piano stool - sold with a small modern stained pine gateleg table £15-25
234.    A 3' 4" stained mixed wood cabinet with two shelves enclosed by a pair of linen fold panel doors, set on an open stretcher base £20-30
235.    A 34" early 20th Century polished oak Globe Wernike style four section bookcase - matching Lots 133 and 278 £100-150
236.    A 29 1/2" polished pine wall mounted two shelf unit with shaped ends £10-20
237.    A 5' 2" Edwardian ebonised show framed chair back chaise longue with pierced splats and original upholstery, set on cabriole legs with iron casters £40-60
238.    A 3' 2" modern waxed pine two part dresser with three shelf open plate rack, over a base with two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on plinth base £50-80
239.    A Shear Pride 'Easiscan' four drawer painted metal filing cabinet with key £40-60
240.    An Ercol style polished wood wall mounted two shelf open plate rack - sold with a small stained oak framed stool with woven sea grass top £10-15
241.    A 4' 1" old painted pine stick slatted plate rack - a/f £40-60
242.    A 5' early 20th Century flame mahogany veneered sideboard with low moulded raised back, three central drawers and flanking panelled cupboard doors, set on acanthus carved cabriole legs with claw and ball feet - a/f £20-40
243.    A 25" late Victorian stained and grained wall hanging cabinet with two shelves enclosed by a decorative glazed panel door, with flanking turned spindle decoration £55-65
244.    A 21" vintage metal tool cabinet with single drawer and two mesh shelves under - remains of green painted finish £30-50
245.    A 6' commercial thick topped and metal braced butcher's block, set on an aluminium base with square supports £150-250
246.    A pair of early 20th Century rattan seated bedroom chairs - sold with a later wheel back kitchen chair with polished elm seat £10-20
247.    A nest of three oak tea tables, set on turned supports - for re-polishing £15-25
248.    A 19" early 20th Century polished oak Advance two drawer filing cabinet with panelled sides £70-100
249.    A 10' early 20th Century polished walnut open bookcase with moulded top and three pairs of adjustable shelves, set on plinth base £200-300
250.    A 5' 5 1/2" old French polished pitch pine dresser base with planked top, two short drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on simple block feet £100-150
251.    A 19th Century Windsor kitchen chair with moulded elm seat £10-20
252.    A Lloyd Loom tub chair with later spray painted finish - a/f £10-15
253.    A 3' 4" 19th Century stained wood wall hanging corner cabinet with moulded top and front and two scalloped shelves enclosed by a beaded glazed panel door £20-40
254.    A 5' 6" mid 20th Century figured walnut veneered and cross banded triple wardrobe with slides and drawers to one side, set on lion paw feet (sunlight damage) - sold with a bedside cabinet to match £20-40
255.    A 7' 6" two seater settee upholstered in calico and with gold damask upholstered cushions and throws, set on polished wood squat bun feet £80-120
256.    A 5' modern brass and porcelain mounted headboard £20-40
257.    An early 20th Century walnut revolving bookcase with slatted dividers - top for restoration £40-60
258.    A pair of 17" dark Ercol wall hanging two shelf plate racks £20-30
259.    A 20 1/2" modern stained wood and glazed wall hanging display cabinet £15-25
260.    A 3' 6" 1930's stained oak gateleg dining table, set on barley twist supports £20-30
261.    A vintage cane work cradle, set on painted iron folding base with roller casters £20-40
262.    A pair of painted wrought iron framed bar stools with inset wooden cask tops £20-40
271.    A 36" black painted tin travelling trunk with British High Commission Nairobi, Kenya interest - sold with a 26" similar £20-40
272.    Four matching rattan high back dining chairs with upholstered seats, set on moulded square tapered front legs, comprising two carvers and two standard £20-40
273.    A 33" Victorian walnut Sutherland table, set on turned and carved standard ends - for restoration £10-15
274.    A 14" painted teak wall hanging cabinet £45-55
275.    A 3' 6" late Victorian oak centre table with flanking twin turned supports and spindle rails, set on brown porcelain casters £70-100
276.    A poker work spinning stool with various creatures and foliate decoration £20-40
277.    A 21" Victorian polished oak Wellington chest with carved capitals and eight graduated bracket locking drawers, set on iron casters £80-120
278.    A 34" early 20th Century polished oak Globe Wernike style four section bookcase - matching Lots 133 and 235 £80-120
279.    A 21 1/4" 19th Century rosewood four tier whatnot with pierced fretwork gallery, serpentine surfaces, barley twist supports and drawer under, set on turned feet £100-150
280.    A walnut effect cello pattern ten bottle wine rack £30-40
281.    An Edwardian mahogany and strung stick back corner chair with upholstered seat, set on tapered supports £20-40
282.    A 14 3/4" vintage polished wood and glazed table-top vitrine by Seal £40-60
283.    A 6' old French pine kitchen table with opposing drawers, set on turned legs £100-150
284.    A 33 1/2" 19th Century iron bound eastern hardwood travelling trunk with flanking drop handles and brass plaque engraved Coll. Whitehead No.5 £100-150
285.    A 19" diameter African carved wood spider stool with repeat stylised pierced mask sides and open ring base, from the Bamileke Tribe of Cameroon - from a single piece of timber £50-80
286.    A 30" Chinese rosewood low table with carved and pierced decorative apron, set on typical legs £30-50
287.    A 21" late Victorian upholstered Ottoman with lined interior, set on brown porcelain casters £20-40
288.    A 23" late Victorian walnut Davenport with lift-top stationary compartment, part fitted interior and three drawers to side and opposing dummy drawer fronts, set on cabriole legs with brown porcelain casters £70-100
289.    A 37 1/2" mid 19th Century burr walnut veneered fold-over centre card table, set on turned and carved standard ends, cabriole legs and white porcelain casters - in need of restoration £30-50
290.    A set of four 19th Century stained oak framed ladder back dining chairs with woven rush drop-in seats, set on cabriole front supports £60-80
291.    A 23" Punjabi ornate brass inlaid hardwood tea tray with flanking pierced handles £30-40
292.    An antique continental rustic stained wood low chair with simple incised and carved decoration to back £30-50
293.    A 23 3/4" Edwardian stained mixed wood occasional table, set on slender turned supports £15-25
294.    A 12" 19th Century rosewood tea caddy with marquetry inlay to top and converted interior, set on squat bun feet £20-40
295.    A 36" Korean stained hardwood and ornate iron strapwork decorated marriage chest with typical part fall-front enclosing two short drawers and storage space, with heavy iron drop handles to front and sides £150-200
296.    A pair of High Victorian ornate walnut framed dining chairs with overstuffed seats, set on turned tapered and fluted front legs £60-70
297.    A 22" 19th Century ebonised octagonal tilt-top occasional table with Oriental pietra dura inset panel, depicting various court figures in and around a garden walkway, set on turned pillar and tripod base - some stone loss £50-80
298.    A 19th Century mahogany framed footstool with upholstered top and ornate acanthus and gadrooned border, set on slender cabriole legs with claw and ball feet £15-25
299.    Three early 19th Century elm framed rope back dining chairs with reeded uprights and solid seats, set on square supports £100-150
300.    A 25 3/4" waxed and stained pine apothecary style chest with two flights of four drawers, set on plinth base £100-150
301.    A Victorian button back armchair upholstered in yellow draylon, set on turned front legs and brown porcelain casters £40-60
302.    A 7" antique inlaid mahogany twin compartment tea caddy with shell motifs to lid and front, two internal lids and ivory escutcheon, set on later bun feet £80-120
303.    A 28" antique three shelf open waterfall bookcase with stained and parcel gilt finish, set on bracket feet £50-80
304.    A 22" antique rosewood and mixed wood fold-over swivel top card table, set on slender supports with undertier £40-60
305.    An Edwardian inlaid rosewood framed corner chair with decorative back rail and pierced splats, set on slender turned supports £30-40
306.    A 24" Edwardian inlaid mahogany oval tea tray with serpentine gallery (a/f) and flanking brass handles £15-25
307.    A 6' 7" stripped oak form bench, set on shaped standard ends with pegged stretcher £40-60
308.    A late Regency stained wood framed child's high chair with carved decoration and rattan seat panel, set on ring turned front supports £20-40
309.    A pair of 19th Century rosewood adjustable piano stools with circular seat panels, screw action and decorative carved pillar, set on a circular platform base with triple scroll feet £80-120
310.    A Pierre Vandel, Paris perspex and brassed metal mounted pedestal with glass inset top and undertier £40-60
311.    A pair of early 20th Century stained oak framed high lath back carver chairs with upholstered drop-in seats, set on turned front legs £30-50
312.    A 15" early 20th Century two polished oak Advance two drawer desktop card filing cabinet £30-50
313.    A 3' 9" late 19th Century inlaid mahogany centre table with musical instruments and foliate motif to top, set on twin flanking bobbin turned supports and splayed legs £35-55
314.    An 18" 19th Century colonial hardwood writing box with fitted interior and flanking drop handles, set on rails £60-80
315.    A modern stained wood spinning wheel £20-40
316.    An 18" 19th Century rosewood writing slope with brass bound corners, escutcheon and part fitted interior £40-60
317.    A 4' 11" pine framed display case with glazing to front and sides enclosing two material lined shelves, with curtain to back £50-80
318.    A pair of 3' 7" marble effect nude female figures seated on pedestals £100-140
319.    A 4' 11" mid 20th Century brown leather and black piped two seater tub sofa with scroll arms set on square tapered front legs £400-500
320.    An antique elm high spindle back Caistor rocking chair with solid seat panel, turned supports and original rails (two spindles missing) - featured in 'English Regional Chair' on page 146-7 £100-150
321.    A 20" eastern hardwood cabinet with five shelves enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors, set on simple block feet £20-40
322.    A carved softwood tribal stool, with two wide eared kneeling figures and stylised animal - remains of brightly painted finish £20-40
323.    An 18 1/4" decorative eastern worktable with gilt and green inset top under glass and marbled green painted finish, with drawer under £20-40
324.    A 7 1/2" 19th Century inlaid mahogany and strung twin compartment tea caddy with shell motif to top and front and two internal lids - feet missing £80-120
325.    A 3' 2" antique oak chest in the Jacobean style of two short and three long graduated drawers with panelled sides £180-220
326.    A 4' 8" mid 20th Century stained hardwood side-by-side school desk, set on square supports £30-50
327.    A 25 1/2" Oriental three section scribe's table with geometric marquetry inlay, four graduated drawers to one side, the other with cupboard enclosing two further drawers with lidded brush drawer under £100-150
328.    An Edwardian brass mounted slope fronted coal box with ornate cast brass handle and pierced strap hinges - no liner, no shovel £15-25
329.    An ornate gilt framed oblong wall mirror - sold with a small Rococo style gilt plaster framed similar £15-25
330.    A 3' 11 1/2" 19th Century Irish figured walnut veneered three tier whatnot with ornate pierced framed shaped mirror to top, serpentine surfaces and turned slender bulbous supports, set on brass casters - bearing printed paper label for Robert Strahan & Co., 24 & 25 Henry Street, Dublin - some later metal bracing £80-120
331.    An Edwardian stained beech and simple inlaid corner chair with upholstered seat panel and slender turned supports £15-25
332.    A 30" early 20th Century painted pine lift-top transit case with iron bound corners and latch £30-50
333.    A 28" reproduction figured walnut and mahogany Bonheur de Jeur with pigeonholes and flanking drawers to top and single frieze drawer, set on moulded square tapered legs £30-50
334.    A polished wood cased Singer sewing machine, set on an ornate cast iron treadle base £10-20
335.    A set of four hoop stick back kitchen chairs with solid elm seats, set on simple turned supports £50-80
336.    A 4' 5" stained oak four panel coffer with internal candle box £80-120
