Two Day Stonepark Antique Sale on
Thursday 12th December 2019 - Lots 1-826
Friday 13th December 2019 - Lots 1001-1518

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1.      A mid 20th Century Twyfords Duramant, Old Ivory pedestal wash basin with later taps £30-50
2.      Eleven various garden pots £20-30
3.      A model cast iron reclining dog in rusted finish £50-80
4.      A pair of polished granite garden light holders £5-10
5.      A Beldray aluminium stepladder - sold with another £20-30
6.      A patio table with cast iron Grover & Baker sewing machine base and reconstituted black marble top £30-50
7.      A patio table with cast iron sewing machine base and reconstituted black marble top - sold with a pair of garden carver chairs £40-60
8.      A garden statue of a Satyr playing pan pipe atop a column, entitled "Autumn", with poem to base £40-60
9.      A painted garden frog ornament £20-30
10.     A garden statue of a gardener and his wares £20-30
11.     An anthromorphic garden statue of a cat poacher with chicken £20-30
12.     A pair of small cast iron cannon ornaments with rusted finish £50-80
13.     A terracotta planter in the form of a fish £20-30
14.     A garden planter in the form of a pair of wellington boots £10-20
15.     A garden statue of the bather £20-30
16.     Two painted wrought iron garden planter stands £20-30
17.     A painted cast iron garden table and pair of chairs £30-50
18.     A fire hydrant valve £15-25
19.     A pair of octagonal footed planters £40-60
20.     A cast iron fire basket with Celtic cross design £40-60
21.     A pair of stained and panelled teak driveway gates - to fit 8' 4" £50-80
22.     A Victorian cast iron bedroom fireplace insert £10-20
23.     A slatted garden bench with cast metal ends £10-20
24.     A Victorian cast iron bedroom fireplace insert £10-20
25.     A metal cabin trunk £10-20
26.     A glazed terracotta pot - a/f £10-20
27.     A modern metal pan hanger - sold with a modern companion set £10-20
28.     A hoe and a garden fork £5-10
29.     A metal wine rack with glass rack £30-50
30.     A Victorian fire guard £10-20
31.     Two pine blanket boxes £15-25
32.     A Victorian cast iron dome fronted fireplace insert £10-20
33.     A wrought iron balcony guardrail £20-30
34.     A quantity of enamel ware, spit jack, etc. £20-30
35.     A French painted fibreglass fairground style galloper £80-120
36.     A canvas tool bag containing various modern hand tools £10-20
101.    A 3' 6" Victorian waxed pine corner cupboard with canted sides and shelves enclosed by two pairs of panelled doors, set on plinth base £30-50
102.    A 4' 3 1/2" Edwardian walnut and figured panelled double wardrobe with moulded dentil cornice and material lined hanging space enclosed by part glazed and bevelled mirror panel doors with two short and one long drawers under, set on moulded block feet £50-80
103.    An old French walnut double bedstead with stylised shield, swag, finial and fluted decoration, the side rails adapted to take a 4' mattress £30-40
104.    A 4' Victorian stripped pine dresser base with two drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under £40-60
105.    An early 20th Century polished oak corner bookcase with moulded top and open adjustable shelves - 37" X 25" £30-40
106.    A 3' 6" early 20th Century stained oak four shelf open bookcase with flanking decoration and adjustable shelves, set on plinth base £40-50
107.    A 7' 3" old waxed pine and part painted two part dresser with central spindles to the four shelf open plate rack over a base enclosed by two pairs of panelled cupboard doors - 7' 11" high £200-300
108.    A 36" mid 20th Century walnut low wardrobe with applied moulded Art Deco style decoration and hanging space, set on moulded bracket feet £15-25
109.    A 35" 20th Century polished mixed wood bow front chest of six long graduated drawers in the style of a chest on chest, set on shaped apron and raised feet - by Malcolm Furniture £20-30
110.    A modern polished pine framed cheval mirror, set on turned supports £15-25
111.    A 3' 6" waxed pine headboard and pine framed narrow bevelled oblong wall mirror, both with painted trailing rose decoration £15-25
112.    A pair of 19th Century mahogany framed dining chairs with curved top rails, tulip splats and overstuffed seats, set on turned front legs - repairs £20-30
113.    A 4' 8" 20th Century part painted pine island unit with three wicker storage baskets and planked undertier, set on heavy square supports £40-60
114.    An Edwardian inlaid mixed wood locker piano stool with flanking turned handles and fall front music compartment under £15-25
115.    A 24" waxed pine two shelf open bookcase with flanking half spindle decoration - sold with an old stained wood double towel rail £15-25
116.    An Edwardian stained wood locker piano stool a/f - sold with a glass topped occasional table £10-15
117.    A 5' Victorian carved and stained oak mirror back sideboard with flanking acanthus turned supports and two bevelled plates over a base with two drawers and triple cupboard doors under, set on block feet £100-120
118.    A 3' 11" Victorian mahogany double wardrobe with reduced cornice, material lined hanging space enclosed by a pair of beaded panel doors and with long deep drawer under, set on plinth base £30-40
119.    A 20" polished wood CD storage unit in the form of a chest with faux flight of seven drawers, set on bracket feet £10-20
120.    A 5' Victorian walnut show frame settee with original button back tapestry upholstery, decorative top rail and flanking acanthus spindles, set on studded acanthus front legs - a/f
121.    A 3' 2" 19th Century mahogany free standing corner cupboard with canted sides, scallop shelves and two short drawers enclosed by a pair of arcaded panel doors, set on bracket feet £50-80
122.    A 23" late Victorian stained oak wall mounted shelf unit with pierced and incised decoration and pair of cupboard doors under £15-25
123.    A 24" 19th Century mahogany pedestal table, set on turned pillar and quatrefoil base with bun feet £30-50
124.    A 23" diameter reproduction mahogany drum table with green leather inset top and three frieze drawers, set on turned pillar and quadruple splayed legs £15-25
125.    A 6' early 20th Century polished oak sideboard with low raised shelf back and flanking decorative supports over a base with three central drawers and cupboard, flanking napery and cellarette enclosed by carved panel doors, set on squat bun feet £30-50
126.    A 20th Century stained wood and painted metal folding framed valet stand - a/f £10-15
127.    A 20th Century reproduction stained wood framed reproduction armchair upholstered in peach coloured velour, set on cabriole front legs £20-40
128.    A set of four early 20th Century mahogany framed Queen Anne style dining chairs with upholstered drop in seats, set on cabriole front legs £20-40
129.    A 6' Edwardian walnut sideboard with two frieze drawers, central short drawer and recess, flanking napery and cellarette enclosed by decorative panel doors, set on bracket base £20-30
130.    A 30" early 20th Century oak stool, set on shaped standard ends with double peg stretchers £20-30
131.    A 32" 20th Century waxed pine chest of two short and three long drawers, set on bracket feet £30-40
132.    A late Victorian fireside armchair upholstered in floral pattern tapestry, set on square tapered front legs and brown porcelain casters £20-40
133.    A 35" 1920`s oak gateleg table, set on barley twist supports £10-20
134.    A 36 1/2" modern painted wood washstand in the Victorian style with shaped gallery, two frieze drawers and flanking turned supports, set on a quatrefoil platform base £30-40
135.    A 33" Edwardian stained mixed wood two tier table, set on turned supports and brown porcelain casters £10-15
136.    A 4' 5" antique mahogany drop leaf dining table with single gated action, one support detached but included £15-25
137.    A 36" modern ottoman chest with cream coloured upholstery, set on reeded turned legs £20-30
138.    An 8' 8" modern Chesterfield settee upholstered in repeat pattern tapestry, with six scatter cushions to match - matching Lot 218 £30-50
139.    A 30" early 20th Century stained oak bureau in the antique style with part fitted interior and two long drawers, set on barley twist supports £10-20
140.    A 31" stripped pine five shelf waterfall bookcase with shaped sides and turned feet - sold with a small polished pine open corner shelf unit with drawer £20-40
141.    A pair of 17" modern polished pine three drawer bedside chests £20-30
142.    A 4' 20th Century walnut veneered and stained wood "Long John" coffee table with glass inset top, set on cabriole legs with pad feet £15-25
143.    A 28 1/2" late 19th Century oak wall mounted cabinet and shelf unit - sold with a stained wood wall shelf unit - both a/f £10-15
144.    A 6' 6" Indian painted hardwood elephant seat with polychrome carved floral scroll decoration and spindle gallery, set on braced swept supports £50-70
145.    A 20th Century polished oak and mixed wood two door cabinet with recess - sold with a similar bedside cupboard and nest of three tea tables £10-15
146.    A 4' Victorian mahogany window bench with solid top and turned legs - a/f £10-15
147.    A 4' 6" 19th Century mahogany bureau with fully fitted interior, flanking heavy brass drop handles and an array of six short and long drawers under, set on heavy turned feet £30-50
148.    An early 20th Century stained beech framed Queen Anne style dressing table mirror, set on square tapered supports and square legs £20-30
149.    A modern polished pine framed platform dressing table mirror £10-15
150.    A 7' 3" Heritage Furniture reproduction mahogany and cross banded break front sideboard with six drawers to the low raised back over a base with canted corners and five part painted panelled cupboard doors, set on casters - minor surface damage to top £30-50
151.    A 35" early 20th Century Minty stained oak five section elastic bookcase, each enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors
152.    A 6' 6" late 19th Century satin walnut and golden oak triple wardrobe with incised and ebonised Aesthetic decoration, moulded cornice, three slides and three drawers enclosed by a central mirror panel door with flanking later fitted shelves enclosed by decorative panel doors, set on plinth base - 7' 6" high £100-150
153.    A 3' 6" 20th Century stained oak and mixed wood linen chest with material lined interior and simple block feet £15-25
154.    A 3' 8" late Georgian mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on raised turned feet £80-120
155.    A modern polished pine framed cheval mirror, set on turned supports £15-25
156.    A 36" mid 20th Century figured walnut veneered low wardrobe with fitted interior enclosed by two doors, set on short cabriole legs - sold with a 4' 6" headboard to match £20-30
157.    A 26" early 20th Century stained bentwood demi-lune hat and coat stand £20-40
158.    A late 20th Century brassed metal and onyx standard lamp with shade £10-15
159.    A 3' 4" antique style stained oak four shelf open bookcase with moulded top, adjustable shelves and bracket feet £40-60
160.    A pair of Victorian mahogany hall chairs with stylised shield backs and turned supports, set on faceted front legs - front roundels missing £30-50
161.    A 3' 5" Edwardian walnut washstand with converted top and pair of burr veneered doors, set on turned legs and porcelain casters £15-25
162.    A 4' 5" antique stripped pine book cabinet with dentil cornice, remains of applied gesso and reeded decoration, with shelves enclosed by a pair of arched glazed panel doors and pair of cupboard doors under - 7' 7 1/2" high £80-120
163.    A 36" 1930`s polished oak book cabinet with blind fretwork decoration to top and adjustable shelves enclosed by a pair of astragal glazed doors, set on turned feet £30-40
164.    An old pine three shelf corner unit with shaped sides £30-40
165.    Two decorative Edwardian walnut framed bedroom chairs, one with inlaid decoration, the other with spindle back, both with upholstered top rails and seats £20-30
166.    A 3' 3 1/2" old stripped pine chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on turned feet £30-50
167.    A 1930`s oak draw-leaf dining table, set on flanking massive bulbous supports and plank stretcher - 5' overall £10-15
168.    A 5' 20th Century polished pine refectory style dining table, set on shaped standard ends with pegged rail stretcher £20-40
169.    Three matching early 20th Century walnut framed Queen Anne style dining chairs with upholstered drop in seats and cabriole front legs - sold with another similar £20-40
170.    A pair of retro oak topped and painted metal framed low stools £20-30
171.    A 36" Edwardian walnut chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, with embossed metal back-plate handles, set on plinth base - a/f £30-40
172.    A set of four 20th Century oak framed Queen Anne style dining chairs with upholstered drop-in seats, set on turned front legs with pad feet £30-40
173.    An early 20th Century oak extending dining table with three leaves and winder, set on heavy barley twist legs and casters £20-40
174.    A set of four modern stained oak framed dining chairs with upholstered seats and square supports £20-30
175.    A 33" 20th Century polished oak storage box in the form of a three panel coffer, with drawer under, set on simple block feet £20-30
176.    A 36 1/2" modern polished pine chest of two short and four long drawers, set on bun feet £30-40
177.    A pair of 17" modern polished pine three drawer bedside chests, set on pommel feet £20-30
178.    A nest of three G-Plan Garrick reproduction mahogany and cross banded tea tables, set on moulded open standard ends £20-30
179.    Four similar polished hardwood framed ladder back dining chairs with triple plank seats, set on square supports £30-40
180.    A 3' 6" 1930`s book matched walnut veneered kneehole dressing table with three frieze drawers - superstructure missing, top for restoration £10-15
181.    A nest of three 20th Century polished oak tea tables, set on turned supports £10-15
182.    A 17" late 19th Century bamboo framed two tier occasional table with shaped top and woven cane surfaces - sold with a small Victorian side table £20-30
183.    A pair of early 20th Century mahogany framed Chippendale style standard chairs with upholstered seats, set on slender cabriole front legs £15-25
184.    A 4' 10" Eastern polished hardwood iron studded and strapwork decorated low coffee table with spindle apron, set on turned legs £40-60
185.    A 33" waxed pine low table with frieze drawer, set on square legs £10-15
186.    A 3' 6" Edwardian walnut chest of two short and three long drawers, set on plinth base £45-55
187.    A modern polished pine dressing table mirror with bevelled oblong plate and flanking turned supports £10-15
188.    An early 20th Century oak framed firescreen with a woolwork classical scene under glass - sold with a Herbert Gibbs polished wood bedside table and gout stool (a/f) £15-25
189.    A 6' 6" old waxed pine preparation table with planked undertier, set on massive square supports £100-150
190.    A 26 1/2" antique oak wall hanging corner cabinet with astragal glazed panel door and canted corners £10-15
191.    A 34" late 19th Century painted chest of two short and two long graduated drawers - from a dressing chest, superstructure missing £20-30
192.    A 16" early 20th Century walnut pot cupboard, set on fan carved cabriole legs - for re-polishing £20-30
193.    A 1920`s stained beech framed reclining armchair with rattan back and seat panels, moulded decoration and turned supports - bearing label for Williams & Cox, Torquay £50-70
194.    Three matching late Regency mahogany framed dining chairs with wide curved top rails and overstuffed seats, set on turned front tulip legs £30-40
195.    A 5' early 20th Century polished oak twin pedestal desk with remains of green leather inset top, gadrooned edge and three frieze drawers with six flanking pedestal drawers, set on acanthus cabriole feet with claw and ball terminals - for re-polishing and restoration £40-60
196.    A 20th Century stained mixed wood framed triple dressing table mirror in the Queen Anne style £10-15
197.    A 3' 6" Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, flanking quarter columns and panelled sides, set on plinth base £60-70