337.    A 5' American pink painted pine console table by Bradshaw Kirchofer, Los Angeles with single frieze drawer, set on turned legs £30-50
338.    An 11" 19th Century mixed wood and ebony strung cabinet with partitioned interior to top, all-round decorative carved inset panels and door enclosing three long graduated drawers, set on moulded plinth base with squat bun feet - for restoration £40-60
339.    A 27" Victorian dome top travelling trunk with studded metal and wooden binding, canvas weather coating and flanking carrying handles £30-50
340.    A pair of decorative wall mirrors with break arch top oblong plates enclosed by a pair of ornate antiqued painted wrought iron latched gates - 4' 3" X 20 1/2" £100-150
341.    Two modern wall mirrors, one with antiqued and painted acanthus frame with bevelled plate, the other gilt framed with canted corners and engraved lines to plate £20-30
342.    An Edwardian walnut and strung framed bevelled oval wall mirror £10-20
343.    An Edwardian Sheraton Revival inlaid mahogany framed pier mirror - formerly from a dressing table £20-30
344.    A 4' 6" late 18th Century ornate gilt framed over mantel mirror with triple plates (one missing) and applied acanthus half columns - for restoration £30-50
345.    A 34 1/2" Edwardian walnut framed over mantel mirror with multiple plates, flanking embossed metal inset panels, vase stands and turned spindle supports with bracketed cornice to top £20-40
346.    A modern waxed pine framed cheval mirror, set on flanking turned supports and splayed legs £30-50
347.    An early 20th Century stained oak framed octagonal bevelled wall mirror with moulded decoration £10-15
348.    A reproduction moulded framed oval wall mirror £10-15
349.    A 1920's stained walnut framed bevelled oval wall mirror £10-20
350.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany framed bevelled oval wall mirror £15-25
351.    An ornate silvered and parcel gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £15-25
352.    A polished pine framed narrow oblong mirror £10-20
353.    A Victorian stripped pine framed over mantel mirror, set on pommel feet £10-15
354.    A pair of modern brown leather and woven seagrass framed oblong wall mirrors £30-40
355.    An ornate gilt framed triple dressing table mirror £10-20
356.    A late Victorian painted wood framed over mantel mirror, set on porcelain pommel feet £15-25
371.    An inlaid mixed wood cased drop dial wall clock with visible pendulum and circular dial marked for J. C. Harris, Spalding, with spring driven bell striking movement £40-60
372.    A retro Metamec polished wood and pressed metal starburst wall timepiece with battery movement £15-25
373.    An early 20th Century polished walnut cased dial wall timepiece with 10 1/2" dial and simple DUFA spring driven movement - back board missing £20-40
374.    An early 20th Century stained walnut and mixed wood cased regulator style wall clock with enamelled dial, visible pendulum and spring driven gong strike repeat movement £60-70
375.    An early 20th Century stained walnut cased Vienna style wall clock with visible pendulum and spring driven gong striking movement - finials missing £20-40
376.    A 3' 7" early 20th Century French moulded oval cased mercury and spirit filled wall barometer with printed scale and retailers label verso £30-50
377.    A modern polished wood cased wall clock with visible pendulum and gong striking movement £15-25
378.    A 15 1/2" diameter old French coppered metal cased wall timepiece with later quartz movement - a/f £150-200
379.    A mid 19th Century French gilt brass ornate figural salon mantel clock with female figure seated beside a silvered dial and lute, set on a high plinth base with decorative casting and nautilus scroll feet, with Leroy & Fils, Paris silk suspension eight day bell striking movement - No.1584 - 21" X 16" - under glass dome - 24" X 20" and on ebonised oval base £600-700
380.    A 6" Aesthetic decorative cast brass cased bedside timepiece with engine turned silvered oval dial and easel stand to back £30-50
381.    An early 20th Century American pressed metal cased bedside alarm clock with printed polychrome duck pond and cottage landscape decoration to dial - some corrosion £10-20
382.    An early 20th Century polished oak cased mantel clock with Jappy Freres eight day gong striking movement £25-35
383.    A 12" mid 20th Century pale pink bakelite cased Vitascope automaton rocking ship timepiece with internal light, original green painted metal back bearing brand and UK Patents No.550361 and No.580886 £350-450
384.    A late 19th Century ornate porcelain cased timepiece with cobalt blue and gilt highlighted border and printed cherubs and classical female figures to front, with simple spring driven movement £10-20
385.    A mid 19th Century French ornate gilt brass cased salon mantel clock with figure of Pan to top (ankle a/f) and decorative Sevres style inset porcelain panels and dial, Jappy Fils eight day bell striking movement and parcel gilt and oval ebonised base - dome missing £150-180
451.    A stuffed and mounted taxidermy study of a young fox in glazed display case £30-50
452.    A late 19th Century taxidermy display case containing a stuffed and mounted juvenile heron in naturalistic setting £20-30
453.    An early 20th Century oak cased eight room bell board £20-30
454.    Two framed reproduction advertising posters for Habanas Quality Cigars and L. Voisin £30-50
455.    A collection of vintage ebony dressing table items £10-20
456.    A box containing a quantity of collectable items including vintage tins, dominoes, playing cards, etc. £15-25
457.    A fluted glass vase set in carved wood bulrushes, under a glass dome £30-50
458.    A vintage glass Lucas battery filler bottle £10-20
459.    A pair of scope binoculars 11x50 £5-10
460.    A ship in a bottle on wooden stand - sold with a framed photograph of a sinking four masted ship £15-25
461.    A quantity of collectable items including African figures, bust of Beethoven, hand mirror, etc. £15-25
462.    A framed collection of mid 20th Century Swiss military and other badges, ribbons, including US Army Swiss delegate badge, Welcome to Berne 1945-1946, National Day, etc. £40-60
463.    A box containing a collection of animal models including Beswick cat, Egyptian soapstone figures, painted wood puffin, etc. £10-20
464.    A reproduction French restaurant sign £15-25
465.    A box containing a quantity of wooden items including boxes, bowls, clogs, pipe, etc. £15-25
466.    A mahogany writing box with fitted interior - a/f £20-30
467.    A mahogany tea caddy converted to a jewellery box £20-30
468.    A 31" long rigged model of a 1780 Spanish frigate £15-25
469.    A brass table oil lamp with Hinks burner and a blue glass hand oil lamp £15-25
470.    A modern table lamp with bulbous glass base and a modern brass column pattern table lamp - both with shades £30-50
471.    A Lloytron Style Poise hobby desk lamp in chrome finish £5-10
472.    A mid 20th Century Chalwyn hurricane lamp with bat trademark to glass - sold with an Aladdin table lamp £15-25
473.    A Victorian Duntafil Patent coaching side lamp - lens cracked £15-25
474.    A Brights of Nettlebed cloisonne baluster lamp with floral decoration to body - with shade £30-50
475.    A pressed brass and glass faceted ceiling lamp £10-20
476.    A small modern 1920's style table lamp base with a coloured and crazed leaded glass shade - as new £20-30
477.    A modern Bohemian style cased glass centre light fitting with floral decoration, gilt banding, and crystal drops £50-60
478.    A 32" high five branch candelabrum with etched glass shades £20-30
479.    A vintage British Rail Southern Region general purpose lamp £25-40
480.    A modern 1920's style table lamp base with a leaded coloured and crazed glass shade - as new £30-40
481.    A Victorian coach lamp £20-30
482.    A modern 1920's style table lamp base with a leaded and coloured glass shade - as new £20-30
483.    A lustre basket pattern centre light fitting £20-30
484.    A modern brass temple jar pattern table lamp with leaded and coloured glass shade - as new £20-30
485.    A vintage GWR three aspect railwayman's handlamp £35-45
486.    A pair of modern brass Corinthian column pattern table lamps with sand coloured leaded glass shades - as new £30-50
487.    A Victorian hand lamp with Barton's Patent wick £20-30
488.    A white soapstone pedestal urn pattern table lamp £20-30
489.    An Aladdin table oil lamp with shade and chimney £10-20
490.    A pair of modern lamp bases £10-20
491.    A 19th Century Chinese archaistic cast iron bulbous vase with raised decoration and apocryphal marks to base - lamped £100-150
492.    A modern brass faceted table lamp base hand with sand coloured leaded glass shade - as new £20-30
493.    A box containing three ceiling light fittings with lustre drops, and a wall mounted pair similar - for reassembly £30-50
494.    A pair of gilt metal twin branch wall sconces with ceramic bowls and seraphim mask bosses - from the Berry Head Hotel, Brixham £150-200
495.    A brass telescopic standard lamp in the Art Nouveau style and shade £30-50
496.    A Helix ash light shade by Tom Raffield of Cornwall £80-120
497.    A retro pull-down light fitting £10-20
498.    A hanging oil lamp with glass shade £20-30
499.    A pair of industrial ceiling lights with large metal shades £50-80
500.    A 20th Century cast brass three branch electrolier £25-40
501.    An antique French gilt metal six branch electrolier of foliate design £45-55
502.    An oil lamp style pendant light fitting £25-40
503.    An early 20th Century brass six branch electrolier with bulbous finial £45-55
504.    A Skipper oak centre light fitting by Tom Raffield of Cornwall £80-120
505.    A large modern bentwood amillary light fitting £80-120
506.    A modern marbled handkerchief glass ceiling light shade £20-30
507.    A quantity of assorted vintage cameras and accessories including Agfa Movex 88 £15-25
508.    A continental velvet festival caparison decorated with coloured tassels £25-40
509.    A box containing various card games and playing cards including Orient Line, one deck of 1929 Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards (Lamert), Grandfather's Whiskers, etc. £15-25
510.    A double bed sized brown Welsh blanket with cream and white patterns - sold with a matching smaller £70-100
511.    Two Oriental parasols - one a/f £10-20
512.    Two papier-mâché trays, one with landscape decoration, the other with low relief sea dragon border £20-30
513.    A vintage hand coloured photograph of Mount Kilimanjaro by Arthur Firmin (1912-1955) £35-45
514.    A large Rabone spirit level and two smaller similar, a Rabone folding rule, another folding rule and a Fast Nut No. 1 spanner £25-30
515.    A table top display cabinet £20-30
516.    Two parallel rules £10-20
517.    A vintage French dried plum tin £10-20
518.    An Equator Brand cork sola topi helmet - sold with various modern army pouches £20-30
519.    A Chinese National Kiang Nan Optical Instrument Factory bio microscope in a polished pitch pine case, with set of objective lenses and some accessories £30-50
520.    Two leather clad models of horses with tack £20-30
521.    A 19th Century Indian coppered and damascene inlaid steel dhal shield with concentric decoration depicting courtiers and mounted horses, camels and elephants and bullock cart, foliage and tigers, the fabric pad is present, not the handles - 15" diameter £80-120
522.    An Oriental carved giltwood lion encrusted with coloured glass fragments £40-60
523.    A collection of cigarette, trinket and other small boxes £15-25
524.    A pair of Ross military X7 binoculars with graticuled right lens, in an associated 1944 dated B.H. & G. leather case £25-40
525.    A box containing a quantity of collectable items including Oriental ceramic teapot, vintage tins, sailing ship model, etc. £10-20
526.    A pair of rosewood jewellery boxes inlaid with an outstretched bird over 'Forget Me Not' £20-30
527.     A quantity of collectable items including a vintage R. Simpson Perfect Balance children's hickory shafted golf club and a M.B. Wade similar (both drivers), giraffes, candlesticks, etc. £30-50
528.    A late 19th Century Dr. de Jongh's Light Brown cod liver oil bottle £10-20
529.    A mahogany writing box with fitted interior - leather a/f £20-30
530.    A Chinese gilt and red lacquered wood circular tray with central court scene and floral border £20-30
531.    A vintage carved and painted wood wall plaque of a decorative vase full of flowers by Girotti of Canada £10-20
532.    A vintage mah-jong set in faux-leather case £20-30
533.    A small collection of various decorative wooden boxes, pots, etc. £20-30