198.    A 3' 6" early 20th Century golden oak dressing table with swing mirror, flanking shelves and trinket drawers over two frieze drawers, set on bracketed square tapered supports and plank undertier £30-40
199.    A 1920`s mahogany framed elbow chair with rattan back panel and upholstered seat, set on cabriole front legs with pad feet £20-30
200.    A 3' 3" heavy waxed pine and iron bound maritime transit trunk with flanking lugs for rope handles, set on drag rails £40-60
201.    A 3' 8" Georgian oak and mahogany cross banded chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, with flanking reeded quarter column decoration - for restoration £100-150
202.    A pair of Edwardian mahogany and strung framed bedroom chairs with decorative pierced splats and upholstered seat panels, set on slender turned supports £20-30
203.    A late Victorian stained oak standard chair in the Jacobean style with ornate carved and pierced vine decoration, flanking barley twist supports and incised solid seat panel £15-25
204.    A 4' 11" Edwardian walnut mirror back sideboard with large bevelled oval plate and flanking pierced supports over a base with two frieze drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on heavy cabriole legs with pad feet £20-40
205.    A pair of 20th Century stained wood framed elbow chairs in the late Georgian style with upholstered drop-in seats, set on square tapered front legs with spade feet £20-30
206.    A 3' 11" late Georgian oak chest of two short and two long graduated drawers, with flanking reeded quarter columns, set on bracket feet - for restoration £100-150
207.    An antique varnished wood stool with solid elm oval seat panel and ring turned supports - sold with another with green painted finish £25-35
208.    An early 20th Century mahogany draw-leaf dining table, set on heavy cabriole legs with pad feet - 5' overall £20-30
209.    A set of eight 20th Century Cryer Craft polished wood framed spindle back dining chairs, with drop-in seats, set on turned front legs - for re-upholstery £50-70
210.    A 19" 1920`s polished oak occasional table, set on barley twist supports £10-15
211.    A 3' 6" Victorian mahogany side table, set on turned legs with brass caps and casters £20-30
212.    An Edwardian inlaid walnut framed bedroom chair with upholstered top rail and seat panel, set on turned front supports £15-25
213.    A 26 1/2" 20th Century stained oak storage box in the form of a three panel coffer, set on moulded block feet £50-60
214.    An early 20th Century stained wood framed child's metamorphic folding table/easel £20-30
215.    A 6' Victorian mahogany twin pedestal partner's desk with black composite inset top, six opposing frieze drawers, one side with six pedestal drawers, the other with flanking cupboards - the locks bearing name T. Turner, Maker 1 City Road, London £100-150
216.    A nest of three 20th Century stained wood tea tables with green leather and glass inset tops, set on slender cabriole legs £15-25
217.    A 33 1/2" 19th Century oak and mahogany cross banded chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £50-70
218.    An 8' 8" modern Chesterfield settee upholstered in repeat pattern tapestry, with six scatter cushions to match - matching Lot 138 £30-50
219.    An Edwardian stained walnut framed Chippendale style framed bedroom chair with decorative top rail and pierced splat back - sold with a later standard chair £15-25
220.    A set of six 20th Century oak framed dining chairs with studded tapestry upholstered backs and seats and simple carved decoration to uprights, set on square supports - comprising four carvers and two standard £50-70
221.    A 16 3/4" modern waxed pine three drawer bedside chest, set on bracket feet £15-25
222.    A 3' 7" 20th Century painted wood kneehole table with converted rustic pine planked washstand top, set on cabriole legs with pad feet £20-30
223.    A pair of late Victorian stained wood framed spindle back bedroom chairs with remains of upholstery to seats, set on slender turned supports £15-25
224.    A 10" modern painted wood and tile inset four door storage unit £10-20
225.    A 24" vintage stained mixed wood lift-top school desk, set on moulded square legs £15-25
226.    A 32" modern polished pine chest of two short and three long drawers, set on pommel feet £20-40
227.    A 5' 2" 20th Century polished mixed wood serpentine front sideboard with three central graduated short drawers and six flanking wider drawers, set on raised bracket feet - by Malcolm Furniture £20-40
228.    A 17 1/4" stained hardwood two shelf bedside unit with drawer to top £15-25
229.    A 3' 11" Victorian mahogany dressing table with swing mirror (plate missing) and flanking trinket drawers over a console base with frieze drawer, turned front supports and shaped platform undertier £40-60
230.    A reproduction mahogany and strung framed sabre leg dining chair with upholstered drop-in seat and reeded decoration £10-15
231.    A 19th Century mahogany and strung platform dressing table mirror with oval plate and two drawers to base, set on bracket feet £20-40
232.    A cast iron folding mangle by Jones & Co. Ltd. Bristol £30-50
233.    A 30" 20th Century polished oak credence table with low raised back and frieze drawer, set on turned and carved front supports, shaped platform undertier and bun feet £30-40
234.    A 17 1/2" modern painted cane and rattan panelled two tier bedside unit with glass inset surfaces and two drawers - sold with a painted cane two tier stand with glass surfaces and a painted wood framed ladder back chair £15-25
235.    Two pairs of similar Windsor kitchen chairs with moulded solid elm seat panels, set on ring turned supports - sold with a similar stick back elbow chair £40-60
236.    A 4' 3" modern polished pine kitchen table, set on heavy square tapered legs £20-40
237.    A Victorian child's rosewood framed high panel back chair with pierced scroll top rail and flanking open barley twist uprights, with repeat pattern tapestry upholstered back panel and seat, set on barley twist front legs £20-40
238.    A pair of early 20th Century oak framed baronial style carver chairs with barley twist supports and leather upholstered drop-in seats - sold with a set of four panel back dining chairs with studded leather upholstery, set on turned front supports £30-50
239.    A 3' 5" 19th Century mahogany chest of three long graduated drawers, set on replacement short cabriole legs and pad feet - for re-polishing £40-50
240.    A modern brown leather upholstered scroll armchair by Ashley Manor, set on polished wood bun feet £40-60
241.    Three matching late Victorian mahogany framed balloon back dining chairs with overstuffed upholstered seats, set on front scroll cabriole legs £30-40
242.    A 4' 3" Edwardian walnut kneehole writing desk with remains of brass gallery to red leather inset top, with long frieze drawer and four flanking short drawers, set on turned supports and uniting moulded stretcher £150-180
243.    A 3' 1" modern polished pine and mixed wood chest with moulded raised back and four long drawers, set on bracket feet £40-50
244.    A 3' 6" mid 20th Century polished sapele wood single pedestal Banker's desk with two slides and three fitted drawers, set on square supports £20-40
245.    A set of six modern blonde wood framed ladder back dining chairs with woven rush seats, set on square supports £50-60
246.    A Victorian prie dieu chair with later tapestry upholstery, set on turned front legs and casters £10-15
247.    A 31" antique carved and stained oak bureau with pigeon-hole and drawer fitted interior, long frieze drawer with two short and two long graduated further drawers under, set on bracket feet £50-70
248.    A 36 1/2" 19th Century later painted chest of two short and three long graduated drawers - feet missing £30-40
249.    A 25 3/4" Edwardian mahogany display cabinet with material lined interior and shelves enclosed by a part glazed beaded panel door, set on raised block feet £20-30
250.    A 36" modern reproduction mahogany six shelf open bookcase, set on plinth base £30-50
251.    A 34" modern reproduction mahogany and yew bookcase with two adjustable shelves and pair of cupboard doors under, set on bracket feet £20-30
252.    A pair of 16" reproduction mahogany bedside cabinets by Rossmore Furniture with open recessed tops and moulded decoration £30-40
253.    An early 20th Century polished oak extending dining table with canted top and two leaves, set on heavy square tapered legs with flared feet and casters - no winder - 5' 10 1/2" overall £20-40
254.    An 18" reproduction figured walnut and strung sofa table, set on heart pierced standard ends and quadruple splayed legs with brass lion paw caps and casters £15-25
255.    A 4' Edwardian stained walnut and strung kneehole dressing table with large bevelled swing mirror, central shelf and flanking trinket drawers over frieze drawer and four flanking short drawers, set on square tapered legs £40-60
256.    A 1980`s brassed metal and onyx effect resin standard lamp with shade £10-15
257.    A 1920`s stained wood framed four fold dressing screen with oriental style embroidered decoration and opposing printed fabric panels £20-30
258.    A 3' 9" antique oak two part dresser, formed from an older dough bin, set on turned supports and open stretcher base, surmounted by a two shelf open plate rack with central cupboard £150-200
259.    A 27 1/2" polished oak gateleg table, set on sharp barley twist supports £30-40
260.    A 36" 1930`s stained mixed wood drop-leaf dining table, set on cabriole legs with pad feet £10-15
261.    Two antique mahogany pot cupboards - both for restoration £50-60
262.    A 35" early 20th Century Minty stained oak four section elastic bookcase, each enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors - one pane a/f
263.    A 5' modern polished pine refectory style dining table, set on shaped standard ends with pegged stretcher £20-40
264.    A 36" vintage polished oak gentleman's wardrobe with shelf fitted and hanging space interior enclosed by a pair of panel doors, set on moulded block feet £30-40
265.    A 4' Victorian waxed pine kitchen table with two frieze drawers, set on turned legs - animal damage £40-50
265A.   A reproduction stained wood framed button back armchair, upholstered in frosted lime tapestry, set on carved cabriole legs £30-40
266.    A 21" mahogany three shelf waterfall bookcase by Bevan Funnell "Reprodux", set on bracket feet £20-30
267.    A 25" stained eastern hardwood side table with frieze drawer, set on cabriole legs £20-30
268.    A painted framed spindle back bedroom chair - sold with a painted cane work two tier stand £10-15
269.    A 3' 4 1/2" 19th Century mahogany bow front chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet £30-50
270.    A 3' 11" painted wardrobe with central moulded decoration and chicken wire inset doors with drawer under, set on bracket feet £20-30
271.    A 35 1/2" polished oak radiator cover with pierced balustrade to front £15-25
272.    A 22 1/2" reproduction mahogany corner cabinet with dentil cornice, astragal glazed panel door and cupboard door under, set on bracket feet £15-25
273.    A 3' 10" 19th Century oak cross banded and strung two part dresser with dentil cornice, open shelves, flanking cupboards and two drawers to top, over a base with two deep drawers and shaped apron, set on cabriole front legs £100-200
274.    A 22" stained wood wall mounted three shelf unit with pegged standard ends - sold with a small painted canework three shelf corner stand £10-15
275.    A 24" modern wood and galvanised metal wine rack £10-15
276.    A 28" polished oak ecclesiastical lectern with sloping top and pierced Gothic arch decoration to front, set on raised plinth base £50-60
277.    A 6' Edwardian Chesterfield settee upholstered in tartan material, set on walnut turned legs and casters £80-100
278.    A painted wrought metal freestanding eighteen bottle wine rack, set on scroll feet £15-25
279.    A pair of old oak framed foot stools with upholstered tops and fluted legs - 1 a/f £10-15
280.    A 3' 2 1/2" modern polished pine low wardrobe with gallery to top, shelves and hanging space enclosed by a pair of panelled doors and with deep drawer under, set on plinth base £20-40
281.    A 3' 6" early 20th Century oak dressing chest with bevelled oval swing mirror and three long graduated drawers, set on turned feet £20-40
282.    An 11" vintage Ryman Conran painted metal filing cabinet with flight of ten drawers £40-50
283.    A 24" retro reproduction oak freestanding magazine rack/table with oval top and pierced shaped standard ends £15-25
284.    A 30" early 20th Century stripped and carved oak side table with decorative frieze drawer, set on bulbous turned front supports £20-30
285.    A 4' part painted commercial butcher's block with thick iron bound top, set on a base with planked undertier and heavy square supports £100-150
286.    A 5' 6" Edwardian chaise longue upholstered in old gold velour, set on walnut turned legs and casters £30-50
287.    A 23" old painted pine and iron bound transit case bearing "Cape Town" transit labels £20-40
288.    A 23 1/2" modern Domestik (Italy) polished wood and painted metal servery unit with carving surface top, two drawers, three slides and three wire baskets, set on locking casters £20-30
289.    A 6' 4" antique oak five panel mule style linen chest with two drawers under, set on simple block feet £300-350
290.    A 3' 4" antique oak and cross banded bureau with pigeon-hole, drawer and cupboard fitted interior over four long graduated drawers, set on bracket feet a/f £30-50
291.    A 19th Century ebonised wood Gypsy table, with warped circular top - sold with a Lloyd Loom style cane framed boudoir elbow chair and a walnut framed bevelled mirror from a dressing table £15-25
292.    A 6' 20th Century three seater Chesterfield settee upholstered in button back green velour £50-80
293.    A pair of Victorian mahogany balloon back dining chairs with decorative pierced acanthus splat backs, set on cabriole front legs - for re-upholstery £10-20
294.    A 34 1/2" reproduction mahogany and cross banded sofa table with two frieze drawers, set on moulded standard ends and splayed feet with lion paw caps and casters - a/f £40-50
295.    An Edwardian stained walnut locker piano stool with lift-up seat, flanking handles and sheet music cupboard under enclosed by a carved panel door £20-30
296.    A 36" early 20th Century polished oak chest with two long graduated drawers and pair of panelled cupboard doors under, set on turned feet £20-30
297.    A 15" 20th Century Sorrento Ware souvenir table with decorative inlaid octagonal top, set on slender tapered legs £10-15
298.    A reproduction ornate gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror with fan, acanthus and reeded decoration to frame - 3' 2" X 4' 2" £50-80
299.    An old Windsor stick back kitchen chair, set on ring turned supports and an Edwardian bedroom chair - both with later painted finish £10-15
300.    A 3' 6" Edwardian walnut and marble top washstand with two frieze drawers, central cupboard and flanking undertier shelves, set on turned supports £20-30
301.    A pair of modern brass and painted finish standard reading lamps with hinged top sections and circular bases £10-20
302.    A 20th Century cane work peacock chair £20-30
303.    A 4' 10" diameter bespoke stained wood and parcel gilt decorated dining table with mirror inset top, set on a drum base with reeded scroll supports, stepped moulding and stylised paw feet £100-150
304.    A 6' 20th Century three seater Chesterfield settee upholstered in button back green velour £50-80
305.    A 4' modern pine bracketed wall shelf with towel rail under £15-25
306.    A mid 20th Century painted wood three tier tea trolley, set on casters £10-15
307.    A 29" old painted pine and iron bound transit case, with flanking iron handles £20-40
308.    A 3' 6" 20th Century carved oak linen chest, set on simple block feet - top panel split £15-25
309.    A 4' 6" diameter modern Chinese hardwood dining table with decorative frieze and moulding, set on a hexagonal pedestal base with cupboard and typical feet £50-80
310.    A late 20th Century stained wood and green button back leather upholstered office swivel chair with Norwegian mechanism, set on quadruple splayed legs with casters £50-70
311.    A set of four Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs with wide curved top rails and later red leatherette upholstery, set on turned front legs - some later bracing £40-50
321.    A late Georgian oak elbow chair with solid seat panel, turned front supports and deep apron £30-50
322.    A pair of 8 1/2" 19th Century flame mahogany and ebony strung serpentine front knife boxes with sloping tops, original fitted interiors and flanking drop handles - some ebony binding loss £300-350
323.    A 3' 6" 19th Century mahogany side table with low gallery and two frieze drawers, set on turned legs £60-80
324.    A 19th Century mahogany and strung gentleman's corner washstand with raised splashback to top, undertier with central drawer and flanking dummy drawer fronts and shaped stretcher, set on triple splayed legs £50-70
325.    A 24" early 20th Century varnished oak book cabinet with galleried shelf top and further material lined shelves enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors, set on bracket feet £20-40
326.    A 35" early 20th Century Minty stained oak five section elastic bookcase, each enclosed by a pair of glazed panel doors £50-70
327.    A 24" Edwardian inlaid mahogany and strung bow front display cabinet with shaped raised back, material lined interior enclosed by a decorative leaded glazed panel door, set on slender swept legs £50-80
328.    A vintage stained wood metamorphic child's high chair/play table with impressed clown decoration to splat and bentwood tray rail £20-30
329.    A 22" 19th Century mahogany gentleman's corner washstand with shaped splashback to top, central drawer and flanking dummy drawer fronts to undertier and shaped stretcher, set on triple swept supports £20-40
330.    A 3' 3" reproduction and antiqued stained wood display coffee table with bevelled glass top, mirror-lined long drawer and undertier, set on turned supports £40-60
331.    A 19th Century mahogany gentlemans washstand with bowl and cup apertures to top and drawer to undertier, set on chamfered square supports with X-stretcher £30-50
332.    A 34" late Regency mahogany and cross banded fold-over card table with applied cast brass detailing, set on an open bow pattern support and quatrefoil base with quadruple splayed legs, brass lion paw caps and casters £150-200
333.    A 20" 19th Century mahogany salesman's sample/dolls half tester bedstead with flanking bobbin turned supports to foot board and moulded hood £30-50
334.    A 19th Century mahogany and strung drop-leaf dining table with single gated action to each end, set on square tapered legs - 5' 1 1/2" overall £30-40
335.    A 25" antique oak centre table with geometric parquetry inlaid top, the frieze drawer with heavy cast brass integral lock, escutcheon and drop handle, set on bobbin turned supports and moulded open stretcher base with pommel feet £100-200
336.    A 3' 9" 20th Century polished oak monk's bench with decorative four panel back and flanking twin barley twist supports, locker seat and decorative apron, set on squat bun feet £150-170
337.    A 30" Victorian bentwood and metal bound dome top travelling trunk with remains of canvas weather coating and repaired latch mounts to front £20-30
338.    A late 19th Century child's continental bentwood elbow chair with machine pressed circular seat panel and splayed legs £10-15
339.    A 3' 6" Victorian part painted pine side table with later waxed plank top and drawers, set on turned legs and brown porcelain casters £20-30
340.    An antique oak hall chair with carved and pegged top rail, panel back and solid seat, set on turned and moulded supports with barley twist front stretcher - old repair £30-50
341.    A 3' 1" old painted pine lift-top trunk with flanking iron drop handles - top split £20-30
342.    An Ercol Windsor polished light wood framed elbow chair with tapestry upholstered back and cushion, set on simple turned supports - bearing "Patent Applied For" stamp and part Ercol label £30-40
343.    An early 20th Century stained mixed wood framed high stick back elbow chair with incised roundel decoration and upholstered seat panel, set on moulded square tapered front legs £40-50
344.    A 24" early 20th Century stained oak two tier occasional table with moulded petal shaped top, set on turned supports - bearing plaque for Ernest Smith, Southsea £20-40
345.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany boudoir elbow chair with decorative top rail, stick back and old gold velour upholstery to back and seat panel, set on square tapered front legs with spade feet - sold with a larger similar with profuse decoration to shaped splat back - some inlay loss £50-70
346.    An 18" Edwardian inlaid book matched rosewood veneered two tier occasional table, set on simulated rosewood turned supports £30-40
347.    An Edwardian stained and inlaid wood tub shape stick back elbow chair with upholstered seat panel, set on simple turned supports £20-40
348.    A 22 3/4" late Victorian ebonised two tier occasional table, set on turned supports £20-30
349.    A 32" 19th Century mahogany Pembroke table with shaped top and single drawer, set on slender square tapered legs £30-50
350.    A stained mixed wood castle style spinning wheel £20-40
351.    A 15" modern reproduction mahogany desk tidy with two short drawers under and moulded plinth base £10-15
352.    A 23 1/2" Edwardian stained walnut Canterbury, the raised top surface with moulding and back rail, set on decorative turned supports with dividers and drawer to undertier, set on brown porcelain casters £70-100
353.    A 19th Century shepherd's style settle back child's rocking commode chair £30-50
354.    A Winsor & Newton blonde wood table top artist's easel £20-30
355.    An 18" antique carved oak occasional table with shaped frieze, turned supports and moulded platform undertier £30-50
356.    A 32" 19th Century inlaid mahogany, cross banded and strung break bow front side table with one frieze drawer, set on reeded and tapered legs with splayed feet £100-150
357.    A 21" Victorian burr walnut veneered Sutherland table, set on decorative standard ends with acanthus scroll legs and white porcelain casters - faded £30-40
358.    An early 20th Century mahogany folding cake stand bearing plaque "The Monoplane" £20-40
359.    A 12" 19th Century coromandel and strung two tier occasional table, set on square tapered supports - bearing embossed metal label for "Robert Weston, Liverpool" £80-120
360.    A 15" old stripped pine chest with flight of eight long graduated drawers £40-60
361.    A stained wood Gothic style high mitre back standard chair with pierced splats and moulded solid seat, set on heavy cabriole front legs with pad feet and crinoline stretcher £80-120
362.    A 16" reproduction polished hardwood worktable with tooled leather inset top and slide, frieze drawer and pull out work drawer under, set on square tapered supports with splayed terminals and X-stretcher £40-60
363.    A 20th Century bedroom armchair upholstered in button back brown velour - sold with a foot stool to match £20-40
364.    A 24" Edwardian mahogany Sutherland table, set on turned supports with brown porcelain casters £20-40
365.    A 19" cane framed and basket weave tray topped two tier occasional table - sold with a similar three tier stand £20-30
366.    A 19th Century mahogany pole screen standard with finial to top and ornate tripod base with carved hoof pattern feet £50-80
367.    A 13 1/2" 20th Century Oriental stained wood cabinet with decorative pierced raised back and three long drawers enclosed by a pair of pierced panel doors, with two short drawers under, set on typical feet £75-85
368.    A 16 1/2" reproduction mahogany and strung pedestal table with spindle set undertier, turned pillar and quadruple cabriole legs £20-40
369.    A Victorian mahogany framed child's Prie Dieu chair with tapestry upholstery and flanking bobbin turned uprights, set on turned front legs with brass caps and casters - old repair £30-50
370.    An early 20th Century stained mixed wood and painted iron framed swivel office chair with stick bow back and moulded solid seat, set on quadruple legs - some wear £30-40
371.    A vintage stripped Ercol Windsor style hoop stick back elbow chair with moulded solid elm seat, set on simple turned supports £10-15
372.    A 26 1/2" diameter 19th Century mahogany tilt-top table, set on turned pillar and tripod base with pad feet £30-50
373.    A 12" antique stained oak stool, set on ring turned supports with uniting stretcher £30-50
374.    A Victorian parlour armchair upholstered in button back floral tapestry, set on turned front legs with white porcelain casters £30-40
375.    A 30" 20th Century mahogany cross banded and strung serpentine front bachelor's chest in the Georgian style with brushing slide and four long graduated drawers under, set on raised bracket feet £80-120
376.    A 16 1/2" reproduction polished hardwood display cabinet with acanthus scroll pediment and beaded style glazed panel door £15-25
377.    A 3' 1 1/2" antique Continental stained wood rocking cradle with re-lined interior and base as a planter £20-40
378.    A 24" late 20th Century simulated bamboo and stained wood butler's tray with rattan surface, set on a folding stand £15-25
379.    A 14 1/4" vintage stained mixed wood Perivale Sewing Silks branded display chest of six glass fronted drawers - de-lamination to sides £60-70
380.    A 31" 20th Century polished oak tea table, set on club pierced shaped standard ends with pegged stretcher £15-25
381.    A 22" 19th Century inlaid mahogany and strung oval drum top table with shell motif, wavy gallery and frieze drawer, set on slender square swept supports with shaped undertier £50-80
382.    A 35 1/2" diameter 19th Century mahogany pedestal table, set on turned pillar and tripod base with pad feet £30-50
383.    A 18" diameter reproduction mahogany pedestal wine table with mother-of-pearl disc inset top, set on turned pillar and tripod base £15-25
384.    A 6' 6" Stouby (Danish) Eva three seater settee upholstered in brown leather, set on moulded square legs £300-400
385.    A 36" Victorian book matched veneered rosewood Sutherland table, set on twin flanking turned supports and white porcelain casters £50-70
386.    Two painted metal freestanding wine racks £15-25
387.    A 33 1/2" modern waxed pine dome-top linen chest, set on plinth base £20-40
388.    A 36" 20th Century polished oak coffee table, set on pierced shaped standard ends with peg stretcher £15-25
389.    A 21 1/2" 19th Century mahogany wine cooler of hexagonal tapered design with four brass lion mask ring handles, set on brass lion paw feet £100-150
390.    A 20th Century mahogany X-frame stool with studded button back leather upholstery, set on scroll supports and turned stretchers £30-40
391.    A set of six late 20th Century Amish range beech framed high ladder back dining chairs with faux pegged decoration and solid seat panels, set on square supports, comprising five standard and carver £60-80
392.    A Regency stained wood framed child's highchair with decorative acanthus scroll splat and rattan seat panel, set on ring turned front supports £40-60
393.    A Victorian revolving piano stool with upholstered seat, set on ornate turned pillar and acanthus scroll tripod base - screw mechanism a/f £20-30
394.    A 17" Brights of Nettlebed reproduction mahogany two tier bedside table with pierced brass gallery to top and two long drawers to undertier, set on turned legs with brass casters £30-50
395.    A modern polished wood castle style spinning wheel with two carding combs and booklet- a/f £15-25
396.    A Regency brass inlaid rosewood framed child`s high chair with decorative top rail, circular seat and wooden screw height adjustment, set on turned and reeded legs with splayed terminals £30-50
397.    A 20" diameter 19th Century rosewood pedestal table with pie-crust top, set on a turned tulip pillar and cabriole scroll tripod base £30-50
398.    A 21" 19th Century mahogany Pembroke table with drawer to one end and opposing dummy drawer front, set on ring turned legs £20-30
399.    An Edwardian walnut part show frame tub shaped elbow chair with triple pierced splat and burgundy velour upholstery, set on turned front legs and porcelain casters £20-30
400.    A 24 1/4" diameter stained mahogany and oak pedestal tavern table, set on a decorative carved bulbous pillar and stepped trefoil base £30-40
401.    A pair of modern bamboo and cane framed folding chairs with stick set backs and seat panels £20-40
402.    A 24" diameter 19th Century mahogany tilt-top pedestal table in the Georgian style with pie-crust edge top, set on turned and reeded pillar and carved tripod base with claw and ball feet £30-40
403.    A Victorian inlaid rosewood three tier corner whatnot with graduated surfaces and turned supports - reduced £10-20
404.    A pair of 20th Century Victorian style box framed armchairs with polished wood part show frames with acanthus decoration and blue tapestry repeat pattern upholstery, set on turned front legs £50-70
405.    A 20th Century leather high wing-back armchair with remains of brown button back leather upholstery, set on cabriole front legs with pad feet £30-50
406.    A 29 1/2" Barcelona chair with button back black leather upholstery, set on polished metal flanking X-frame supports £100-200
407.    A 30" vintage wicker log basket - sold with a laundry basket base and a smaller wicker basket £30-40
408.    A 3' 3 1/2" Mexican stained pine coffee table storage box with iron strap hinges and locks to the flanking twin lift-top compartments, set on stepped block feet £40-60
409.    A Victorian mahogany extending dining table with two leaves and winder, set on heavy cabriole legs with pad feet and rosewood casters - 5' 10" overall £30-40
410.    A set of six Victorian carved oak framed high back dining chairs with decorative top rails (one a/f) and upholstered seat panels, set on turned front legs £40-60
411.    A 30" wicker log basket with flanking handles £20-30
412.    Two oak framed dressing stools, one with moulded square supports, both with upholstered drop-in seat panels £10-20
413.    A 3' 6" late 19th Century polished quarter sawn oak side table with rope-twist edge, long frieze drawer and shaped apron, set on an open stretcher base with turned supports £30-50
414.    A 30" Victorian stripped pine washstand with raised splashback and bowl aperture to top, the undertier with long frieze drawer, set on turned supports £30-40
415.    A 30" early 20th Century stained mixed wood portable desk with triple folding top, compartments and writing surface over three partitioned drawers £50-60
416.    A 3' 4" Victorian carved oak three tier buffet with two decorative frieze drawers to lift-top and barley twist supports, set on squat bun feet £80-120
417.    A 27" 19th Century mahogany wall mounted break bow front three shelf unit, with slender ring turned front supports £20-30
418.    A 19 1/2" reproduction mahogany cross banded and walnut veneer revolving bookcase with inlaid star motif to top and reeded uprights £40-60
419.    Three matching polished pine framed standard dining chairs with upholstered backs and seats, set on turned front legs - sold with three matching similar standard chairs with curved top rails £20-30
420.    A modern gilt framed wall mirror with bevelled oblong plate, beaded border and decorative corners - 3' 5" X 4' 6" £30-50
421.    A modern ornate gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror in the antique style with raised acanthus scroll, reeded and cross-hatched decoration - 4' 2" X 5' 2" £50-80
422.    A 22" Art Deco wall mounted opaque white glass bathroom wall mirror with chrome fitted octagonal bevelled mirror plate, flanking cup and toothbrush holders with bracketed shelf under £50-80
423.    A stained and leaded glass door window pane with central oval floral boss with foliate corners within a tiger's-eye effect border - 38 1/4" X 27 1/4" £100-120
424.    A modern ornate gilt framed bevelled oval wall mirror with C-scroll and foliate decoration - 35" X 3' 11" £30-40
425.    A vintage gilt framed narrow oblong wall mirror - sold with a smaller gilt framed mirror £10-15
426.    A vintage embossed brass framed bevelled oblong wall mirror with thistle pattern border - sold with a small gilt framed convex wall mirror £15-25