534.    A box containing a collection of various vintage biscuit and other tins £15-25
535.    A box containing a quantity of cut glass effect perspex door knobs and handles £15-25
536.    A Victorian Tunbridge ware work box carcass £10-20
537.    A Japanese Shibayama lacquered panel depicting a mother-of-pearl and nacre peacock on a branch £20-30
538.    A quantity of vintage Morris Minor parts including steering wheel, rear lights, handle, etc. £30-50
539.    A vintage Mason's mahogany case with brass handle £10-20
540.    A mahogany microscope case carcass £10-20
541.    A 1930's bakelite cased Dictograph double sided speaker £50-80
542.    A collection of assorted jewellery, trinket, and other boxes £20-30
543.    Two vintage galvanized washboards £20-30
544.    A post-war period British Army officer's uniform with red gorgets £20-30
545.    Five tennis racquets including Dunlop £10-20
546.    A large oval gilt wall plaque with high relief bird decoration £20-30
547.    A pair of vintage black leather riding boots, approximately size 9 - with wooden trees £40-60
548.    An antique root cutting hand tool £50-80
549.    A roll of retro upholstery fabric with repeat triangle pattern £20-30
550.    An old painted pine tool box containing various hand tools including soft mallets, adjustable spanners, screwdrivers, etc. £30-50
551.    A collection of baskets - one containing polished pebbles £10-20
552.    Approximately one hundred golf balls £5-10
553.    A vintage Jaycee all-purpose guillotine - sold with a concertina workbox and contents £20-30
554.    A quantity of assorted 78rpm records - various genres including children's, bands, etc. £5-10
555.    A set of four wicker graduated gondola baskets £15-25
556.    A Lucas Ranger car spotlight, steering wheel, etc. £10-20
557.    Ten assorted boxes including writing, jewellery, cigarette, tea caddy, etc. - for restoration £80-120
558.    A collection of decorative baskets £10-20
559.    A quantity of assorted furniture feet, legs and casters £10-20
560.    A box containing a small quantity of shop front lettering, mostly Us, Vs and an I £20-30
561.    A collection of various baskets £10-20
562.    A 1950's Italian Stradella Cooperativa l'Armonica piano accordion £20-30
563.    Approximately seventy five LP records and twenty five singles, mostly jazz and blues titles including Acker Bilk £10-20
564.    Two boxes containing a quantity of old tins £10-20
565.    A painted pine tool box - sold with another £20-30
566.    A 5' 4" polished driftwood fish £30-50
567.    A vintage tube steel and wood slat sledge £10-20
568.    A reproduction brass telescope and adjustable tripod £30-50
569.    Two fur coats £20-30
570.    A squirrel fur cape £10-20
571.    A modern carved and painted wood horse head sculpture in the Tang style, set on a square plinth £40-60
572.    A wicker picnic basket - sold with another basket £20-30
573.    A modern carved and painted wood horse sculpture in the tang style, set on a plinth base - height 23" £50-80
574.    A 1930's Ugandan drum £30-50
575.    A 22 1/2" decorative papier-mâché pot £20-30
576.    Two brown velvet curtains - one with 7' 6" drop, the other 5' 3" £10-20
577.    A vintage US Army Louisville Slugger 102 oil tempered soft ball bat by Hillerich & Bradsby Co., Louisville, Kentucky £20-30
578.    An African carved wood bust of a woman £5-10
579.    A 3' 1" antique painted and stained wood pond yacht with metal keel, mast and sail £150-250
580.    A reproduction brass telescope on adjustable tripod £50-80
581.    A 3' 1" long Indonesian painted rocking horse carved from a single piece of wood £80-120
582.    A small vintage wooden rocking horse chair £10-20
583.    A 1935 National League of Airmen enamelled lapel badge - sold with a King's Badge and a 1942 Xmas Stocking medal £10-20
584.    Two States of Guernsey Liberation medals and a Manx cat enamelled lapel badge £10-20
585.    A 1907 Visit to Cardiff by Edward VII and Alexandra bronze medal by Spiridion & Son, Cardiff, in original box £10-20
586.    A small collection of 20th Century foreign coinage £5-10
587.    A cased Country Life Competition Class "B" Cup medal for Marksmanship, awarded to Cadet R.A. Caws of West Buckland School - sold with a cased 1932 Brigade Rifle Meeting medal £15-25
588.    A box containing collectable items including Mauchline needle case, cheroot holders, Avia wristwatch, Parent's Union School lapel badge, etc. £15-25
589.    Private S.J. Rolfe 9242 South Wales Borderers: 1914-1918 medal and ribbon, dec'd 26/09/14 - sold with another with inscription removed, a Burma Star with ribbon, and three Defence Medals, one with ribbon £20-30
590.    A collection of Second World War Royal Artillery patches and badges including shoulder titles, Anti-Aircraft Command patches, arm of service strips, sergeants stripes, 1939-1945 and Defence medals, etc. £20-30
591.    Seventeen George V Florins - various condition £20-30
592.    Thirty three pre-1947 George VI Two Shillings and three 1947 examples £30-50
593.    A collection of 20th Century foreign coinage £15-25
594.    A collection of Victorian and later Great British coinage including commemorative Crowns, two Page and two Somerset £1 notes £15-25
595.    A collection of antique and later silver and other coinage including 1857 US 'Flying Eagle' Cent, 1894 India Two Annas, 1911 Egyptian 2/10 Qirish, Edward VII - George VI Threepences, etc. £20-30
596.    One hundred and thirteen George V and VI Shillings up to 1946 £100-150
597.    A small vintage brass fishing reel £10-20
598.    A boxed and cased Royal Mint 1977 silver commemorative Crown (plastic case loose) - sold with a boxed 1951 Festival of Britain Crown, a 1976 US Bicentenary Dollar and Quarter £20-30
599.    An enamelled marked silver RAF sweetheart brooch, a Mizpah brooch, RAF cap badges, etc. £20-30
600.    A vintage Parker Beacon petrol lighter £20-30
601.    A boxed Ronson lighter and a Ronson Standard lighter £10-20
602.    A boxed Ronson Queen Anne table lighter £10-20
603.    Two early 20th Century cased Brixham School Board medals for Regular Attendance - Never Absent £10-20
604.    Pte. F. Pettitt 40183, Royal Irish Fusiliers: Victory Medal - sold with two 1939-1945 Medals, two Defence Medals and a 1939-1945 Star with medal card £20-40
605.    An album containing a collection of Great British silver and other coins including Sixpence, Shillings, Half Crowns and Florins, etc. £100-150
606.    An early 19th Century continental flintlock pistol with brass fittings, indistinct text to the engraved lockplate, barrel decorated with C-scrolls £120-150
607.    A small tourist ware kukri with scabbard, karda and chakmak £10-20
608.    A collection of mostly mid-late 20th Century Great British and foreign coinage £10-20
609.    A boxed Sheaffer Eaton fountain and rolling ball pen set - as new - sold with a pair of vintage Ray Ban Style A sunglasses in soft case £30-50
610.    A collection of mid-late 20th Century Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes jewels £10-20
611.    A vintage boxed HanHart Amigo stopwatch with chrome plated finish £15-25
612.    Two boxed sets of drawing instruments £10-20
613.    A collection of Pipes including Everdry £10-20
614.    6" square antique Tunbridge ware box with silk lining £50-80
615.    A Chinese white metal token with signs of the Zodiac - sold with a Metropolitan police whistle with The Bell Medal, tokens, etc. £20-30
616.    A vintage Chinese cigarette case with engraved foliate decoration and enamelled China Navy Company Ltd. flag to lid £30-50
617.    A gilt miniature frame - sold with a blue glass scent bottle and powder compact £10-20
618.    A box containing a collection of antique and later Great British and Foreign coinage including Germany 1900 5 Pfennig, Switzerland 1931 20 Rappen, etc. £30-50
619.    A collection of cigarette lighters including 2 Colibri, flip-top Vesta - sold with a leather clad cigarette case £20-30
620.    A Continental carved and painted wooden nut cracker in the form of an old lady £20-30
621.    A vintage Short's gas leak indicator by Abbott, Birks & Co. Ltd. £15-25
622.    A tin containing thirty three George V and VI Sixpence and some post 1946 similar £15-25
623.    A tin containing 20th Century Great British and Commonwealth coinage - sold with a box containing 2004 football collector medallions £15-25
624.    A boxed Parker 61 fountain pen - sold with a Peruvian letter rack £10-20
625.    One thousand one hundred and eighty four 1967 one penny pieces - mint £20-30
626.    A box containing religious medallions, books and prints £15-25
627.    A leatherette vanity case containing chain mail purse, a pair of late Victorian ivory and silver handled glove stretchers, a Middle Eastern purse, Zippo lighter etc. £25-40
628.    A Cannon AE-1 SLR camera with Cannon 50mm 1:1.8 lens, in fitted case with other accessories £70-100
629.    A collectable Jay Strongwater enamelled compact case with applied jewelled lizard to lid, in original sleeve £30-50
630.    An old pair of leather moccasins - sold with a miniature pair similar £30-50
631.    Four powder compacts including two Stratton - sold with a cloisonné ashtray £20-30
632.    A quantity of one type 1950's police badges and similar age numbers £10-20
633.    A box containing pill boxes and penknives £20-30
634.    A collection of various photo frames including two silver £40-60
635.    A bottle coaster (a/f) containing badges, buttons and medals, etc. £15-25
636.    A German made English language perpetual calendar £10-20
637.    Two antique bone fans, one boxed, the other a/f £30-50
638.    A cased set of ten pairs of chopsticks with rests - sold with a modern qalandam with traditional Persian polo scene to lid and khatam work to sides £15-25
639.    A mid 19th Century Native Indian 1858 pattern mounted police smooth bore percussion carbine - saddle bar missing, rear sight missing, integral ramrod changed to standard, no details to lockplate, wood damaged £120-150
640.    A late 18th Century 3rd Edition Chart of the British Channel and the Bay of Biscay, with a part of the North Sea and the entrance of St. George's Channel by Monsr. l'Abbe Diquemare, edited by L.S. de la Rochette 1794 £25-40
641.    Private A. W. Luck, Ch. 15308 Royal Marines Light Infantry and HMS Lancaster: a cased silver 1908 Messina Earthquake medal and a good collection of other items relating to the earthquake including a photograph album detailing a tour of the Mediterranean featuring Malta, Corfu and the aftermath of the earthquake, an album containing a collection of postcards including military, Messina, romantic, etc., also including Silver War badge, named military hat tin,a pair of French field glasses with integral compass, also a cased Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes medal named to same £200-300
642.    A late 18th Century coloured New Map of the King of Great Britain's Dominions in Germany, or the Electorate of Brunswick - Luneburg and its Dependencies by Thomas Jefferys, published by William Faden 1789 £40-60
643.    A late 18th Century map of Northern part of France, with the adjacent Netherlands and the course of the Rhine from Upper Alsace to Dusseldorf; to facilitate the Knowledge of the operations carried on by the Austrian Armies against the French conventional troops, printed by William Faden 1795 £40-60
644.    A late 18th Century coloured map of the European Dominions of the Ottomans or Turkey in Europe, published by William Faden 1795 £35-45
645.    A late 18th Century coloured map of the Seven United Provinces, with the Land of Drent and the Generality Lands, published by William Faden 1794 £40-60
646.    James Henry Dowd: signed children's sketches entitled 'Dare I?' and 'A Couple of Coats', dated 1948, with preliminary sketches verso £30-50
647.    Two early 19th Century French l'an 9 Pattern cavalry pistols, both bearing Manufactures Imperiales Charleville, production stamps and French Revolutionary year of manufacture for 1805 - one hammer a/f but present, no ramrods £1500-2500
648.    An early 20th Century boxed table top croquet set consisting of eight mallets and balls, nine hoops and two posts £30-50
649.    A Second World War German military field telephone FF33 with 1941 date to handset plug £30-50
650.    A pair of 9 1/2" square early 20th Century verre eglomise shaped glass panels depicting the Mauretania and the Titanic - some loss of image £100-150
651.    A Voightlander camera - sold with an Ihagee and an Ansco No. 9 - various condition £15-25
652.    A small collection of Arsenal Football Club official programmes - circa early 1980's £10-20
653.    A mid 20th Century brown leather clad travelling toilet case with fully fitted lift top compartment containing an enamelled dressing table hand mirror and brush set £150-200
654.    An Olympus A11 camera - sold with a Mamiya camera case £25-35
655.    A mid 17th Century English Civil War period lobster tail three bar helmet, cheek pieces missing £1500-1800
656.    A 4' 8 1/2" 19th Century Chinese matchlock musket with character mark etched to barrel £100-150
657.    A 1 1/2" late 19th Century miniature German bisque baby doll with moveable joints £60-90
658.    A mid to late 19th Century ivory dance card - sold with two antique napkin rings and a small antique ivory pot a/f £40-60
659.    A 9 3/4" Oriental mother of pearl shell, with applied white metal character to top, set on a white metal bamboo pattern tripod base £50-80
660.    A set of twelve Oriental white metal menu holders in the form of various arthropods and reptiles, all with red cabochon set eyes - some eyes missing £80-120
661.    A collection of six unpainted and five painted Indian terracotta figures - mostly a/f £50-80
662.    A late 19th Century French Beranger grocer's scales with brass pans, marble top, ebonised case, sold with an oak cased part set of brass weights from 2kg. to 3gm., three smallest weights missing £50-80
663.    A Pelham puppet of a girl wearing a pink floral skirt £10-20
664.    A quantity of die cast toys and tea cards, etc. £15-25
665.    A 16" early 20th Century Armand Marseille 3'0 DEP bisque headed doll with sleeping eyes and open mouth - a/f £30-50
666.    A Burago 1/18 model of a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (1957) £10-15
667.    A vintage painted lead group of huntsmen on horseback and hounds with master - various condition £20-30
668.    A mid 20th Century Bayko converting set and other pieces £10-20
669.    A vintage boxed View-Master - sold with a quantity of reels including Switzerland, Germany, etc. £10-20
670.    A vintage Jayco 30 pattern bisque headed doll with soft body - sold with an Italian bisque doll in contemporary dress £10-20
671.    A vintage Cherilea Viper Tank with remains of box, Action Man figure and various firearms, clothing, etc. - various condition £20-30
672.    A pine Slazenger croquet box containing various antique wood and tenon saws including a Spear & Jackson No. 24 retailed by J. Gleave & Son, 8 Oldham St. Manchester, The Nautical Saw with sailing ship engraving, R. Groves & Sons, Henry Disston & Sons, Philadelphia, etc. £70-100
1001.   Two graduated Phoenix Ware jugs with floral decoration - sold with a Royal Torquay pottery jug £15-25
1002.   A 14" high studio pottery flagon with drip glaze decoration, marked IvvI to base £5-10
1003.   A Royal Doulton Rose Elegans pattern six place coffee set including coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl £10-20
1004.   A Shelley sandwich set with forget-me-not decoration £15-25
1005.   Two Shelley Harmony ware fruit bowls in different colourways £20-30
1006.   Two Shelley Harmony ware vases £20-30
1007.   Ten Shelley cups and saucers of varying design including Shamrock £20-30
1008.   A mid 20th Century lemonade set with green geometric decoration £10-20
1009.   Four Shelley cake plates of various pattern and design £20-30
1010.   A pair of Royal Christal glass ballerina figures £10-20
1011.   A green ceramic Rives Gin bottle £10-20
1012.   A collection of frogs including Beswick Jeremy Fisher Catches a Fish, Jeremy Fisher, onyx, glass, etc. £15-25
1013.   A glass pig pattern paperweight - sold with three further paperweights £15-25
1014.   Three small Shelley Harmony ware vases of various design and colourway £20-30
1015.   Four Shelley cake plates of various pattern and design £20-30
1016.   Six pieces of Aller Vale including vases and candlesticks £20-30
1017.   A quantity of Shelley teaware of various pattern and design including plates, jugs, cups, etc. £10-20
1018.   A collection of Caithness and other spherical paperweights £20-30
1019.   A quantity of decorative tiles including Minton - various condition £10-20
1020.   Five Shelley sugar bowls of various pattern and design £15-25
1021.   A box containing a quantity of Torquay pottery including teapot, tobacco jar, cruet, etc. £15-25
1022.   A Nat West piggy bank family, all marked Wade except Annabel - one bung missing £10-20
1023.   A quantity of Shelley teaware including Countryside pattern £15-25
1024.   A collection of owls including ceramic, brass, etc. £10-20
1025.   Three Oriental bowls and a vase £30-50
1026.   Ten items of studio pottery including jugs and bowls £20-30
1027.   A box containing various items of decorative coloured glassware £10-20
1028.   A large shallow Raiku pottery bowl and a decorative petal pattern bowl £15-25
1029.   Six Aynsley egg cups - sold with a matching cake plate £10-20
1030.   A collection of various barn owl figures £10-20
1031.   A Carlton ware bowl £15-25
1032.   A Royal Doulton Larchmont pattern coffee set including two plates £10-20
1033.   Two Staffordshire spaniels £10-20
1034.   A small collection of Wedgwood Hathaway Rose pattern china and Mason's Ironstone Appliqué ware £5-10
1035.   A Poole Pottery Blue Moon pattern coffee set £20-30
1036.   A quantity of assorted half dome, clear glass and other paperweights £20-30
1037.   A Cardew Jungle Book elephant teapot prototype £5-10
1038.   A collection of perfume bottles and an atomizer, etc. £15-25
1039.   Six Quimper tiles £10-20
1040.   An opaque lilac ribbed Dartington glass vase by Belinda Hornsey £10-20
1041.   A Rosenthal rose decorated set of six cups and saucers £10-20
1042.   A collection of majolica ware including teapot, jugs, cheese dish, etc. - sold with a Dartmouth glug glug jug £20-30
1043.   An Oriental baluster vase - sold with a small collection of glassware £10-20
1044.   Three cut glass spirit decanters - sold with two blue glass jugs and a vase £10-20
1045.   A German Westerwald stoneware blue and white pitcher £10-20
1046.   A collection of owl figures including snowy owl - sold with a kingfisher £10-20
1047.   A collection of paperweights of various pattern and design £20-30
1048.   A Poole Pottery shallow bowl with hand painted floral decoration - sold with six matching dinner plates £10-20
1049.   A small quantity of carnival glass bowls - sold with two moulded glass cake stands, etc. £10-20
1050.   Four English and Dutch Delft plates - all a/f £20-30
1051.   An early 20th Century blue floral pattern part tea set including jug, bowl, and plate, etc. £15-25
1052.   A box containing West German pottery vases £10-20
1053.   A 20 1/2" diameter early 20th Century Art Nouveau charger depicting a profile of a young woman under a cherry tree, hand painted in the Mucha style, signed and dated Jenny Piquel 1902 £100-150
1054.   A collection of T. G. Green Cornish ware including coffee pot with green mark, storage jars, etc. £30-50
1055.   A pair of Caithness candlesticks, a blue milk glass bowl and an amber glass salad bowl and servers £10-20
1056.   Two vintage cocktail shakers with printed recipe decoration £15-25
1057.   Various glass bottles including ginger beer, lemonade cod bottles and a stoneware ink bottle £20-25
1058.   A studio pottery wine ewer and four goblets £20-30
1059.   A small collection of blue and white ceramics including Jasperware candlestick, ginger jar, etc. £10-20
1060.   A Royal Doulton Alma pattern soup bowl, Matsuma pattern soup bowl and a continental plate depicting a scene from the batailles de Bouvines £20-30
1061.   Two German steins £10-20
1062.   A Staffordshire flatback spill holder - sold with a figure of a woman with a dog, jug, etc. £15-25
1063.   Two Torquay Pottery vases and a chamberstick £10-20
1064.   Five pieces of decorative glassware £10-20
1065.   A box containing a quantity of assorted ceramics £10-20
1066.   A collection of modern blue and white ceramics including stick stand, cachepot, etc. £10-20
1067.   Three boxes containing Hornsea Saffron pattern dinner and teaware, storage jars, etc. £30-50
1068.   Two boxes containing a large collection of assorted piggy bank money boxes £20-30
1069.   Two boxes of Torquay pottery jugs and bowls including Aller Vale, Watcombe, etc. £20-30
1070.   A box containing a quantity of Torquay pottery including Babbacombe, etc. £15-25
1071.   A quantity of assorted Marks & Spencer tea and dinner sets - as new, some boxed £10-20
1072.   A collection of Poole dinner and teaware - various colourways £5-10
1073.   A box containing a collection of assorted cow creamers £15-25
1074.   A box containing a Black & Whire Whisky water jug, Shredded Wheat bowl and white teaware £5-10
1075.   Four 1930's wall pockets by SylvaC, Beswick and Royal Winton - sold with other decorative china £5-10
1076.   A collection of ceramics including Poole Pottery vase, studio pottery vase, other decorative items and David Shepherd wildlife plates £10-20
1077.   Two boxes containing a large quantity of 20th Century Willow pattern tea and dinner ware £30-50
1078.   A Crown Staffordshire tea set - teapot a/f £15-25
1079.   A model of a man and dog - sold with six collector's plates, a model of Red Rum, Grand National porcelain tankard and picture - various condition £10-20
1080.   A quantity of Myott Ironstone "Royal Mail" pattern tea and dinner ware £20-30
1081.   A box containing a quantity of mainly Willow pattern blue and white dinner ware including Mason's, Wedgwood, etc. £15-25
1082.   A Guernsey Pottery treacle glaze six place coffee set - sold with Denby dishes, a Crown Devon tray, and a sake set £5-10
1083.   Three 1930's part dressing table sets in peach, green and clear glass £5-10
1084.   A Grindley Pottery Petal pattern part dinner service including bowls and plates, etc. £10-20
1085.   A box containing assorted pottery items including Poole, etc. £10-20
1086.   A box containing a quantity of kitchenalia including storage jars, cheese dish, teapot, etc. £10-20
1087.   A box containing a quantity of kitchenalia and a 1932 James Scott of Bolton herb beer flagon £10-20
1088.   A box containing a quantity of glassware including art glass candlestick, oversized brandy bowl, bottle, etc. £10-20
1089.   A collection of cottage ware £10-20
1090.   A box containing a quantity of collectable ceramics including Spode Italian dish, lustre jugs, teapots, Bretby wall plaque, etc. £10-20
1091.   A 34" ceramic spaniel picking up a scent £80-120
1092.   A 21" pottery baluster vase with applied frog bosses and sgraffito fish decoration to the body £30-50
1093.   A 21" Oriental pottery vase with lion mask bosses and sgraffito dragon decoration to the body £30-50
1094.   A four piece toilet set with fruit pattern decoration including toothbrush holder and soap dish £10-20
1095.   Two pieces of Hart & Moist of Exeter pottery, a cachepot and a vase £20-30
1096.   A 9 1/2" Shelley Harmony conical vase in variegated green colourway £20-30
1097.   Three Aller Vale jugs - two restored £25-40
1098.   Five Shelley cream jugs including Hibiscus £20-30
1099.   A Shelley Harmony ware vase £15-25
1100.   A collection of Beswick birds comprising Goldcrest, Goldfinch, Grey Wagtail £20-30
1101.   Four items of Eeles of Moretonhampstead studio pottery £20-30
1102.   A Murano blue glass vase - sold with a glass basket with ribbon edge and a glass scent bottle £10-20
1103.   Two Goebel pottery pigs £10-20
1104.   A pair of Staffordshire flatback figures £20-30
1105.   A quantity of collectable items including white horse bottle pourer, paperweight, glass swizzle sticks, pottery items, etc. £20-30
1106.   Two decorative art glass panels, one of toadstools, the other of hearts £10-20
1107.   A Royal Doulton figure Autumn Breezes HN1934 - sold with figure Top o' the Hill HN 1834 £10-20
1108.   An Oriental baluster temple jar - no lid £10-20
1109.   A boxed Swarovski Cinderella with glass slipper £50-80
1110.   A Shelley Harmony ware vase and jug in matching colourway £20-30
1111.   A Goebel robin figure £10-20
1112.   Two Shelley Harmony ware vases £20-30
1113.   A Beswick Kingfisher figure 2371 £20-30
1114.   A Victorian Staffordshire Mrs. Punch pattern Toby jug £15-25
1115.   A Beswick Nuthatch, Chaffinch and a Stonechat £20-30
1116.   A Staffordshire pastille burner - sold with a fairing entitled 'Shall we Sleep now or how?' £20-30
1117.   A Shelley Harmony ware ginger jar - sold with a red ground vase £20-30
1118.   A 6 1/2" diameter Clarice Cliff green Autumn Leaf bowl £10-20
1119.   Ten items of assorted studio pottery including Ray Finch, pumpkin teapot, etc. £20-30
1120.   A boxed Royal Doulton Mole of Wind in the Willows figure, 'Every Hole possessed a Face' £10-20
1121.   A late Victorian leather cased set of three measures £5-10
1122.   An Oriental blue and white bowl - sold with a small pot £20-30
1123.   Two 12 3/4" diameter heavy pottery footed plates by Nick Chapman of Torrington, one with two giraffes and bee with lustred wings, the other with cockatoos and dragonflies with lustred wings £50-80