427.    A 27 1/2" diameter Art Deco style bevelled wall mirror with stained wood stepped frame £20-30
428.    An early 20th Century embossed metal framed bevelled oval wall mirror with applied lion mask and vine decoration to top £20-40
429.    A 3' 1" early 20th Century stained walnut and cross banded framed wall mirror with shaped bevelled plate and moulded border £20-40
430.    A 15 3/4" diameter 19th Century bevelled wall mirror with decorative border £20-30
431.    A Victorian cast brass triple branch wall sconce with ornate acanthus lion mask, pierced foliate border and central bevelled oval mirror plate, the back velvet lined £40-50
432.    A modern ornate gilt and part ebonised framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £15-25
433.    An Edwardian mahogany and strung framed bevelled oval wall mirror £10-20
434.    An ornate gilt and part ebonised framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £20-30
435.    An old carved stained wood framed bevelled oblong wall mirror with repeat foliate motifs representing the union £30-50
436.    An ornate gilt and part ebonised framed bevelled oblong wall mirror £20-30
437.    A modern simulated bamboo framed oblong wall mirror £10-20
438.    A 20th Century carved stained oak framed bevelled wall mirror with canted oblong plate £15-25
439.    A reproduction Art Nouveau gilt framed bevelled oblong wall mirror with water lily pattern border £20-30
440.    An old bevelled oval wall mirror with decorative painted, incised and gilded border - sold with a small bevelled oblong wall mirror £20-30
441.    An early 20th Century oak framed narrow bevelled oblong wall mirror with carved decoration to top - sold with a pair of lacquered framed Japanese oil paintings on panels, both depicting views of Mt. Fuji - a/f £10-15
442.    A small reproduction gilt framed dome top wall mirror with applied cherub and beaded decoration - sold with a modern leaded style decorative mirror panel £10-20
451.    A 19th Century oak cased banjo barometer/thermometer with mercury works and silvered dial marked for Braham Bros., Opticians, Bath £20-30
452.    A 19th Century mahogany and ebony strung banjo barometer/thermometer with humidity dial, temperature scale and remains of central mirror, the silvered dial with central compass point star motif and with spirit level under - bearing label stating "new mercury tube fitted Dec. 2014" £100-120
453.    An early 20th Century oak framed wall clock with visible pendulum, bevelled arched glazed panels to door and eight day spring driven gong striking movement £15-25
454.    A 19th Century ornate inlaid walnut and rosewood cased wall clock with acanthus pediment, flanking turned spindles, visible mercury effect pendulum and mirror set case back, with American bell striking movement £140-180
455.    A late 19th Century American stained wood cased drop dial wall clock with seconds dial, roman numerals and visible pendulum, with Ansonia gong striking movement £20-40
456.    A 20th Century brass cased bulkhead style timepiece on polished wood wall plaque with Philips HF quartz battery movement £10-15
457.    A modern waxed pine framed battery wall clock with longcase style arched dial marked for Duncan Hunter, Danbury £20-30
458.    A late 20th Century Weathermaster stained and moulded wood framed circular wall barometer with visible aneroid works to dial centre £20-30
459.    An Art Deco marble and slate cased mantel clock with cast spelter figures of a girl and dog to top with Marti gold medal eight day bell striking movement - bezel and door glass missing and no pendulum £20-30
460.    An early 20th Century oak cased wall clock with visible pendulum and Gustav Becker eight day gong striking movement £15-25
461.    An Art Deco polished oak cased mantel clock with English eight day chiming movement £10-15
462.    A small early 20th Century marble, black slate and granite cased timepiece of architectural design with four faceted tapered columns to corners, decorative hands and simple thirty hour movement £20-40
463.    Two vintage Swiza bedside alarm clocks £15-25
464.    An early 20th Century chinoiserie cased bracket style timepiece with cast brass handle to raised pediment and engine turned slightly domed silvered dial marked for retailer Asprey, with platform escapement eight day movement £60-80
465.    An early 20th Century inlaid mahogany cased Napoleon hat mantel clock with silvered dial and Empire eight day gong striking movement £20-30
466.    An Art Deco marble, black slate and gilt metal mounted ornate clock garniture with flanking pedestal stands and central oval dial marked for UCRA with simple timepiece movement £150-170
467.    A late 19th Century Aesthetic Movement ebonised cased and decorative blue and white ceramic panel inset cased mantel clock with Arabic numerals to similarly decorated dial and with eight day gong striking movement - some moulding detached, some included £50-80
468.    A late Victorian black slate and marble cased mantel clock of architectural design - a/f £10-15
469.    A vintage Smiths Sectric walnut dome top cased small timepiece - sold as a collector's item only £20-25
470.    An early 20th Century mahogany cased mantel clock with remains of applied oil lamp and swag decoration to frieze, set on bracket feet, the silvered dial marked for Mallory, Bath, with eight day gong striking movement £20-30
471.    An early 20th Century polished oak cased Napoleon hat mantel clock with German/American eight day gong striking movement £10-15
472.    An 18th Century thirty hour longcase clock movement, the 10" brass dial with single hand, date aperture and engraved dial centre bearing applied plaque for Benjamin Wilson, London, four pillar movement striking on large bell £30-50
473.    A vintage polished wood cased Napoleon hat mantel clock with polished brass bezel and line decoration, with Hermle eight day chiming movement £20-30
474.    A 1977 stained oak cased table timepiece, the brass and silver centred dial bearing hallmark and commemorating the Silver Jubilee, with Charles Frodsham, London platform escapement timepiece movement £150-180
475.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany dome top mantel timepiece with white enamel dial and Buren Swiss eight day movement £40-60
476.    A mid 20th Century polished oak cased mantel clock with Smiths eight day chiming movement £15-25
477.    An early 20th Century polished oak mitre shaped cased mantel alarm clock with American bell striking movement £10-20
478.    An old Wurttemberg chiming mantel clock movement with original dial and arched bevelled glass door panel, etc. £10-20
479.    A 1930`s oak cased mantel clock with eight day chiming movement £10-15
480.    A late 19th Century oak cased wall barometer with damaged rope twist border case and cracked ceramic dial with visible aneroid works to dial centre £10-15
481.    A late Victorian black slate and red inset marble cased mantel clock with dial marked for Yabsley, London and with eight day bell striking movement - case for re-polishing - sold with a small aneroid wall barometer £10-20
482.    A late Victorian grey marble cased pedestal mantel clock with bowled top, flanking lion mask ring handles and eight day bell striking movement £30-40
483.    An early 20th Century mahogany and stained wood cased dome top bracket clock with Arabic numerals to dial and simple eight day gong striking movement - some moulding detached but included £20-30
484.    A late 20th Century mahogany cased grandmother clock, the moon phase arched dial marked for Richard Broad, Bodmin, Cornwall, with visible pendulum and triple weight driven chiming movement, complete with 1987 receipt £40-60
551.    A glass dome with wooden base £40-60
552.    A glass dome with wooden base £40-60
553.    A box containing vintage perfume bottles including Givenchy, Van Cleef, Chanel, etc. £40-60
554.    Two framed vintage advertising prints comprising Batchelor's Peas and Carnation Milk £20-30
555.    Two soapstone carvings £10-20
556.    Two Sparklets globular soda syphons £20-30
557.    A Sorrento puzzle box with "Recuerdo de Buenes Aires" to lid £15-25
558.    A black leather Ackery handbag - sold with an evening bag £20-40
559.    A framed Stevenograph of jockey Fred Archer (late) £20-30
560.    A film can containing various reels of cottons, and a box containing similar £30-50
561.    An old turned wood truncheon and a Nut Brown Icing Outfit £20-30
562.    An African carved wood mask £10-20
563.    A collection of vintage perfume including Van Cleef & Arples, Versache, Jean Charles, Balmain, etc. £40-60
564.    A rosewood workbox carcass £20-30
565.    A pair of French Supra "Flammarion" binoculars in original leather case - sold with a Brownie Model F £20-40
566.    A box containing Christmas decorations £10-20
567.    Two glass flambeau lampshades and a gilt metal and cut crystal watch case £30-50
568.    A collection of seashells £20-40
569.    A modern reproduction brass telescope £30-40
570.    An adjustable desk magnifier £20-30
571.    A wooden model of the tea clipper Cutty Sark - hull length 2' 8", rigging in need of restoration £30-50
572.    A tan ostrich leather handbag £20-30
573.    An Ackery black ostrich leather handbag £20-30
574.    A tan ostrich leather handbag £20-30
575.    A box of assorted wooden African animals £20-40
576.    A vintage model of a Dutch schuyt barge - hull length 2' £20-30
577.    An African carved wood bust of a woman and a smaller similar £20-30
578.    Two vintage red rotary dial telephones - with modern wiring £40-60
579.    A vintage Admel Fingalite draughtsman's light £30-50
580.    An early 20th Century Oriental style faceted vase - as a table lamp £40-60
581.    A vintage polished wood table lamp in the form of a yacht £15-25
582.    A vintage industrial down lighter £30-50
583.    A pair of Oriental moulded celadon table lamps - one a/f £40-60
584.    An Edwardian brass wall bracket light with frosted and cranberry shade £20-30
585.    An adjustable reading lamp £15-25
586.    A modern banker's lamp - sold with a candlestick pattern table lamp £15-25
587.    A temple jar pattern table lamp £10-20
588.    A vintage Chalwyn car heater and another similar - sold with a small lamp £20-30
589.    An onyx table lamp and various parts for same £5-10
590.    A modern painted cast iron pig pattern moneybox £15-25
591.    A Chinese lacquered cylindrical storage box - a/f £10-20
592.    A pair of Japanese carved bamboo vases £50-80
593.    A Tibetan Buddhist Bhavacakra wheel of life painting on fabric £30-50
594.    A set of three hat boxes £10-20
595.    Two African carved wood figures, one missing his weapons £10-20
596.    A late Victorian pen stand and an antique ebony ruler £10-20
597.    A modern wood carving - sold with a two drawer jewellery chest with sailing boat decoration £10-20
598.    A vintage Straco Little Betty toy sewing machine £10-20
599.    A Russian stereo microscope £40-60
600.    An Agfa Anastigmat F:8.8 bellows camera in leather case £10-20
601.    A brass bound glove box - sold with a jewellery box £20-30
602.    A reproduction painted cast iron Chelsea football sign £10-20
603.    A reproduction painted cast iron Arsenal football sign £10-20
604.    A reproduction painted cast iron Manchester United football sign £10-20
605.    A modern reproduction painted cast iron Outback warning sign £50-80
606.    A collection of vintage perfume bottles including Savatore Ferragamo, Nina Ricci, Valentino, etc. £30-50
607.    Four walking sticks comprising one with antler handle, an Oriental carved bamboo cane with knurled handle, a 1940`s pool cue walking stick with carved map of Japan and bombers flying over, and an umbrella stick £80-120
608.    An oak writing slope with fitted interior £20-30
609.    A Victorian brass bound mahogany writing slope with fitted interior £25-35
610.    A modern reproduction painted cast iron Trespass sign £15-25
611.    A framed collection of reproduction Elizabethan autographs £20-30
612.    A boxed modern Tasco 302058 refractor telescope with tripod £20-30
613.    An Iranian Isfahan Ghalamlar Rezuani wool wall hanging £50-80
614.    Four walking sticks - sold with two shooting sticks £50-80
615.    A reproduction painted cast iron Manchester City football sign £10-20
616.    A reproduction painted cast iron West Ham United sign £10-20
617.    A vintage prop horror decapitated head made from blown foam £50-80
618.    A late 1960`s Pyrerex fire extinguisher £10-20
619.    Three novelty money boxes comprising Fobrux cast iron stove, Routemaster bus and red telephone box £10-20
620.    Three old stained wood violin cases £30-50
621.    An early Victorian framed sampler in memory of John and Agnes Sharp, dated 1841 £40-60
622.    A framed Victorian fan with flora decoration £30-50
623.    A doll's brass half tester bed and pale blue Teddy bear £20-30
624.    Four walking sticks comprising one with a telescope handle, one with internal cheroot holder, a carved horn dog head pattern example, and another with white metal finial £100-150
625.    A boxed carved wood elephant and howdah chess set £25-35
626.    A Polynesian carved wood bowl £30-50
627.    A vintage Bluemel's Brookland steering wheel - tired condition £30-50
628.    A vintage Burgoynes Tintara Tonic advertising easel sign - puncture to image £30-50
629.    Two vintage wall maps of Devon and of England and Wales £10-20
630.    A decorative beaded lampshade £10-20
631.    An Ackery handbag, a Riviera snakeskin, and another snakeskin example £30-50
632.    A vintage E.M.G. Comet toy sewing machine £20-30
633.    A vintage training dummy rifle £30-50
634.    An African carved wood box £10-20
635.    A wall mounted letter rack £20-30
636.    Three pig money boxes including Wade Nat West Woody £10-20
637.    A framed Georgian indenture dated 1746 £20-30
638.    An old horn handled wine and beer barrel measure £40-60
639.    Two wicker shopping baskets £20-30
640.    A vintage Swedish Tyfon fog horn £30-50
641.    A reproduction walking stick with ball and claw top £15-25
642.    A reproduction walking stick with brass four sided head top £20-30
643.    Two cannon balls and a panel of chain mail £50-80
644.    A small vintage galvanized milk churn with swing handle £30-50
645.    A 1920`s US made Todd Protectograph cheque writer £20-40
646.    A 1920`s Burroughs of Detroit Class 5 calculator £30-50
647.    Two T-squares £10-20
648.    A modern picnic box and picnic capsule £10-20
649.    A reproduction walking stick with skull top £15-25
650.    A salt box, book bracket, and a vinyl snakeskin pattern jewellery box £20-30
651.    Various onyx items, quartz carriage clock, etc. £10-20
652.    An old hat box £20-30
653.    Two pair of designer curtains £20-30
654.    Various walking canes including an ebonized cane with silver top, umbrellas, companion set, etc. £30-50
655.    An "Artist" nylon strung classical guitar £20-30
656.    A box of assorted metalware £5-10
657.    A box of collectable items including wooden boxes, etc. £10-20
658.    A box of collectable metalware including call bell, chamberstick, etc. £10-20
659.    A vintage Alba Model 632 autochange record player £30-50
660.    Three modern wine boxes and another £10-20
661.    Three boxes containing various items £20-40
662.    Two boxes containing textiles including linen and lace, tablecloth, various fabrics, etc. £30-50
663.    Two vintage Globetrotter suitcases £15-25
664.    A box containing a collection of corkscrews, candle holders, etc. £20-30
665.    A glass sandwich set, copper jug, wooden bowl, etc. £10-20
666.    A quantity of vinyl LP's including Classical and Soundtrack £10-20
667.    A box containing baskets, napkin rings, etc. £10-20
668.    A crate containing assorted items including scales, clock/barometer, teapot, etc. £10-20
669.    A quantity of 78rpm BBC and other records £10-20
670.    A collection of Oriental and African items including Yoruba carved figure £20-30
671.    A vintage leather Revelation suitcase with Union Castle luggage label - sold with another similar £30-50
672.    A box containing various items including drawing instruments, opera glasses, boxes, etc. £10-20
673.    A box containing collectable metalware including moulds, etc. £10-20
674.    Three ceramic table lamps including ginger jar £10-20
675.    A quantity of various trays £5-10
676.    A box containing various items including a Bush radio £10-20