1124.   A pottery bust of W. M. Vale by S. Brassington, Derby dated July 1927 £10-20
1125.   A 14" Beswick fireside seated dalmatian figure £100-150
1126.   A two handled lidded urn with figural panels £20-30
1127.   A paperweight with water lily pattern £15-25
1128.   A Victorian ceramic teapot with Classical decoration, stamped for Bates, Elliot & Co. £15-25
1129.   A Beswick Greenfinch, Whitethroat and a Bullfinch £20-30
1130.   A Royal Doulton Michele figure HN 2234, a My Love figure HN 2339 and a Diana figure HN 1986 £15-25
1131.   A Mtarfa iridescent glass bulbous bottle vase - sold with a late soda glass bottle vase and a small Carnival glass dish £20-30
1132.   A box containing various small ceramic figures including three graduated penguins, Beswick spaniel, Royal Doulton Winston Churchill character jug, etc. £25-40
1133.   Two Coalport figures Nanette and Annette - sold with a Coalport Red House pastille burner £10-20
1134.   A 5 1/2" antique Italian majolica albarello with armorial decoration £40-60
1135.   A small 20th Century Japanese decorative temple jar with floral decoration on black ground £10-20
1136.   A 19th Century Chinese Wucai pottery wall hanging with high relief lion mask holding a sword in its mouth in the Kangxi style, various apocryphal marks to back - sword a/f £40-60
1137.   A framed and applied set of five antique Wedgwood black basalt cameos including Virgil £80-120
1138.   A Japanese teapot and strainer £10-20
1139.   A pair of large Staffordshire spaniels £30-50
1140.   A 5 1/2" diameter mid 20th Century Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern footed bowl £40-60
1141.   A late 19th Century German bisque piano baby £20-30
1142.   A 20th Century Japanese temple jar on stand £10-20
1143.   A 17" cut clear crystal glass lamp with globular shade and pedestal base £30-50
1144.   A part suite of Waterford crystal drinking vessels including whiskey tumblers, sherries and flutes, etc. £40-60
1145.   A boxed pair of Webb brandy glasses £15-25
1146.   An Italian ruby glass decanter and set of six tumblers with applied floral and gilt decoration £10-20
1147.   A collection of coloured glass including green lily vase, baskets, black vase, etc. £20-30
1148.   A 13 1/2" high ribbed yellow-green art glass vase £5-10
1149.   A collection of Waterford Coleen glasses including wines, tumblers and sherries £50-80
1150.   A quantity of cut glass including decanter, biscuit barrel, wine glasses, etc. £20-30
1151.   Three pairs of decorative glass long stemmed goblets - sold with another and an LSA pitcher with stirrer £20-30
1161.   A small spelter horse and a rosewood box with pierced white metal lid depicting a horse £10-20
1162.   A pair of 12 1/2" high Victorian brass King of Diamonds candlesticks £40-60
1163.   A cast iron door stop in the form of a couple brawling £10-20
1164.   A 19th Century copper five pint hot water can by Henry Loveridge - sold with a three pint similar £20-30
1165.   A collection of 19th Century copper pans, skillets, and lids £40-60
1166.   A Victorian cast iron boot scraper - restored £40-60
1167.   A brass preserve pan with fixed handle - a/f £20-30
1168.   A brass preserve pan - sold with a brass pan with copper handle, a pair of brass candlesticks and a bell £20-30
1169.   An 18 1/2" American Art Nouveau cast iron oval wall plaque by the National Radiator Company Ltd. with central caryatid surrounded by profuse acanthus arabesque decoration and bordered by various animal masks and a seraphim £50-80
1170.   A quantity of various metalware including a set of small graduated copper pans, letterbox, etc. £20-30
1171.   A brass candlestick with drip tray and bell-shaped base £25-40
1172.   A quantity of 20th Century brassware including Chinese tea caddy, Spitfire models, etc. £10-20
1173.   A Chinese pewter tea caddy and dish - sold with another small caddy and other metalware £20-30
1174.   A Victorian cast iron door stop in the form of a hunter and his dog £15-25
1175.   An Indo-Persian pewter tray with applied copper and lacquered detail to embossed scholar with vases and book within a decorative border - sold with a small damascene brass tray with shaped central panel filled with text and another similar decorative tray £30-50
1176.   Two spelter figures of Alsatian dogs £20-30
1177.   A Persian heavy copper coffee pot with incised decoration £30-50
1178.   A Victorian cast iron door stop in the form of Mr Punch £20-30
1179.   A collection of 19th Century copper pans and lids £40-60
1180.   A 23 3/4" diameter Persian heavy copper tray with scalloped rim and hand chased decoration depicting a central court scene within an extensive border featuring a shah and courtiers, women and farmers, with remains of silvered finish - signed £50-80
1181.   A brass preserve pan - sold with two galvanized buckets £20-30
1182.   A collection of metalware including brass bamboo pattern desk weight, candlesticks, vases, etc. £15-25
1183.   A copper coal helmet - sold with two pairs of brass candlesticks and a Salter flat iron £10-20
1184.   A box of various metalware items including pot stand, chestnut roaster, gong, letterbox, etc. £15-25
1185.   A quantity of decorative brassware including horse and cart models, candlestick, etc. £10-20
1186.   A quantity of assorted metalware including copper coal helmet, scales, chestnut roaster, etc. £10-20
1187.   A large brass cow bell on bracket, as a doorbell £20-30
1188.   An antique pewter warming pan £50-80
1189.   A late Victorian cast iron and brass mounted fire kerb £10-20
1190.   A pair of cast iron fireplace surround panels £20-30
1191.   An Indian polished white metal reposing stag with painted gilt decoration £30-50
1192.   A 29" diameter large antique hammered brass bowl with contemporary riveted and soldered repairs £30-50
1193.   A large French brass bulbous jug with rope twist band - sold with a copper gourd shaped kettle with swing handle £40-60
1194.   A late 19th Century Gothic heavy cast iron single candle standard with Solomonic twist and fleur-de-lis decoration on tracery shaped legs £25-40
1195.   A late 19th Century cast iron press £20-30
1196.   A late 19th Century brass triple fold photograph frame with pietra dura floral panel, bearing H. Rodriques, 42 Piccadilly retailer to reverse £150-250
1197.   A pair of 7" Arts and Crafts brass candlesticks with drip tray, flanking drop rings and three banded agate cabochons to base £60-90
1198.   A small Chinese bronze censer with Xuande mark to base £50-80
1199.   A brass fender £10-20
1200.   A black painted wrought iron standard lamp with scrollwork decoration £15-25
1211.   A large Chinese washed wool carpet with central floral medallion and sprays within a floral border, polychrome on beige and brown ground - 12' X 8' 10" (365cm X 271cm) £30-50
1212.   An oriental wool rug with central medallion and spandrels decorated with profuse floral decoration - 5' 7" X 3' 8" (170cm X 111cm) £40-60
1213.   A modern flax colour rug - 7' 6" X 5' 2" (226cm X 158cm) £20-30
1221.   A pair of 8" late WMF white metal vases with embossed bands of decoration to collar and lower sections £30-50
1222.   A 9" WMF silver plated ornate salver with decorative cast rim and engraved base L. Barbellion 350 £20-40
1223.   An oak cased set of early 20th Century twelve each ornate dessert knives and forks with embossed white metal collars and mother-of-pearl handles £30-50
1224.   A cased pair of early 20th Century silver plated fish servers with rustic ivory handles - sold with a pair of plated serving spoons £10-20
1225.   An Edwardian silver plated three piece tea set with engraved decoration and polished horn handles £60-80
1226.   A large quantity of silver plated items including serving dishes, cake baskets and goblet, etc. £20-30
1227.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including pair of salts with blue glass liners, cream jug, sugar bowl, chamberstick, etc. £10-20
1228.   Two cased sets of late 19th Century French (Parisian) silver plated horn handled knives £55-65
1229.   A 1937 silver plated coronation commemorative set of six small and one large serving spoon with embossed crown, initials and date to terminals by James Dixon £15-25
1230.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated items including a pair of 7" Mappin & Webb trumpet vases, sugar sifter, wine coaster and two Mexican silver spoons, etc. - sold with a pewter mug £25-35
1231.   Three silver plated tea trays, a Philip Ashberry & Sons, Sheffield ice bucket, another and a coal scuttle pattern sugar bowl £30-40
1232.   A tray containing a quantity of assorted silver plated cutlery including knives, forks, spoons, etc. £15-25
1233.   A small quantity of silver plated cutlery - sold with an oak and coopered barrel pattern ice bucket, bowl carrier and empty canteen £20-30
1234.   A box containing a quantity of silver plated cutlery, modern cruet stands and pair of segmented dishes, etc. £15-25
1235.   A box containing a small quantity of silver plated items including large fiddle pattern ladle, blue glass lined items and a jewellery box containing costume jewellery and watches - various condition £10-20
1236.   A late Victorian cased large carving knife and fork with horn handles, by Renshaw & Son, Sheffield - sold with other carving cutlery £15-25
1237.   A silver plated coffee pot, glass ice bucket with silver plated stand and lid - sold with a cased set of six grapefruit spoons £10-15
1238.   A part suite of Noritake silver plated 'Serenade' pattern cutlery - sold with other assorted plated cutlery items £20-30
1239.   A Unity Plate silver plated three piece tea set - sold with hotel plate teaware and an inscribed circular gallery tray £15-25
1240.   A mid 20th Century stained oak canteen containing a six place setting of Sheffield Silver Plate & Cutlery Co., Ltd. cutlery with ivorine handles £40-60
1241.   A silver plated and glass segmented sandwich stand with pierced decoration - sold with a late Victorian cruet stand a/f £10-15
1242.   A pair of 8 1/4" silver plated entree dishes with detachable handles, a matching larger similar (no handle) and an oblong base - sold with a pair of Pyrex dish coasters £20-30
1243.   A box containing assorted silver plated coffee and teaware and a basket weave wine bottle coaster £20-30
1244.   A silver plated oval entree dish with detachable handle and gadrooned rim - sold with a cased set of six dessert knives, butter knife and small pot £10-20
1245.   A part suite of Insignia Plate silver plated cutlery - sold with other cutlery £15-25
1246.   A 6" silver plated copper oblong lift-top box with gadrooned borders £15-25
1247.   A box containing a six place setting of Garrard & Co. silver plated cutlery - Rd.754218 £30-50
1248.   Two silver plated cake baskets, entree dish, sandwich stand and hors d'oeuvres dish £20-30
1249.   A box containing a quantity of assorted Kings pattern and other silver plated cutlery - sold with a three piece condiment set £15-25
1250.   Two silver plated gallery trays, salver and large ornate tea tray with flanking cast handles £20-30
1251.   A silver plated rounded oblong gallery tray - sold with a silver plated three branch candelabrum £10-20
1252.   A box containing silver plated sugar caster, condiment items, small cutlery, etc. £15-25
1253.   A silver plated copper three branch candelabrum in the Georgian style - sold with a smaller modern similar £15-25
1254.   A box a large containing a quantity of silver plated and other cutlery in cases and boxes £30-40
1255.   A silver plated copper punch bowl with embossed floral and C-scroll decoration, six cups to match and an associated silver plated ladle £20-40
1256.   A cased pair of late Victorian silver plated fish servers - sold with a set of six silver plated teaspoons £10-20
1257.   A pair of ornate silver plated grape scissors, a pair of mother-of-pearl set knife rests and various condiment spoons £15-25
1271.   A small silver pot with embossed C-scroll and floral decoration - base marks London 1882 £30-40
1272.   A 6 1/4" ornate silver sweet meat basket with swing handle, embossed and pierced decoration and pedestal foot - Birmingham 1906 £80-120
1273.   A late Victorian silver fronted photograph frame with leather clad easel back - sold with a later similar - Birmingham 1898 and 1991 £30-50
1274.   A serpentine cased late Victorian silver babies brush and matching powder pot - personalised - London 1887 £30-40
1275.   Two silver Jersey can pattern pepperettes - sold with another pepperette and a silver pill box with enamelled flip lid - a/f £20-30
1276.   A silver cigarette case of curved design with gilt lining - Birmingham 1912 £30-40
1277.   Three silver vesta cases of varying design - sold with a silver vesta converted into a petrol lighter and a plated vesta - various age and makers £30-50
1278.   A 3 1/2" silver trinket box with velvet lined interior - sold with a silver mounted perpetual calendar with oak easel back £40-50
1279.   A set of six silver rat tail coffee spoons - Sheffield 1894 £25-35
1280.   A silver elliptical bon-bon dish with pierced decoration - sold with four English silver napkin rings and two continental white metal similar £25-35
1281.   A silver lozenge shaped flip-top pill box with engraved initials - London 1990 £20-30
1282.   A silver toast rack - Birmingham 1932 - sold with a pair of 4 1/2" silver candlesticks - Birmingham 1968 £30-50
1283.   A silver tobacco pebble with sprung hinged lid and engine turned decoration - Birmingham 1904 £30-40
1284.   Six silver napkin rings including one cased example - various age and makers £60-70
1285.   Three matching silver napkin rings - sold with a larger similar £20-30
1286.   A modern silver trumpet vase with loaded circular base - sold with a small silver pedestal salt £20-30
1287.   An ornate silver teaspoon, boxed Waterford cake slice, muffin fork and two dressing table pots one with owl decoration to lid £15-25
1288.   A silver bon-bon dish with pierced and embossed decoration - Chester 1899 - sold with a silver parcel gilt salt and spoon - London 1865 £30-40
1289.   A small silver baluster tankard with ornate cast scroll handle and pedestal foot by Thomas Phipps and Edward Robinson - London 1797 £70-100
1290.   A Scottish silver fiddle pattern teaspoon - Edinburgh 1777, a silver napkin ring and two cloisonné similar - various condition £15-20
1291.   A silver cigarette case with engine turned decoration - Chester - sold with a larger silver plated similar £20-30
1292.   A 6 3/4" silver fronted oval photograph frame with polished wood easel back £20-40
1293.   A Georgian style silver salt with blue glass liner - London 1914 - sold with seven Bennett & Heron silver plated soup spoons and another £15-20
1294.   A silver four piece tea set - Birmingham 1933 and associated silver sugar nips - various condition £150-180
1295.   A silver pill box with initials to lid and gilt interior - Birmingham 1936 - sold with a silver sovereign case a/f £40-60
1296.   A silver circular compact case with engine turned decoration - London 1948 £40-60
1297.   A small quantity of silver and white metal items including pin tray, tea strainer and seal top coffee spoons £40-50
1298.   Six Anglo Indian white metal items comprising two trinket boxes with push-fit lids, a pair of small salts and two larger similar, all with typical decoration £70-100
1299.   A 5 3/4" diameter silver petal shaped dish - Sheffield 1906 - sold with a small silver ashtray £40-50
1300.   A silver backed four piece hand mirror and brush set - Birmingham 1918 £30-50
1301.   A six piece silver condiment set by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths - London 1938/39, with two associated silver salt spoons £140-160
1302.   A cased Art Deco silver backed three piece brush set - comb missing £20-30
1303.   A 5 1/4" diameter antique style Irish silver scalloped edge bowl, set on triple ornate stylised pad feet - Dublin 1969 - sold with a Goldsmiths & Silversmiths silver desk pot £70-100
1304.   A late Victorian ornate silver scalloped bon-bon dish with four cast scroll feet - base marked London 1891 £40-60
1305.   A 5 1/4" marked 830S Norwegian white metal spill vase engraved 'Tronheims Turnering 1950' £30-50
1306.   A 12 1/4" silver salver with cast rim and engraved presentation text to centre set on three cast scroll feet - Sheffield 1941 £260-280
1307.   A silver oval ring box - a/f - sold with a silver flip-top glass scent phial with original stopper £40-50
1308.   A silver wine coaster with polished wood centre - Birmingham 2000 £40-60
1309.   Five silver bladed fruit knives, similar button hook, silver propelling pencil, two others and a silver cased pipe tool, etc. £80-120
1310.   Six similar continental white metal twist stem spoons, all with incised decoration to bowl backs £15-25
1311.   A large silver wine coaster with ribbed polished wood centre - Birmingham 1990 £60-80
1312.   A 5" German 800 grade white metal bon-bon dish with cast rim and pierced decoration - sold with a similar marked 835 christening mug £60-70
1313.   A silver salt with blue glass liner, a ruby glass jar with silver top, a scent bottle with silver screw cap and a continental white metal seal, etc. £30-50
1314.   A pair of Victorian silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs - sold with two silver plated sifter spoons, tea strainer and sugar nips £15-25
1315.   A quantity of antique and later silver cutlery including fiddle pattern dessert spoons, dinner forks, etc. - various makers £250-300
1316.   A late Victorian silver vesta case - London 1885 - sold with another £30-40
1317.   A silver matchbox holder - Birmingham 1909, a silver mustard pot - Chester 1913 and a silver handled shoe horn
1318.   A polished walnut cased set of six each silver fruit knives and forks with mother-of-pearl handles - Sheffield 1907 £120-150
1319.   Two ornate white metal propelling pencils, both with stone set seal tops, one with integral dip pen - sold with a silver bladed fruit knife and a mid 20th Century penknife £40-60
1320.   A pair of 5 1/2" silver wine coasters with turned wood bases - marks rubbed - a/f £100-120
1321.   A Birks marked 'Sterling' engine turned vesta case - sold with a Victorian ornate silver visiting card holder £20-30
1322.   A fitted cased set of four late Victorian silver and parcel gilt salts with shaped rims and two of four spoons - Birmingham 1888 - spoons 1887 £50-80
1323.   A 13" late Victorian Charles Boyton silver wine ewer with hinged flip-lid, cast scroll handle and ornate engraved fern foliate decoration, gilt interior and pedestal foot - London 1894 £400-600
1324.   A pair of small silver sugar tongs, two silver handled knives, six silver coffee spoons and another £20-30
1325.   A 9 3/4" diameter Mappin & Webb silver comport with decorative border and pedestal foot - Sheffield 1940 £110-130
1326.   A Russian marked 84 white metal bon-bon server with pierced and engraved decoration - sold with a marked 1000 white metal dish with part polychrome enamelled rim £40-60
1327.   Five silver napkin rings - various styles and age - sold with an engraved spherical glass scent bottle with silver hinged flip top and original stopper £45-55
1328.   Two small silver condiments and two pieces of 800 silver, button hook and part baby's rattle, pickle fork and caddy spoon, etc. £20-40
1329.   Five silver items comprising small sugar tongs, egg cup, Maltese badge, Essex sporting fob and silver handled cake server - sold with a French souvenir trinket box £30-40
1330.   A 3 3/4" silver chalice pattern communion cup with ornate pierced stem and petal base - Sheffield 1849 - from a travelling set £30-50
1331.   A silver backed hand mirror with embossed decoration £10-15
1341.   An Italian 18ct. gold brick-link necklace - with box and pouch £300-350
1342.   A 9ct. gold hollow link rope twist neck chain £100-120
1343.   A 9ct. gold chain - sold with other chains and a pair of 9ct. ear-rings £70-80
1344.   An Italian 18ct. white gold pendant necklace, set with cinnamon and green diamonds - with box and pouch £400-500
1345.   A honey amber shaped bead necklace £40-60
1346.   A 9ct. gold heart shaped locket - sold with a silver plated similar, a 9ct. bar brooch and pair of 9ct. hoop ear-rings £45-55
1347.   A double strand graduated cultured pearl necklace with 835 white metal clasp £60-80
1348.   A white metal ring, set with seven diamonds and four sapphires £600-700
1349.   A pair of vintage Christian Dior large clip-on ear-rings, with large half pearl style centres within gilt kerb-link borders £40-50
1350.   A marked 925 white metal pendant and similar bracelet, set with heat treated red stones £25-35
1351.   A boxed pair of 18ct. gold collar studs £40-60
1352.   A vintage marked 9k (Finland) yellow metal pendant, set with large smoky quartz stone £30-50
1353.   Two unmarked yellow metal dress rings, one set with single citrine, the other smoky quartz £100-140
1354.   A marked 18ct. and PLAT white metal five stone diamond ring £550-600
1355.   A lemon amber shaped bead necklace £40-60
1356.   Two 9ct. gold CZ and paste set rings £30-40
1357.   A quantity of assorted silver and white metal rings, brooches, etc. £25-35
1358.   An antique porcelain trinket box - sold with assorted antique and later jewellery items including hand and basket pattern brooch, turquoise set heart shaped pendant, etc. £30-40
1359.   A 9ct. gold early 20th Century floral pattern brooch, set with turquoise beads £50-70
1360.   A 15ct. gold framed open locket on 15ct. suspender £80-100
1361.   An unmarked yellow metal stylised pierced wings pattern bar brooch, set with central sapphire and seed pearls, with safety chain £60-80
1362.   A 15ct. gold framed and glazed Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution jewel for Bro. W.A Green who served as steward, the jewel with "Honorable Testimonial of Masonic Benevolence..." text to reverse, on ribbon with 1917 bar - London 1912 £150-180
1363.   An early 20th Century Russian yellow metal (583) foliate cross-over ring, set with three central diamonds and flanking stones £350-380
1364.   A marked 14k/585 yellow metal gold diamond solitaire wishbone pattern ring £250-300
1365.   An 18ct. gold three stone diamond ring - approx 0.80ct. TDW £400-500
1366.   A late 19th Century Chinese string of honey amber beads £80-100
1367.   A single string jade style large green bead necklace with yellow metal clasp £30-40
1368.   Philippe Ferrandis, Paris: a vintage enamelled and jewelled flowerhead pattern adjustable dress ring with red, pink and yellow stones on orange ground £25-35
1369.   Philippe Ferrandis, Paris: a vintage enamelled and jewelled flowerhead pattern adjustable dress ring with central pink stone on old rose ground £25-35
1370.   A quantity of assorted silver and white metal jewellery including three sporting fobs, agate panel brooch and bangle £20-30
1371.   A marked 925 chain and an unmarked white metal toothpick - sold with a marked 925 bracelet with dolphin pattern links £30-40
1372.   A single graduated pearl necklace with marked sterling clasp £50-70
1373.   A small collection of silver and white metal necklaces of varying design £25-35
1374.   A Tiffany & Co. 925 silver necklace with T-bar and loop fastener - with box and pouch £60-80
1375.   An unmarked yellow metal bar brooch, set with seven seed pearls to flowerhead centre £30-50
1376.   A yellow metal swivel fob, set with silver gilt reproduction coin centre £30-40
1377.   A green leather clad tray fitted jewellery box containing silver and white metal jewellery items, also an Indian bone trinket box £25-35
1378.   A bag containing a large quantity of assorted costume jewellery £25-35
1379.   A bag containing a large quantity of costume jewellery ear-rings £30-40
1380.   A bag containing assorted costume jewellery - sold with a quantity of Swarovski branded carrier bags £20-30
1381.   A large quantity of assorted costume jewellery contained within miniature chests and boxes £20-40
1382.   A marked 18ct white metal three stone diamond ring - 1.60ct. TDW £1850-2000
1383.   A marked 14k/585 yellow metal ring set with two rows of five Mikimoto pearls £140-180
1384.   A marked 9k yellow metal cross, with tiny channel set diamonds - 0.25ct. TDW £40-60
1385.   A 9ct. gold floral twist pattern ring £20-30
1386.   A 3" early 20th Century yellow metal bar brooch, set with diamonds, shaped sapphires, paved rubies and two rows of seed pearls - in original retailer's box from Edward, Diamond Merchants, 92 Buchanan Street, Glasgow £250-350
1387.   A marked 14k/585 yellow metal diamond and sapphire gypsy set ring, bearing initials to shank interior £300-400
1388.   A Chinese yellow metal ring, set with circular jade panel £110-140
1389.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with three rubies interspersed with tiny diamonds £120-150
1390.   An Italian 18ct. white gold mixed link necklace £80-120
1391.   An unmarked yellow and white metal oval panel ring, set with central ruby within duel diamond encrusted borders £450-500
1392.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with central 3.5ct. aquamarine within a diamond encrusted border with flanking baguettes - Approx 1ct. TDW £1200-1500
1393.   An Italian 18ct. gold brick-link bracelet £160-200
1394.   An 18ct. white gold designer clasp bracelet with diamond encrusted star pattern terminal £400-500
1395.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal five stone diamond ring - 1.70ct. TDW £1400-1600
1396.   A yellow metal framed jade Buddha pattern pendant £200-250
1397.   An 18ct. gold seven stone diamond pendant, on 9ct. chain £400-450