677.    A wicker basket containing vintage sports equipment including golf balls, cricket bat, rugby ball, etc. £10-20
678.    A box containing wooden bowls, ice bucket, etc. £10-20
679.    Various items including a wine cooler £5-10
680.    A copper Sankey jug, a pair of bellows, pair of brass taps, etc. £20-30
681.    An early 20th Century wood lined metal instrument box with contemporary railway labels £20-30
682.    A long African carved wood wall mask £15-25
683.    An antique brass bed warming pan with ornate pierced lid depicting a griffin in a foliate border and turned wood handle - sold with a copper example £20-30
684.    A copper warming pan - sold with a large brass tray £10-20
685.    Three vintage industrial loud speakers with brackets £50-80
686.    A vintage theatre light £30-50
687.    A 1930`s Mercedes typewriter £40-60
688.    A small cased Galotta 48 button piano accordion £50-80
689.    A vintage faux leopard skin coat £15-25
690.    Various items of Great Western Railway uniform comprising jacket, two waistcoats and pass key £20-30
691.    A designer Couture Helene faux fur coat £20-30
692.    A late 20th Century Royal Navy No.2B Mess uniform with Commander rank insignia £40-60
693.    A late 20th Century Royal Navy officer's No.1 uniform by Gieves & Hawkes with Captain rank insignia £40-60
694.    A late 20th Century Royal Navy officer's No.1 uniform with Commander rank insignia, 'Dolphin' submariner's badge, and medal ribbons for OBE and Queen's Gallantry Medal £40-60
695.    A late 20th Century Royal Navy officer's peacoat £40-60
697.    An old pond yacht - hull 30" £40-60
698.    A Second World War period portable calibrator Mk IV for air speed indicators £20-30
699.    An old bowl back mandolin - headstock repaired £20-30
700.    A vintage Devon Fire Brigade Assistant Divisional Officer's fireman's helmet and associated tunic £50-80
701.    A skeleton half hull model £20-40
702.    A Italian Estrella piano accordion Castelfidardo 120 button - a/f £30-50
703.    A Christy's grey short top hat - sold with a grey bowler hat £50-80
705.    A large 20th Century Teddy bear with jointed limbs £20-30
706.    An Indonesian Samick classical guitar £20-30
707.    An early 20th Century butter churn by J. & A. McFarlane, Albert Works, Springbank, Glasgow £80-120
708.    A "B. M." classical guitar £20-30
709.    A Brexton picnic basket £10-20
712.    A vintage Freeway carriage twin pram £30-50
713.    A reproduction doll's pram £10-20
714.    A Royal Navy officer's cap £30-40
715.    A Royal Navy officer's cap £30-40
716.    A modern Royal Navy officer's shirt, collars, quantity of rank insignia, and two cummerbunds £20-30
717.    Two boxed pairs of black officer's dress shoes, an unboxed pair and a pair of black calf length boots £30-50
718.    A 1792 France silver Ecu - sold with an 1898 Half Crown £100-200
719.    A collection of Great British Pennies and Half Pennies £10-20
720.    A collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage including silver Threepences, Sixpences and Shillings, etc. £20-30
721.    A Victorian frosted metal under glass Birmingham Agricultural Exhibition Society medal by Ottley Medallists dated 1872 for Mr Walter Farthing, Exhibitor & Breeder of the Best Devon Heifer, Class 16 £70-100
722.    A mid 19th Century South Hams Coaching Company medallion - as a desk weight £30-50
723.    A small late Victorian silver vesta case of fluted design, a miniature Victorian padlock with key, and a miniature Imari palette vase with silver rim £50-80
724.    A Parker fountain pen with 12k rolled gold case and 14k nib, another Parker, three Sheaffer and one other fountain pen £60-80
725.    Three miniature collectables comprising W. J. Myatt Daymark razor an After the Bombardment album of Arras, and a portrait photograph album £30-50
726.    A collection of eight vintage silver sporting medals including two boxed darts medals by Thomas Fattorini, a football medal, two women's calisthenics medals, an Indian clubs medal, and two B. & G.A.D.A. gymnastics medals, a white metal table tennis medal and a golf badge £80-120
727.    A collection of silver and other badges, medals and medal blanks including A.R.P. badge, St. John Ambulance Association Great Western Railway Centre, Devon shield, Royal Artillery Association badge, Manns Ale badge, a Royal Life saving Society medal to P.L. Trevorrow, 1850 Sixpence and 1857 US Seated Liberty Half Dime (both drilled) £60-80
728.    A cased part set of 1938 Maundy money comprising Twopence, Threepence and Fourpence, and an 1838 Maundy Twopence £80-120
729.    A Montblanc Noblesse 1128 Slim Line fountain pen with 585/14k nib - slight wear to end £70-100
730.    A small collection of Nigerian Naira and Kobo banknotes £10-20
731.    A Victorian silver belt buckle with initial cipher - London 1861 £30-50
732.    A First World War British restrike Lusitania medallion £10-20
733.    A vintage Orlik Sport windproof lighter £10-20
734.    A small collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage including 1803 US Draped Bust One Cent, Georgian Pennies, 1830 To Hanover Token, 1896 South Africa Imitation Sovereign, 1935 Japan 1 Sen, 1942 Italy 10 Centesimi, 1942 Ceylon 5 Cents, etc. - sold with a 1943 Germany Hundert Deutsche Mark note, etc. £20-30
735.    A small collection of Great British and foreign coinage and banknotes including 1949 South Africa 5 Shillings, Somerset £1, two Fforde 10 Shillings £10-20
736.    V. A. Baldwin, Serjeant 55101 877 Battery Royal Field Artillery: A First World War gallantry medal group comprising 1914 Mons Star (Bombardier), British War Medal, Victory Medal and Military Medal, also included Mention in Despatches from Field Marshall French dated 31st May 1915 and signed by Secretary of State for War Winston Churchill 1st March 1919, and original envelope £350-450
737.    A May 10 1949 Beale £5 note - one horizontal and three vertical folds, minor corner folds, slight foxing £30-50
738.    A silver thimble and another £10-20
739.    A Victorian lacquered card case with mother-of-pearl and enamelled decoration - ivory veneer and hinge a/f £50-80
740.    A pair of opera glasses with folding handle and mother of pearl cladding £20-30
741.    A large stainless steel hip flask £10-20
742.    William Gray, Private 4794 Devon Regiment: A Boer War medal pair comprising Queen's South Africa Medal (suspender a/f) with bars for Elandslaagte, Defence of Ladysmith and Belfast, and King's South Africa Medal with bars for 1901 and 1902, also included is hardback book Elandslaagte Account and Medal Roll by David J. Biggins £350-450
743.    A box containing a collection of antique and later Great British and foreign coinage £20-30
744.    An Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Other Ranks sporran by William Jardine Ltd., Military Outfitters, Edinburgh £50-80
745.    A box of 1920`s biological microscope slides £50-80
746.    A wooden cased set of bone and ebony six spot dominoes £25-30
747.    A WMF silver plated cigarette box and matching matchbox holder with contoured map of the Cape Peninsula £30-50
748.    Two vintage enamelled silver Dunhill circular fobs with oversized hallmarks - Alfred Dunhill, London 1978 £50-80
749.    A collection of six large and fifteen small Balmoral Castle pattern ivorex buttons, and a British Army GS button £20-30
750.    A vintage 2" fishing reel engraved A. & N.C.S.L. 105 Victoria St. S.W. for Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd. £50-80
751.    A boxed Cartier So Pretty perfume set of three 7.5ml bottles and a boxed Lalique perfume bottle - both with some contents £50-80
752.    An early 20th Century Watkin's Bee Meter and a Steadfast Disc Refill for same - sold with a Gutfast Box £20-30
753.    Six Ronson cigarette lighters including table lighter £20-30
754.    A vintage mahogany cased set of bone and ebony six spot dominoes £40-50
755.    Five various fountain pens including Waterman, Parker, etc. - sold with a dip pen £50-80
756.    An antique pair of sugar nips, ice hammer-corkscrew-bottle opener combination, hip flask, scissor candle snuffer and wick trimmer, and a 20th Century Bratislava Tatratour medal and pin £50-80
757.    A pair of Art Deco marbled bakelite door plates and handles £30-50
758.    A small Victorian photograph album containing contemporary family portraits - one bracket a/f £30-50
759.    A Chinese bone letter opener with carved crane decoration - sold with a plain similar £10-20
760.    A small collection of mother-of-pearl gaming counters, etc. £20-30
761.    A Black Forest carved mountain dog, a Japanese lacquered box (a/f), a Russian or Slavic cigar box, etc. £20-30
762.    Various Oriental carved wood stands, a Swiss stamp box with carved Grindelwald decoration, etc. £20-30
763.    An old Masonic apron for Lodge Nigel No. 847, Transvaal, South Africa, in original pouch £20-30
764.    A box of 1920`s biological microscope slides £30-50
765.    A Second World War period U.S. Navy Bureau Ships Mark II sextant by Bendix Aviation Corporation with 1940 and 1946 stamps, in later case bearing certificate for the Royal Netherlands Navy dated 1956 £150-200
766.    Three cased Moore and Wright depth micrometers £50-80
767.    A cased Mintutoyo internal micrometer, 50mm-200mm £50-80
768.    Two cased Vernier scales - Ultratek and Mitutoyo examples £50-80
769.    A collection of ballpoint pens including Audi Driving Experience pen set and fob £10-20
770.    A vintage Wands' Major and Minor cartridge syringe box containing various medical syringe parts £10-20
771.    A collection of fountain and other pens including Parker and Sheaffer £30-50
772.    A vintage souvenir Jerusalem olive wood book containing photographs and pressed flowers £10-20
773.    Two wooden cased Moore & Wright micrometers - sold with Mitutoyo similar £30-50
774.    Malcolm Campbell: a signed and dated autograph book, with un-related sparse contents - signed and dated 28/7/48 - sold with a tin cased Duchy of Lancaster 1844 indenture £30-50
775.    A pair of vintage Polaroid sunglasses with soft case - a/f £10-20
776.    An early 20th Century Sotoy toy sewing machine with Martha Washington portrait to one side £40-60
777.    A silver plated and mother-of-pearl handled magnifier £10-20
778.    A 1930`s Hispanic silk shawl with repeat polychrome pattern and tassel ends £30-50
779.    A collection of external micrometers including four cased - various makers £40-60
780.    Two cased Mercer dial gauges - sold with a dial gauge stand £30-50
781.    A cased Toolmex milling machine vise - sold with a smaller unnamed similar £50-80
782.    A box containing a collection of wooden items including modern Tunbridge style egg cups, etc. £10-20
783.    A pair of early 20th Century German Carl Zeiss Jena Feldstecher verge 6, retailed by C.W. Dixey of 3 New Bond Street, in original leather case £100-200
784.    A 19th Century Hopf lion scroll headstock violin (a/f) with a Golden Strad bow in faux reptile skin hard case £150-200
785.    Ten mid 20th Century Chinese Revolution posters £100-200
786.    A vintage boxed Pelham Lightweight theatre in original packing case - both case and box a/f £20-30
787.    An antique miniature penny doll with dress - height 1", one arm missing £20-30
788.    A two part serpentine candlestick and a lighthouse thermometer - sold with two 19th Century French seashells carved with low relief figures on a beach, both inscribed Wimereux, and another with painted figure and remains of Wimereux text £50-80
789.    A 19th Century figured walnut dome topped stationery box with ornate brass brackets £40-60
790.    An antique embossed leather glove box with silk lining £20-30
791.    An Art Deco lucite photograph frame - sold with a larger mottled resin frame £30-50
792.    A vintage plush Roland Rat Superstar soft toy - sold with a pattern made Womble £10-20
793.    A vintage Teddy bear - in need of care £20-30
794.    A modern Steiff bear with jumper, "William" £25-35
795.    A Martin Hermann Limited Edition mohair teddy bear "Alpine Rose" - No. 199/500 £30-50
796.    A late 20th Century Gabrielle Designs Paddington Bear with brown hat, red duffel coat and blue Wellingtons £80-120
797.    A small collection of painted and unpainted die cast metal soldiers including civil war, Napoleonic, Lord of the Rings, etc. £10-20
798.    A vintage Mamod TE1A traction engine - a/f £20-30
799.    A collection of playing cards and other items including a Rhodesian deck with views of Victoria Falls, a Highgrove double set, an early Waddington's India/Persia double set, etc. £20-30
800.    Various collectors' dolls £10-20
801.    A small quantity of vintage unboxed Dinky military vehicles including Scout Car, Quad Gun Tractor and Limber, and a TV Roving Eye camera van, etc. £30-50
802.    An Armand Marseille 351./2 1/2.K My Dream Baby bisque headed sleeping eye doll - sold with a mahogany rocking crib £80-120
803.    A quantity of boxed 1980`s Corgi diecast vehicles, etc. £20-30
804.    A quantity of papier-mâché clowns £10-20
805.    A small collection of 1930`s painted wooden farm animals £20-30
806.    A collection of mainly boxed toy vehicles £10-20
807.    Two Kandy Toys VW Beetle models £10-20
808.    A 1960`s Pelham Puppet Witch SL 10 in original box £10-20
809.    Two vintage Pelham Puppets, School Master in first type solid yellow box (box a/f), and Mac Boozle in associated box £10-20
810.    A vintage Pelham Puppet SL Cinderella in first type solid yellow box (box a/f) £10-20
811.    Two vintage unboxed Pelham Puppets, Witch and Cinderella - both in need of restoration £10-20
812.    Three vintage Pelham Puppet A5 Foals in two original boxes £10-20
813.    Two unboxed Pelham Puppets, Beautiful European Girl and Ballerina (tangled) £10-20
814.    Two vintage boxed Pelham Jumpette Puppets, Clown and Boy £10-20
815.    Two unboxed vintage Pelham Puppets, Minstrel (a/f) and Bimbo the Clown (tangled) £10-20
816.    A Corgi Monkeemobile and other diecast toy cars £10-20
817.    A vintage Mecanno set 3, dominoes, etc. £10-20
818.    A collection of newsletters and other ephemera relating to Pelham Puppets including 1960`s brochure, Pelpup New 4-9, Plays for Pelham Puppets Book One by Joan Field, etc. £10-20
819.    A vintage Pelham Puppet SM Old Lady in first type solid yellow box - sold with an unboxed SM Farmer £10-20
820.    A quantity of mid 20th Century Meccano and four instruction booklets - various condition £100-200
821.    A collection of vintage toys including boxed French market Dinky waterline la Normandie No. 52C, boxed Dinky 52A Queen Mary, two Schuco 3000 remote steering cars, Dinky Mobile Anti Aircraft Gun, lead zoo animals, etc. - various condition £50-80
822.    A Vivid Imaginations Captain Scarlet Cloudbase HQ - sold with a Matchbox Thunderbirds Tracy Island - both incomplete, boxes a/f £10-20
823.    A Hornby Dublo 2035 Pullman train set with Barnstaple loco 34005 4-6-2 and boxed transformer - box lid a/f £100-150
824.    A large quantity of doll parts including Armand Marseille heads, etc. £50-80
825.    A pine toy cart £50-80
826.    A modern stone set globe on gilt metal gimbal stand £30-50
1001.   A Colin Kellam studio pottery lidded tureen with iris decoration £30-50
1002.   A quantity of ceramics including Royal Doulton figure Marie HN 1417, etc. - various condition £15-25
1003.   A collection of Avon scent bottles, etc. £10-20
1004.   Four pieces of Kosta Boda glassware and another £20-30
1005.   Three pieces of Old Tupton Ware comprising honey pot (spoon a/f) and two jugs £20-30
1006.   A collection of toothpaste pot lids, etc. £20-30
1007.   A quantity of porcelain figures, etc. - various condition £15-25
1008.   A late Victorian Minton painted and glazed terracotta plaque depicting a Golden Oriole bird beneath a daffodil - diameter 15" £100-200
1009.   Assorted china including Sooty biscuit barrel, etc. £10-20
1010.   A collection of Colin Kellam shallow bowls and plates including flowers, fish and duck designs £40-60
1011.   A pottery vase and figures including SylvaC puppy and DT Sharp, Rye Pottery, etc. £15-25
1012.   Seven pieces of china including Wedgwood and mocha mug - various condition £30-50
1013.   A studio pottery vase £10-20
1014.   Various pieces of glassware £10-20
1015.   Eight Staffordshire figures including dogs, cats, sheep, etc. £30-50
1016.   Four small pieces of Clarice Cliff - various designs and patterns, all a/f £30-50
1017.   A pair of continental plates and a Nao dog £15-25
1018.   Twelve assorted continental figures, etc. - various condition £20-30
1019.   A Poole Pottery lobster dish £20-30
1020.   Various pieces of Portmeirion Botanic Garden ware including condiments and storage jars, etc. £20-30
1021.   A collection of Colin Kellam studio pottery including tureen, jug, pates, etc. - various designs £30-50
1022.   Four Royal Doulton figures comprising Rose HN 1368, Victoria HN 2471, Top o' the Hill HN 1834, and another a/f £25-35
1023.   A quantity of various glassware including Galileo thermometer, vases, ashtrays, etc. £20-30
1024.   A Brannam Gazebo vase £10-20
1025.   A fisherman pattern humidor, jetware teapot with hinged lid, etc £30-50
1026.   A collection of trinket pots, majolica Hotei, etc. £10-20
1027.   A Royal Doulton vase, two jugs and two tureen ladles £10-20
1028.   Two Art glass vases of black candy stripe design £20-30
1029.   A collection of Colin Kellam studio pottery dinner plates, bowl, vase, etc. - various designs £40-60
1030.   Six pieces of china £25-35
1031.   A Beswick Greenfinch, pig, 19th Century mug and a Chinese crackle glaze ginger jar (no lid) £10-20
1032.   A pair of petrol carnival glass tazzas and another £10-20
1033.   Three Royal Doulton figures comprising Valerie HN 2107, Christmas Morn HN 1992, and Tootles HN 1650 (a/f) £20-30
1034.   Three Chinese vases and two Imari plates - various condition £20-30
1035.   A pair of Waterford cut glass flutes and a cranberry vase £10-20
1036.   A modern Moorcroft Magnolia pattern plate (crazed) and a matching pin tray £20-30
1037.   A Victorian blue and white child's tea set £10-20
1038.   An Imari plate - sold with four Japanese plates £10-20
1039.   A collection of Colin Kellam studio pottery including plates, dishes, mug, etc. - various designs £30-50
1040.   Four pieces of cut glass comprising two decanters, vase and bowl £10-20
1041.   A Losol ware teapot and stand - sold with a similar biscuit barrel £10-20
1042.   A collection of glass perfume bottles - one stopper a/f £10-20
1043.   A Clarice Cliff bowl, Copeland Spode jug and a jug with monochrome decoration of the Clock Tower, Newton Abbot £20-30
1044.   A large floral decorated pot - sold with a Satsuma vase, various Oriental pieces, etc. £20-30
1045.   A collection of miniature teaware £10-20
1046.   A collection of various studio pottery pieces including Lemba ewer, A Wallis goblets, etc. £30-50
1047.   A Stuart cut crystal glass tall vase £15-25
1048.   A collection of tea bowls - various condition £20-30
1049.   Four pieces of studio pottery including an extravagant teapot - sold with a Blatunga carved stone vase £30-50
1050.   A Quimper oyster dish, jug and plate £25-35
1051.   Two boxes containing miniature cups and saucers, souvenir ware, etc. £10-20
1052.   A Mdina glass vase and a Franz cup and saucer £15-25
1053.   Three pieces French Faience ware comprising vase, chamberstick and plate £20-40
1054.   A Chinese crackle glaze ginger jar - sold with two others £10-20
1055.   Assorted commemorative mugs including Copeland Victoria Diamond Jubilee, etc. £25-35
1056.   A collection of Prattware including comports, lids, etc. - various condition £20-30
1057.   A box containing stoppers and lustre shades £20-30
1058.   A Portuguese Mafra pottery seafood dish - diameter 17" £50-80
1059.   Six pieces of cut glass including basket bowl, preserve jar, etc. £15-25
1060.   Three pieces of Torquay crocus ware £25-35
1061.   Four glass paperweights and a scent bottle £15-25
1062.   Three decorative plates, a Worcester coddler, Chokin art plate, fish slice, etc. - sold with two teapots and two bowls £10-20
1063.   A late 19th Century Dorset Verwood pottery costrel or owl vase £50-80
1064.   A Victoria Jubilee plate - sold with a George V coronation beaker and two other pieces of china £10-20
1065.   A pair of Royal Vienna two handled vases, small Doulton vase and other ceramics - various condition £30-50
1066.   Three glass vases and a pottery vase £20-30
1067.   Two pieces of Studio pottery comprising a cheese dish and teapot £15-25
1068.   A collection of Colin Kellam studio pottery items including dish and bowls - various design £30-50
1069.   A Japanese EAC Lithophane tea set £20-30
1070.   A quantity of glassware including twist pattern jug, decanter, rummer, etc. £30-50
1071.   A collection of ceramics including Clarice Cliff, Beleek, Poole, Shelley, etc. £15-25
1072.   A collection of ceramics and glassware including Coalport moustache cup, lustre jugs, Dartington daisy platter, etc. £10-20
1073.   A collection of Colin Kellam studio pottery including jugs, shallow dishes, plates, etc. £30-50
1074.   A set of four hand blown glasses and further art glass £30-50
1075.   Three character jugs, two Poole pottery rabbits, Motto vase, etc. £10-20
1076.   A modern blue and white footbath, with printed figures in a river landscape and flanking handles £80-120
1077.   A quantity of Royal Albert Old Country Roses dinner ware with tureens and other china £75-100
1078.   Assorted china including Cauldon part tea set, biscuit barrel, etc. £10-20
1079.   A china stick stand with dog decoration £15-25
1080.   A Victorian part tea set, scales, etc. £10-20
1081.   Assorted china and glass - various condition £10-20
1082.   A Royal Doulton Clarendon pattern twelve place dinner service £40-60
1083.   Various ceramics including Royal Worcester Evesham cups and saucers, Spode teaware, Villeroy Boch vegetable dish, etc. £20-30
1084.   A box containing a Crown Ducal Orange Tree coffee set and a Carlton ware tea set £20-30
1085.   A Royal Doulton coaching scene pattern part dinner service £20-30
1086.   Various ceramics including Meakin vegetable dishes, Johnson plates, meat plates, etc. £10-20
1087.   A box containing a quantity of Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery dinner ware, etc. - a/f £30-50
1088.   An extensive German Seltmann Weiden dinner service £20-30
1089.   Approximately one hundred Minton tiles by A.W.N. Pugin with majolica fleur de lys design - various condition £100-200
1090.   A box containing glassware including wines and sundae dishes £10-20
1091.   A quantity of Thomas dinner ware £10-20
1092.   A large quantity of Booth's "Dragon" pattern blue and white dinner and tea ware including tureens, teapot, etc. £100-200
1093.   Two boxes containing various drinking glasses, etc. £10-20
1094.   A box containing various ceramics including ramekins, lidded biscuit jar, etc. £10-20
1095.   A quantity of stoneware including bread crock, jugs and dinner ware £20-30
1096.   Various ceramics including small jug and basin, cachepot, etc. £10-20
1097.   A large stoneware jar, large moulded plaque with floral decoration, and a jardinière (a/f) £10-20
1098.   A French terracotta tian bowl £30-50
1099.   A box containing decorative ceramics including Royal Worcester jug, Tam o' Shanter humidor, etc. - various condition £15-25
1100.   A box containing Oriental ceramics - a/f £10-20
1101.   A box containing various decorative ceramics including Tyke's Motto oversized mug, etc. - a/f £10-20
1102.   A box containing ceramics including lustreware jugs, etc. £10-20
1103.   Two boxes containing various ceramics including plates, vases, etc. - all damaged £10-20
1104.   A box containing ceramics including cake stand, etc. £10-20
1105.   A box containing glassware £10-20
1106.   A box containing assorted ceramics - various condition £10-20
1107.   A box containing two decanters, castellated bowl, lidded jar, etc. £15-25
1108.   A box containing various ceramic jugs, blue glass, etc. - a/f £10-20
1109.   A box containing Portmeirion Botanic Garden including bowls, plates, vase, etc. £40-60
1110.   A box containing various ceramics - a/f £10-20
1111.   A box containing various ceramics including tea set, George V mug, etc. £10-20
1112.   A large quantity of Mintons Substandard Symphony dinner ware £20-30
1113.   A Denby floral pattern part tea set £10-20
1114.   Various Portmeirion Botanic Garden storage jars and condiments - sold with a Victorian jug, three hock glasses, etc. £30-50
1115.   A box containing a quantity of glassware including tumblers, sundae dishes, bowl, etc. £10-20
1116.   A Copeland Spode China Rose part tea set including teapot and muffin dish £30-50
1117.   Various ceramics including Queen's RHS part teacups and saucers, Susie Cooper Sunflower coffee set, etc. £10-20
1118.   A Royal Vale Ice Rose pattern six place tea set (sugar bowl a/f) - sold with a Ruby wedding tea set, etc. £5-10
1119.   An apothecary bottle and other glassware £10-20
1120.   A collection of commemorative ware including a Royal Worcester Edward VII cup and saucer - sold with two Royal Crown Derby cups and saucers £20-30
1121.   Various ceramics including Minton Vanessa teaware, Villeroy Boch cups and saucers, etc. £15-25
1122.   A Royal Doulton plate, Portmeirion Botanic Garden dish, six Spode British bird plates, etc. £20-30
1123.   Various tableware items £10-20
1124.   A collection of ceramics including large, Royal Worcester Evesham bowl, jugs, teapot, etc. £20-30
1125.   A Susie Cooper dinner service, etc. £20-30
1126.   A box containing a quantity of collectable ceramics £10-20
1127.   Two boxes containing Royal Albert Moonlight Rose pattern teaware - sold with other teaware £15-25
1128.   A 19th Century Chinese famille rose vase with floral decoration - lamped £100-150
1129.   A quantity of various ceramics including late Victorian tea set, etc. £10-20
1130.   A green glass carboy £10-20
1131.   A Victorian jug and basin set, tobacco jar, God Save the Plough loving cup, vase, etc. - various condition £10-20
1132.   A late 19th Century Italian Le Nove floral pedestal Monteith bowl - a/f £80-120
1133.   A large Royal Doulton limited edition Dickens jug - with certificate £80-120
1134.   A Thuringen Karl Ens ceramic bird group depicting hoopoes £50-80
1135.   Two Will Young fishermen £35-45
1136.   An early 19th Century cottage pattern pastille burner £20-30
1137.   Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights comprising, an Old Imari Frog and a squirrel - both boxed £40-60
1138.   A Lalique moulded glass scent bottle and a blue glass scent bottle (a/f) £20-30
1139.   A 19th Century Staffordshire teapot in the form of Toby with his legs akimbo £15-25
1140.   A Bernard Moore blanc de Chine figure of a monkey £80-120
1141.   Two SylvaC dogs £15-25
1142.   Two Beswick Beatrix Potter characters comprising, Lady Mouse and Tailor of Gloucester £20-30
1143.   A Coalport jar with cover - sold with a box containing two ceramic figures and a jewellery casket £20-30
1144.   A Beswick bisque horse on stand, Spirit of Freedom £15-25
1145.   A late Victorian silver mounted Spode blue and white tea set - teapot with chipped spout £30-50
1146.   A Royal Crown Derby lion paperweight, signature edition retailed by Harrods £100-150
1147.   Four paperweights including Caithness, Swarvoski tortoise and pair of boot vase £20-30
1148.   A set of ten William Yeoward crystal champagne flutes with acid etched decoration £100-200
1149.   An early 20th Century Royal Worcester coffee trio - sold with an earlier Royal Worcester tyg mug (a/f) £30-50
1150.   An early 19th Century Bloor Derby patch pot and a late 19th Century Minton rouge pot - sold with a Lille enamel patch box and another similar, both a/f £80-120
1151.   Three pieces of Victorian nursery ware comprising a plate and mug depicting maxims from Franklin's "Poor Richard's Way to Wealth", and another mug entitled "Going to Market" (a/f) £40-60
1152.   Four collectable glass paperweights £20-30
1153.   Four Hummel figures £30-50
1154.   Two Beswick Beatrix Potter characters comprising Little Black Rabbit and Mrs Rabbit (Cooking) £20-30
1155.   Five Crown Staffordshire decanter labels, silver decanter label, a Rosenthal cabinet cup and saucer, and four silver cocktail stirrers with cockerel finials £40-60
1156.   A large Colin Kellam bowl with duck decoration £30-50
1157.   Six Hummel figures including a group - one a/f £15-25
1158.   A Doulton Lambeth salt glazed commemorative jug for Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee with inscriptions "Dei Gratia Victoria Queen & Empress", and "She Wrought Her People Lasting Good", and silver collar by William Hutton, London 1897 £30-50
1159.   A Chinese Yixing square form teapot £30-50
1160.   A pair of Nao geese ornaments £15-25
1161.   A Moorcroft vase and Spitalfields anniversary plate £75-100
1162.   A large Colin Kellam square dish with cockerel design £30-50
1163.   A late 19th - early 20th Century Doulton Burslem plate of scalloped design with rabbits and chrysanthemums to main, signed S. Wilson - small restoration to edge, small chip £20-30
1164.   Two 19th Century miniature Doulton Lambeth travelling salesman's sample stoneware jars with screw tops £50-80
1165.   A pair of 19th Century Royal Worcester Hadley style boy and girl figures - a/f £70-100
1166.   A late 19th Century Edward Bingham Castle Hedingham vase in brown glaze £30-50
1167.   Two Royal Crown Derby Collector's Guild paperweights, Teddy Bear and Catnip Kitten £50-80
1168.   An early 20th Century Royal Worcester two handled vase with Harry Stinton painting of cows - lid a/f, mark indistinct £200-300
1169.   A Beswick Siamese cat 1882 and kitten 1559 £50-70
1170.   A Chinese blue and white vase with warrior and scholar scenes on allover foliate ground £50-80
1171.   Four Beswick Beatrix Potter characters with gold back stamps comprising Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck, Tom Kitten and Benjamin Bunny - all boxed £40-60
1172.   A Chinese export tea caddy with Great Wall decoration - sold with a Shimazu Satsuma vase depicting figures crossing a bridge before Mount Fuji £80-120
1173.   A collection of miniature glass and ceramics including jug, plates, etc. £20-30
1174.   Five Beswick Beatrix Potter characters comprising Sally Henny Penny, Amiable Guinea Pig, Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies, Tommy Brock, and Rebecca Puddleduck £50-80
1175.   A Beswick model of a Tabby cat 1867 and two Beswick tabby kittens 1316 £50-70
1176.   Two Barum Barnstaple 1937 Coronation mugs £15-25
1177.   A Royal Crown Derby miniature cauldron £30-50
1178.   A Torquay Pottery Tommy Atkins Boer War mug and an oversized "Trust Not Your Enemies" mug £25-35
1179.   A collection of Wade Whimsies, etc. £10-20
1180.   A 19th Century Sevres Henri IV portrait plate with jewelled detailing £150-200
1181.   Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights comprising Puppy and Russian Bear £40-60
1182.   Four Hummel figures £25-35
1183.   A Lladro figure Bashful Bather 5455 with plinth £30-50
1184.   A Colin Kellam cachepot with fish design £20-30
1185.   A late Victorian bottomless tyg vase on gilt metal stand in the Zsolnay Pecs style £30-50
1186.   A Chinese flambe glazed baluster vase - lamped £30-50
1187.   A Meissen blue and white onion pattern dished plate £20-30
1188.   A large Imari temple jar and cover - height 19" £80-120
1189.   A 19th Century Chinese blue and white dragon bowl with Kangxi mark to base, a smaller similar with Xuande mark, both a/f, and an 18th Century Caughley "Salopian" tea bowl £50-80
1190.   Four Hummel figures £25-35
1191.   Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights Imari Cat and Meadow Rabbit £40-60
1192.   A Carlton ware vase, a blue and white onion vase and a tobacco jar £20-30
1193.   A Royal Doulton ewer with jewelled decoration by Nellie Garbett - sold with a Royal Doulton jug 8848 (no stopper) £30-50
1194.   An Art Nouveau Compton Potter's Art Guild painted pottery plaque depicting a woman smelling a rose £50-80
1195.   A Doulton Lambeth tobacco jar and cover 9506 with moulded floral decoration £20-30
1196.   A Royal Doulton Poodle dog HN 2631 £35-45
1197.   An 1880`s blue glass Harden Star Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher, sealed with contents £30-50
1198.   A Royal Winton Sweet Pea basket £25-35
1199.   A Fieldings Crown Devon mug £15-25
1200.   A Troika Pottery Marmalade pot by Linda Taylor £50-80
1201.   A Cantonese chestnut basket £50-80
1202.   A Beswick Siamese cat 1558 £10-20
1203.   A set of six painted bisque British Army commanding officers of the Boer War period in heroic poses, comprising Lord Kitchener of Khartoum, Baden Powell, Lord Roberts of Kandahar, French, Redvers Buller and Sir George White - some damage, possibly from a larger set £80-120