1398.   A pair of marked 750 white metal Chanel motif ear-rings - sold with a pair of marked 750 diamond set hoop ear-rings £250-300
1399.   A 2" 9ct. gold open foliate scroll pattern brooch, set with seven seed pearls - sold with a marked 9ct. and PLAT seed pearl bar brooch £50-70
1400.   A Victorian 22ct. gold pearl and garnet ring £40-60
1401.   Two 9ct. gold cameo panel rings £50-70
1402.   A Victorian 15ct. gold ruby and garnet set ring - sold with an unmarked dome panel ring, set with tiny diamond and cornflower blue sapphires £60-100
1403.   An unmarked yellow metal ring, set with four oval aquamarines and five small diamonds £300-350
1404.   A Swarovski crystal encrusted swan pattern brooch £40-60
1405.   A 4" white crystal encrusted lizard pattern brooch £20-40
1406.   A Tiffany & Co. 925 silver pendant necklace with pierced star design - sold with a white metal star and disc-link bracelet and a wide open-link necklace £60-100
1407.   A yellow metal bracelet, set with eleven graduated amethysts £180-220
1408.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with five dark oval sapphires interspersed with tiny diamonds £120-150
1409.   A 9ct. gold chain with 9ct. black onyx set pendant £40-60
1410.   A 22ct. gold wedding band £50-70
1411.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with central pale blue oval sapphire within a diamond encrusted border £130-150
1412.   A pair of stud earrings, set with oval aquamarines and tiny diamonds £40-60
1413.   A pair of stud earrings, set with heart shaped light blue stones and tiny diamonds £40-60
1414.   A marked 'Sterling' fancy link charm bracelet - sold with a German marked 800 white metal enamelled souvenir bracelet £15-25
1415.   A Tiffany & Co. 925 silver bead necklace - with box and pouch £50-70
1416.   A foreign long chain of white metal beads with silver plated lidded pot pattern pendant £20-40
1417.   A quantity of silver and white metal modern jewellery items including Pandora bracelet, double bangle and torque, etc. £35-55
1418.   A pair of Swarovski yellow metal and topaz style open flowerhead pattern earrings - sold with a boxed yellow metal black onyx and tiny diamond tie stud £20-40
1419.   A collection of good quality costume jewellery including pendant necklaces, ear-rings and modern wristwatches, etc. £20-40
1420.   A large quantity of assorted costume jewellery £20-30
1421.   A box containing a quantity of assorted ethnic style and other costume jewellery £30-40
1422.   An Indian carved wood box containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery £30-40
1423.   A marked 750 yellow metal ring, set with central oval aquamarine and four flanking channel set diamonds £140-180
1424.   A marked 14k white metal clasp bracelet, set with alternating rows of paved sapphires and channel set diamonds £300-350
1425.   A 2 1/4" old 9ct. gold framed oval cameo brooch - sold with a small cameo panel £60-80
1426.   A marked 14K yellow metal ornate dress ring, set with five drop shaped opals and meandering row of small diamonds £300-350
1427.   An 18ct. white gold diamond solitaire ring with diamond encrusted shoulders - approx. 1ct. TDW £1500-1800
1428.   An Italian 18ct. white gold fancy link necklace and matching bracelet £180-220
1429.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with central oval amethyst flanked by six tiny diamonds £120-160
1430.   An 18ct. white gold small diamond cluster ring £120-150
1431.   An 18ct. gold diamond solitaire ring - approx 1.25ct. £500-600
1432.   A 9ct. gold kerb-link necklace £80-120
1433.   A pair of marked 750 yellow metal ribbed hoop ear-rings - sold with a pair of 9ct. hoop ear-rings £70-100
1434.   A marked PLAT white metal wedding band - sold with a white metal eternity ring £40-60
1435.   An early 20th Century marked 'Silver' bar brooch, set with central pale blue paste stone and simulated marcasites £20-40
1436.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with large central oval emerald within an eleven stone diamond border £1100-1500
1437.   An 18ct. white gold ring, set with central dark sapphire and flanking tiny diamonds £80-120
1438.   An unmarked white metal diamond encrusted eternity ring £800-1000
1439.   An unmarked white metal dress ring, set with large central cabochon turquoise within a diamond border £1200-1400
1440.   A marked 750 white metal Art Deco style ring, set with pale blue and white stones £250-300
1441.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with 3.16ct. pale blue oval sapphire within a diamond encrusted border - 0.70ct. TDW £1250-1550
1442.   A yellow metal circular pendant, set with a central diamond, on marked 14K yellow metal chain £250-300
1443.   A polished jade bangle £80-120
1444.   A 9ct. gold framed aquamarine oblong panel pendant, on yellow metal kerb-link chain £240-280
1445.   An 18ct. gold diamond cluster ring £180-220
1446.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal ring, set with three small sapphires within triple diamond encrusted borders £110-150
1447.   An early 20th Century marked PLAT white metal ring with five illusion set diamonds £350-400
1448.   An 18ct. gold ring, set with central ruby flanked by two small diamonds £120-160
1449.   Two 18ct. gold rings set with various gemstones £140-180
1450.   A 9ct. gold chain with yellow metal cabochon coral pendant £40-50
1451.   An 18ct. white gold wedding band - sold with an unmarked similar £80-120
1452.   A 9ct. gold seed pearl and nephrite jade bar brooch £30-50
1453.   A 9ct. gold framed oval cabochon agate pendant/brooch - sold with a white metal framed open disc brooch similar £50-80
1454.   A box containing a large quantity of costume jewellery necklaces, charm bracelet, etc. £20-30
1455.   A small collection of amethyst and other hardstone and other necklaces, etc. £30-40
1456.   A quantity of assorted costume jewellery contained within boxes and cases £20-40
1457.   A collection of good quality costume jewellery brooches including three Attwood & Sawyer examples £40-60
1458.   A bag containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery bangles £10-15
1459.   A bamboo box containing a quantity of assorted costume jewellery £40-50
1460.   An Italian 18ct. white gold wire choker necklace with diamond solitaire disc £300-400
1461.   A pair of yellow metal and pearl drop earrings £40-50
1462.   A marked 585/14K yellow metal ring, set with central ruby flanked by six small diamonds £200-240
1463.   A marked 375 yellow metal pendant necklace with opal set butterfly £70-90
1464.   An 18ct. gold opal and tiny diamond set ring - sold with another, set with larger circular opal panel £50-80
1465.   A Tiffany & Co. 925 silver ingot on chain - with pouch £50-70
1466.   A 9ct. gold choker neck chain - sold with a 9ct. bar brooch, set with tiny emerald £50-80
1467.   A 9ct. gold kerb-link necklace - sold with a similar 9ct. bracelet £120-160
1468.   A marked 750/18k yellow metal pendant necklace with paved baguette diamonds to central bow pattern motif - with copy of valuation certificate £400-500
1469.   A marked 750 yellow metal 0.62ct. diamond solitaire ring - with copy of valuation certificate £600-700
1470.   Various 9ct. gold and yellow metal stud earrings - sold with a 9ct. gold framed open locket £60-80
1471.   A Trevisan (Italian) marked 750 bracelet with numerous small diamonds in heart shaped links £300-350
1472.   A 9ct. gold gem set ring - sold with a single 9ct. ear-ring £30-40
1473.   A tray fitted jewellery case containing 9ct. gold brooch and pair of earrings, boxed Charming Touches gold plated and Swarovski crystal set 'Italian Charm Bracelet', costume jewellery and various wristwatches £40-60
1474.   A boxed Nina Ricci silvertone ladies wristwatch - sold with an Avia goldtone similar - both with quartz movements £40-50
1475.   A 9ct. rose gold cased Rotary Super Sports wristwatch - London 1917, on replacement gold plated bracelet £40-60
1476.   A late Victorian silver cased gentleman's pocket watch, silver cased fob watch and an ornate plated cased similar - various condition - sold with a selection of watch keys £20-40
1477.   A box containing a quantity of costume jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, etc. £40-50
1478.   A painted wood miniature bureau containing a large quantity of assorted costume jewellery £40-50
1479.   A late 1950's Matisse/Renoir polished copper sprung clasp bracelet with geometric polychrome enamelled Fenestra panel - sold with a copper bangle £70-100
1480.   A 1920's jet bead tassel pendant necklace - sold with a jet encrusted butterfly pattern brooch and small mother-of-pearl panel brooch £40-60
1501.   Willis Price: an ornate gilt framed oil on board, depicting a horse and rider talking to a shepherd with flock of sheep in an extensive rural landscape - 11 1/2" X 17 1/2" £50-60
1502.   A Georgian gilt framed reverse glass print after Philippe Mercier, the caption telling a cautionary tale - Published 1739 - 11 1/4" X 13" £120-150
1503.   An early 20th Century gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a fishing boat leaving harbour "Peel, IOM", indistinctly signed and dated 17 £30-50
1504.   A pair of early 20th Century oak framed W. Dendy Sadler golfing interest etchings - signed in pencil by the artist and James Dobie - blind stamped £20-40
1505.   A gilt framed 19th Century English School oil on canvas, depicting a river landscape scene with female figure crossing and male figure seated on the bank - 8 1/2" X 11 1/2" £60-80
1506.   Harry Edmunds Crute: oil on board entitled "Gathering Storm, Haytor, Dartmoor", with cattle and stream - signed and with label verso - 11 1/2" X 15 1/2" £120-150
1507.   G. Dupont: an ornate later gilt framed oil on board portrait of a Georgian gentleman circa 1780, wearing a hat and lace cravat - inscribed verso - 9 3/4" X 7 1/2" £250-300
1508.   A gilt framed and slipped late Victorian watercolour, depicting a river scene with figures in a rowing boat and windmill beyond - sold with an oak framed watercolour with fishing boat (foxed) and two naval figure prints £15-25
1509.   J. Syer: a gilt framed oval slipped oil on canvas, depicting a mountain river stream - 10" X 13" £150-250
1510.   David Trundley: a gilt framed gouache study of Lester Piggott riding Ardross at full gallop - signed - titled and inscribed verso - dated July 1984 - 13" X 17" £400-500
1511.   Tony Forrest: a gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting a Dartmoor pony in a landscape - signed and dated with labels verso - 9 1/2" X 17" £75-100
1512.   John Mallard Bromley: a gilt framed watercolour depicting a view at low tide, Porthminster, St. Ives - signed - 13 3/4" X 20 1/4" £110-150
1513.   †L. S. Lowry: an ebonised framed colour print "Waiting for the Tide" £45-55
1514.   F. W. W.: two framed gilt slipped watercolours, depicting a lake views £10-15
1515.   †L. S. Lowry: a framed coloured print "Self Portrait" £25-35
1516.   A stained wood framed reproduction French Art Nouveau advertising print for 'Bieres de la Meuse' £15-25
1517.   A Hogarth framed Thomas Bowen hand coloured map print 'A New and Accurate Map of Ireland, Drawn from the best Authorities' - 1778 £40-60
1518.   Edward Sharland: a pair of ebonised framed hand coloured etchings, one depicting Chester, the other 'Market Place' Ely - both signed in pencil on mount £40-50
1519.   Louis Wain: a hand coloured engraving of eleven cats, being the 'Prize winners of the National Cat Club Show at Crystal Palace' £30-40
1520.   A Hogarth framed antique map print of Devonshire, Pub. by R. Colliver, Exeter 1836 - sold with a map print of Hampshire £15-25
1521.   Greenvile Collins: a Hogarth framed map print being plate 14 from Great Britain's Coasting Pilot (1693) - Devonshire - 18 1/4" X 23" £150-180
1522.   A gilt framed 19th Century watercolour depicting a view of Bingwell House and the canal, Tiverton £15-25
1523.   R. D. Sherrin: a gilt framed and slipped gouache, depicting a beach scene £40-60
1524.   W. H. Dyer: a gilt framed watercolour depicting Leather Tor, Dartmoor - signed - some fading and foxing £30-40
1525.   J. Williams: a framed watercolour depicting a view of Horswell, South Milton £20-30
1526.   Jennifer Chester: a gilt framed pastel study of blue iris's - signed with label verso £20-30
1527.   Colin Brown: three unframed pastel drawings, depicting racing cars, comprising Lola GT, Ford GT and Surtees - signed and inscribed £30-40
1528.   S. Raven: an ornate gilt framed oil on board depicting a lady with butler and lady in waiting - 5 3/4" X 5" £130-150
1529.   †L. S. Lowry: two gilt framed coloured prints, entitled "Coming Home from the Mill" and "Good Friday at Daisy Nook" £40-50
1530.   A stained wood framed Japanese polychrome woodblock print, depicting a sleeping figure resting on bundles of wood £30-50