1204.   Three Brannam Barnstaple pottery items comprising two cauldrons and a jug £15-25
1205.   A Troika style slab vase £15-25
1206.   A David Leach studio pottery casserole dish with cover £30-50
1207.   A 19th Century French porcelain figure of a washer woman £20-30
1208.   An early 20th Century Satsuma vase £100-150
1209.   A Colin Kellam wall pocket, jug and lidded jar - various design £30-50
1210.   Four Hummel figures £25-35
1211.   An Oriental lidded jar (a/f) and a treacle glaze teapot £20-40
1212.   Four Hummel figures £20-30
1213.   A pair of Cantonese plates £30-50
1214.   A Doulton Lambeth baluster vase of typical floral design, various marks to base - height 15", damaged and repaired £30-50
1215.   A modern Daum glass model of the Madonna, signed to base £40-60
1216.   Various miniature and crested china items including a Tommy Atkins figure (a/f) £10-20
1217.   A 19th Century Toby jug with lid £30-50
1218.   A pair of Japanese Imari vases £50-80
1219.   A pair of large 19th Century Meissen figural sweet meat dishes £400-600
1220.   A pair of column red twist stem wine glasses £80-120
1221.   A Spode Imari palette 1216 pattern two handled vase £50-80
1222.   Five small pieces of Cantonese ceramics including teapots £20-30
1223.   A 19th Century English cameo glass double gourd vase, probably by Stevens and Williams, with flower and butterfly decoration £300-500
1224.   A 20th Century Belleek four strand basket with impressed marks - slight damage £30-50
1225.   A Chinese famille rose dished plate £50-80
1226.   An antique blue and white Delft plate - restored £10-20
1227.   A pair of crystal glass clerk's lights - incomplete £80-120
1228.   An 18th Century Chinese blue and white plate with fighting cocks decoration £25-35
1229.   A pair of Regency period hobnail cut glass claret jugs - chipped, no stoppers £50-80
1230.   A spirit decanter, a small decanter, a jug, and a claret jug with silver plated lid £20-30
1231.   Two carnival glass vases, cake stand, glass bowl, Wedgwood crystal candle holder, etc. £20-30
1232.   A quantity of drinking glasses including Dartington wines £20-30
1233.   A part suite of cut and etched wine and sherry glasses, etc. £30-50
1234.   A cut glass trumpet vase and fruit bowl - sold with a soda syphon, a pair of tankards, etc. £10-20
1235.   A Dartington style decanter - sold with two cut glass decanters £20-30
1236.   A moulded glass shallow dish with pheasant decoration £20-30
1237.   A quantity of cut glass tumblers, sundae dishes, etc. £20-30
1238.   A quantity of cut glass wines, sherries, hock glasses, etc. £20-30
1239.   A pair of Victorian spirit decanters £20-30
1240.   Two 19th Century rummers, three others and a Bristol blue jug £50-80
1241.   An antique ring neck decanter - sold with two others £30-50
1242.   A Victorian rolling pin, a waisted decanter and another with silver tops, rummer, etc. £40-60
1243.   A collection of various glasses including six Waterford tankards, etc. £30-50
1244.   A quantity of cut and other glasses including tumblers, wines, etc. £20-30
1245.   A set of eight ruby and gilt colour glasses - sold with six others £40-60
1246.   A quantity of various drinking glasses, etc. £10-20
1247.   Two boxes of various advertising milk bottles £50-80
1248.   A collection of medicine bottles, etc. £10-20
1249.   Eleven Royal Doulton collectors' plates including Wind in the Willows and Brambly Hedge examples - sold with five Denby cups and saucers £5-10
1261.   A square copper barge kettle £30-50
1262.   A hammered copper coal bucket £20-30
1263.   A large brass kettle £30-50
1264.   A pewter spoon warmer in the form of a nautilus with Medieval dolphin decoration, and a Liberty & Co. Tudric chamber stick (bent) £30-50
1265.   A Victorian brass pint measure, a Victorian copper pint tankard, another tankard of deceptive capacity, etc. £30-50
1266.   A modern reproduction painted cast iron dachshund pattern door stop £15-25
1267.   Two brass ejector candlesticks £15-25
1268.   A pedestal fruit bowl with glass comport and Eros pattern plated base £10-20
1269.   A 1930`s style chrome galleried tray - sold with a pair of ice tongs, candlestick, ice bucket, etc. £20-30
1270.   A pair of brass owl pattern bookends £30-50
1271.   After Coustou: a spelter Marly horse statue with remains of verdigris finish, on composite plinth £30-50
1272.   A French door bell £30-50
1273.   A vintage copper and brass model yacht £15-25
1274.   A white metal heron and a stylized double bass player £20-30
1275.   A brass tray - sold with an oversized brass key and loving spoon £10-20
1276.   Various horse brasses on martingales £20-30
1277.   Various horse brasses, candlestick and a Judy pattern door stop £20-30
1278.   A copper skillet and two brass table lamps £10-20
1279.   A box containing various metalware items £10-20
1280.   A brass pot stand £10-20
1281.   A set of horse brasses on martingale £20-30
1282.   Two large side-pour coffee pots (one with no lid) and two trays £40-60
1283.   A modern reproduction painted cast iron cockerel pattern door stop £10-20
1284.   A reproduction brass astrolabe £10-20
1285.   A brass eagle - sold with a resin German Shepherd dog (a/f) and a cobbler's last £10-20
1286.   A reproduction copper and brass bugle £15-25
1287.   An Oriental bronzed pedestal bowl - lid missing £30-50
1288.   A modern reproduction bronzed horse pen stand on composite marble plinth - after Mene £30-50
1289.   A collection of copper seed drill plates £10-20
1290.   A metal sculpture entitled "The Lindisfarne Fisherman", with accompanying flier for Gary Benfield £30-50
1291.   A bust of Beethoven, a bronzed resin sculpture of a boy and two further figures £20-30
1292.   A heavy brass pot with swing handle - sold with a shell case, bowl and figural bell £20-30
1293.   A modern bronzed metal stag £50-80
1294.   A pair of large ornate base metal candlesticks £30-50
1295.   A bronzed stag on a black socle base £110-150
1296.   A bronzed reproduction Art Deco figure of a dancer with hoop, set on a marble socle £140-160
1297.   Various old furniture handles, etc. £20-30
1298.   Various pieces of copper and brass ware including a Victorian squared kettle, haystack measure, etc. £20-30
1299.   A box containing a quantity of copper and brass including measures, three pudding moulds, etc. £30-50
1300.   A two handled copper pan, a small brass bowl, oriental brass tray and a bed warming pan £15-25
1301.   Two Indian brass trays with wild animal decoration £15-25
1302.   A cast iron four piece companion set - sold with a painted wood plant holder £10-20
1303.   A wrought iron companion set, ladle and chestnut roaster £20-30
1304.   A Persian circular brass tray - sold with a quantity of weights £10-20
1305.   Two wrought iron andirons, one with muller £15-25
1306.   A dinner gong on turned oak stand, with leather clad beater £40-60
1307.   A brass coal bin with lion mask handles £20-30
1308.   A copper lidded coal bucket, copper measure and electric kettle £10-20
1309.   A copper coal scuttle £15-25
1310.   A brass clad slope-fronted coal box with embossed decoration £10-20
1311.   A circular brass tray top table with folding base £10-20
1312.   A pierced brass three tier stand £10-20
1313.   A wrought iron log stand £30-50
1314.   A large brass religious figure holding a staff and book, set on a shaped iron plinth base - height 39" £100-150
1315.   A pair of spelter statues of knights stood on ornate plinths £80-120
1316.   A modern three fold fire guard £5-10
1317.   A Victorian fire fender of curved design and companion set with ship pattern stand £30-50
1318.   A pair of bronzed Oriental dragons £75-100
1319.   A brass lidded coal bucket on swept legs £25-35
1320.   Two small Japanese cloisonné lidded jars with similar dragon and phoenix decoration - both a/f £40-60
1321.   Pierre Bonnaud: An early 20th Century Limoges circular enamel plaque depicting a bust portrait of a young woman against a foliate background in the Art Nouveau style, set in a gilt metal mount and ebonized frame - diameter 2 1/2", signed and dated 1903 in gilt to the lower edge £300-500
1322.   A champlevé enamel chamber stick with ornate handle £40-60
1323.   An Art Nouveau WMF copper and brass lidded jug, ostrich mark to base £40-60
1324.   Five silver plated pewter English Miniatures, Fine Art Sculptures: comprising chimney sweep, flower seller, butcher, coal man and milkman - in one original box £20-40
1325.   A brass School of Art Jaipur ram and a hammered brass dish with associated Chinese carved wood stand £10-20
1331.   Two small old Persian mats £10-20
1332.   An undyed wool kelim rug with raised repeat geometric pattern in repeat geometric border - 6' 4" X 9' 2" (188cm X 279cm) £40-60
1333.   An antique wool rug with large central medallion on millefiori ground and floral border, polychrome palette on red and cream - 3' 7" X 5' 1" (109cm X 155cm), a/f £40-60
1334.   A handmade wool mat with central blue and green medallions on red ground - 3' 5" X 5' 7" (104cm X 170cm) - £30-50
1335.   A vintage Middle Eastern rug with central medallion and spandrels in repeat borders, terracotta, cream and turquoise - 6' 8" X 9' 7" (203cm X 292cm) £20-30
1336.   A vintage runner with alternating guls and medallions in a repeat border, red and green on blue ground - 33" X 8' 10" (84cm X 239cm) £30-50
1337.   A modern runner with repeat floral pattern - 32" X 17' (81.5cm X 518cm) £20-30
1338.   An antique Caucasian rug with repeat goat motifs in a geometric border and kelim panel ends - 6' 8' 11" (183cm X 272cm) £100-200
1339.   A modern rug with leaf and geometric design, green on red - 26" X 4' 4" (66cm X 132cm) £10-20
1340.   A modern fringe-end throw with central pear tree motif in a large floral border £20-30
1351.   A vintage three colour link clasp bracelet with safety chain £350-400
1352.   A hallmarked 375 gold Edwardian style clasp bracelet, set with central oval amethyst within a seed pearl border with further amethysts to the flanking foliate pattern mounts, with safety chain £400-450
1353.   A hallmarked 18ct. white gold ring, set with four emeralds with central diamond within a diamond encrusted border £600-700
1354.   An early 20th Century J. W. Benson ornate marked 18k. yellow metal lady's half hunter fob watch with enamelled numerals and profuse engraved decoration, the lever movement numbered 1445819 £300-350
1355.   A yellow metal fancy link bracelet, set with seven large emerald cut aquamarines - sold with a pair of aquamarine panel ear rings £300-350
1356.   An 8 1/4" silver oval pedestal bowl with pierced decoration and beaded foot - Birmingham 1913 £60-80
1357.   An 18ct. white gold ring, set with central emerald cut golden yellow sapphire and flanking baguette diamonds to shoulders - London 1965 £600-700
1358.   A marked 750 white metal bracelet, each of the links set with an individual brilliant cut diamond - 2.8ct. TDW £1250-1350
1359.   A hallmarked 950 platinum ring, set with central oval aquamarine, flanked by two 0.5ct. brilliant cut diamonds £1850-2000
1360.   A pair of diamond solitaire stud ear-rings with marked 750 butterflies - 1.30ct. TDW £1600-1800
1361.   A white metal ring, set with central drop cut aquamarine within a diamond encrusted border £100-150
1362.   A marked 750 two colour cross-over clasp bracelet with three channel set brilliant cut diamonds £450-500
1363.   A hallmarked 750 gold heart shaped ring, set with diamond cluster within a baguette diamond border £500-550
1364.   A Georg Jensen import marked 925 silver "Acorn" corkscrew in a box £150-200
1365.   A marked PLAT 1920`s style oval panel ring, set with central oval emerald within a pierced diamond encrusted border, with further flanking diamonds to shoulders £1200-1500
1366.   A Police gentleman's black finish quartz wristwatch - boxed with paperwork £70-100
1367.   A 2 3/4" yellow metal stylised floral brooch, set with small rubies £120-140
1368.   An Art Deco silver three piece tea set with banded decoration, composite knop and handle to teapot - Birmingham 1938 £100-140
1369.   A hallmarked 375 gold Edwardian style open scroll pendant/brooch encrusted with seed pearls and six small sapphires £250-300
1370.   An Art Deco yellow metal bar brooch, set with central collar set cushion cut diamond, flanked by six emeralds £350-400
1371.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal three stone old cushion cut diamond cross-over ring - 1.75ct.TDW £1500-1800
1372.   A diamond encrusted heart shaped pendant, on marked 375 white metal kerb-link neck chain £200-250
1373.   A hallmarked 750 gold ring, set with three central emeralds within a diamond encrusted border £150-200
1374.   A Chopard import marked 750 gold cased gentleman's wristwatch with Roman numerals and date aperture to dial, automatic movement and original leather strap - no box, no papers - No. 560103 738 £3500-4000
1375.   An ornate British hallmarked and stamped 930 wine taster with embossed fruit decoration, scalloped sides and flanking cast handles - London 1898 - sold with a small silver coaster £60-80
1376.   A pair of marked 750 diamond solitaire stud ear-rings - 0.70ct. TDW £480-520
1377.   A rose metal three strand garnet bead necklace with dark faceted stone to clasp - sold with a string of polished garnet beads £80-120
1378.   A 1920`s style marked 18ct. yellow metal panel ring, set with central oval emerald within a dual concentric diamond encrusted border £600-800
1379.   A high carat white metal three stone diamond ring - marks worn - approx. 1.2ct. TDW £700-900
1380.   An Edward Viner silver gravy boat with shaped rim and pad feet - Sheffield 1963 £30-50
1381.   A marked 18ct. yellow metal band, set with three central diamonds, flanked by six paved emeralds and four further flanking diamonds £550-650
1382.   An import marked 750 white gold Art Deco style ring, set with three central baguette diamonds within a diamond encrusted shaped border £600-700
1383.   A marked 18ct. white metal ring, set with central dark blue oval sapphire within a diamond encrusted starburst border £500-600
1384.   A 1 1/8" wingspan Victorian diamond encrusted butterfly pattern brooch with sprung articulated wings £2600-3000
1385.   A William Greenwood & Sons silver three piece tea set of baluster form with decorative cast rims - sold with a similar hot water jug - Birmingham 1935/6 £250-300
1386.   A hallmarked 750 gold ring, set with six rubies within a diamond cluster £350-400
1387.   A marked 18ct. and PLAT ring, set with central square cut tourmaline and six flanking collar set small diamonds £350-400
1388.   A marked 18k diamond solitaire signet ring with two colour square panel top £120-150
1389.   A marked 18k white metal bracelet, each of the links set with an individual brilliant cut diamond - 8.6ct. TDW £4500-5000
1390.   A silver five piece tea and coffee set of baluster form with ribbed lids and wooden scroll handles, comprising tea and coffee pots, hot water jug, cream jug and sugar bowl - B & F Ltd., London 1938 £750-800
1401.   An ebonised framed late 19th Century oil on canvas board depicting three lawyers in conversation - 14" X 11" £50-70
1402.   Koson: a gilt framed hand finished woodblock study of a diving hawk in a wintry sky with feather in its beak - signed in ink and bearing red seal mark - 13 1/4" X 7 1/2" £100-200
1403.   J. Tonelli: a gilt framed gouache depicting a three masted sailing vessel on choppy seas - signed - 17 1/2" X 25" £40-60
1404.   Willem Le Roux: a framed stencilled polychrome print entitled Africa - sold with a modern framed African needlework picture £10-15
1405.   Alfred Leyman: a parcel gilt framed watercolour, depicting a street view of Dartmouth with figures and carts, workmen, etc., church beyond - signed - 20 1/2" X 14" £320-380
1406.   W. H. Dyer: a framed watercolour entitled Leather Tor - signed and inscribed - sold with another inscribed verso Dartmoor, near Postbridge, late afternoon - unsigned £30-40
1407.   Five framed assorted decorative coloured prints including an ornate gilt framed "Bubbles" and two ornate gilt framed Meissonier prints, signed in pencil to the margin and bearing artist`s proof blindstamps £30-50
1408.   G. Baxter: a framed coloured print entitled Harvest Time, with details under - sold with a matching framed A. Le Blond print entitled Infantile Jealousy, details under £30-50
1409.   George Morland: a gilt framed antique coloured mezzotint of "The Fern Gatherers", published in 1799 by I. R. Smith, King Street, Covent Garden - provenance with the Parker Gallery, London, SW1 £25-35
1410.   A framed finely detailed watercolour of an Indonesian ceremony with figures and dragons, signed and inscribed, Ubud painting, Bali £20-30
1411.   Ginny Barnes: a gilt framed small oil painting on board depicting a cockerel - sold with a stretchered oil on canvas of an estuary view £20-40
1412.   Thomas Blinks: an oak framed monochrome hunting print entitled "A good 'un to follow" - sold with another entitled "Top weight" - faded £10-20
1413.   Caroline Cook: two framed signed and numbered limited edition hunting prints - sold with an M. Howard similar £30-40
1414.   David Koster: a gilt framed signed limited edition coloured print depicting two pheasants - signed in pencil to the margin and numbered 3/16 £40-60
1415.   A pair of modern large gilt framed Chinese coloured prints depicting flowering branches and blooms above water £20-40
1416.   Four decorative pictures comprising, Balinese fighting deities, African figure group, Buddhist horses and a Benjamin Chee Chee print of geese entitled "Friends" £20-30
1417.   M.R. Fraser-Tytler: two watercolour views of Kashmir, one the Liddar Valley and the other wild flowers in Kashmir, both signed with initials and with label to the reverse, dated 1908, together with a frame containing eight postcards by the same artist, one of which is a reproduction of an accompanying watercolour £20-30
1418.   A gilt framed watercolour depicting a country house - indistinctly signed - sold with and old photographic plate of same £15-25
1419.   A Hogarth framed charcoal and chalk portrait depicting a young girl reading a book - sold with a small gilt framed watercolour depicting a fishing vessel £20-30
1420.   A gilt framed oil on board depicting a rural view from a stream looking towards figures in a field - signed verso Beatrice Partington, age 16 £20-40
1421.   R. Chappel: a gilt framed coloured print depicting the sailing vessel "Spinaway" £10-15
1422.   Beatrice & Bernard Dean Walmsley: an ebonised framed original mixed media design for a stained glass window "Sir Galahad" - inscribed verso (school. Blackpool) £20-40
1423.   K. Ollivant: a gilt framed 19th Century watercolour of The Kings Troop, performing The Musical Drive - signed and with line of stave music above £20-30
1424.   Cecil Tatton Winter: a gilt framed good quality coloured etching depicting the Royal Exchange - signed in pencil by the artist and also the etcher Edward King £25-35
1425.   Lumsden: Two stained wood framed monochrome prints depicting figures and vessels on the banks of the Nile - sold with another depicting Chinese figures around a gateway a/f £10-15
1426.   Three 20th Century Chinese grey scale watercolours depicting cyclists, seated figures and Hotei type figure, all signed and with seal stamps - sold with two gilt framed 20th Century Japanese nursery style prints, signed and dated in pencil, bearing Kato Tokyo framer's labels verso £10-20
1427.   Two antique aquatints, one depicting Buckland Rock and the other a rare view of Fall of the Teign near Fingle Mill - circa 1800 £15-25
1428.   A pair of small gilt box framed reverse glass watercolours depicting Moghul figures £20-30
1429.   A framed antique coloured engraving depicting fisher folk on a beach £10-15
1430.   Two framed photographic prints of Buckfastleigh - 1930 and 1994 - sold with a Frith photographic reprint of Broad Street, Swindon £10-15
1431.   Michael Norman: a gilt framed pastel entitled "Low Tide, Dartmouth" - signed with label verso - 12 1/4" X 18 1/2" £270-350
1432.   A gilt framed triptych of watercolours, depicting Raj period Indian scenes with figures and carts £75-100
1433.   Andree Welstead (Hornby): A framed original mixed media costume design drawing for "The Prince of Morocco" in a production of The Merchant of Venice - signed, inscribed and dated -60, with further label verso £30-40
1434.   Francis Kelly: a gilt and hessian framed portrait of a nude female figure - signed and bearing title verso "Gail 27" £20-40
1435.   Percy Lancaster: a gilt framed oil on panel entitled A Lakeland Autumn - signed and dated 1950 and bearing Atkinson Art Gallery Southport label verso with further details - 27" X 35" £500-600
1436.   William Shepherd: a framed watercolour depicting boats passing Thatcher Rock, Torquay - signed and dated 1930 £30-40
1437.   P. Hogg: a pair of pastel drawings depicting views of Mynydd Cilan - signed, inscribed and dated 1982 £20-30
1438.   William Widgery: a gilt framed watercolour depicting a Dartmoor river scene - signed - 9 1/2" X 14" £90-120
1439.   †R. O. Lenkiewicz: a framed unsigned pencil drawing study of a figural wood block carving - this being one of the drawings released by The Lenkiewicz Foundation and last offered for sale in 2018 - 11" X 7 1/2" £500-600
1440.   A collection of stained wood framed coloured prints of hunting interest £10-20
1441.   Langley: a gilt and hessian framed oil on canvas depicting irises and a butterfly - signed and dated 67 £10-20
1442.   Louis Weirter: a framed and gilt slipped watercolour depicting a rural landscape with farmhouse and grazing sheep - signed and dated 1910 £20-30
1443.   †William Russell Flint: a framed coloured print depicting ladies in an underground archway - signed in pencil to the margin and bearing blindstamp £30-40
1444.   S. C. Osborne: a wood and hessian framed oil painting on canvas board depicting harbour side buildings at Polperro with beached small craft in foreground £15-25
1445.   Henry Samuel Merritt: a gilt framed watercolour depicting an English country landscape - signed with gallery label to reverse - sold with T. Mortimer: a framed watercolour depicting a landscape £30-40
1446.   Holburg: A gilt and hessian framed acrylic painting depicting ceramic vendors and other figures in a Moroccan street - signed and titled verso on label "Les Potters" £35-45
1447.   J. Alfage Brewer: two framed coloured etchings, one depicting Lake Lugano and the other a view of The Jungfrau - both pencil signed and bearing old FATG blindstamps £20-30
1448.   Reginald Daniel Sherrin: a painted framed gouache depicting an extensive Dartmoor landscape, entitled lower left "Rain clearing Lydford Moor, Dartmoor" - signed lower right J. Whitely - 15" X 3' 3" £120-140
1449.   D. Brooke: a framed watercolour entitled "Daring class yachts off Cowes" - signed with details verso £10-20
1450.   M. Parris: a framed miniature polychrome print, signed in pencil on the mount, dated 2002 and entitled Totnes. Across the Bridge £10-15
1451.   A gilt framed 19th Century Continental School oil on panel depicting a waterway with various figures in rowing boats and other craft with further figures on horseback and with dogs on the bank, with buildings in distance - 19 1/4" X 33" £200-300
1452.   Percy Lancaster: a pair of framed watercolours, one entitled "Cottages, Mill Lane Churchtown", the other "Old Shops, Botanic Rd. Churchtown" - both signed and dated 47 and with labels verso - 9 1/4" X 13" £80-120
1453.   Herbert William Hicks: a gilt framed gouache depicting a view of the coast near Budleigh Salterton - signed - 6" X 9 1/2" £50-80
1454.   After Philippe Mercier: a Georgian reverse glass print, the caption telling a cautionary tale for parent of young ladies, published 1739, in original Georgian frame - 11" X 13" £80-120
1455.   William Widgery: a framed watercolour depicting a view of Holy Street Mill, Chagford, Dartmoor - signed and dated 1874 - 21" X 14" £150-200
1456.   Jo Jones: a painted framed oil painting on board still life with tulips - inscribed verso £25-30
1457.   Billy: a painted framed modern oil on canvas depicting waves crashing on the shoreline - signed £20-30
1458.   A 1920`s exhibition poster for The Mansard Gallery at Heal & Sons for a selling exhibition Old London Pots & Prints - published by The Dangerfield Printing Co., 600-4-28 £200-300
1459.   C. Bennett: a framed modern oil on canvas seascape - sold with another, signed Cafrie depicting an Autumnal river landscape £20-30
1460.   E. Buckley: a framed and gilt slipped watercolour depicting a country view with wall in foreground, signed and dated 1932 £30-40
1461.   A framed watercolour view of Exeter Customs house, circa 1920 £20-30
1462.   A gilt framed and slipped montage of five 19th Century watercolours depicting river landscapes £35-45
1463.   A pair of gilt framed gouache paintings depicting mountain river landscapes with animals and flowering heather £40-50
1464.   Seven framed large decorative coloured prints including Parisian street scene, Monet's Garden and hunting examples, etc. £20-30
1465.   Six framed decorative coloured prints including an ornate framed shipping scene, pastoral views and horse racing £20-30
1466.   Walstonholme: a set of four rosewood framed 19th Century hunting prints, entitled "The First of September, plates 1-4" £40-50
1467.   A pair of 19th Century watercolours depicting upland river scenes - both in decorative antique frames £70-90
1468.   Thomas Rowden: a gilt framed and slipped watercolour depicting cattle watering at a moorland stream - signed and dated 1901 - 12" X 21 1/2" £250-300
1469.   Attributed to J. S. Cotman: a gilt framed watercolour in muted palette depicting a rural view - old label verso £25-35
1470.   Max Rouse: four framed watercolours depicting views in and around Belstone, Dartmoor - all signed £40-50
1471.   A pair of Hogarth framed early 19th Century coloured county maps of Essex and Hertfordshire, published by Henry Teesdale of Holborn £40-50
1472.   A Hogarth framed coloured antique route map depicting the road from London to Newhaven by John Ogilby £30-40
1473.   C. Marr: a framed watercolour depicting beached fishing boats and harbour side buildings - sold with a framed gouache seascape with coastal rocks and shipping £30-50
1474.   After Joshua Reynolds: a framed monochrome Bartolozzi print entitled "Lord Burghersh" depicting a young child in a landscape £10-15
1475.   A framed collection of collage female fashion pictures and other fashion prints £20-40
1476.   Various small decorative coloured prints including signed monochrome lute and music score, townscape, reproduction French examples, etc. £10-20
1477.   A pair of gilt framed 18th Century circular stipple engravings. F. Bartolozzi after A. Kauffman £50-60
1478.   †Frances S. Walker RHS: a decorative inlaid framed watercolour depicting a woodland clearing - signed with initials £15-25
1479.   †W. Austen: an oak framed fine quality watercolour depicting a St. Kilda's mouse - inscribed to the reverse of the image - 4 1/4 X 3 1/8" £80-120
1480.   J. M. Hayman: three unframed miniature monochrome etchings depicting Exeter street views and another by Pitman - sold with a Victorian gilt framed Ambrotype portrait, a photograph in small micro-mosaic frame and other small frames £20-30
1481.   A folder containing nine unframed watercolour studies of fruit including strawberry, apple, peach, grapes, etc. £10-20
1482.   A folder containing eight unframed watercolour studies of birds including budgerigar, starling, gull, etc. £15-25
1483.   Two Hogarth framed real feather studies of birds - sold with an †Edmund Dulac print and two Oriental prints £15-25
1484.   A framed pencil portrait study of two young girl's heads - sold with a framed pastel portrait of an elderly lady and a small oil on canvas depicting a sailing vessel £20-40
1485.   Two unframed oils on canvas, sepia palette views of streets and buildings in Holguin Cuba - one signed Mabel £10-15
1486.   Martin Girard: six framed vintage coloured prints depicting various named Parisian views, in large and small format £15-25
1487.   Various decorative gilt picture frames, small modern print, etc. £10-15
1488.   Three framed multiple view monochrome prints of Dublin £10-15
1489.   A pair of framed original paintings on gilt background depicting musicians after 12th Century psalters from Westminster Abbey - bearing labels for Pauline Krayy, Totnes £40-60
1490.   A framed coloured lithograph depicting a view of St. Helier, Jersey £10-15
1491.   David Hughes: a framed original ink caricature cartoon entitled "Waste of Space" depicting a figure impaled by many dip pens - signed and dated '93 £20-30
1492.   An antique oak framed William & Darton coloured print with Masonic iconography, mottos and two oval portrait sections - stained £20-30
1493.   John Chancellor: a gilt framed limited edition coloured print entitled "Taking Bude after a blow", numbered in pencil 28/850 and bearing Triton Publications blindstamp £15-25
1494.   A. Bedford: a gilt framed and slipped mixed media portrait of a child - signed and dated 1907 £45-55
1495.   Arthur Spencer: a pair of framed pencil signed monochrome etchings, a view of the river Thames embankment and the other a London scene £20-30
1496.   HRH The Prince of Wales: a gilt framed Limited Edition coloured print "View in South of France" with certificate verso £10-15
1497.   Five matching framed large decorative coloured hunting prints - sold with a large gilt framed Sheldon-Williams similar entitled "A fast twenty minutes" £50-70
1498.   A print study of a seated lady writing a letter with child and dog at her feet bearing Albertina Facsimilie blindstamp £40-60
1499.   An ornate gilt gesso oval framed antique coloured lithographic print depicting a duck hunting scene £25-35
1500.   Degas: gilt framed coloured print "Violinist seated, study" £10-15
1501.   Three framed modern acrylic paintings comprising an abstract signed Sussanah and dated 11/10/83, a coastal view and a still life with bottles and jug £10-20
1502.   A framed watercolour depicting a rocky coastal view - signed with M. G. monogram - sold with Francis Kelly: a framed charcoal study of a suit of armour - signed £20-40
1503.   A framed 20th Century oil painting on canvas depicting the interior of a flour mill £20-30
1504.   Walter Henry Reeves: an ornate gilt framed and slipped watercolour of an extensive Lakeland landscape - signed - 16 1/8" X 27" £60-80
1505.   George Willis Price: an oak framed and gilt slipped oil on canvas depicting a river and water mill in wooded landscape - signed - canvas damage £20-30
1506.   Bakufu Ohmo: a framed coloured Japanese woodblock print of a bamboo vase of flowers on a plinth - signed in Japanese and in English with red seals £40-60
1507.   A framed vintage oil on board depicting coastal rocks £10-15
1508.   Sheila Oliner: a framed decorative coloured print depicting a vase of tulips £10-20
1509.   A gilt framed set of six small "Cries of London" coloured prints £10-20
1510.   Coulson: a stained wood framed coloured print depicting a Lancaster bomber in flight - sold with Barrie A. F. Clark: an ornate gilt framed coloured print depicting a Spitfire in flight £20-30
1511.   Francis Kelly: a vintage gilt and hessian framed oil on canvas entitled "Lobster Pots" - signed and titled verso - 31 3/4" X 25 1/2" £50-80
1512.   Richardson: a pair of antique oval gilt framed watercolours, one depicting figures fishing on a river with ruins in mid-ground, the other figures seated on a track by a bridge with cottages in background, both signed and dated 1854 - 11 1/2" X 15 1/2" £180-220
1513.   A Hogarth framed antique monochrome map print of the British Isles with Royal Coat of Arms, entitled "Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae Nova Descriptio" - 13" X 15" - hole £50-60
1514.   †Gudrun Sibbons: a framed oil on panel, depicting a pastoral view with figures, horses, dogs and ducks by a thatched farmstead in a river valley - signed - 15 1/2" X 19 1/4" £200-250
1515.   A. K. Brown: a gilt framed and slipped oil on board depicting a highland loch autumnal view - signed with initials £20-30
1516.   Montague Leder: view of Cirencester with Church tower to the distance - signed, dated and titled "Cirencester" £15-25
1517.   David R. Mason: a gilt framed signed Limited Edition coloured print entitled "Grand Parade of Sail Passing the Liverpool waterfront" no. 273/750 - sold with a faded similar " The Dar Mlodziezy Passing the Albert Dock" £10-20
1518.   †R. O. Lenkiewicz: an ebonised framed acrylic portrait entitled "Magdelena in red poncho" - being an early work, titled in pencil and dated 30. May 1978 and bearing signed panel to back, also Barbican framers stamp - 12 1/2" X 8" £800-1000