1531.   After H. W. Bunbury: a framed Georgian coloured engraving "front side view and back front of a modern fine gentleman" - sold with an unframed Georgian dyptich engraving of a risqué scene of a lady bathing £20-40
1532.   Louis Wain: two framed prints, comprising "Hotel Manners" printed in red ink and "Oh! Those School Board Servants" printed in green ink - both taken from the Louis Wain annual 1905 £20-40
1533.   A framed antique printed notice for the Theatre Royal, Bristol - dated May 14th 1824 £10-20
1534.   Hans Dall (Danish): a gilt framed oil on canvas depicting a view from Dyrehaven - inscribed verso with dates of the artist - gallery label with title - 15 3/4" X 15" £300-350
1535.   Trevor N. Anderson: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour entitled "The First Glimpse of Spring" £10-20
1536.   Erik Larson: an unframed late 19th/early 20th Century watercolour, depicting a risqué bar scene - signed £20-30
1537.   John Horsewell: an ornate gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting a river landscape with huntsmen and hounds - 19" X 29" £50-70
1538.   John Shapland: a pair of gilt framed watercolours, depicting West Country coastal views - signed £90-110
1539.   A gilt framed 19th Century English school oil on canvas depicting a pastoral scene - 11 3/4" X 18 1/4" £150-250
1540.   John Roberts: a framed oil on board abstract still life with bottles, glasses and other items on a table - signed £30-50
1541.   Reubens Southey: an unframed mounted watercolour, depicting a Penzance street scene - signed £20-30
1542.   Angus Brent: a framed watercolour, entitled "Evening Cornwall" - signed and bearing various labels verso £30-50
1543.   Herbert William Hicks: a gilt framed gouache depicting a view of the coast at Perranporth - signed - 14 1/2" X 20 1/2" £120-150
1544.   Heyer: a parcel gilt framed oil on board depicting a lake landscape with trees and mountains beyond - signed, with old Frost & Read gallery label and artist details verso - 23" X 31 1/4" £35-45
1545.   A pair of oak framed early 20th Century naive watercolour coastal views - signed G.M.S. £10-20
1546.   An ornate gilt framed continental school oil on canvas depicting figures in and around the entrance to a farmhouse - 17 1/2" X 24 1/2" £120-150
1547.   A. D. Summers: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting a country village scene with the Foresters Arms public house - signed £35-45
1548.   A framed early 20th Century coloured mezzotint after Edgar A. Holloway, entitled 'Fairwell Sweetheart, Fairwell' - Pub. Johnson, Riddle, Couchman & Co., Ltd. £20-30
1549.   J Carpenter: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a moorland view - sold with a similar print £10-15
1550.   Ernest s. Carlos: An ebonised framed oil on panel, entitled "Salisbury Spire in the Springtime" - signed £20-40
1551.   A late 18th/early 19th Century ebonised oval framed miniature depicting an interior scene with two men and a woman in conversation - 3 1/2" X 4" £140-180
1552.   Bradford Rudge: a gilt framed watercolour depicting a woodland landscape with sheep, cattle, shepherd and dog - signed - 17" X 28" £50-70
1553.   H. Smithbirt: a pair of gilt framed and slipped watercolours, depicting horses and carts unloading the catch at low tide - signed £80-120
1554.   R. Price: a gilt framed early 20th Century oil on canvas, depicting a waterfall on a mountain stream - signed and dated 1909 £20-40
1555.   Frederick James Aldridge: a gilt framed watercolour entitled "Sea and Sky", depicting a seascape with yacht in the distance - signed with monogram and bearing old gallery labels verso - 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" £60-80
1556.   †Warwick Fuller (Australian): a framed limited edition colour print depicting a mountainous landscape - signed and numbered in pencil to the margin 285/950 £10-15
1557.   Brian Sedgbeer: a stretchered limited edition photographic print on canvas entitled 'Aerial Acrobats' - two young peregrine falcons first flight - no. 2 of 50 £15-25
1558.   A stretchered modern print on canvas beach scene from bellow a pier £10-20
1559.   Patricia Denton: a framed watercolour, entitled 'Winter Sunshine (Exmoor)' £10-20
1560.   S. L. Crawford: a gilt framed coloured print depicting the Kings troop at the Royal Tournament £15-25
1561.   H. Church: a gilt framed 19th Century oil on board depicting a woodland scene with figures on a track - signed £20-40
1562.   Gladys Best: a framed watercolour depicting a street view of Dunsford near Exeter, circa 1930 - signed and with inscription verso £40-50
1563.   Two framed reproduction French advertising posters for Pates Baroni and Du Vin Blanc... £20-30
1564.   Two mid 19th Century burr maple picture frames, one containing an Ancient Order of Foresters certificate, the other polychrome floral study "Aloe" £30-50
1565.   H.E. Tidmarsh: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting an autumnal scene with figures on a road and Victorian church in background - 16 1/2" X 13 1/4" £60-70
1566.   Frank Jameson: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour depicting shipping off Falmouth - signed - 11 1/2" X 17 1/2" £70-100
1567.   Hutton Mitchell: a gilt framed watercolour depicting cattle grazing in a meadow - signed - 13 1/2" X 20 1/2" £110-150
1568.   Robert Morden: a Hogarth framed hand coloured map print of Devonshire - 14 3/4" X 17" £40-50
1569.   H.J. Leslie: a pair of gilt framed and slipped watercolours, depicting river views with towns beyond - signed and dated £120-150
1570.   Toulouse Lautrec: two matching framed coloured wood block prints after the original works £25-35
1571.   A framed part advertising mirror in the French style £10-15
1572.   A stained wood framed modern oil on canvas, depicting naval engagement between two men-o-war - signed £20-40
1573.   Mercator: a Hogarth framed hand coloured map print of South West England and Wales - Cornubia - circa 1600 - 15" X 19" £70-80
1574.   Bradford Rudge: a gilt framed watercolour depicting cattle watering in a classical English landscape - signed and indistinctly inscribed - 13 1/2" X 20" £45-65
1575.   A gilt framed coloured mezzotint, depicting a female fairy figure - indistinctly signed in pencil to the margin and bearing blind stamp - copyright 1926 £35-45
1576.   Ernest R. Fox: a gilt framed watercolour, depicting St. Michael's Mount at high tide - signed - 11 3/4" X 19 1/2" £90-120
1577.   John Potts: a gilt framed watercolour depicting a view of "Hemmingford Abbots on the Great Ouse, Huntingdonshire" - signed and titled on label verso £30-50
1578.   A set of four 19th Century maple framed coloured prints, depicting differing studies of English apples £75-100
1579.   A gilt framed watercolour depicting a landscape and coastal scene of Lyme Bay £15-25
1580.   A polished wood framed modern watercolour, depicting a cromlech £15-25
1581.   A framed oil on board, entitled "The Shepherd Boy" £30-50
1582.   A pair of framed 20th Century watercolours, both depicting Nile river scenes £40-60
1583.   Colin Brown: an unframed pastel drawing depicting a Leyland Olympian Motor Bus of Greater Manchester transport fleet, complete with detailed notes of its specification - signed £20-40
1584.   A gilt framed watercolour, depicting a riverside track with mountains in distance £25-35
1585.   George Horne: a framed oil on board depicting a view of Branscombe village - signed and with artist details verso £15-25
1586.   Robert Morden: a Hogarth framed hand coloured map print of England from Camden's Britannia - 1722 - 14 1/2" X 17" £40-50
1587.   Six gilt framed floral study prints £20-40
1588.   A stained wood framed large reproduction French advertising print for Cafe Martin £30-50
1589.   †L. S. Lowry: a gilt framed coloured print, entitled "The Pond" £30-40
1590.   Rosina Wachmeister: an ebonised box framed coloured print with gilt and silvered detail depicting a seated figure with cat £30-40
1591.   A pair of modern metal framed canvases, depicting Parisian street scenes in Montmatre £10-15
1592.   Colin Brown: three unframed pastel drawings, depicting lorries, comprising Foden, Krupp and Diamond T model - signed and inscribed £25-35
1593.   Colin Brown: an unframed pastel drawing depicting a Fairey Gannet aeroplane - signed and dated Sept 82 £20-40
1594.   Colin Brown: an unframed pastel drawing depicting a 1967 Maserati V8 Quattroporte - signed £25-35
1595.   Colin Brown; an unframed pastel drawing depicting a Leyland Atlantean Motor Bus of the Selnec Central livery (Manchester) - signed £25-35
1596.   Three matching stained wood framed small hand coloured etchings, all depicting Parisian scenes, with blind stamps under £15-25
1597.   H. Perry Williams: an unframed watercolour depicting a shepherd herding sheep in a mountain pass - signed and titled "Peaks of Arran" verso - 13 1/2" X 19 1/2" £60-80
1598.   An antique stained wood framed portrait miniature, depicting a mid 18th Century woman wearing repeat pattern clothes and pearls - ink text verso with details of the sitter - 2 3/4" X 2 1/4" £60-80
1599.   Six gilt framed antique monochrome prints by various artists, one colour tinted £50-70
1600.   Two late Persian paintings, depicting polo matches - sold with another, depicting perching birds and foliage - all in decorative Khatam work frames £30-50
1601.   A pine framed Winnie the Pooh monochrome print £10-20
1602.   G. Ford: a pair of small gilt framed oils on board depicting Windsor Castle and a coastal scene - signed £40-60
1603.   An unframed stretched loose woolwork panel, depicting a four masted sailing vessel £30-40
1604.   An ornate reproduction gilt framed oil on canvas, depicting children on a beach, after an original work - 29 1/2" X 3' 3 1/2" £100-120
1605.   A framed 19th Century watercolour depicting a coaching scene with the Swan Inn in background - bearing small portrait head bottom left in place of signature - 13 1/2" X 19 3/4" £40-50
1606.   A polished wood framed large reproduction French advertising poster for La Vicroria Arduino £20-40
1607.   A set of three modern unframed stretchered oils on canvas, depicting stylised island beach scenes - indistinctly signed £70-100
1608.   A. C. Gow RA: a gilt framed monochrome engraving, entitled 'A Musical Story (Boyhood of Chopin)' - signed in pencil by the artist and engraver - Pub. Leggatt Brothers, June 23, 1892 £20-40
1609.   Three framed prints by Kapp depicting distinguished judges - sold with an unframed similar, all from "The Law Journal" 1925 £20-40
1610.   J. Hazelwood: a gilt framed oil on canvas, entitled "Entrance to Loch Etive, Scottland" - signed and inscribed verso - 11 1/2" X 23 1/2" £60-70
1611.   A gilt framed and slipped watercolour, depicting a view of Loch Katrine - signed with monogram and dated 1916 £30-40
1612.   A gilt framed early 20th Century oil on canvas, depicting a lakeside scene with wrecked rowing boat and mountain in distance £30-50
1613.   Rudolf Ferbus: a framed oil painting depicting a snowy mountain landscape with lake and conifers in foreground £40-50
1614.   Basil W. Wright: a gilt framed watercolour trompe L'Oeil, depicting a bunch of onions on newspaper and a wooden table - signed £30-50
1615.   J. Bate: a gilt framed watercolour view of Two Bridges, Dartmoor - signed, inscribed and dated 1914 £35-45
1616.   Don Breckon: a framed signed limited edition coloured print, entitled "Dumbleton Hall Leaving Kingswear" bearing blind stamp and numbered - 627/650 - sold with a small gilt framed coloured print depicting a view of West Bay Dorset £10-20
1617.   I Wayan Sadia: a large gilt framed mid 20th Century Balinese acrylic painting on canvas, depicting a busy market scene in Ubud - signed - 4' 2" X 6' 10" £200-300
1618.   Gerald King: a framed coloured print, girl seated with basket of flowers £10-15
1619.   John Chancellor: a framed limited edition coloured print, entitled "Springtide Freight" - bearing blind stamp and numbered 318/850 £10-20
1620.   Edward Quilter: a pair of gilt framed watercolours one depicting Hexworthy Bridge, the other Venford - signed and inscribed verso £10-20
1621.   Erich Vogel (Maler): two framed late 1940's former prisoner of war watercolours both depicting the artist's farm and village in Germany - Vogel worked at Clickland Farm, Ermington being an inmate of the POW camp at Yealmpton - signed and dated 1947 and 48 with details verso £20-40
1622.   †Lionel Edwards: a set of four ebonised framed early 20th Century coloured hunting prints, 'The Cuetown Hunt' with decorative text printed borders, various titles, including 'A Canon off the White' - Pub. Landeker & Brown - various condition £50-80
1623.   A large collection of framed Devon interest antique coloured prints and parliamentary maps of Ashburton, Totnes, etc. £20-30